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					To be alone is a derivative or a source of loneliness. Genesis2:18 Loneliness leads to a relationship being created. Genesis 3:23-25 The bond that creates or brings together two people is love.(God is love)1John4:16 Any relationship causes two parties to become like one individual who are sharing one self. Love brings about protection; and there is no protection without security. Security is always concerned about any step that is being taken and any move that is being made by individual who is being loved. Then because of love, the whole of a concern is always resting on one self. But a self can possibly replicate, When it replicates, a concern is no more resting on one self, but on two selves. And the two cannot always be at the same place at the same time; and during the period of separation, the concern or worry doubles as to what is happening another one who is away. One concern for this self and the other for another self that is away. The more the distance, is the more concern/worry. The more hours is the more…

It does not make any difference what kind of relationship; whether it is hus-parent and wif-parent or parent or child relationship. But in all the cases, a distance apart causes a concern/worry, And if the concern is not addressed, it gives birth to a problem, a problem to crisis and a crisis would give birth to a life that is full of cries…

Child- You should be completely transparent to your parents. You should not consider your concerns first before your parents’. It is always improper for you to be concerned/worried alone, But you should share your worries or concerns with your parents, Be transparent. Don’t pretend to be fine when you are actually not. Don’t pretend to be able when you are not sure. Don’t be the owner of your life, but share your life with your parents as you would like to share it with your parents when you are sick regardless of how you got sick. Don’t be selfish of your feelings and thoughts, your views and suggestions. Share it even if it is the feeling for a boy or girl. Be transparent enough!


If you are not; Let it be imprinted in your mind that; A single dot/spot of your opacity or of you being opaque can easily be detected. And when it has been detected, it is as good as a puncture wound; the wound that causes internal bleeding. Imagine a damage you are making to your parents by just one spot of opacity or of anything that you hide concerning your life. When the dot of opacity doubles, the wound widens from worse to worst. When the wound gets worse the movement gets limited. Take a good notice when s/he agrees with you in everything without any questioning. When she nods to every step and move you make, then you must remember that your opacity has had him or her admitted to hospital into a high care unit where she can’t spit even a single word out of her mouth because of groaning from wound pain that never ends; the wounds that bleeds from within. (Ask yourself about what causes heart attack and stroke) (Not all the murderers have blood in their hands, but some have their victims bleeding from within.)

Do not go out and tell the people that your parents are understanding because they are groaning from within. The severity of your opacity ( so many dots covering your life in such a way that you no more understood) eventually causes you to disappear into the deep of darkness where your parent cannot see you anymore. Your presence and your financial support is not good enough when you have secretes or when you are opaque. Transparency solves the problems. When there is transparency, the concern is no more based on what is happening wherever you are, but it is based only on protection for you.

All married couples- you should be transparent to your partner. Do not act/pretend your character. Be what you really are. Your mouth should be able to;voluntarily, freely, and lovely deliver a report or play-back of what has been happening away (including your weaknesses and strengths). so that some


Transparency brings about strong relationship and hope. It is food for mind to operate freely.
intervention can be taken before you are blown away or overcome by such weakness. Don’t pretend to be okay when there is actually something wrong with you. Provide answers only to asked questions. When a question has been asked in a high tone, avoid to answer that high pitch voice or tone, but listen to a question or a concern and respond accordingly. (Do not answer a question with another questions.) Lay your feelings, thoughts and opinions on the table. Be naked of your past that concerns your relationship may be even before you get in to relationship. Laying the whole of your background and past on table will aid in building a sure and unshakable foundation of your marriage. Floods will come , but with this foundation you will surely remain standing when the floods and storms are over. Because unveiled past that concerns or may concern the now and or future of your relationship is like a crack in a beautiful relationship. Live the life of transparency so that your “yes” will be believed exactly as “yes” without being scrutinized and your “no” accordingly. With life of transparency I know who kissed you with or without your will. With transparency no rumours or suspicions will make us quarrel. Even though I have not been to your working environment or atmosphere, I know how you are doing when you are there. I know the people I didn’t know. I know when someone is tempting you to a relationship and you are failing to refrain, which helps me intervene before you are destroyed. But if I hear that by hearsay, It will sound like cheating to me. Be transparent to your partner, but be opaque to the people outside. Be transparent enough ,but do not forget your place in a relationship. Don’t forget your role. Don’t forget your gender. To be successful in your transparency; you should first verbalize your transparency to your Creator because “If we are faithless, he remains faithful- for he cannot deny himself. 2Timothy2:13. You may be denied by everyone, but God won’t deny you.

One black spot of opacity is the beginning of despair.


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Description: Darkness brings about despair, but when the light prevails, the hope is resumed. Secrets are like darkness to people to whom they are revealed, and hence pivate sickness. Secret is a huge crack upon the foundation of any relationship.