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									 Leader Workshop
      19th October 2007

Claire Mitchell – Engage Employment
            Solutions Ltd

• 10:10 - Welcome & Introductions - All
• 10:30 – Definition of Leader Group – Claire Mitchell
          Leader Southampton – Hilary Wise
• 10:50 – Refreshment Break
• 11:00 – Leader Brighton & Hove – Claire Mitchell
• 11:50 – Leader Southampton Conference
• 11:55 – Steering Group Sign Up
• 12:00 – Next Steps & Closing Statement

• Local Employers Acting on Diversity, Equality and
• An umbrella group of employers collaborating in order to
  make tangible progress on building a diverse workforce
  together with community and social responsibility
   – Eradicating barriers to employability of
     underrepresented groups
   – With a focus on ethnicity, disability, age, gender and
     other relevant issues

• Originated in 2001 in Southampton with local employers
  working with Solent University
• Delivered conferences and training events to update
  members on equality, diversity and to share good
• Operate a mentoring scheme called “Merits” - black and
  ethnic minority students receive mentoring from local
  employers to assist them to find employment
• Web site covering up to date related news on legislation,
  events, projects and conferences

                    Brighton & Hove
• Highest percentage of Black Minority Ethnic Groups in
  South East outside London - Around 7,000 East
  Europeans working in the City
• Economic growth has been driven more by increases in
  employment than by productivity gains
• GVA per head remains below the national average,
  suggesting that there is still scope for broadening the
  economic base and improving productivity
• By 2010 only 20% of Working Population will be white,
  male and able bodied ( Brighton & Hove males account
  for 45.4% of workforce currently)
• 1 person in 4 has a mental health problem
• 97% of disabled people were born without a disability

             Leader’s Objectives

• Ultimately support local businesses to become more
  profitable through improving their recruitment practices
• Keep businesses informed on any issues related to
  diversity, equality, gender, age etc in a clear and concise
• Maintain links and contact with experts in these fields
• Host networking events and conferences

                 Unique Opportunities
• Sharing good practice, information and ideas
• Sharing of resources, i.e. training sessions, rooms
• Improvement in business performance
• Foster employability
• Look at diversity and equality issues in a fresh way that
  meets business needs

       Group Discussion
1.   What does diversity mean to you?
2.   Are there key barriers that make it
     difficult to employ a diverse workforce?
3.   In what ways could your business benefit
     from having a more diverse workforce?

       Group Discussion
1.   What does corporate social responsibility
     (CSR) mean to you?
2.   Do you have a CSR policy for your

       Group Discussion
1. What do you feel you need to know about
   ethnicity, disability, age and gender within
   the field of employment law?
2. What other Objectives should Leader

• A network of like minded public, private and voluntary
• Up to date information on relevant changes in legislation
• Up to date labour market intelligence
• The tools to become an employer of „choice‟ attracting
  employees with the right skills
• The support to become an „ethical business‟

• An accelerated route map to fulfilling your corporate
  social objectives
• An opportunity to develop your passion for diversity,
  ethnicity and/or CSR

•    Brighton & Hove Leader is being established by:
    – Disability Equals Business
    – Engage Employment Solutions Ltd
    – The University of Brighton Careers Centre
    – The University of Sussex, Career Development &
        Employment Centre
    – City College Brighton & Hove
•    In association with Southampton Leader
•    Next step is forming a Steering Group with key local

           Steering Group Criteria

• People who are capable of influencing positive change in
  their organisations in the fields of diversity, ethnicity
  and corporate social responsibility.
• Regular attendance at meetings
• Contribution of ideas
• Willing to share good practice
• Evidence of driving change in these fields

• LEADER Conference 2007 Programme - The Diversity
  Jigsaw: Employing Talent From Under-represented
  Groups, 8.30am - 2.00pm, Friday 23 November 2007, St
  Mary's Stadium, Southampton SO14 5FP
• Focusing on the four areas of migrant workers, mental
  health, ex offenders and sexual orientation
• Providing information and advice on other aspects of
  diversity including race, disability, gender, religion and
  belief, age and work life balance
• Keynote Address
   – Ben Summerskill, Commissioner for the Commission for Equality
     and Human Rights and Chief Executive of Stonewall

For more information please contact
         Claire Mitchell on
           01273 291683


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