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       Las Vegas wedding could bring an unforgettable wedding experience. There are ways you can plan your
       wedding in the shortest time and quickest time possible whether you currently have a full time job or not
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                                    Ideas to Organize a Vegas Wedding on the Cheap
                                                              By Trevor Price

  A cheap Vegas wedding is possible, and today there are hundreds of options. Whether you want to
get married in a Renaissance ceremony at the Excalibur or aboard a pirate ship at Treasure Island,
you can do it in Vegas. The strip is lined with chapels, and every hotel offers its own special package.

 You can say "I do" atop the Eiffel Tower replica or aboard a gondola at the Venetian, or, of course, in
a replica of the Elvis Graceland Chapel and with an Elvis impersonator as your minister. You could
even say your vows on top of the Stratosphere Tower roller coaster. The possibilities for a unique and
affordable Vegas wedding are endless.

So, keep reading for tips and tricks on how to have a great wedding Vegas for any budget.

Utilize the Tourism Office in Las Vegas

 Because of the city and state's dependency on tourism dollars, Las Vegas has one of the most
organized and helpful tourism office staffs in the country. One phone call with a layout of your budget
and basic ideas, and they can help you plan your entire trip. Remember, these are local residents who
know the city inside and out.

 From a great hotel that you can afford to finding a fantastic chapel that will do a great cheap Vegas
wedding, the staff at the Las Vegas Tourism Office can do it. It's like having a wedding planner for free.
In addition to helping you with ceremony details, they can also track down hotel deals and group rates
for your family and friends.

To get in touch with the Tourism Office, try their toll free number at 1-877-847-4858 or check their
website out at

Ask the Front Desk at Your Hotel

 It doesn't matter if you're staying at the fancy Mandalay Bay or the budget Riviera, your hotel will have
a concierge or guest services professional who can help you plan either a chapel or on-site wedding
service that works within your budget - especially, if you're making a group booking that includes your
guests too.

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 Much like the tourists' office, the hotel staff will know the city and can help you plan something that fits
your price point.

Take a Stroll Down Las Vegas Boulevard

 Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as "the strip" is home to over twenty little inexpensive Vegas
wedding chapels, most offering a variety of wedding packages that range from modest and affordable
to over the top and adventurous. A fifteen to 20-minute walk will let you do some quick price
comparisons while you check for availability. If you're not in town or want to plan ahead, take a virtual
stroll at the Tourism Office's wedding chapel directory -

 Your wedding should be just about the most significant day of your life. Most will spend thousands of
dollars on even relatively modest preparations. If you plan to hold your wedding ceremony in Las
Vegas, there's at least some compelling motivation to save money while making the most of your
special day.

For great information on wedding preparation tips, see - a popular site
including ideas - such as wholesale wedding favors - - cheap Vegas weddings - and many

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              Las Vegas Wedding Planning - How to Plan the Perfect Wedding in Las Vegas
                                                                     By D. Metz

Las Vegas Wedding planning can be a difficult task, especially if you have never done it before! Many
people think that planning a Las Vegas wedding is a simple task, until they get to Vegas and find out it
can be more challenging than they think. Las Vegas is well known as the quick wedding capital of the
world. Where else in the world can you get married in a blink of an eye. Las Vegas wedding planning
can be extremely fun because having a wedding in Las Vegas allows your friends and family the
opportunity to have fun with plenty of things to do to keep them busy.

 Believe it or not thousands and thousands of weddings are planned and performed each and every
year in Las Vegas. That is a staggering number and the main reason why many people go to Vegas to
get married is because of all the choices. One of the most amazing weddings in Vegas is a planned
wedding in one of the many luxurious Las Vegas hotel casinos and resorts. There are tons of people in
Las Vegas that are available to help you plan a wedding no matter which one you want.

 Las Vegas wedding planning will require you to consider a few things. You will NEED to make
reservations for your hotel you plan to get married at. If you choose a chapel to get married at in Las
Vegas, you must call ahead to make sure they can fit you in. If you decide to have a wedding in Vegas
in the summer, be careful because the temperature can get in the 110 + degrees. Another great thing
about planning a Las Vegas wedding is that to obtain a marriage license it will cost you less than
$60.00. Most people think that having a Las Vegas wedding is really expensive, even if everyone has
to travel to Vegas to see your wedding. In all actuality, having a Las Vegas wedding is CHEAP! 1
person can get a round trip to Vegas including flight and hotel right now for around 300 dollars for 5
days! That is amazingly cheap and well worth every penny for the amount of fun you will have in
Vegas. Remember, if you do decide to have a wedding in Vegas during the summer please remember
to have it indoors as opposed to outside. Having it outside during those conditions can be life
threatening. Many people have outdoor weddings in Vegas during the fall months.

 That is definitely the most pleasant time as temperatures remain in the upper 70s. Your guests will
enjoy the outdoor activities during the day and the nightlife of Vegas at night. Many people are
reluctant to have a wedding in Vegas because they think it is way to expensive. Now you know that it is
rather inexpensive and very doable to accommodate all your guests for cheap. I wish you the best of
luck in planning your Las Vegas wedding!

Thinking about having a las vegas wedding? Learn everything you need to know about Las Vegas
Wedding Planning at

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