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The Sustainable Business Unit at              UQ BUSINESS SCHOOL                             AREAS OF FOCUS
UQ Business School is a leading
group of experts that complete                UQ Business School is currently the            UQ Business School’s research,
commercially focused research                 leader in Sustainable Business research        teaching, and commercial activities
and consultancy projects for                  and teaching in Australia. Achievements        in this area have focused on helping
partner organisations. The                    to date include:                               organisations’ and managers’ lead
Sustainable Business Unit is part                                                            strategic approaches to innovation and
of the commercial activities of UQ               C
                                              •	 	 reation	of	Australia’s	first	executive	   value creation in existing and untapped
Business School.                                 program in Corporate Sustainability.        markets to generate shareholder value
                                                                                             in a Sustainable Business environment.
The Sustainable Business Unit works              C
                                              •	 	 reation	of	a	Master	of	Business	
with a select group of corporate and             (Business Sustainability).                  The key areas of expertise of staff in the
industry partners from a diverse range                                                       Unit include:
of industries. Each partner agrees with          N
                                              •	 	 umerous	commercial	research	and	
the Unit a range of activities that are          executive education partnerships in
                                                                                             •	 	 ustainable	Business	Strategy
completed as part of the partnership             Sustainable Business.
arrangement. Common activities                                                                  O
                                                                                             •	 	 rganisational	Culture	and	
                                              •	 	 stablishment	of	a	Professorial	
include:                                                                                        Sustainable Business
                                                 Chair in Business Sustainability and
                                                 Strategy.                                      L
                                                                                             •	 	 eadership	Coaching	and	Corporate	
•	 	 evelopment	and	implementation	
   of incremental and transformational                                                          Social Responsibility
                                              •	 	 stablishment	of	a	Sustainable	
   change strategies for sustainability          Business Unit and doctoral research         •	 Triple	Bottom	Line	Accounting
                                                 in the area.
•	 	 ractical	responses	and	change	
                                                                                             •	 Finance	and	Sustainable	Business
   strategies for acting on climate
   change                                     The School has developed a distinct            •	 Innovation	and	Entrepreneurship
                                              national and international reputation in
•	 	 nowledge,	tools,	and	practices	in	the	   research and teaching in the area of
   area of corporate sustainability           Business Sustainability, building on staff     The Unit is also able to access the
                                              research and expertise developed over          knowledge of other experts within the
•	 	 evelopment	and	implementation	                                                          University of Queensland including
                                              the past 12 years.
   of tools for mapping corporate                                                            engineering, mining, agriculture,
   sustainability and sustainability-                                                        economics, biology, energy, and bio
   oriented culture change                                                                   fuels.
•	 	 nderstanding	and	evaluating	
   organisations’ current sustainability

•	 Carbon	Auditing	and	Audit	Verification

        Situational                                  Strategy &                                     Implementation
        Analysis                                     Recommendations                                Change & Control

        • Executive Climate                                                                         • Corporate Sustainability
          Change Briefings                                                                            Development Programs
                                                     • Climate Change                               • Organisational Change
        • Carbon Auditing and                          Risk Profile
          Audit Verification                                                                          Programs
                                                     • Carbon Reduction                             • Staff Awareness
        • Organisational                               Strategy                                       Programs
          Assessment                                 • Risk Mitigation &                            • Ongoing Carbon Metrics
                                                       Adaption Strategy                            • Organisational
        • Organisational Culture                                                                      Sustainability Metrics
          Assessment                                 • Culture Change Strategy
                                                                                                    • Organisational Culture
        • Industry Analysis                                                                           Metrics

                                                        Strategic Feedback

Core to our partnerships is industry analysis and research as          KEY BENEFITS TO PARTNER
a basis for strategy and change. Sustainable Business is a
developing frontier and the Sustainable Business Unit works
with partner organisations to supplement and complement their
                                                                       •	 	 egular	access	to	leading	experts	in	Business	Sustainability
in-house capacity.
                                                                       •	 	 ccess	to	a	resource	base	of	leading	researchers	and	industry	
Senior representatives from the Sustainable Business Unit meet            analysts
regularly with the partner organisation to select their areas             A
                                                                       •	 	 ccess	to	executive	programs	and	training	programs	in	
of greatest need for analysis and provide advice for strategy             Sustainable Business
and change interventions. The identified industry analysis
and research is then completed under the direction of the                 A
                                                                       •	 	 bility	to	grow	your	internal	capability	and	understanding	of	
appropriate expert from the Unit.                                         Sustainable Business as part of the partnership arrangement

Our staff have worked with, or presented to, Senior Executive teams and Boards of the following organisations:

  • Laing O'Rourke                             • Blue Care                                   • Sustainable Industries Awards

  • ARUP Sustainability                        • ABI Group                                   • Minerals Institute of Australia

  • Babcock & Brown                            • Energex
                                                                                             • Environmental Management
  • Queensland Rail                            • Master Builders Association                   Association of Australia and
                                                                                               New Zealand
  • Connell Wagner                             • Q400
Professor Andrew Griffiths                             Dr. Polly Parker                                    UQ BUSINESS SCHOOL
(Chair in Business Sustainability
and Strategy)
                                                       Polly is the Director of the MBA and                COMMERCIAL
                                                       postgraduate programs and a senior lecturer
Andrew Griffiths is a Professor at UQ Business         in the UQ Business School, Brisbane. Her            UQ Business School Commercial is a
School. He is one of Australia’s leading experts       expertise is in the area of Career Management,      commercial research and consultancy
in Sustainable Business Strategy. His areas of         Executive Coaching and Leadership                   company providing industry and
research include: the impact of climate change         Development and she has recently linked this        government with easy access to experts
on business strategy; management of corporate          work with corporate social responsibility. Her      in the areas of:
sustainability change and strategic issues             career management work is at the forefront
relating to the pursuit of corporate sustainability.   of research and practice internationally and           S
                                                                                                           •	 	 ustainable	Business/Climate	Change
Andrew is a recipient of the UQ Foundation             is complemented by strong links with the
Research Excellence Award and the UQ                   business community. Polly also has a keen              M
                                                                                                           •	 	 arketing,	Advertising,	Branding	&	
Business School Research Excellence Award.             interest in Executive Coaching and Team                Service Quality
He has published three books, The Sustainable          Development and corporate social responsibility
                                                                                                           •	 	 eadership	Management,	HR	&	
Corporation (1998), Sustainability (2000)              as a means to develop leadership skills.
and Organisational Change for Sustainability
(2007). Andrew has worked with a range of              Dr. Darren Lee                                         O
                                                                                                           •	 	 perations,	Supply	Chian	&	Project	
organisations in the public and private sectors                                                               Management
                                                       Darren Lee is a Finance lecturer at UQ
in the areas of strategic approaches to climate
                                                       Business School with expertise in the fields           M
                                                                                                           •	 	 anagement	Information	Systems
change and the implementation of corporate
                                                       of finance and sustainable business and
sustainability.                                                                                               S
                                                                                                           •	 	 trategy,	Innovation,	Entrepreneurship	
                                                       investment practices. He is able to combine
                                                       and synthesise both the academic and                   &	International	Business
Alexander Stathakis                                    practical applications of finance across many
(Project Manager)                                                                                             F
                                                                                                           •	 	 inance	&	Accounting
                                                       areas including: socially responsible investing
Alexander is a project manager with the                (SRI), corporate sustainability, environmental,
Sustainable Business Unit. His areas of                social and governance (ESG) / sustainability
                                                                                                           UQ Business School Commercial was
specialisation include corporate sustainability        implementation, financial management, funds
                                                                                                           established in conjunction with UniQuest
and strategic management. In addition to               management and behavioural finance. Prior to
                                                                                                           Pty Ltd, the University of Queensland’s
his German degree in International Business            working in academia, Darren worked in industry
                                                                                                           main commercialisation company. UQ
Administration, Alexander holds a Master of            in the areas of treasury, financial planning,
                                                                                                           Business School is one of the leading
Business and a Master of Technology and                and funds management. Darren was a United
                                                                                                           Business Schools in Australasia and
Innovation Management from UQ, and is a                Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative
                                                                                                           UniQuest is recognised as being in the
graduate member of the AICD. Prior to joining          panel member looking at the integration and
                                                                                                           top 10% of university commercialisation
the Sustainable Business Unit, Alexander had           performance of ESG to firm and portfolio
                                                                                                           operations in the world.
tenures in leading European organisations and          performance. He is uniquely placed to assist
held consulting positions in Brisbane, delivering      organisations with the Principles of Responsible    The combination of the two brings
advice on business planning and strategy in-           Investment.                                         together the expert knowledge and
house and onsite for clients.                                                                              independence of a Business School with
                                                       Dr. Lance Newey                                     the relevance and responsiveness of
Dr. Lucas Skoufa                                       Lance Newey is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship       a commercial organisation – making it
Lucas Skoufa is a lecturer in Strategic                and Innovation at UQ Business School.               easy for clients to access the intellectual
Management at UQ Business School. Originally           His research focuses on business models             capital required to get the job done.
from an engineering background, Lucas has              for sustainable financial performance, with
historically worked in the electricity industry        a particular focus on how firms manage
as both a business manager and engineer.               the tensions between short and long term
His key focus is the strategic behaviours of           performance objectives. Lance is currently
privatised/reformed electricity companies and          looking at the problems of short-termism,           For more information contact
what strategies are useful for electricity firms as    including the human cost to organizations
they face increasing competition in restructured       of talent exodus and executive burnout and
electricity supply industries. His current             how more sustainable financial and human            Alexander Stathakis
research looks at carbon trading schemes as            outcomes can be achieved.                           Project Manager -
they relate to the electricity sector and how                                                              Sustainable Business Unit
these firms can still be strategically competitive     Martina K. Linnenluecke                   
in light of regulatory uncertainties.
                                                       Martina Linnenluecke is a doctoral candidate        Ph +61 7 3365 1619
                                                       at UQ Business School. Her research explores
Associate Professor                                    organizational strategic adaptation and
Kathy Herbohn                                          resilience to global climate change, specifically
Kathy Herbohn is part of the accounting                to the expected increase in the number              Rob Douglas
cluster at UQ Business School. Her key                 and severity of extreme weather events.             Director
focus is full cost environmental accounting            Martina is recipient of the Carolyn Dexter          UQ Business School Commercial
and financial and non-financial environmental          Best International Paper Award (Academy of
                                                       Management, 2008) for her research paper  
performance reporting. She has written                                                                     Phone +61 7 3365 8295
reports on the feasibility and outcomes from           entitled “Organizational Adaptation and
                                                       Resilience to Extreme Weather Events” (with         Mobile 0437 834 195
attempts to implement Triple Bottom Line
(TBL) or sustainability reporting, the feasibility     Andrew Griffiths and Monika Winn). Martina is
of accounting and reporting systems that               also the recipient of a University of Queensland
incorporate financial and non-financial data,          International Research Award and of a
the Dissemination of TBL reporting in the              Smart State Ph.D. Research Grant from the
Queensland State Government: Systemic                  Queensland State Government, Department of
change or greenwash?, and Sustainable small-           the Premier and Cabinet.
scale forestry.

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