Torture in the Jungle by daet

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									Note: The timing of this isn‟t exact so don‟t have a go if it isn‟t long enough. 1x03 – Torture in the Jungle (Sayid Jarrah & Nadia Abed Jazeem Centric) Previously on LOST: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Clip of Oceanic Flight 815 breaking up in mid air. Kate, Libby and Boone helping Locke. Sayid and Nadia talking as he helps her. Claire and Charlie talking on the beach. Kate, Jack, Luke and Michael at the cockpit looking for Walt. Luke contacting the man on the radio. Exterior. Crash Site. Beach. Day. The group of survivors are all still huddled together, talking loudly, happy. The radio has been abandoned on the beach as Luke and Kate hug each other. Kate: That‟s it! We‟re really going home! The camera cuts to Sun and Jin hugging and then to Sayid and Nadia hugging. Sayid: I knew we wouldn‟t be here long. I knew I‟d get you home! Nadia: Sayid, I‟m so happy! Sayid and Nadia hug again as we hear the flashback sound. Flashback. Interior. School Building. Iraq. Day. The camera opens to show a classroom full of small children aged 10 – 11. The camera focuses on one boy in particular as the teacher begins to talk.

Teacher: (Subtitled) So today, we are going to start by reciting the 5 times table. All together now. The class begins to recite the five times table in Arabic as the camera focuses on the small child again. He isn’t joining in with everyone, he is looking at a small girl who is sat beside him. The camera cuts to: Exterior. School Playground. Iraq. Day. We see the small boy (Sayid) walking through the playground by himself. Everyone else seems to be with someone but Sayid is by himself. A band of girls walk over to Sayid and one of them, the girl that Sayid was looking at in class, pushes him over. Sayid falls into the mud as the flashback sound begins. End of Flash - - Exterior. Crash Site. Beach. Day. We are again shown how happy the survivors are. We are briefly shown Michael and we see that he is still upset, before the camera pans back to show the full group of survivors. They are laughing and talking, seemingly forgetting that they were in a plane crash not too earlier that day. Suddenly Claire lets out a loud groan and falls to the floor. Jack, Charlie, Sayid and Kate gather around her. Charlie: Oh my god, Claire! Jack: Claire, what‟s wrong? Are you ok? Jack bends down to Claire and Claire grasps her stomach. Claire: My baby, my baby!

The camera pans up to Claire’s face which is pure terror as the camera smashes to black.

-LOSTCommercial Break Exterior. Crash Site. Beach. Day. Several of the survivors are still gathered around Claire who is now lying on a makeshift bed of towels and blankets that were salvaged from the plane. Claire is still groaning as Jack holds a bottle of water to her lips. Jack: Claire, it‟s going to be ok. I‟m a doctor, I‟m going to help you. Charlie is fussing about, plumping her pillows as the camera cuts to Sayid’s face. He is looking out at the jungle and John Locke walks over, limping. Locke: Hey... Sayid, right? Listen, some of the other survivors are starting to get rather hungry. I was going to go into the jungle and look for some fruit, berries, the like. I was wondering if you wanted to come along? I‟m John by the way. Sayid: Erm... sure. Yeah, it‟d be nice to get away from camp for a moment. Locke: Sure. We‟re meeting up by the tree line in 10 minutes. Locke points over at the jungle and Sayid nods. Sayid: Sure, I‟ll meet you there. The camera turns back to look at Claire in pain as the flash sound begins

Flashback. Interior. Army Base. Iraq. Day. We see Sayid, now fully grown, walking and talking with his superior. Superior: So, as I was saying earlier, I think that- The man’s voice fades out as Sayid watches a woman being led into a room by two soldiers. We recognise the woman as Nadia. She looks at Sayid briefly and their eye’s meet before the door closes. Superior: So what do you think, Jarrah? Sayid: That is an excellent suggestion sir! The camera cuts: Interior. Interrogation Room. Iraq. Day. The camera shows us the door as it creaks open and Sayid walks in. He has a folder in one hand and a towel in the other. The door swings close and we follow Sayid walk to the other end of the room where we see Nadia tied up. Sayid pulls a chair out from the table in the middle of the room and sits down in front of Nadia. He places the folder on the table and unfolds the towel. Sayid: Noor Abed Jazeem. Suspected to be apart of a bombing plot. The camera shows the towel where we see a small loaf of bread and an apple. Sayid: I couldn‟t get much, but I managed to get you this. Sayid hands Nadia the bread and apple and smiles briefly at her.

Nadia: Do you remember me Sayid? The little girl who would push you in the mud. Sayid: Yes, I remember that. It wasn‟t very nice. Nadia: And your mother and my mother would say “why do you always pick on little Sayid? Why must you push him in the mud?” And I would reply “because he doesn‟t notice me.” Sayid: Nadia, that‟s in the past. It doesn‟t make up for the fact that you were plotting against us. Nadia: I wasn‟t Sayid, I swear. Believe me, I wasn‟t. Sayid: Nadia. It‟s... the evidence proves you were in „cahoots‟ with known terrorists. You will tell me the truth. Or god help me, I will make you! The camera focuses on Sayid’s face full of determination as the flashback sound is heard... End of Flash - - Exterior. Jungle. Day. We are shown a group of people walking through the jungle with Locke and Sayid in the lead. We recognise the some of the other people as Boone, Sun and Jin. But the rest of the group are just random survivors. Locke: I can see some tree‟s up there. They look like mango tree‟s. Sayid:

I‟ll climb up and knock the fruit down. There‟s two trees, anyone else wanna climb up there? Boone: Yeah, I‟ll climb up. Locke: Alright-y then. The group gather around the tree’s as Sayid and Boone begin to climb up them. When they reach the top they begin to knock the fruit down and the others gather it up. Sayid reaches out to knock a mango down from a far out branch when he spots something in the jungle. The camera pans around and we see a man and woman walking in the jungle. The man briefly looks at Sayid before they disappear into the trees. Smash to black. Commercial Break. Exterior. Crash Site. Beach. Day. Claire is seen lying down on the makeshift bed massaging her stomach. Charlie is stood nearby with Jack and Kate bent low near her. Jack: Are you still getting pains Claire? Claire shakes her head. Claire: No, they seem to have gone. Kate hands Claire another bottle of water and she sips on it. Claire: Thanks. What was wrong with me Jack? Jack:

I dunno. We‟re not in a hospital so I won‟t be able to tell. It was probably just heat stroke anyway. You need to stay in the shade from now on Claire. Claire nods. Claire: Ok Jack, whatever you say. Jack and Kate move off and Charlie walks over to her. Charlie: Are you ok now Claire? Claire: Yeah, I‟m ok Charlie. Thanks. The camera cuts back to the jungle group as Sayid and Boone climb down from the trees. The groups backpacks are now bulging full of fruit. Sayid turns to Boone. Sayid: Did you see that Boone? Boone: Did I see what? Sayid: In the jungle. There was a man and a woman. Locke: What?! There was someone in there? Someone else from the plane? Sayid: I dunno. I didn‟t get a proper look at them. I only saw them briefly. Locke: Well we have to go and find them.

Sun: Uh-uh. We can‟t, we need to get this food back. Claire... she might need something to eat. Sayid: I agree, with Sun. Locke: Well I‟m going to look for them. Locke walks away from the group as the rest of them walk in the opposite direction. The camera cuts to Locke as we see him running through looking for the man and woman. The camera cuts back to the group. Sayid is in the lead with Sun and Jin behind him when Sayid suddenly stops. Sayid: Did you hear that? The group falls silent as we hear... whispers. The group looks around for the source as we hear the flashback sound... Flashback. Interior. Interrogation Room. Iraq. Day. The camera shows Sayid stood in front of Nadia who is still chained up on the floor. Nadia: So that‟s it? I‟m... going to get killed? Executed. When I didn‟t do anything. Don‟t you believe me Sayid? Sayid: Whether I believe you or not doesn‟t change anything Nadia. I have no authority here, I don‟t choose who lives and who dies. I‟m sorry. Nadia: Fine then, if there‟s nothing more that you can do, I have nothing more to say to you Sayid.

Sayid bends down close to her face and whispers: Sayid: Noor, please. This isn‟t my fault. Nadia shakes her head and turns from Sayid as the camera cuts to black. Commercial Break. Exterior. Crash Site. Beach. Day. The camera shows Claire walking along the beach near the ocean. The tiny waves are lapping against her feet as she holds her stomach. The camera pans over to Charlie and Hurley who are stood on the beach, watching Claire as they talk. The camera pans to show Jack and Kate laughing and talking as they share a mango near a campfire. And finally it cuts to Luke sat down beside Michael who finally smiles, if only briefly. Through all of this we realise they are all happy. The camera cuts to: Exterior. Jungle. Day. Sayid’s group is still stood close together listening hard, but the whispering has stopped. Sun: What was that? Jin: (Subtitled) Sun, what‟s going on? Sayid: I don‟t know what that was. But I think we should get back to the beach. People need food. Sun: Do you-... do you think there are other people out there? People from the crash?

Sayid: I dunno Sun. I really don‟t know. But we need to get back. Alright everyone? Most of the group murmurs in agreement and Sayid and Boone lead the way back to the beach. The flashback sound is heard as it cuts to: Flashback. Interrogation Room. Iraq. Day. The camera is once again focused on the door as it swings open. Sayid enters looking very sombre. He is holding a black hood which he throws down on the floor near a still chained up Nadia. Nadia: What- what is that? Nadia picks up the hood and looks at it. Sayid: I‟m sorry. It‟s over. Nadia: Over? Just like that? You‟re really going to kill me? Sayid: I have to. I‟m sorry, but I do. You‟re a traitor to this country. I‟m sorry. Sayid walks forward and pulls Nadia to her feet. He thrusts the hood over her head and begins to lead her out of the room as the flashback sound begins... Exterior. Jungle. Day. Sun is still looking around at the jungle for the source of the whispering as the group walks back towards the beach. Suddenly, they here rustling coming from the jungle and Sun stops and stares into the jungle. The rest of the group also stop.

Jin: (Subtitled) Sun, what is it? What‟s going on? Sun: (Subtitled) In the jungle. I heard something. Jin turns to look into the tree’s as John Locke runs out of it. He’s panting and sweating as he stops in front of the group. Locke: They‟re coming... Sayid: What? Who‟s coming? Locke: I heard them. The whispering... they said they were coming for us. The entire group turns to look into the trees as they begin to rustle again. The music reaches it’s peak as the camera cuts to black.

Next Time: VO: With the camp divided... 1) Clip of Sayid‟s group looking into the tree‟s in the jungle. 2) Jack and Kate‟s group on the beach huddled together looking out at the ocean. VO: And a traitor in their midst... 1) Clip of Jack Shepherd 2) Sawyer 3) Charlie 4) Libby 5) Luke

VO: Who can they trust? And how long will it be until someone dies? 1) Quick clip of a helicopter. Main Cast (Order of appearance): Kate Austin – Evangeline Lilly Luke Parsons – Eric Dane Sun Kwon – Yunjin Kim Jin Kwon – Daniel Dae Kim Sayid Jarrah – Naveen Andrews Nadia Abed Jazeem – Andrea Gabriel Michael Dawson – Harold Perrineau Claire Littleton – Emilie De Ravin Jack Shepherd – Matthew Fox Charlie Pace – Dominic Monaghan John Locke – Terry O‟ Quinn Boone Carlyle – Ian Somerhalder Hugo „Hurley‟ Reyes – Jorge Garcia Guest Starring (Order of appearance): Young Sayid - ??? Teacher - ??? Young Nadia - ??? Superior - ??? Man in jungle - ??? Questions Raised: 1) What happened to Claire? Is something wrong with her child? 2) Were the man and woman that Sayid saw in the jungle the same as the man and woman that we saw in 1x02? 3) What is the connection between Charlie and Claire? 4) How did Nadia escape/get freed in the past? 5) What was Locke running from in the jungle?

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