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                                                    Interesting Diamond Facts
                                                      By Lawrence J. Reaves

   Diamonds are the symbol that we use to show are undying love for someone. They are the
traditional icon of romance and love. Most people may be surprised to learn that the majority of
diamonds that are mined today are used for industrial purposes and not for jewelry.

 Historians believe that diamonds may have first been used for industrial purposes not for their brilliant
sparkle and allure. Peter Lu a Harvard physicist and his colleagues discovered that in the late Stone
Age the Chinese used diamonds to polish ceremonial burial axes. Today about 80% of mined
diamonds are used for cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing.

Most people might be surprised to know that diamonds are not the hardest substance on Earth.
Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral substance, but they are not the hardest substance known to
man. A substance called Aggregated Diamond Nonorods is about 11 % harder than a diamond.

 The first diamonds were discovered by Indians over 3,000 years ago. Diamonds didn’t get associated
with love and romance until the 1940’s when the De Beers Company began to advertise diamonds as
the perfect item for a wedding or engagement rings. They did an all out media campaign and soon
people were buying diamond engagement rings all over the world.

 It is believed that most diamonds are over three billion years old and most are formed more than 100
miles below the surface of the earth. Before the sixth century, India was the only known source of
diamonds and was the predominant source for over 2,000 years.

 The Romans believed that diamonds had the power to ward off evil and wore them as talismans. It is
believed that they inherited this belief from Indian mythology. In France in the thirteenth century it was
decreed that only the king could wear diamonds.

 The Gemological Institute of America was founded in the 1950’s. It was the first internationally
accepted diamond grading system. This system applied uniform criteria to grading the quality of
polished diamonds. The GIA Gem Trade Laboratory Diamond Grading Report is the benchmark for the
international gem and jewelry industry.

The Cullinan diamond was the largest rough diamond ever found and was 3,106 carats. It was

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discover in the Premier mine of South Africa in 1905.It was cut into nine major stones. The largest of
the stones is the Star of Africa and is 550.20 carats. It is housed in the Tower of London and mounted
in the British Royal Scepter. The most recent diamond discoveries have been in the Northwest
Territories of Canada and in Colorado. Explorers found diamond pipes in both locations in 1990.

 It wasn’t until the late 13th century that diamonds were used in European jewelry. Diamonds were
initially used for engraving other gems including sapphire cameos. They were also used for drilling
holes in hard stone beads.

 Diamonds have been around forever and are cherished by all. Diamonds have an exciting and lively
history. These are just a few of the fascinating facts associated with diamonds.

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                                                    How to Spot A Fake Diamond
                                                            By Glenn J Fournier

If you have even a passing interest in the
topic of diamonds, then you should take a
look at the following information. This
enlightening article presents some of the
latest news on the subject of diamonds.

In this world of advanced technology it is
almost impossible to simply look at a
diamond and determine whether it is real or
not – especially if you don’t know much
about diamonds. There are some steps that
you can take to avoid buying a fake diamond,

First, only deal with reputable jewelers, and
when you find a reputable jeweler, stick with
them. Avoid buying diamonds or other
jewelry from jewelers that you have never
dealt with before in the past. Ask to see the
certificate for the stone. If no certificate
exists, walk away.

So far, we've uncovered some interesting facts
about diamonds. You may decide that the
following information is even more interesting.

Look at the setting that the stone is in. Fake
diamonds, such as zirconias, are usually set
in low quality metals. Take a close look at the
stone. Fake diamonds are not durable –
natural diamonds, on the other hand, are the
most durable stone on the planet. Look for
scratches or nicks.

After purchasing a diamond, take it to
another jeweler for appraisal. In fact, take it
to two or three other jewelers for an appraisal
to make sure that the appraisals are all fairly
close. If you find that you have purchased a
fake diamond, you may be accused of making a
switch when you return to the store of your
purchase; therefore, it is important to have
a certificate for the diamond. No two
stones are alike.

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As your knowledge about diamonds continues to grow,
you will begin to see how diamond fits into the
overall scheme of things. Knowing how something
relates to the rest of the world is important too.

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