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Statistics seminar series Modelling Correlated Zero-Inflated Count


Statistics seminar series Modelling Correlated Zero-Inflated Count ...

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									                       Statistics seminar series
                           University of New South Wales
                                   Session 1, 2006

                                   Alan Welsh
                    Centre for Mathematics and its Applications
                        The Australian National University
                (based on work by Melissa Dobbie and A. H. Welsh)

  Modelling Correlated Zero-Inflated Count Data

We will review the work carried out with Melissa Dobbie on constructing marginal
models for count data with extra zeros which take into account correlation between
repeated observations. The models are fitted by generalized estimating equations
(GEE) using available software and will be demonstrated on data from the Canberra
Garden Bird Survey. Time permitting, we will discuss more recent work on random
effects models for count data with extra zeros.

About the speaker: Alan Welsh is the E. J. Hannan Professor of Statistics at
ANU. He is a prolific and high impact researcher, having published over 70 papers
in international statistics journals, and over 30 in top tier statistics journals. His
research interests are primarily in statistical inference, statistical modelling, robust-
ness and nonparametric methods.

                       Time: 4pm, Wednesday, 3rd May
                       Location: Room 4082, Red Centre
Please join us after the seminar for wine and cheese in the staffroom.

                        Seminar co-ordinator: David Warton

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