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									                         Thinkers' Keys: RESPECT
1. Discuss with a partner- what would happen if we only showed respect to people with
the same colour eyes as us?
2. Name 10 things you would NEVER do if you respected someone.
3. What are 2 disadvantages of being respectful?
4. Design an award for someone who has shown respect for a person or place.
5. How many other words can you make from the word- RESPECTABILITY?
6. Write the word RESPECT down the page. Next to each letter write at least 2 ways
you can show respect to your parents starting with each letter OR a poem about
respecting them.
7. How will we show respect to the planet in 100 years time?
8. Make a list of 10 people you respect and their personal qualities or skills that you
9. Name 5 things that the value respect has in common with cheese.
10. The answer is 'to show respect'. Write down 5 creative questions for this answer.
11. Use your imagination. Work out 7 things this symbol could represent
about the value respect.
12. List 3 ways classmates can show disrespect. Come up with 2 respectful ways you
could deal with each of these situations.
13. Make a list of other words with the prefix 'dis' to show their opposite eg respect -
14. How could you combine the values of respect and self-esteem?
15. Should adults respect children? Give 5 reasons why and 5 why not.
16. How can you respect someone and not like him or her? Explain this to a classmate.
17. Make a list of 6 ways schools could show that they respect students.
18. Draw a cartoon showing people respecting animals.
19. Interview your parents about who they respect and why.
20. Why should we respect the past?
21. Act out a commercial to advertise a new idea- Respect Week.
22. When would it be respectful to push someone?
23. Make a list of 5 things that adults don't respect but children do.
24. Come up with another idea that could help teach young students about respect.

                                                                   Katrina Spencer, Rose Park PS 2002

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