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Top 10 reasons
why advisers are choosing Protectionfirst
Our range of insurance products are rated among the best in the
industry. Your clients can feel confident that their families and
businesses are protected from any unexpected setbacks and you
can feel assured that you are on the mark to recommending a
quality solution when you choose Aviva.

1           Innovative online
            underwriting tool: Riskfirst
                                                              3           Insurance on the platform

 ■   more than an online application system, Riskfirst is a   ■    your clients can pay all or part of their insurance
     sophisticated underwriting engine, allowing you to            premium from their super or investment account2
     issue policies immediately and signature free            ■    receive full remuneration on the platform as well as
 ■   mix and match online and offline functionality to suit        full commission on the protection cover
     your different office and client needs
 ■   intuitive and easy to use
     unparalleled flexibility with the ability to complete


     applications in the order you prefer
     targeted medical questions, so there is less need for
                                                                          Insurance through super

                                                              ■    Income Protection available for all benefit periods
                                                                   up to age 65

2           Excellent underwriting
            and claims service

                                                                   pay Recovery Money premiums via a Self Managed
                                                                   Superannuation Fund
                                                                   Flexible Recovery Money provides bundled pricing
                                                                   benefits, ownership flexibility and tax effectiveness
 ■   clients up to age 45 may have up to $2.5 million of
     cover approved by just completing a Personal
                                                                                 50% ANY         50% OWN
                                                                                occupation       occupation
 ■   no accountant’s signature is required on financial
     evidence, what’s more, for personal cover only, up
     to $5 million cover can be approved on a Statement
     of Advice alone
 ■   eligibility for discounts on underwriting exclusions
                                                                               Life          TPD       Critical
     –   automatic 10% discount on premiums if mental                         Cover                    Illness
         health exclusion is placed on Income Protection,
         TPD or Business Expenses cover
     –   automatic 10% discount when defined cancer
         and or cardiovascular exclusions are applied to                       Policy Owner 1    Policy Owner 2
         new business on Critical Illness policies                e.g. Superannuation owned      e.g. Owned by life insured
                                                                      = possible tax deduction   = no tax deduction
 ■   strong reputation for claim payouts and have paid
     over $380 million in claims between 2002–20081
5         Free protection for children                         8          Better Income Protection
■   Critical Illness3 contracts of $100,000 or more are
    extended to include $10,000 of Death or Critical           ■    high net worth clients with high levels of
    Illness on the life of all dependant children aged              personal debt can be better protected with our
    between 3 next birthday and 18 next birthday
                                                                    Debt Replacement Benefit and receive up to
■   Income Protection3 contracts are extended to                    $40,000 per month5
    include the lesser of three times the monthly
                                                               ■    where the monthly Sum Insured is less than
■   benefit or $25,000 death or critical illness cover for
                                                                    $12,500 per month or net unearned income is
    your client’s dependant children aged between 3
                                                                    less than $50,000 per year, we will ignore the
    next birthday and 18 next birthday
                                                                    unearned income in determining the monthly
                                                                    for clients who are partially disabled, we will


                                                                    pay a proportion of the Insured’s monthly Sum
          Financial hardship                                        Insured even if your client is still working partially,
          provisions                                                with no requirement for a qualifying period of
                                                                    total disability
■   if your client has included the Waiver of Premium          ■    provides the option, in the event that a claimant
    (optional benefit) as part of their policy then they            is unable to ever return to work, to receive the
    will automatically be covered against involuntary               benefit as a Lump Sum TPD amount, subject to
    unemployment (redundancy)
                                                                    a maximum of $2.5 million
■   reduce insurance cover by up to 50% for up to 12
    months and then automatically reinstate the policy

    to the original sum insured, without the need to
    complete a declaration of health
                                                                           Better business protection

7         Occupations with special


                                                                    Aviva specialises in large scale underwriting cases
                                                                    available for Death, TPD and Critical Illness
                                                                    generous forward underwriting limits
                                                               ■    maximum TPD benefit to $5 million6
■   farmers can receive generous disability cover and
    up to $5,000 per month Income Protection
    generous Income Protection and partial disability


    payouts for tradespeople who hold a trade
    certificate and have five years experience
                                                                           Supporting you
■   our claim position paper for medical practitioners
    contracting blood borne diseases recognises that
    contracting a blood borne disease will satisfy our          ■   on-the-road distribution team
    definition of a sickness for the purposes of our Income
                                                                ■   dedicated Australian-based call centre staff
    Protection policies, and that where the relevant
    practice board places restrictions on a doctor’s ability    ■   underwriting team keeps you informed of decisions
    to practice due to this, a claim will be payable            ■   experts available to provide training to get you
■   medical and dental professionals can be protected               started or further develop your skills in different areas
    with generous Income Protection cover and receive six       ■   be regularly informed via email or check online the
    times the monthly benefit or $500,000, if diagnosed             status of pending applications and other important
    with occupationally acquired Hepatitis B, C or HIV4             information about your client
                     What our advisers say
                     As business insurance specialists we use Aviva’s Protectionfirst product as it allows us to split the cover
                     between super and non super under the one application, therefore reducing the need for multiple
                     policies. Also, Aviva’s enhanced financial underwriting limits make getting large cases completed
                     much easier by removing the need to involve the accountant in most cases.

                                                                                                                                         Brant Dillon, Director,
                                                                                                                           Real Consulting Services Pty Ltd

                  More information: Contact your Aviva Business Development Manager at your local Aviva state office.

               1 Aviva claims as at January 2009.                    3 Cover is applicable for existing Critical Illness   5 The Debt Replacement Benefit is available on
                                                                       contracts back to March 1995 and existing             the Income Protection Gold product and is
               2 Aviva Protectionfirst premiums can be paid
                                                                       Income Protection contracts back to                   only available as a benefit if the Insured has
                                                                       November 2001. Conditions and exclusions              applied for or has at least $1 million of life
                 ■ Navigator Personal Retirement Plan or
                                                                       may apply. Please refer to the current                cover with Aviva and a minimum of $295,000
                   Navigator Access Super Account and                  Protectionfirst Product Disclosure Statement          earnings p.a. Benefits payable under the Debt
                   related badges                                      dated 25 September 2009.                              Replacement Benefit are based on actual
                 ■ Navigator Personal Investment Plan or                                                                     level of allowable personal expenses in the 12
                   Navigator Access Investment Account and           4 Standard benefit with Income Protection
                                                                                                                             months prior to disability and are payable for
                   related badges                                      Gold policies as part of the Critical Conditions
                                                                                                                             a maximum period of 12 months.
                                                                       Benefit at no additional cost.
                 ■ Navigator Personal Investment Plan – Self
                                                                                                                           6 For any TPD amounts above $3 million, the
                   Managed Super Fund and related badges
                                                                                                                             Activities of Daily Living definition will apply.
                 ■ a nominated bank account

                 ■ a combination of any of the above through
                   Flexible Recovery Money

               For advisers only. This adviser guide is issued by Norwich Union Life Australia Limited (NULAL) ABN 34 006 783 295, AFSL 241686. For the information of
               financial advisers only. NULAL does not authorise the distribution of this document to any other persons including the clients of financial advisers. The Aviva
               name and logo are used under licence from the Aviva plc Group.
AV999Y 09.09

                                                                      Level 6, 509 St Kilda Road Melbourne Victoria 3004
                                              Telephone Adviser Services 1300 1 AVIVA (1300 1 28482) • Fax 03 9804 5239 or visit
                                                                                    Issued: September 2009

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