2007 Top 10 Telemarketing Scams

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2007 Top 10 Telemarketing Scams

                                                                         % of         Average
Scam                                                                     complaints   Loss

  1. Fake Check Scams                                                          58%     $3854.78
     Consumers paid with phony checks for work or items sold,
     instructed to wire money back. These have been the #1
     Telemarketing Scam reported two years running.

  2. Prizes/Sweepstakes                                                        14%    $6,601.40
     Requests for payment to claim prizes that never materialize.

  3. Advance Fee Loans                                                          5%     $1583.02
     False promises of business or personal loans, even if credit is
     bad, for a fee upfront.

  4. Lotteries/Lottery Clubs                                                    3%    $8,417.61
     Requests for payment to claim lottery winnings or get help to
     win, often foreign lotteries.

  5. Phishing                                                                   2%         $149
     Calls pretending to be from a well-known source, asking to
     confirm personal information.

  6. Magazine Sales                                                            1.5%     $118.79
     Con artists misrepresent cost of subscriptions or pretend to be
     the publisher offering renewals.

  7. Credit Card Offers                                                        1.5%     $292.58
     False promises of credit cards, for a fee, even if credit is bad.

  8. Scholarships/Grants                                                       1.4%     $532.28
     Scammers falsely promise to help get scholarships or
     government educational grants, for a fee.

  9. Buyers Clubs (not travel or lottery)                                       1%       $99.35
     Charges for memberships in discount buying clubs consumers
     never agreed to join. This is the first time Buyers Clubs have
     appeared in the top ten telemarketing list since 2004.

  10. Nigerian Money Offers                                                     1%    $1,687.50
      False promises of riches if consumers pay upfront to transfer
      money to their bank accounts. This once popular scam has not
      made an appearance in our top ten Telemarketing list since