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									In the first two episodes….
The Island in Time  It is confirmed that island has moved back in time.  It is discovered that the reason we see different short periods of time in the island’s history is because the island’s time traveling is unstable at first.  Somebody explains what’s happening to the Losties/Locke.  The Left Behinders keep memory of their future life.  The time that the island moved to is not confirmed.  Daniel is able to do something in the past that changes the future.  Juliet does not have an understanding of what is going on. Appearances  Annie does not make an appearance.  We find that the new cast members seem like good additions to the cast.  Ethan Rom (Real and alive) makes an appearance.  The crying baby from the Comic Con video makes an appearance.  Ana Lucia appears as a ghost/vision, but not on the island.  Some characters we already know will appear in younger versions.  Pierre Chang will appear.  Faraday and Miles get a good amount of screen time.  Young Ben does not make an appearance.  Radzinsky does not make any appearance.  Desmond, Penny, and their baby do not make an appearance together.  The character in the opening scene is not a main character.  The character in the opening scene is not Richard.  Frank does make an appearance.  Cassidy does not make an appearance.  Danielle does not make an appearance.  Tom does not make an appearance.  The Hurley Bird does not make an appearance.  Christian Shephard does not make an appearance.  Nikki and Paulo do not make appearances.  Besides Locke and Ana Lucia, no other dead Losties will make an appearance.  Ajira Airlines does not make an appearance. Coming and Going  No one leaves the island.  It is confirmed that Ben’s true intentions are to get back to the island.  Kate and Aaron both do not go back to the island.  Daniel and the others in the Zodiac Raft make it back to the island.  Richard’s arrival to the island is not shown.  There are no scenes of the Oceanic Six returning to the island.  There are no scenes of the Black Rock arriving on the island.

The Smoke Monster  We learn nothing new about the intentions of The Smoke Monster.  There is no Smokey appearance. Dharma  We don’t see a new orientation film.  The Dharma Initiative makes an appearance at least once.  We don’t see any new Dharma stations.  We will however see a past Dharma station.  The island will not be shown Pre-Dharma.  Horace’s assignment to the Arrow station as a mathematician is not addressed.  We will not find out any more about the Frozen Donkey Wheel’s origins and what it does. Suspense and The Opening  There are some good “WTF moments”.  There is a surprise ending/cliff hanger.  The opening of the first episode is a confusing shocker.  The first scene is on-island.  There is no “game-changer”.  The very first image of the premiere has been shown in the promos.  There is not a plane crash in the opening scene.  The first scene does not open with a pop song.  Dr. Candle is the first character we see.  The thing that makes the opening scene a shocker is the fact that what’s being shown is happening on the island. Centricity  The second episode is centric to one specific character.  The first episode is not a non-Lostie centric.  The second episode is not Daniel centric. Flaming Arrow Attack  It is discovered that the attackers are not anyone from Rousseau’s team.  It is unknown if the attackers are from the Black Rock or from an ancient civilization on the island.  It is discovered that the attackers are not The Hostiles.  It is unknown how many of the Losties die in the attack.  The attackers will be seen. Dead or Alive?  Locke is confirmed dead in the future, but alive on the island.  No information is given on Claire’s state.  No information is given on Jin’s fate.

  

Rose and Bernard don’t die. There are no deaths of major characters. Neil Frogurt dies in the flaming arrow beach attack.

The Love Square  It is discovered that Sawyer believes Kate to be dead.  There are some Kate/Jack scenes.  Kate thinks/talks specifically about Sawyer on Penny’s boat.  There are no love scenes between Juliet and Sawyer.  There are no romantic scenes between Kate and Jack.  The favor Kate is doing for Sawyer is not revealed.  There are no flashbacks with Jack and Kate besides the one on Penny’s boat.  Ben and Jack talk about Juliet.  Jack and Kate do not get back together or reconcile.  There is no romantic vibe in the scene where Kate talks/thinks about Sawyer.  Sawyer and Kate are not reunited.  There is nothing revealing why the Oceanic Six must go back. The Swan  The inside of The Swan is not seen.  The Swan will be shown in different states (Destroyed/Not Destroyed). The Oceanic Six and Co.  Kate and Aaron are not separated.  It is not made clear whether Ben can return to the island.  Jack is not an alcoholic/addict anymore.  There will be no scenes between Jack and Aaron.  Desmond is not still experiencing flashes.  There is a scene on Penny’s boat.  It is revealed that most likely no one will have to go back except for Locke and the Oceanic Six.  The scene where the lie is decided upon is not shown.  Desmond and Penny are happy in the first two episodes.  It is discovered that the man Sayid is beating up in the promo is not Ben.  Kate does not talk to anyone besides Jack in the 2007 storyline.  Sayid kills someone.  Ben and Sayid are not enemies.  The person who is being thrown off the balcony is revealed.  Nothing more is revealed about Charles Widmore. The Others and the Island’s Mysteries  Richard’s “agelessness” is not solved.  We see The Others.  We don’t see the Four-Toed Statue.

  

We do not see how the Beechcraft crashed. There is no mention of the volcano. There is no mention of Jacob.

The Hooded Character  The Hooded Character is not present in the opening scene.  Mrs. Hawking is The Hooded Character writing on the chalk board.  Mrs. Hawking is on the island in the scenes where she is writing on the board. The Left Behinders  Nothing interesting is learned about Neil Frogurt.  Sawyer does not become the Left Behinders leader.  Ethan does not remember who Locke was. Jeremy Bentham  There will be no further information on why Locke had an alias.  No information is given on Locke’s death.

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