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					       Pacific Bay

Tranquility Beauty
 & Massage Retreat
 for women & men

  An escape from the ordinary

                                                             Customised Massage
                                                              Request your favourite or a combination

                                                             • Remedial               • Therapeutic        • Relaxation
                                                             • Aromatherapy           • Sports             • Reflexology
                                                             • Lymphatic              • Pregnancy

                                                             ½ hr                       $60      1 ¼ hrs                  $135

                                                             1 hr                      $110      1 ½ hrs                  $165

                                                              Incorporate ‘Hot Stone Therapy’ with any massage for an

    Massage Therapy
                                                             additional $10. (Tension melting and deeply relaxing!)

                                                             Express De-Stress 20 mins $40
                                                              Designed for the busy professional or anyone on limited time.
                                                              Relieves stress related tension in the neck and shoulder area.
     Encourages your body’s own natural healing
     ability. It restores balance and well-being, releases   Corporate Recharge ¾ hr $85
     muscular tension and allows your body to move           An invigorating massage using uplifting oils designed to refresh,
     more freely. If you are feeling tired, stressed,         renew and recharge the person on the go!
     muscle-sore or simply need pampering, our
     fully qualified and highly experienced therapists        Foot Therapy Massage ½ hr $60 – 1 hr $110
     (male and female) can personalise an individual          Indulge with a friend over a glass of sparkling wine – $5pp extra
     treatment to suit your needs.                            Relax, unwind, indulge. Let your feet be pampered in an
                                                             aromatic bath of essential oils followed by a revitalising foot

      Please note: Therapists are accredited with             massage using lavender, rosemary and pine needle foot balms.
                                                             (Moisturising paraffin treatment available as an additional
      most health funds, however, if you are
                                                              pamper – add 15 minutes and $15 to cost).
      requiring a receipt for private health fund
      rebate it is essential that you mention this
                                                             Poolside Massage Available
      when booking your appointment so that you
                                                             Charlesworth and Bayside Pool (weather permitting)
      can be allocated the appropriate therapist
                                                             Available: Mon–Sun 10.00am–3.00pm (during school holidays).
      for your fund.
                                                              If unattended contact Tranquility ext 8503 for enquiries.

2                                                                                                                                 3
    Couples Massage
    ½ hr $130 – 1 hr $230 (per couple)
    Indulge in the company of your partner whilst enjoying the
    massage treatment of your choice with your own personal
    therapist. Inhale the aromas and unwind in the candlelit surrounds.

    Floatation Tank/Massage 1 hr $95 (single)
    Alternate float/massage:-
    Couples Escapade for Him and Her 1 hr $190
    Discover new depths of relaxation as your body is suspended

                                                                          Treatments For Face
    in highly concentrated salt water, enabling you to reach peak
    levels of relaxation. This package includes 30 minutes float and
    30 minutes massage. If you are tired, stressed, tense or sore-this

    one is for you!
                                                                           Deep within the sea lies the

    Tranquility Specialised Massage                                                 ’
                                                                               worlds most precious secrets’

    Pohaku Hot Stone Therapy                                                   Thalgo has explored all the riches of the ocean
    1½ hrs full body massage $190                                              to extract vital active ingredients. These mineral
    Imagine a warm room, dimly lit with candles and soft music.                rich extracts, together with natural fruit and
    A heated, oiled stone glides across your skin, another follows…            marine acids, living plant concentrates, micro
    Feeling yourself relax, you take a deep breath and your stress             thalgosomes and eco friendly proteins
    melts away. The ‘tension melting’ deeply relaxing heat from                form the basis of Thalgo Skin Range.
    the stones acts as a powerful muscle relaxant as layers of
    stress and tension literally ‘melt’ away. A warm, deeply relaxing
    and nurturing massage using smooth basalt stones from the
                                                                               Relax with an option of hand, scalp or foot
    Hawaiian Island with pressure to suit your needs.
                                                                               massage, integrated with our personalised
                      Wouldn’t you just love one, right now?                   and exceptional care facials. To ensure your
                                                                               skin receives maximum treatment benefits,
                                                                               we recommend using home care products
                                                                               recommended by your therapist.

4                                                                                                                                   5
    For Your Eyes Only (choice of two treatments) ½ hr $55                    TRANQUILITY is a Man’s World Too!
    Collagen Velvet Eye Zone – featuring marine collagen                      Here at Tranquility, we recognise that looking good and feeling
    and uniquely formulated eye patches to help combat                        great is important to men too! Our therapists are trained to
    wrinkles and give in-depth hydration.                                     advise you on what treatment will be of most benefit to you.
    Algomega Warm Eye Contour – a warm and infusing                           All our treatments are suitable for male clients, however we
    eye treatment to help combat dark circles, congestion and                 have devised some specific ones just for you!
    puffy eyelids.

    Express Facial ¾ hr $80 (all skin types)
    A skin pick-me-up for people with little time to spare or an
    introduction to further treatments. This treatments includes
    cleanse, exfoliation and mask.Your skin will be left feeling refreshed.

    Intensive Personalised Facial 1 hr $130
    Our highly qualified ‘Thalgo’ beauty therapists will analyse your
    skin and personalise a facial treatment specific to your own
    skins’ needs. With over 15 specialised facial treatments from
    which to choose, you can be confident that your individual
    concerns will be addressed and you will leave feeling totally

                                                                              Thalgomen Ocean Facial 1 hr $130
    Fundamental Wrinkle Control Facial 1 hr $150
                                                                              A ‘hi-tech’ professional facial based upon relaxing massage
    A high performance professional treatment to plump deep
                                                                              movements and the application of a purifying mask infusing the
    wrinkles from within. The skin is intensely moisturised and
                                                                              essence of the highly energising ‘Algue Bleue Vitale’ directly to
    wrinkles and fine lines are visibly smoothed out.
                                                                              the heart of the skin. Relaxed and recharged, your skin regains
                                                                              its energy and balance.
    Exceptional Care Facial 1 hr $150
    For mature skin 40+ and skin suffering menopausal changes.                Express Male Affair ¾ hr $140
    A treatment that reactivates the skin’s natural functions. Helps
                                                                              Includes a 30 minutes foot massage and an express facial (two
    to combat wrinkles, loss of tone, repairs, refreshes and smooths.
                                                                              therapists at the same time). Designed for the male on the run
    The complexion is luminous.
                                                                              – this mini package introduces you to the world of pampering!

6                                                                                                                                                 7
                                                                     Body Tanning

                                                                      Professional Spray on Tan ¼ hr $50 – with Body
Treatments                                                            Exfoliation 1 hr $100

       For T Body
                                                                      The success of any spray tan relies on thorough skin exfoliation.
                                                                          ›   Instant natural tanned colour
                                                                          ›   Odourless
                                                                          ›   Complete in 15 minutes
    Body Exfoliation 1 hr $100
                                                                          ›   Lasts 7–10 days depending on skin condition.
    An exclusive body and skin enhancing treatment which can
    remove dead skin. This treatment will cleanse and invigorate
                                                                      Solarium Tanning Upright Suntower
    the body.
                                                                      Smart tanning involves controlled exposure (6 –10 minutes)
                                                                      designed for your skin type.
    Cleansing Back Treatment ¾ hr $85
    A treatment designed not only to re-balance the skin, but also
    to treat an area which is hard to reach and often neglected.
    The back is deep cleansed and exfoliated to help stimulate        Casual session                                               $16
    circulation and cell renewal, then calmed and relaxed with        10 session pass (activator extra)                          $100
    a gentle massage.
                                                                      International Smart-tan accredited

8                                                                                                                                         9
     Thalgo Specialised

                   Body Treatments

     Aromaceane 1 hr $150                                              Micronized Marine Algae 1 hr $150
     Ultra exfoliation combining natural sea salts and marine mud.     For silhouette refining and relaxation
     Eliminates dead skin cells, helps smooth skin roughness, refines   The original marine algae wrap, rich in minerals and vitamins.
     skin texture and invigorates the entire body by activating        This treatment assists in the reduction of fatty deposits, fluid
     microcirculation. Includes a soothing massage with natural        retention and toxins (cellulite) by detoxifying the skin tissue.
     essential oils adaptable to client’s needs. Choose from Aroma     This relaxing treatment gives a feeling of general well-being and
     Slender, Aroma Detox, Aroma Vitality or Aroma Relax.              relieves aches and pains.

     Mer and Sens 1¼ hrs $150                                          Thalgomince LC 24 Partial Body Wrap 1 hr $150
     For stress                                                        For silhouette refining and localised cellulite
     Mer and Sens body is a complete purifying, remineralising and     A Thalgo innovation. Active ingredients specialised to take
     relaxing treatment. The exfoliating and sculpting techniques      targeted action against cellulite of the thighs and buttocks.
     are carried out with hot and cold stones using slow, spiral
     movements. This sculpting massage create a sensation
     of tranquility and evokes a floating sensation.

     Indoceane 2 hrs $250
     A deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment
     A voyage of discovery drawing from the riches of the
     Mediterranean Basin, Egypt, India and China. An invitation to
     vital relaxation which initiates the body and mind through
     an indescribable feeling of peace and inner strength. This
     wonderful ritual including massage is for vital relaxation and
     ‘better being’.

10                                                                                                                                         11
     Pamper Your Feet                                                                   Hand &Nail
     Feet On The Go ½ hr foot revamp $65                                                Manicure By OPI 1 hr $70
     A quick one for busy feet. Includes a soak in Thalgo’s new                         Luxury treatment for the hands and nails
     Precious Milk Bath, exfoliation with Sweet and Savoury Scrub,                      Our OPI manicure includes a skin renewal scrub, an
     toenail shape, buff and polish.                                                    effervescent soak in a mineral rich hand bath, rejuvenating
                                                                                        serum which begins to erase the visible signs of skin damage
     Heel Scrub with Pedi Paddle $10 extra                                              and age spots and finally, a hand massage with a finishing butter
                                                                                        that protects with sunscreen while enveloping skin in a veil of
                                                                                        velvet. We complete your hand treatment with an OPI polish
     Tranquility Signature Pedicure 1 hr $95*
                                                                                        colour of your choice!
     Shimmering luxury for your feet
     A luxurious foot treatment which includes a soak in Thalgo’s
     new Precious Milk Bath with soothing musky scents (from the                        Nails
      land of Egypt). Exfoliation with Sweet and Savoury Scrub followed                 Nail shape, buff and polish (does not include cuticles) ½ hr   $35
      by removal of rough dead skin using a Swedish pedi-paddle.                        Buff and Repolish                                  20 mins     $25
     Foot massage. Nail trimming, filing, cuticle detailing. Nail colour
     of your choice.                                                                    Shape and Polish                                   20 mins     $25

     *Moisturising paraffin treatment for an additional $15 (allow 15 min extra on any   Nail Repolish                                      15 mins     $15
      hand or foot treatment).

12                                                                                                                                                           13
                                                                All waxing is performed in compliance with health regulations.
                                                                Only disposable spatulas are used.

                                                                 Lip Wax                                                  $15

                                                                 Eyebrow Wax                                              $20

                                                                Chin Wax                                                  $15

                                                                Arm Wax                                                   $30

                                                                 Underarm Wax                                             $20

                                                                Chest Wax                                                 $45

                                                                 Back Wax                                                 $45

                                                                Stomach                                              from $25

 Tinting, Makeup
                                                                 Bikini Line Wax                                     from $25

                                                                G-String Wax                                              $35

                                     & Waxing                    Brazilian Wax                                            $65

                                                                ½ Leg                                                     $35

                                                                ½ Leg and Bikini Line                                     $55
      Eyelash Tint                                        $25   ¾ Leg                                                     $40

      Eyebrow Tint (allow 15 mins)                        $20   ¾ Leg and Bikini Line                                     $60

                                                                Thighs                                                    $40

     Makeup                                                     Thighs and Bikini Line                                    $60

     All occasion makeup (approx ½ hr)                    $55    Full Leg                                                 $55

     Trial makeup – includes consultation (approx 1 hr)   $80    Full Leg and Bikini Line                                 $70

14                                                                                                                               15
                                                                        Re-balance 2½ hrs $265
                                                                        This package will leave you totally relaxed, whilst restoring your
                                                                        energy levels. Begins with a 75 minute aromatherapy massage,
                                                                        combining the powerful properties of pure essential oils – the
                                                                        perfect antidote to the stress of everyday life. Next, enjoy a
                                                                        Cold Marine Facial treatment to refresh and soothe the skin,
                                                                        including a de-stressing scalp massage to harmonize and relax.

                                                                        Revive and Renew 2½ hrs $280
                                                                        Turn back the hands of time. Begin your anti-ageing programme
                                                                        with a Marine ColIagen Facial (an intensive moisture recovery

     Signature Packages
                                                                        treatment targeting the entire face, neck and eye-contour area
                                                                        – designed to soften lines, hydrate, smooth and improve skin
                                                                        suppleness). Included is an eyebrow shape, tint and eyelash
                                                                        tint to give your eyes greater definition. A Tranquility manicure
                                                                        follows, including an envelopment of warm paraffin wax to
             Indulgence heals, so we have created packages
                                                                        leave your hands nourished, hydrated and youthful!
             to help soothe the body and soul.

             Couples Escape… or do it alone!                            Time Out Together Relax, indulge, unwind with your
                                                                        partner… together! 2 hrs $500 per couple

     Express Indulgence 1 hr $205                                       Your 2 hour couples indulgence includes an intensive
                                                                        personalised facial customised to suit your individual skin’s
     Includes a personalised facial, foot, hand and head massage
                                                                        needs and a couples massage with hot stones (includes a
     with two therapists. Designed for those wanting ultimate
                                                                        tranquility essential oil bathbomb for you to enjoy in the spa
     indulgence – in limited time! In just 1 hour you will be
                                                                        later on).
     pampered by two therapists simultaneously. Sheer luxury!!

                                                                        Tranquility Pedicure Retreat Great for couples –
     Tranquility Pamper Sampler 2¼ hrs $210
                                                                        or do it alone! 1½ hrs $150 per person (includes a glass
     This package is for those who want it all, but just can’t have     of sparkling white wine)
     it – includes 30 minute relaxation massage, express facial, nail
                                                                        Imagine spending 1½ hrs with someone special, chatting
     shape, buff and polish of the fingers and toes. A great start to
                                                                        over a sparkling white wine whilst your therapist treats your
     any holiday!
                                                                        feet to the ultimate pedicure – includes a hydrating clay mask
                                                                        with cooling menthol. You will leave walking on air!

16                                                                                                                                           17
     Marine Retreat Escape 2 hrs $280                                 Men’s Zone 2½ hrs $285
     ‘An escape from the ordinary’                                    Maximum pamper in limited time – with 2 therapists
     Your indulgence begins with a Marine Algae body treatment        at the same time.
     to assist in the reduction of fatty deposits, fluid retention     Your escapade begins in the gym with a 30 minute float and
     and toxins by detoxifying the skin tissue-followed by an         30 minute massage to release tension and stress in muscles
     Absolute Rehydrating facial… pure indulgence from the sea!       and joints. Then it’s back to Tranquility for an Ocean Treatment
     Also includes a 20 minute foot massage!                          Facial – especially created for the male skin – whilst a second
                                                                      therapist treats your feet to a 30 minute foot massage – you
     Mer and Sens Face and Body 2 hrs $250                            may never feel the same again!

     A unique treatment using a combination of hot volcanic stones
     and cold marine stones for the stressed client! This treatment   Executive Revival 3½ hrs $330
     includes the application of marine algae face mask, body         Escape to a sanctuary free from stress and strain. Start your
     exfoliation and light massage to evoke a floating sensation.      programme with a 30 minute float as your body is suspended
                                                                      in highly concentrated salt water, enabling you to reach peak
     Pohaku Body Bliss 2 hrs $220                                     levels of relaxation. We follow this with a 90 minute massage
                                                                      using oils especially selected to uplift and recharge. We complete
     Combines marine algae, essential oils and hot volcanic stones
                                                                      this package with an aroma essential facial combining the purest
     Experience a body exfoliation with Marine Algae Exfoliating
                                                                      essential oils, plant extracts and a cool marine algae mask for the
     Powder, to leave the skin glowing and radiant… followed
                                                                      ultimate in relaxation (includes a 20 minute head massage).
     by a massage of your choice using gently heated and oiled
     basalt stones… As the heat penetrates tight muscles relax
     and the tension melts away… and you drift into an almost
     meditative state.

18                                                                                                                                          19
     Time For You Package 4 hrs $415                                       Girls Day Out 3¾ hrs $390 per person
     Includes cheese and fruit platter and a glass of sparkling            Friendship and time are precious. Enjoy a cheese and fruit
     white wine.                                                           platter and a glass of sparkling white wine together.
     So you finally have time for yourself – but don’t know where to        Indulge with a friend… choose between Mer and Sens Body
     start! This package will not only nourish your skin, but recharge     Exfoliation or Hot Stone massage. An intensive personalised
     your body. We begin with a 1 hour aromatherapy massage, with          facial targeting your skin’s needs follows. Complete this pamper
     oils specifically chosen for your needs. An aroma-essential facial     with our own signature pedicure whilst enjoying your cheese
     to soften lines and relieve facial tension follows. Next we relax     and fruit platter and a glass of sparkling white wine with your
     in Tranquil surrounds with a fruit platter, tea, coffee or glass of   friend! You will leave walking on air.
     sparkling white wine, whilst your therapist completes the final
     part of your pamper journey – our own Tranquility Signature           Group Affair 3½ hrs $340 per person
     Pedicure and Manicure with nail polish of your choice.
                                                                           Includes cheese and fruit platter and wine.
                                                                           This package is designed for up to 4–5 people at one time.
     Teenage Mini Retreat 1¼ hr $140                                       Begin your relaxation with a 15 minute soak in the fitness centre
     An introduction to the world of relaxation and pampering.             spa. Followed by 15 minutes in the sauna.Then after showering
     Includes Hot Stone massage, skin analysis, refresher facial and       – its back to Tranquility where the real pampering begins.
     skin care samples suited to your individual needs. You won’t          This package includes a 75 minute aromatherapy massage
     believe the difference!                                               combining the properties of pure essential oils and a specific
                                                                           treatment facial, especially selected for your individual
     Mini Me Package 1 hr $100                                             requirements. An eyebrow wax, eyebrow tint and eyelash tint is
                                                                           also included.Your day is completed with a glass of sparkling white
     Little Miss precious will be looked after and pampered whilst
                                                                           wine and cheese and fruit platter down on the boardwalk.
     she sips away on a glass of lemonade.
     Includes hand and foot massage, nail shape buff and polish of
     the fingers and toes and a mini nail polish to take home.

20                                                                                                                                               21
     Terms & Conditions
                                                                        Please note: After hour appointments can be pre-arranged
                                                                        however are subject to a 25% surcharge.

                                                                        Accepted cards: Eftpos, Amex, Diners, Visa and Master Card.
     Gift Certificates And Mail Order Service                            Tranquility operates as an independent business within the
     At Tranquility we have a comprehensive gift certificate service     hotel and is proud to be a vital part of Novotel Coffs Harbour
     for your convenience. These certificates can be customised          Pacific Bay Resort.
     for all occasions. Simply telephone or email us with your
     requirements, along with your credit card details and we will      In our Beauty and Massage Retreat, we offer the opportunity

     promptly arrange delivery of whatever you may require!             for you to not only enjoy beautiful treatments, but a tranquil
                                                                        and peaceful escape from the outside world. Please respect
                                                                        the quiet and privacy of other clients by using a lowered
     Bookings – Cancellations – Payment Options
                                                                        voice and turning off your mobile phones.
     Our therapists are reserved just for you, therefore a minimum
     of 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an          Times are approximate. Prices subject to change
     appointment. Cancellations or rescheduling within this time will   without notice.
     result in a 50% fee being charged. ‘No show’appointments are

                                                                        Thank you for choosing us!
     charged at full price of treatments booked.

     Credit card details are required at time of booking to secure
     package, couple treatments, early morning appointments or
     after hour appointments.

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Tranquility Beauty
& Massage Retreat

Level 1, Bayside Spa Centre
Novotel Coffs Harbour Pacific Bay Resort,
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

t: 02 6658 0588 (ext 8503)

Open: Mon-Sat 8. 30am– 6. 30pm,
Sun 10. 00am – 2. 30pm

Appointments essential

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