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									                                                             Letter of Intent
                                                          HST PhD Candidates

    Check One
     Letter of Intent 1 (LOI-1), due before Year 3                             Letter of Intent 2 (LOI-2), due before Year 4
    ** Note, if you are making progress more quickly than the suggested guidelines, you may submit LOI-2, before your 3rd year,
    in lieu of LOI-1. Similarly, if you defend and submit a thesis proposal before your 4th year, you do not need to submit LOI-2.

    Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
    PhD Program (MEMP or SHBT): _____________________________________________________
    Signature/Date: ___________________________________________________________________
    My signature above indicates that I understand the eligibility requirements for thesis committee chair, and at
    least one of my proposed thesis readers meets those requirements (LOI-2 only)

    Research Supervisor: _______________________________________________________________________
    Supervisor’s area of expertise: _______________________________________________________________
    Supervisor’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________________
    Research involves human subjects:       Yes    No    If yes, project requires IRB approval from MIT.
    Research involves vertebrate animals:  Yes     No    If yes, project requires IACUC approval from MIT.
    Other institutions involved: ___________________________________________________________________
                                         If you answered yes to either of the above questions, list any other institutions whose IRB or IACUC approval is required.

    General area of thesis research (max. 100 words):

                -------------------------------------------------(Required for LOI-2, only)------------------------------------------
Tentative Thesis Reader: ______________________________                           Tentative Thesis Reader: _____________________________
Reader’s area of expertise: _____________________________                         Reader’s area of expertise: ___________________________
                          _______________________________                                                          _______________________________
Reader’s signature: ___________________________________                           Reader’s signature: _________________________________

                                                LOI and Thesis Committee policies on page 2

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