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Fact or Fiction


									             Fact or Fiction
• This material can be presented as
  information or as an elimination quiz
• It is aimed at promoting the current
  guidelines for back care e.g.
  – Rest is not a treatment for back pain
  – Maintaining activity helps recovery
  – How you feel will affect how your recovery
              Fact or Fiction
• I have back pain I will get worse and may
  ultimately have to have an operation !

•Most adults (60-80%) experience back pain at
 some time and it frequently reoccurs, but
acute attacks are usually brief and self limiting.
             Fact or Fiction
• The work I do is the main cause of my bad
• Physical demands of work (lifting and
handling, bending twisting and whole body
vibration) are a risk fact in the onset of back
pain BUT overall the non work, individual and
unidentified factors are more important.
            Fact or Fiction
• The way I feel about my bad back will
  determine how likely it is to get worse !


• If you think of yourself as a victim of the
work you do you are more likely to get worse.
Being positive about getting back to normal
helps you to recover.
             Fact or Fiction
• If I have a bad back I have to wait for the
  doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths,
  chiropractors etc to sort it out for me !

  • You have the biggest role to play in
  getting better - keep active and keep
             Fact or Fiction
• A lumbar belt will prevent me getting a bad
  back, after all they work for weight lifters


• Lumbar belts or supports do not reduce work
  related low back pain and sickness absence
              Fact or Fiction
 • I should not return to work until the back
   pain has completely gone.

• Continuing ordinary activities as normally as
possible leads to less reoccurrence and will give
the same or faster recovery from the immediate
symptoms. - In some cases temporary changes to
the job will be needed to allow this to happen
              Fact or Fiction
• X Rays and scans will not always show up
  the causes of back pain.


• In patients with non specific low back pain X
ray and MRI findings do not match well with
symptoms or work capacity
                Fact or Fiction
  • If I hurt my back I should go to bed and
    rest until I feel better ( I should rest and let
    pain be my guide!)

• Prolonged resting weakens the muscles which
support the back and can hinder recovery. Bed rest
for 2-7 days is worse than no treatment or ordinary
activity and is not as effective as other treatments
             Fact or Fiction
• Going for manipulation (for example
  Physiotherapist Chiropractor or Osteopath)
  can make things worse.
• The risks of manipulation are very low in
skilled hands and within 6 weeks of the onset
can give short term improvement in pain and
activity levels
              Fact or Fiction
  • I should not return to work until the pain
    has completely gone. In effect the longer I
    am away from the cause the better.


• The longer someone is off the lower the chances
of them ever returning to an active life. After 4-
12 weeks there is a 10-40% risk of them being off
after 1 year. After 1-2 years it unlikely that the
person will ever return to work.
              Fact or Fiction
• If it hurts don’t do it !


• Activity is helpful and sometimes will give
some pain. Think how stiff your back is after a
two hour drive - What is it like after a week in
bed ?
              Fact or Fiction
• A simple bruise could cripple you for life

• Non specific back pain is in effect bruising
around your spine. If you rest too long and
avoid activity in case it causes more damage
your back will get weaker and become more
likely to get hurt which causes you to rest more
etc etc.
             Fact or Fiction
• If I have a bad back I need a really firm bed


• The bed should be firm but should give
support. A bed which is too hard will cause as
much a problem as one which is too soft.

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