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									National DOMA Protest Outline Harrisburg, PA January 10, 2009 – 10:00 AM Pennsylvania State Capital
Opening Statement: Dennis We are here today in an effort to make a positive impact in the lives of our community, our allies, and even our opposition. Our movement seeks to encourage the LGBTQ community not to look towards the past and place blame, but instead to look forward at what needs to be done now to achieve one goal: Full equality for ALL. We stand for reaching out across all communities. We do not stand for bigotry, for scapegoating, or using anger as our driving force. Our mission is to encourage our community to engage our opposition in a conversation about full equality and to do this with respect, dignity, and an attitude of outreach and education.

Today, we call on you, our brothers and sisters - do not encourage divisiveness, violence, or disrespect of others for we should never approve of this. We should not stand for pointing the finger at one group and placing blame. The LGBTQ community comes in all different colors, creeds, religious

beliefs, and political parties. If we allow ourselves to place blame on one community or another, then we are no better than those who oppose us. We will not pit one community against another.

we are all inclusive. As such, we will continue to encourage debate from all sides of the conversation provided it is civil and respectful. We will encourage our community to not let anger steer the conversation, but with an understanding that anger is a human reaction and we hope that it can be used as a catalyst toward positive change.

Finally, we stand for national unity in the face of opposing forces that have steered the conversations into a state by state issue. We will celebrate our state by state wins, but work as one large entity to help gain these wins and will unite in the conversation against us to plant the seed of change and community.

With a touch of Irony, we have gathered here on these steps, in front of this building, where in about six hours two people will stand inside with their friends and family and say their vows, and become united as a family, yes there will be a wedding inside. We have gathered here today under the name

of the NATIONAL DOMA PROTEST just as many of our brothers and sisters across this nation are doing today, at the same time in cities across this country. But, let us not forget that we are here to stand for more than the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Last year we heard the message of President Elect Barack Obama, if elected he promised LGBTQ equality – he told us he would repeal DOMA, he would work to pass an inclusive non discrimination act, he would repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he would work to pass federal hate crimes legislation, and he would fight to strengthen our Nations stance in HIV/AIDS work. Today, we are here to say, President Elect Obama, WE HEARD YOUR MESSAGE – WE VOTED – YOU TAKE OFFICE IN 11 DAYS - WE WILL NOT LET YOU FORGET ABOUT US - AS OTHER PRESIDENTS HAVE IN THE PAST!

Speaker 1 – DOMA – TBA

Speaker 2 - Harrisburg Gay registry (Harrisburg Councilman Dan Miller)


In the past 30 days alone across this nation, many of our brothers and sisters have been the victims of a hate crime. Many of these crimes go unreported because the victims feel helpless in seeking justice. Of them, here are a few that have been reported:
Dec 30,2008 Las Vegas, NV Matthew Coxs Mother says suspects are trying to justify sons murder. Matthew was a Las Vegas high school teacher who was murdered by two students. Dec 27, 2008 Indianapolis, IN Metro Police are investigating a double homicide police were called to check the welfare of a resident at 5853 Rosslyn Avenue, an addressed shared by two gay men. The resident had not been heard from since Wednesday. When officers arrived, they found the two people and a dog dead in the home. Dec 23, 2008 Memphis, TN A transgender woman shot in the face is in critical condition. Police say the shooting happened sometime around 5:00 a.m. in the 3100 block of Boxtown Road in south Memphis near T.O. Fuller State Park. Her cousin tells us Edwards was shot in the jaw, side and back and is undergoing multiple surgeries. Dec 20, 2008 New York, NY An Ecuadorean immigrant beaten to death in an apparent U.S. hate crime was carried to his grave on Saturday in a town that has seen thousands of others seek their fortunes abroad. a 31-year-old real estate agent, was attacked by a group of men who kicked and beat him with an aluminum baseball bat, shouting anti-Latino and anti-gay slurs as he walked arm in arm with his brother near his Brooklyn home on Dec. 7. He died after five days in a coma. Dec 19, 2008 Washington, DC A 35-year-old gay man was shot in the head and killed shortly after 3 a.m. Tuesday at 11th and Q streets, N.W., while walking home from the Fox & Hound, a restaurant and bar near Dupont Circle, according to D.C. police. Dec 13, 2008

San Francisco, CA A woman in the San Francisco Bay area was jumped by four men, taunted for being a lesbian, repeatedly raped and left naked outside an abandoned apartment building, authorities said Monday. Detectives say the 28-year-old victim was attacked Dec. 13 after she got out of her car, which bore a rainbow gay pride sticker. The men, who ranged from their late teens to their 30s, made comments indicating they knew her sexual orientation, said Richmond police Lt. Mark Gagan."It just pushes it beyond fathomable," he said. "The level of trauma — physical and emotional — this victim has suffered is extreme." Dec 11, 2008 New Orleans, LA Police said they don't believe the shooting deaths of three gay men in a Seventh Ward home on Saturday were random. Early Saturday, a landlord stopped by a home in the 2500 block of Pauger Street to make repairs and made a gruesome discovery instead. Three men in their 20s were found shot and killed. Police said they believe the men were killed Thursday morning. Dec 03, 2008 Salt Lake City, Utah Police say a 50-year-old man was critically injured in an attack with a bottle outside a Salt Lake City lounge and gym that reportedly caters to the gay community -- and that may make it a hate crime case. The victim told police that he left the 14th Street Gym, near 1400 West and 200 South, after midnight early Wednesday. As he was waiting for a cab ride, the man said someone walked up behind him, swore at him, used a derogatory sexual-orientation slur and hit him over the top of the head with a bottle, police said. The attacker ran off. Police are investigating the attack as a potential hate crime.

Currently, there are only 25 states in the Nation that have inclusive hate crime laws. Pennsylvania is not one of them. We need to work to ask our legislators to enact a law that is inclusive of all minority citizens.

Speaker 3 PHRC/ACLU (TBA)

Speaker 4 HIV/AIDS (TBA)

Conclusion – GLBTQ Declaration
A GLBTQ Declaration of Intent The Beginnings of a Plan of Action We the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allied People of the United States of America in order to continue forming that ‘more perfect union’ that has been the goal of our nation for 232 years; in order to provide for the equal protection under the law for ourselves, our future wives, our future husbands, and for our friends, families, and children, do hereby establish and ordain this plan of action. ~We will not only support the national organizations that are our allies in this movement, but we will also commit to personally standing up for our rights, for ourselves and our posterity.

~We will step out of our comfort zones to calmly and consistently and constantly stand up for GLBTQ civil rights. We will attend and speak at public meetings, we will write letters to the editor, and post online.

~We will welcome every opportunity to engage in a respectful dialogue with others in furtherance of GLBTQ civil rights and equality.

~We will educate ourselves, our friends, our families, our neighbors, and our communities about civil rights in general, and about GLBTQ civil rights. We will share with anyone who will listen who we truly are, where we are legally, and where we wish to be.

~We will reach out to our communities of faith; not only those open and welcoming churches and congregations. We will also support our GLBTQ brothers and sisters in GLBTQ Denominational groups such as Dignity and Kinship.

~We will speak and live to the truth that homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people are trying to seek equal protection under the law so that we can live our lives, not some ‘lifestyle’.

~We agree with Coretta Scott King, "Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood…” and that, "This sets the stage for further repression and violence that spread all too easily to victimize the next minority group."

~We shall stand up for everyone’s civil rights, including Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Speech, even when we disagree with some of the beliefs or opinions of others we must be willing to defend their right to them. Because we also agree with Dr. Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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