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Unit Register Maintain Unit Register


Unit Register Maintain Unit Register

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									                                                                 Maintain Unit Register

 Unit Register

The Unit Register provides a fast and effective method of
managing detailed information regarding the features, status
and sales information of development properties and units.

With complete integration with the standard Workbench
system the Unit Register adds a new level of functionality for
those needing to track individual units and to integrate sales
data with the Workbench sales module

Features include:

    Maintain an unlimited number of units or properties
    through a single Unit Register form.

    Field names, drop-down list contents and data types can
    be easily customised to cover all data capture and
    reporting requirements

    Full integration with Workbench. Unit Register codes
    correspond to matching job codes in Workbench. Units
    can be viewed from a “Job Cost” perspective in standard
    Workbench screens.

    Automatic sales status updates based on invoicing within
    Workbench. As an invoice for a unit is sent, the unit’s
    status automatically changes to “settled” with a settled
    date stamped and actual price lists updated

    Automatic update of Workbench forecast module based
    on budget price list entered against each unit

    Auto calculation of commissions, prices per SQM and
    budget prices per SQM

    Uses do not require an upgrade to the core Workbench

    Standard Workbench application security built in.

    Numerous detail and summary reports included
    using the industry standard Crystal Reports.

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