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					            Sample Offer Letter to a Rehired or New Non-Exempt Employee

                                                                                             Insert Date

Insert Name of Selected Applicant
Insert Address

Dear Insert Name:

The Insert Name of Department would like to extend to you an offer of employment. Your title
will be Insert Name of Title as described in the Position Description. Your salary will be
$X.XX/hour plus benefits afforded Insert full or part time employees of the University. Please
sign the attached Position Description and return it with this letter to accept this offer. Your state
contribution for your health insurance will begin 90 days after your date of hire.

This position is considered by TAMU to be non-exempt from the requirements of the Fair Labor
Standards Act concerning overtime compensation. Any hours worked in excess of 40 hours per
week must have prior approval by your supervisor.

Insert Name of Supervisor will be your immediate supervisor and will assist you with the various
tasks and procedures of your job.

As a rehire/new employee (choose one) to the Texas A&M University System, you will be under
a six-month probationary period. Your employment is contingent upon your satisfactory
performance. Your performance will be discussed with you on a continuing basis and you will
receive a performance evaluation by your fourth month. For additional information concerning
your probationary period, please refer to System Regulation 33.99.02 Probation.

If this is a security sensitive position, Insert Since this is a security sensitive position, this offer
of employment is contingent upon the results of the background check.

We are pleased that you will be working with our office and look forward to your success.

_____________________ ______                        Approved: ________________________
Insert Name of Supervisor Date                                   Insert Name of Dept. Head Date
Title                                                            Title

My signature indicates that I accept the position as Insert Title of Position as described above.

                                                                 Insert Name of Applicant           Date

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