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“Trust, confidence and cost effective results” “Trust, confidence


“Trust, confidence and cost effective results” “Trust, confidence

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									The Partners
Daniel Minogue has practised for
over 30 years in the areas of:
   • Compulsory Land Acquisition (Vic)
   • Contracts and
     Dispute Resolution                           “Trust, confidence and
   • Property Development                         cost effective results”
   • Local Government and
     Water Industry

David Gillard has practised for over
30 years in the areas of:
                                                                              “Trust, confidence and
   • Family Law and holds
     accreditation as a
                                                                              cost effective results”
     Family Law Specialist
   • Employment Law
   • Commercial Dispute Resolution
   • Litigation

Paul Burns has practised for over 20
years in the areas of:
                                         431 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn East
   • Business Law
   • Property Law                        Mail to:      PO Box 196,
   • Leasing Law                                       Camberwell Vic 3124
   • Commercial Litigation and           Tel:          (03) 9813 1911
     Property Litigation
                                         Fax:          (03) 9882 4120
                                         DX:           12406 Camberwell
                                         Email:        R&
Joanne Hazeldene has practised for       Website:
over 16 years in the areas of:
   • Probate
   • Estate Administration
   • Estate Litigation
   • Wills

                                                                                                        Our business is service
                                                      Rennick & Gaynor has                              Commercial legal services
                                                                                                        Our commercial law department consists of experts
                                                      a corporate philosophy                            who are highly experienced in representing both large
Trust and relationships                               of providing high quality,                        and small businesses. Always up to date with the latest
                                                      professional advice in a                          trends and business law, we can assist you with:
Since 1919, we have been earning our clients’
trust and confidence with a simple philosophy:         personal, realistic and                           Property Law
                                                                                                             •   Compulsory Acquisition
deliver tangible results in a cost-effective way by   cost-effective manner.                                 •   Contracts and Leases
providing expert advice and assistance.                                                                      •   Building Dispute Resolution
                                                                                                             •   Property Development
The relationships with our clients are the
                                                                                                             •   Subdivisions
cornerstone of everything we do, so we take
the time to listen to you and understand your                                                           Business Law
requirements.                                                                                                •   Contracts and Commercial Dispute Resolution
                                                                                                             •   Employment Law
                                                                                                             •   Business Advice
Broad legal expertise                                                                                        •   Business Structures
                                                                                                             •   Commercial Litigation
Over time you may face a diversity of legal                                                                      One of our Senior Solicitors is an accredited
issues in your business and private life. We                                                                     commercial litigation specialist
offer a broad range of services all under one                                                           Personal legal services
roof. One firm, one continuous relationship,           Business solutions,
                                                                                                        With a team of specialists under one roof, we will ensure
but all the relevant professional skills at your      not just technical legal advice                   that a person suitable to your needs is appointed to
service to ensure you obtain the best possible                                                          ensure cost effective service. Our areas of expertise
                                                      As our client, you will find that we look for
results.                                                                                                cover:
                                                      practical and efficient solutions communicated
With a combined legal knowledge of more               to you in plain English. We work closely with     Property Law (Domestic)
than120 years, we have acted for large and            you, looking at each issue in the broader              • Conveyancing
small organisations, and for personal clients         context of your business, resulting in superior        • Major Domestic Building Contract
since 1919. This experience helps us to identify      outcomes and peace of mind.                              Dispute Resolution
opportunities and solutions, saving you time                                                                 • Compulsory Acquisition
and money.                                                                                                   • Property Issues
                                                      Ongoing improvement
                                                                                                        Family Law
                                                      The world of business and law is forever                   One of our partners, David Gillard is an
                                                      changing, so we improve our skills                         accredited Family Law specialist
                                                      continuously through training, recruitment and         •   Family Law Settlements
“Taking a creative yet                                better systems, making sure we provide you             •   Family Court Litigation
                                                                                                             •   Pre nuptial and Co-habitation Agreements
 commonsense approach to                              with the best possible assistance in a complex
                                                                                                             •   Marital Superannuation Planning
 the law in order to obtain the                                                                                  and Agreements
 best and most cost effective                         Rennick & Gaynor partners and senior              Wills and Estates
                                                      personnel are involved in key industry and
 solutions to your legal                              professional associations, keeping up to date
 requirements.”                                       with commercial and legislative developments           •   Estate Litigation
                                                      impacting on our clients’ businesses.                  •   Estate and Succession Planning
                                                                                                             •   Powers of Attorney
                                                                                                             •   Estate Planning

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