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Driver Safety Rating by vbm17056


									           The NEW
Driver Safety Rating
Driver Safety Rating:
Better Value for
Safe Drivers
Manitobans want us to recognize
the value of safe driving through
Autopac premiums.

That’s what the new Driver Safety
Rating system is all about. It
recognizes safe driver behaviour in     Improve
a more fair and simple way. Under
Driver Safety Rating, safe driving      your driving;
yields more savings, while higher-
risk driving brings higher premiums.
                                        lower your
Your Driver Safety Rating is your
position on a scale with 32 active
levels. Which level you’re on depends
on your driving record. This affects
how much you pay for your Autopac
and driver’s licence premiums.

Want to know your Driver Safety
Rating? Go to to try
our Driver Safety Rating Calculator.
It only takes a few minutes to see
how your driving behaviour can
affect the premiums you pay.
                                        *For future use. Levels 11 through 14 are not
                                         applicable for the first year of the program
                                         (March 1, 2010 to February 28, 2011.)
Highlights of                                   Where you’ll start
Driver Safety Rating                            on the scale                                        How the scale works
Earn more merits, faster                        You’ve been living here and you have                Each year, we’ll send you a notice showing
                                                a Manitoba driver’s licence                         you where you are on the scale, and what
Drive safe, and earn up to 15 merits,
                                                                                                    you owe for the next year. We place you on
instead of up to five.                           Your Driver Safety Rating and your resulting
                                                                                                    the scale using your driving record for the
You’ll earn merits faster too. For each         premiums depend on your driving record
                                                                                                    past year.
year you drive safely, you’ll earn one merit.   over past years, including:
                                                                                                    No traffic convictions or at-fault accidents?
Before, it took two years of safe driving to       • Your merits or demerits
                                                                                                    You’ll move up the scale. If you have traffic
earn one merit.                                    • Any at-fault accidents and
                                                                                                    convictions or at-fault accidents, you’ll move
                                                     traffic convictions
                                                                                                    down the scale.
Keep driving safely and save more               On your vehicle premium, you could save 5%,
                                                                                                    Moving up the scale means more merits,
Coming: greater savings on vehicle              10%, 15% 20% or 25%. On your driver’s licence
                                                                                                    which usually results in lower premiums.
premiums for safe drivers                       premium, you could save up to $30 off the full
                                                                                                    Moving down the scale means fewer merits
                                                cost of $45.
   By 2013, we intend to offer:                                                                     (or more demerits), along with higher
   • 30% savings on vehicle premiums —                                                              premiums, in most cases.
     with even more savings possible later      You’re a new Manitoba driver with
   • An additional $5 savings on driver’s       your first driver’s licence                             • Each year of safe driving =
     licence premiums for safe drivers          You’ll be at the “base” level on the Driver              one level up the scale
                                                Safety Rating scale for both vehicle and driver’s      • Changing to safe driving moves you
More recognition for a long history             licence premiums.                                        way up the scale
of safe driving                                 After that, for each year you drive safely,              If you’ve had a history of high-risk
A long history of safe driving gives you more   you’ll move up the scale and start saving.               driving, one year of safe driving raises
of a buffer against small driving mistakes.                                                              your Driver Safety Rating substantially.
Making a small driving mistake will cost you                                                             For example, someone with 20
less than before.                                                                                        demerits, who has an active licence,
                                                                                                         moves up the scale by seven levels for
                                                                                                         one year of safe driving.
Higher-risk driving behaviour results in
paying more, so that the safest pay less
Today, the highest-risk drivers pay about
$1,000 for their driver’s licence premium.
Eventually, they may pay up to $2,500,
or 150% more.
We intend to use this extra premium
to reward the safest drivers.
Q   When will Driver Safety Rating                    Q   I currently have five merits. Will I                Q   If I purchase a vehicle after my
    affect me?                                            receive the highest-available discount?                anniversary day, how will my vehicle
A   Everyone began to move from the merit             A   If you have five merits and have been driving       A
                                                                                                                 premium discount be determined?
    discount program to Driver Safety Rating in           for the past 15 or more years with no at-fault         Your vehicle premium discount is determined
    January 2010. Exactly when you move to the            accidents or traffic convictions, you’ll be             by your Driver Safety Rating, which is based
    new program depends on your anniversary day.          assigned to the highest DSR level, which is +15.       on your driving behaviour for the year
    Your anniversary day is four months after your        This means you’ll receive a 25 per cent discount       prior to your anniversary day. Any at-fault
    birth date. It’s when you pay for your driver’s       on your Autopac insurance and a $30 discount           claims or traffic convictions since your last
    licence and Autopac to cover the coming year.         on your driver’s licence premium.                      anniversary day will not impact your Driver
    If your anniversary day in 2010 was February          If you have five merits and no at-fault                 Safety Rating—or your vehicle premium
    28 or earlier, you renewed under the merit            accidents and traffic convictions in the past           discount—until your next anniversary day.
    discount program. When your anniversary               five to 14 years, you’ll be placed at DSR level         Under the old merit discount program, your
    day comes up in 2011, you’ll change to Driver         +10, giving you a 25 per cent discount on your         vehicle premium discount would have been
    Safety Rating. If your anniversary day in 2010        Autopac insurance and a $25 discount on                affected as soon as the claim or conviction
    was March 1 or later, you’ll renew under Driver       your driver’s licence.                                 was recorded on your driving record.
    Safety Rating.
    Everyone will be on the new program by            Q   How will traffic convictions affect
    March 2011.                                           my Driver Safety Rating?
                                                      A   It depends on how serious the conviction is.
Q   How will an at-fault accident                         The more serious the conviction, the more
    affect my Driver Safety Rating?                       you’ll move down the scale.
                                                          Here are some examples:
A   Each at-fault accident in the past year lowers
                                                              • Not obeying a traffic sign: two levels
    your Driver Safety Rating by five levels.
                                                                down the scale
    Note:                                                     • Impaired driving: 10 levels down
    You will be moved into DSR 60 days                          the scale
    prior to your anniversary day. If an at-fault             • Speeding more than 49 km over
    accident goes on your record 61 or more days                the limit: 10 levels down the scale
    before your anniversary day, a one-time charge            • Impaired driving causing death:
    for extra premium will go on your driver’s                  15 levels down the scale
    licence. If the at-fault accident goes on your            • Leaving the scene of an accident:
    record within 60 days of your anniversary day,              10 levels down the scale
    your Driver Safety Rating will drop five levels
    for the following year.
still have
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