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January 2008

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Issue 9

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                              Movement to have skull and crossbones images
                              on tobacco products

                            Public Health experts in India and       conducted amongst traditionally
                            Mauritius have been advocating the       less affluent groups found that
                            use of the skull and crossbones          smokers and non-smokers alike
                            image on tobacco products. With          found the images acceptable, and
                            India having more than 100               agreed that the skull and
                            languages that are spoken by at          crossbones image on cigarettes
                            least 10,000 native speakers, the        might encourage people not to
                            idea arose as a way of creating a        smoke.
                            public health message on cigarette
                            packets that is universally
                            understood. Although in India
                            plans to develop the images have
                            currently stalled after arguments
                            that the skull imagery was offensive
                            for religious reasons - public
                            support for the images in Mauritius
                            is apparently high. Research

         GLOBAL               New Zealand: Cigarette displays should be banned
                              to protect young people

                            The New Zealand Health Ministry is       exposed to significant quantities of
                            considering a total ban on all           tobacco products and it is timely
                            cigarette displays. In a consultant      that the law around tobacco
                            document released at the end of          displays is reviewed”. The
                            2007, the proposed ban is                consultation comes on the back of
                            suggested as a means to reduce           new Australian research which
                            smoking prevalence amongst               showed that 38% of smokers who
                            young people. Health Minister            had tried to quit had an urge to
                            Damien O'Conner said, “Retail            buy cigarettes as a result of seeing
                            displays are now the only place          retail displays.
                            where many young people are
GLOBAL     Taiwan: Smoking 'increases rate of hair loss'

         A group of medical researchers in        found to damage the blood flow to
         Taiwan have found that smoking           the hair follicles in a study carried
         accelerates the onset of hair loss       out amongst a sample of 65 year
         amongst men. Tobacco use was             old men.

GLOBAL     Cigarettes developed without tobacco smell

         Japan Tobacco International have         Canada' said, “The smell of
         launched a new cigarette brand           cigarette smoke is what lets people
         using Less Smoke Smell (LSS)             know to get out of the way”.
         technology. The Mirage cigarettes,       Concerns have also been raised that
         currently only available in Canada,      the product contravenes the
         promise to have “less lingering          Tobacco Act by creating the
         tobacco smoke smell in an enclosed       impression that Mirage cigarettes
         area when compared to a typical          are less harmful than other brands.
         Canadian cigarette”.                     A spokesman for the Canadian
                                                  Cancer Society said, “This is an
         Health Promoters have been quick         example of the bottomless
         to condemn the product. Cynthia          creativity of tobacco companies to
         Callard, Executive Director for          market their products. Give them
         'Physicians for a Smoke Free             an inch, and they take 10 miles”.

GLOBAL     Australia looking to get tough on youth smoking

         A private members bill is to be          the Nationals MP set to introduce
         introduced in the state of Victoria in   the bill, said “We say that smoking is
         an attempt to reduce youth smokers       bad for you and we ban [smoking]
         and ensure a consistent public health    at places like schools, but then we
         approach. The bill would make            turn a blind eye if they want to have
         smoking illegal for under-18s and        a smoke down the street. It's not
         would introduce penalties for minors     good enough and we need to do
         caught smoking - as in England,          better”.
         currently it is only illegal to sell     The bill will be introduced at the
         cigarettes to minors. Damian Drum,       beginning of 2008.

GLOBAL     Reynolds to suspend print advertising for a year

         In light of extreme pressure from        Another advertising ploy which has
         Congress and anti-tobacco groups,        been widely condemned was a
         Reynolds Tobacco has promised not        Camel-sponsored insert in the
         to advertise its brands in               November issue of Rolling Stone
         newspapers or consumer magazines         magazine. Reynolds Tobacco
         in 2008. The company has recently        promoted their cigarettes in music-
         been accused of targeting young          related adverts, alongside features
         women with adverts for                   on bands on the brink of success,
         the “Camel No. 9”                        reinforcing messages of freedom and
         brand appearing in                       independence. Some of the bands
         fashion magazines,                       featured in the publication are suing
         often adjacent to                        both Rolling Stone magazine and
         articles promoting                       Reynolds for unauthorised use of
         women's health.                          their image for commercial gain.
GLOBAL     USA: Depression linked to smoking

         Research in America has shown that        135,000 young adults, indicated
         young adults who suffer from              that those experiencing depression
         depression are more likely to smoke       were also more likely to abuse
         than those who do not. A study            alcohol and pain medication. A
         conducted by the Substance Abuse          spokesman for the group said, “Too
         and Mental Health Services                often people turn to cigarettes or
         Administration found that                 other substances to try to deal with
         depressed young adults were 60%           depression, creating a double
         more likely to have started smoking       jeopardy for the health and
         than their peers. The survey,             wellbeing of the individual”.
         conducted amongst more than

GLOBAL    Low-nicotine cigarettes help smokers quit

         Research from the University of           using cigarettes with progressively
         California suggests that low-             lower levels of nicotine. At the end
         nicotine cigarettes might help            of the study the majority of people
         smokers to quit. Although it has          returned to their usual brand;
         widely been assumed that low-             however, one month later they were
         nicotine cigarettes would                 found to be smoking 40% fewer
         encourage people to smoke more,           cigarettes, whilst a quarter had
         the study actually found that 25%         stopped smoking completely. The
         of people studies quit smoking            study will form the basis of
         completely and others reduced the         proposals to empower the Food and
         number of cigarettes smoked.              Drink Administration to develop
         Participants were asked to smoke          standards to reduce the harmful
         their usual brand for a week, before      effects of smoking.
         beginning a six-week programme

EUROPE     Japan Tobacco to fund EU efforts to reduce
           counterfeit trade

         Japan Tobacco has agreed to pay           imposed on Japan Tobacco - such as
         the EU $400 million over 15 years         penalties for any contraband seizure
         to tackle the trade in counterfeit        consisting of their brand of
         and smuggled tobacco. The sum is          cigarettes, and an obligation to track
         in exchange for legal immunity,           and trace all tobacco deliveries.
         with the EC and member states             The UK was the only member state
         agreeing not to bring civil claims        that refused to sign up to either deal.
         against the company for its role in       It refused to sign up to the
         the manufacture, sale or                  agreement with Philip Morris
         distribution of cigarettes. A similar     because their brands only make up
         deal worth $1.25 billion was struck       8.8% of the UK market share. In the
         with Philip Morris International in       case of Japan Tobacco - whose
         2004.                                     brands include Benson & Hedges, Silk
         It is estimated that the EU loses $6      Cut and Amber Leaf, and make up
         billion each year as a result of the      almost 40% of the market share - the
         illicit trade of cigarettes. As well as   UK declined out of fear that the
         funding to counter smuggling and          agreement was in contravention of
         counterfeiting of cigarettes, a           the Finance Act.
         number of sanctions will be
 EUROPE      Naples expands smoke free law to protect children
             and expectant mothers

           Two years after smoke free               children, with violators liable to
           legislation was introduced in Italy,     fines of between €27.50 and €500.
           the city of Naples has decided to        The legislation will be most felt
           broaden its impact. It is now illegal    during open-air shows and events,
           for people to smoke in public parks      when it will now be forbidden to
           near pregnant women and                  smoke.

 EUROPE      Competition launched to find European Smoke
             Free Quitter of the year

           €15,000 worth of holiday vouchers is     who have had a significant impact
           being offered to Europe's 2008           on healthcare policy.
           quitter of the year. The award, which
           will be presented in Amsterdam in
           September, is open to people who
           quit smoking in any of the
           participant countries, including the
           UK. Smokers or recent former
           smokers must register via QUIT and
           stay smoke free until 30 June. Prizes
           are also being awarded for European
           Smoke Free Supporters and people

 EUROPE      Fire-safe cigarettes: Legislation proposed

           The EU member states have given          Meglena Kuneva, the Consumer
           the green light for legislation which    Affairs Commissioner for the EU,
           would force tobacco companies to         said, “clearly it is better not to
           make all cigarettes sold to be 'fire-    smoke at all… Requiring tobacco
           safe'. These cigarettes use fire-        companies to make this small
           retardant paper that is wrapped          technical change is another step in
           around cigarettes in two to three        the right direction towards reducing
           places. If left unattended, the          the terrible damage that can be
           burning tobacco hits one of the          caused, both to the environment
           thickened bands and self-                and for some of the most vulnerable
           extinguishes. It is estimated that now   consumers in their own homes”.
           that the EU members have agreed          Cigarettes are the leading cause of
           for a proposal to be drawn up, the       house fires with injuries and
           legislative process could take around    fatalities occurring particularly
           two years.                               amongst the elderly.

NATIONAL     First conviction for non-compliance with
             smoke free law
           The first licensee to be convicted of    Delboy's Sports Bar, which
           non-compliance with the smoke free       incorporates the Happy Scot karaoke
           law in England was fined £500 and        bar, in Blackpool, pleaded guilty to
           ordered to pay £2,000 in costs in        12 offences of allowing smoking.
           October. Hamish Howitt, owner of
NATIONAL     9 out of 10 cot deaths in study due to smoking

           A study has found that 9 out of 10        tobacco smoke, by reducing
           women who smoked during                   smoking in pregnancy, and of
           pregnancy lost their babies to            postnatal exposure to tobacco, by
           Sudden Infant Death Syndrome              not allowing smoking in the home,
           (SIDS). The study was conducted by        will substantially reduce the risk of
           Bristol University's Institute of Child   SIDS." SIDS is the biggest killer of
           Life and Health and drew upon 21          babies over a month old, claiming
           other international studies on            more deaths than traffic accidents,
           smoking and cot death. Scientists         leukaemia and meningitis put
           are working on the theory that            together. Deborah Arnott, Director
           exposure to smoke during                  of Action on Smoking and Health
           pregnancy, or just after birth, has an    (ASH), the anti-smoking charity, said
           effect on brain chemicals in the          that “this report should provoke a
           foetus or in infants, increasing the      strong government campaign to
           risk of SIDS. Dr Peter Blair, one of      highlight the risks of women
           the report's authors, stated, "A          smoking while pregnant, and of
           reduction of prenatal exposure to         parents smoking in the home”.

NATIONAL     Babies can be heavy passive smokers

           Researchers from the University of        smoked was the single largest
           Leicester have found that babies of       contributing factor, increasing
           smokers have levels of the nicotine       cotinine levels by a factor of four,
           by-product cotinine which are five        where fathers who smoked
           times higher than babies of non-          increased cotinine levels by a factor
           smokers. Researchers measured the         of two. The study also found that
           amount of cotinine in the urine of 71     babies who slept in the same bed
           infants with smoking parents and 33       with a parent who smoked tended
           infants with non-smoking parents          to have higher cotinine levels and
           when the infants were 10 to 12            these levels were generally higher
           weeks old. On average, cotinine           during colder weather when parents
           levels were 5.58 times higher in          may be more likely to smoke
           infants who had at least one smoking      indoors. These findings, the
           parent compared with infants whose        researchers say, indicate that babies
           parents did not smoke. They also          become heavy passive smokers when
           found that having a mother who            their parents smoke.

NATIONAL     Radical proposal to tackle smoking

           Professor Julian Le Grand, chair of       require individuals to 'opt-in' each year
           Health England and a former senior        to being a smoker, rather than 'opting
           Downing Street aide to Tony Blair, has    out' by choosing to give up. Professor
           proposed a radical plan to persuade       Le Grand said: "Sellers of tobacco,
           people to stop smoking. It comes as       from supermarkets to tobacconists,
           part of a wider approach to tackle        would have to see the permit before
           other public health problems, such as     any sale. To get a permit would involve
           obesity. Professor Le Grand has           filling out a form and supplying a
           proposed that the healthy option be       photograph as well as paying the
           automatic and people have to choose       required fee. Permits would only be
           to opt out of it. So permits could be     issued to those over 18 and evidence
           issued annually to smokers and the        of age would have to be provided. The
           signature of a doctor might even be       money raised for the permits would go
           needed to grant a permit. This would      to the NHS."
NATIONAL     No Smoking Day 2008

           This year's No Smoking Day is on the
           12 March, and the theme is 'The
           Great No Smoking Day Challenge:
           Can you last a week?' The theme
           aims to support smokers by
           acknowledging how difficult it can
           be to give up smoking, and trying to
           get smokers to stay focused on a
           manageable target - that first week
           of giving up. Find out how you can
           be involved in promoting No
           Smoking Day this year at

NATIONAL     Second hand smoke exposure drops by 95%

           A study for Cancer UK by the           year prior to the smoke free
           Tobacco Control Collaborating          legislation, the same workers were
           Centre has found that non-smoking      consuming the equivalent of 190
           hospitality workers who                cigarettes a year, and after the 1st July
           participated in the study had          2007 this had fallen to the equivalent
           reduced their consumption of           of 44 cigarettes a year.
           second hand smoke by 95%. One

NATIONAL     Stop Smoking Services help reduce the inequality

           A study by the University of Bath's    people were from deprived areas
           Tobacco Control Research Group         than affluent communities. A
           and the University of Edinburgh has    higher proportion of smokers in
           found that the NHS Stop Smoking        more disadvantaged areas were
           Services are helping to reduce the     also more successful in their quit
           health inequality gap. Between         attempts (8.8%) than those living in
           2003 and 2006, 1.5 million smokers     more affluent areas (7.8%).
           used the services and more of these

NATIONAL     Bus travellers fined for breaching smoke free law

           Nineteen people have been fined for    Midlands. A spokesman from the
           smoking on a Birmingham bus. Each      company said: “People seem to be
           smoker was fined up to £200 for        under the impression that we don't
           breaching the smoke free law. The      prosecute for this Offence, but the
           offences committed between July        simple fact is we can and we do.”
           and October 2007 were brought to       The 19 were fined a total of £2,975
           court by bus company Travel West
NATIONAL     Nottingham-based tobacco company sales fall

           Nottingham-based Imperial                 implementation of the smoke free
           Tobacco has said that sales of            law in England. Sales volume fell by
           cigarettes plummeted in the first         around 2% for the year to the end
           three months following the                of September.

NATIONAL     Fine under 18s for trying to buy cigarettes say MPs

           MPs are calling for young people          signed by 71 MPs at the time of
           under 18 who try to purchase              going to print. MPs believe that this
           tobacco to be fined. An Early Day         would reduce the pressure on shop
           Motion to bring tobacco in line           owners who face abuse from
           with alcohol, where a fixed penalty       teenagers without ID when refusing
           notice can be issued for underage         to sell tobacco to them.
           purchase of alcohol, had been

NATIONAL     Attempt to ban sale of cigarettes via vending

           The British Heart Foundation is           machines each year to acquire
           working to secure a Private Member's      tobacco and the move is to try and
           Bill which would bring about              prevent young people's access to
           legislation to ban the sale of            tobacco. The British Medical
           cigarettes through vending machines.      Association also called for a ban on
           Around 50,000 children use vending        the machines earlier this year.
NATIONAL     NHS Cancer Reform Strategy launched
  COUNTY   The Government has launched its           will include proposals to regulate the
           NHS Cancer Reform Strategy, the           display of tobacco at the point of
           biggest review of cancer services         sale, access to tobacco from vending
           since the Cancer Plan in 2000.            machines and whether more can be
           Helping people to stop smoking is         done on tobacco packaging (graphic
           one of the key components of the          picture warnings will be introduced
           Strategy, as smoking is the single        on packaging in October 2008). The
           largest preventable cause of death        Strategy also lays out the
           from cancer. Building on the smoke        Government's desire to widen access
           free legislation, the Strategy lays out   to Nicotine Replacement Therapy
           the Government's commitment to            (NRT) to support more people to
           continue to take action on tobacco.       quit. It sets out good practice, such
           During Spring 2008, the                   as pharmacists who supply NRT
           Government will consult on                through voucher schemes or Patient
           proposals for the next steps in           Group Directions, to support and
           tobacco control and the further           simplify access to NRT.
           regulation of tobacco products. This

REGIONAL     Smuggled cigarettes seized

           Customs Officers seized more than         mostly from Derbyshire on a flight
           12,000 cigarettes at East Midlands        from Riga, Latvia. The revenue loss
           Airport in December 2007. The             to the nation was estimated at
           cigarettes were seized from a group       £23,000.
REGIONAL     Five-month smoke free compliance data released

           Between July and November, the                                notices have been issued in the
           East Midlands has shown 97.8%                                 Region during this time for smoking
           compliance with the smoke free                                in a smoke free area.
           legislation. Only nine fixed penalty

   LOCAL      Smoke Free Nottinghamshire launches Bin it to
              Win it!

           Smoke Free Nottinghamshire is                       engage with the competition, please
           launching Bin it to Win it!, a                                                        contact the Smoke Free
           countywide stop smoking                                        Nottinghamshire Co-ordinators.
           promotion, to get local residents
                                                                        Bin it
           to quit smoking. People who
           successfully quit for a four-week                                   to                                                Win it
           period (11 February - 10 March)
           will be entered into a draw for a
           wide range of prizes, all of
           which have been donated by
           local businesses. Prizes offered
           so far include a Spa Day at Eden
                                                                    Bin th
           Hall, a makeover at the Loft Hair
           and Beauty Studio, £100                                    win a fags and
           towards a meal for two                        Quit o             prize
           (donated by Moeller
                                                  If you
                                                                     n the
                                                                       ent 11 Febr

           Engineering) and a                                  're sti er our prizuary 2008
                                                                         ll not                      e dra              and
                                                                                       s                        w.
           round of golf for four                 2 tickets to              you c moking 4
                                                                                         ould w                week

                                                Eden Hall a Notts County Cri                           in:           s late
           at Bulwell Forest Golf Club.
                                                                                                           . . .
                                                           sp                     ck
                                               garden d a 4 scuba divin et Club Pro 40 ma
                                                        esign A                 g taster se              tch A re
           If you would like to help                               professio
                                                                             na l            ssions C             la
                                                                                                       inema tick xation day at
           promote this competition,         Contac
                                                    t Smok
                                                                   … or on photographer's se
                                                              e Free
                                                                             e of m a n
                                                                                        y other g            .   et
                                                                                                      ssion A s A landscape
                                                                                                  reat prize round of golf for
           know of a local organisation                      more in ottinghamsh                            s!                 4
                                                                      formati             ire for
                                                                                on :              an entr
                                                                                          0115             y fo
           willing to donate a prize or                                                            915 6 rm and
                                                                                        Bin it to Wi
                                                                                        Nottingham it!, Tobacco Contr
           can think of ways to ensure                                                 Smokefree NG1 5NT
                                                                                                                     ol, Lawren

                                                                                                                               ce House

             that as many people as possible

             Broxtowe tackles smoking in doorways
           Broxtowe Borough Council                                       is also using these signs to try and
           developed smoke free signs for                                 support customers and prevent
           landlords to put up in pub                                     them being issued with a £50 fixed
           doorways once the weather turned                               penalty notice. Alex McLeish,
           colder. The Council had identified                             Broxtowe's Smoke Free Compliance
           pub doorways as a problem area,                                Officer, commented: “I am doing my
           where smokers were congregating                                best for customers and landlords,
           to smoke to shield themselves from                             allowing them time to adjust to this
           the wet weather. Feedback from                                 new legislation and being patient.
           customers in pubs was that they                                The people I have caught smoking
           felt intimidated trying to squeeze                             in doorways have been miffed, but
           past people in doorways and                                    understand and appreciate the
           disliked inhaling their cigarette                              verbal caution over a £50 fixed
           smoke. Since the signs went up, the                            penalty notice.” The signage makes
           Council reports marked                                         it clear that it is illegal to smoke in
           improvements and pubs think the                                doorways under the new smoke
           signs are a good idea. The Council                             free law.
LOCAL     Tobacco Control shortlisted for service award

        Nottingham City Council's Tobacco        A spokesperson for the team, Rachel
        Control Team has been shortlisted        Lewis, said, “This is fantastic news.
        for a Service Award. The team has        This award recognises the time and
        been nominated for the Council's         effort that we have dedicated to
        'Go the Extra Mile' (GEM) Award for      establishing links with the local
        partnership working. The team            community, private companies and
        includes Smoke Free Compliance           public sector agencies to improve
        Officers, Project Workers and a          the health of the City's workforce.”
        Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor,         The final winner will be announced
        managed by the Smoke Free                later in the year.
        Nottingham Co-ordinator.

LOCAL     Notts New Leaf target cold smokers

        In the run-up to Christmas, the New      showed the New Leaf contact
        Leaf NHS stop smoking service in         number and aimed to support
        the County decided to target             smokers who are fed up of going
        smokers who now need to go               outside in cold weather to smoke.
        outside in the cold to continue their    Linda Hoskyns, Head of Service for
        habit. New Leaf hoped that               New Leaf in the County, says
        smokers would contact the service,       “People who smoke are much more
        and come in from the cold and stop       prone to chest infections and illness
        smoking for good. Working closely        at this time of year and we feel that
        with the County PCT's                    smokers going out into the cold
        Communication team, New Leaf             would be far more likely to want to
        produced beer mats and posters.          stop. We wanted to let them know
        These were distributed by the            that we are here to help them. This
        Councils' Smoke Free Compliance          has been a multi-agency teamwork
        Officers, who handed them out to         project, that has been well received
        landlords whilst making their            and I am sure very successful.”
        routine inspections. The beer mats

LOCAL     Rushcliffe Borough Council's activities win award

        Rose Melvin, Health Development          win an award for our 2007 No
        Officer at Rushcliffe Borough            Smoking Day activities. Our events
        Council, has won a Regional award        were so successful due to
        for her 2007 No Smoking Day work.        partnership working with the two
        Rose won in the category 'Best use       sporting
        of the Big Cig'. Rose worked with        venues,
        two of Rushcliffe's world famous         both
        sporting venues to launch two key        of whom
        promotions that the Council ran          went
        last year - their 'Kick the habit' and   smoke
        'Batting for success' campaigns.         free
        Nottingham Forest Football Club          ahead
        players, Grant Holt and Nathan           of July's
        Tyson, were shown kicking the Big        smoke
        Cig into touch. Notts County Cricket     free
        Club players also posed with the         law.”
        Big Cig 'hitting smoking for six'.
        Rose said: “We are very pleased to
LOCAL     Nottingham City appoints Smoke Free Consultant

        Nottingham City Council has             buy-in with smoke free initiatives.
        engaged the services of a Smoke         The company, Wollaton Consulting
        Free Consultant until the end of        LTD, will focus on supporting
        March 2008. The consultant has          employees to access Stop Smoking
        been brought in to promote the          Services, promoting the Council's
        tobacco control agenda at a senior      'Gold Standard' smoking policy and
        level within local organisations, and   raising awareness of local
        will use their experience and           programmes such as Smoke Free
        contacts to secure management           Homes and Bin it to Win it!

LOCAL     Brief Intervention e-learning package launched

        A jointly developed e-learning          deliver a Brief Intervention to
        package, aimed at training the          smokers. The package is available
        county's PCT staff to deliver Brief     to loan by any organisation at the
        Intervention to smokers, has been       PCT Resource Centres at Bassetlaw,
        launched. The e-learning package        Mansfield, Sherwood Forest
        was developed by Ann Berry at           Hospital Foundation Trust at Kings
        Nottinghamshire County tPCT. The        Mill Hospital and at Linden House
        package takes the user through 8        in Nottingham. It is also available
        stages which equip you with the         on the County PCT and Bassetlaw
        knowledge and confidence to             PCT Intranets.

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