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					 UAC News
 August 1998                                        For the careers adviser                                      Volume 4 Issue 3

State-wide uni course                                                                                                  inside...
search now online                                                                                    Amendments to
                                                                                                     UAC 1999 Guide,
                                                                                                     university updates and

A    new website, UAC Online, which
     allows students to search for and find
university courses in NSW and the ACT by
                                                “In the near future we are hoping to develop
                                                an electronic application form which stu-
                                                dents will be able to use to lodge a universi-
                                                                                                     scholarship news ...........pages 2–3

                                                                                                     Frequently asked
area of study was launched at the end of        ty application via the web.”                         questions and 4
August 1998 by the Universities Admissions                                                               Category B courses
Centre (UAC).                                   Offering a comprehensive information                 n

                                                source for anyone interested in university           n   General Studies and Applied Studies
UAC is the central body which receives and      study, UAC Online also provides a general            n   Supplementary Form A
processes applications for admission to most    guide to the types of financial assistance           n   PIN letters
undergraduate degree, diploma, advanced         available for tertiary students and the
diploma and associate diploma courses at        approximate costs involved in studying at
NSW and ACT universities.                       university which potential students must           UAI Enquiry Centre
UAC Online, located at,
offers students access to course descriptions   For those who want information about a par-        F ollowing the success of last year’s TER
                                                                                                     Enquiry Centre, UAC will offer 1998
                                                                                                   NSW HSC students a UAI Enquiry Centre.
for over 1000 undergraduate courses at the      ticular university and the facilities it offers,
universities in NSW and the ACT. Each           there are links to each NSW and ACT uni-           The telephone enquiry centre, designed to
description contains information about the      versity homepage from the UAC site.                handle students’ queries about the UAI,
length of the course, its attendance pattern,                                                      is planned to run for approximately two
(whether it is offered full-time, part-time,    Information about how to apply to universi-
                                                ty, key dates and the processes involved in        weeks after the release of the Universities
externally, etc), possible career opportuni-                                                       Admission Indexes (UAIs) on 3 January 1999.
ties, course prerequisites and major studies    selection make up a large portion of the site.
offered within the course.                      For those who wish to apply interstate, there      UAC will also be providing students and
                                                are links to each state’s tertiary admissions      schools with a booklet explaining the UAI
UAC Director, Andrew Stanton, said “The         centre. Visitors can also learn about the vari-    (similar to the Now you have your TER...
new website will make it interesting and        ous publications UAC produces.                     booklet provided last year).
easy for students to search for courses in
their particular area of interest and access    Check out UAC Online from the end                  The UAI booklet and details about the UAI
important information about how to apply        of August 1998 at                   Enquiry Centre will be mailed directly to stu-
to university.”                                                                                    dents and schools at the end of the year.

   EAS               Educational Access Scheme applications
U    AC would like to thank careers advisers
     and schools for their positive feedback
and comments about the Educational Access
                                                If students leave lodging their EAS applica-
                                                tion until after 30 September they will have
                                                                                                   Students should also not send original docu-
                                                                                                   ments with their EAS application as UAC
                                                                                                   does not return documents.
Schemes (EAS) Booklet. UAC is happy to          n    check whether or not each university
receive suggested changes for next year’s                                                          A complete list of who can verify documents
                                                     accepts late EAS applications, and if so,     and instructions about how they should veri-
booklet. Schools should write to UAC with            the closing date
comments and suggestions by Friday                                                                 fy them are provided on page 8 of the EAS
16 October 1998.                                n    lodge a separate EAS application form         Booklet.
                                                     with a separate set of correctly verified
                                                                                                   Note: Principals of Australian secondary
On-time EAS applications close                       documents to each university.
30 September 1998                                                                                  colleges, high schools and primary schools
                                                Correctly verified documents                       are authorised to verify documents. Teachers
Don’t forget to remind students that on-time                                                       and careers advisers cannot verify docu-
EAS applications with UAC close on 30           It is very important that students submit cor-
                                                rectly verified documents with their EAS           ments on behalf of the principal.
September 1998, especially if they plan to                                                         The principal’s name, contact details and
apply to more than one university scheme.       application. Universities will not process
                                                documents that are just photocopies or docu-       signature must appear on the documents
Students lodging on-time EAS applications       ments which have not been correctly verified       with the official stamp or seal of the
only submit one application form with one       (eg. verified by a Justice of the Peace).          school/college.
set of correctly verified documents to UAC.
 page 2                                                                                        UAC News -             Volume 4 Issue 3

                                 Amendments to UAC 1999 Guide,
                                                                         For further information about the B Software Engineering, contact the
 Change to course codes                                                  Faculty on (02) 6249 2809, email, or visit
                                                                         the web site
ANU Institute of the Arts – Cross Institution Courses
The University of Canberra course codes listed on page 99 of the UAC     University of New South Wales
1999 Guide for Education courses in which students may undertake a
Music major at the Canberra School of Music, are incorrect.              The following courses are subject to University Council approval:
                                                                         B Art Theory/M Art Administration (UAC code 421003) – This new
The correct codes are:
                                                                         fast track degree can be completed in four years and combines studies
363040      B Education in Early Childhood Education                     of the arts with the specialisation of the Master of Art Administration
363050      B Education in Primary Education                             to provide for a career in the arts administration, museums and cultur-
363250      B Education in Secondary Education: Music                    al industries. Students enrol in the B Art Theory and may apply to
ANU and the University of Canberra apologise for any inconvenience       transfer to the fast track degree at the end of year two. For further
caused by this incorrect information.                                    details please contact the College of Fine Arts, telephone (02) 9385
                                                                         0684, fax (02) 9385 0706.
 Cancelled course                                                        B Medical Science – This new three year degree will qualify students
                                                                         for careers in biomedical research and provide an appropriate first
University of Sydney                                                     degree for students planning to enter graduate medical or paramedical
B Education (Secondary Education) (Technological and Applied             programs. Prospective students must apply direct to the University.
Studies) (UAC code 511604) has been cancelled and will not be            The closing date is 15 January 1999. For further details please contact
offered in 1999.                                                         the Undergraduate Admissions Office, telephone (02) 9385 3156,
                                                                         fax (02) 9662 4241, or the Student Recruitment Office, telephone
 Changes to contact details                                              (02) 9385 1844.

The telephone and fax numbers in the UAC 1999 Guide (page 127)           B Commerce/B Science (UAC code 424000) – This new combined
for Southern Cross University's Coffs Harbour campus are incorrect.      degree will require four years of full time study. Students can under-
They are actually the numbers for SCU’s Port Macquarie campus.           take parallel studies in a range of major streams from both commerce
                                                                         and science. For further information please contact the Undergraduate
The correct details are as follows:                                      Admissions Office, telephone (02) 9385 3156,
Southern Cross University                                                fax (02) 9662 4241, or the Student Recruitment Office, telephone
Coffs Harbour Education Campus                                           (02) 9385 1844..
Hogbin Drive, Coffs Harbour NSW 2457
                                                                         B Engineering (Telecommunications Engineering) – Prospective
Tel: (02) 6659 3000    Fax: (02) 6659 3051                               students must apply direct to the University. The closing date is
                                                                         15 January 1999. For further details please contact the Undergraduate
 New courses in 1999                                                     Admissions Office on telephone (02) 9385 3156, fax (02) 9662 4241,
                                                                         or the Student Recruitment Office, telephone (02) 9385 1844.
Australian National University
B Software Engineering                                                    Other important information...
The ANU is introducing a four year B Software Engineering from
1999. This course emphasises the development of professional skills      ANU Distinguished Scholars
in the analysis, design and construction techniques for large scale      The ANU Distinguished Scholars Program, which has successfully
software systems and applications. The four year structure permits in-   operated in the Faculty of Science for a number of years, will also be
depth knowledge of the core elements of Software Engineering as          offered in the Faculties of Asian Studies, Arts and Engineering and
well as a major line of study in a discipline of choice. The course      Information Technology from 1999. The Scheme offers outstanding
offers opportunities for advanced course and project work in leading     students the opportunity to develop, in consultation with an academic
edge technologies.                                                       mentor, a ‘customised’ program of study which will enable them to
Prerequisites: Completion of an Advanced Mathematics Extended            achieve their potential and pursue specialised interests. Scholars are
major/minor (ACT), 3u Mathematics (NSW) or equivalent.                   selected on merit.
UAI: It is expected that the UAI cut-off will be the same as that for    For more information and an application form contact the Admissions
the B Engineering.                                                       Office on 02 6249 3046/5594 or email
1999 Admission: Applicants who are offered a place in
B Information Technology (Software Engineering) (UAC Code                University of New South Wales
136053) and who meet the above prerequisite and UAI entry require-       B Science (Food Science and Technology) (UAC code 429020) –
ments, may enrol in the B Software Engineering course in 1999.           This course has been restructured for 1999, now offering a 4 year
Students who do not meet these requirements may be able to transfer      program with a strong commercial and industry focus. Food Science
to the four year program after a satisfactory year of study.
                                                                         can also be studied within the B Science (UAC code 429000). For
The three year B Information Technology will still be offered in 1999    further details please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office on
in both the Software Engineering and Information Systems specialisa-     telephone (02) 9385 3156, fax (02) 9662 4241, or the Student
tions. From 2000, the three year course will be offered without named    Recruitment Office, telephone (02) 9385 1844.
 UAC News -              Volume 4 Issue 3                                                                                           page 3

university updates & scholarship news
                                                                          Gallipoli Scholarships
                                                                          The First World War Veterans’ Association of NSW is sponsoring
                                                                          two scholarships to help finance the first year of a degree course at
Southern Cross University
                                                                          a university in NSW in 1999.
50 residential scholarships will be available in 1999 at Southern
Cross University. The scholarships are valued at approximately            Two applicants will be selected for 1999 on financial need (60%
$3000 each and provide for one year’s accommodation on-campus             weighting) and on academic merit (40% weighting). Applicants
at Lismore or Coffs Harbour.                                              must be:

Scholarships are offered for applicants in the areas of Human             a)   a lineal descendant of an Australian World War 1 ex-serviceman
Movement (Lismore), Nursing (Lismore), Visual Arts (Lismore),                  or ex-servicewoman
Tourism (Lismore), Hospitality and Catering Management (Coffs             b)   under 25 years of age at 1 March 1999, with expected eligibility
Harbour), Law (Lismore), Paralegal Studies (Lismore), Resource                 for full Common Youth Allowance/Austudy rates (at home, away
Science and Management (Lismore), Business Studies (Lismore and                or independent)
Coffs Harbour), Social Science (Coffs Harbour).
                                                                          c)   an Australian citizen resident in NSW or the ACT
Selection will be based on the UAI (or equivalent), previous TER
                                                                          Documented evidence of special financial need and full Austudy eli-
(or equivalent), or mature age entry merit ranking.
                                                                          gibility for 1999 should be provided, along with any Higher School
For further information, and an application form, contact Residential     Certificate results and Universities Admission Index or Tertiary
Services, Southern Cross University, PO Box 157, Lismore NSW              Entrance Rank. Applications close 26 February 1999.
2480. Telephone (02) 6620 3935.
                                                                          For further information check out the website:
                                                                 or telephone tollfree 1800 999 603 or
University of New England                                                 contact Mr WHS (Bill) Hall OAM BEM on (02) 4341 5073 or
DEETYA scholarships                                                       Major General Arthur Fittcock AO on 0411 525 009.
The University of New England (UNE) will designate DEETYA
HECS-exemption undergraduate equity scholarships to new UNE stu-          The SpineCare Foundation
dents in 1999 who are from ATSI and/or rural and isolated back-           Grant to support students who are wheelchair users
ground and mature age external students.
                                                                          The SpineCare Foundation is pleased to announce a grant to support
In 1998, the recipients received HECS exemption for their studies for     two scholarships in 1999 for students who are wheelchair users
that year. The Scheme is being reviewed by DEETYA so there may            undertaking university study in NSW. The Scholarships are provided
be changes for 1999 in the benefits provided by the scholarships.         by the Cecilia Kilkeary Foundation and administered by SpineCare
Those applying for university entrance through UAC who list UNE as        Foundation.
one of their preferences should complete the Educational Access
                                                                          The scholarships, valued at $5000 each, are available to 1998 Year 12
Schemes (EAS) application and provide the relevant documentation.
                                                                          students or students already enrolled in an undergraduate degree. The
Depending on the decisions made by DEETYA, the University
                                                                          scholarships are for one year only, subject to review. Awarding of a
intends to allocate the scholarships by 5 January 1999.
                                                                          grant will depend upon acceptance into a university course.
For further information contact the Student Access and Equity
                                                                          Applicants will be asked to indicate how they would plan to use the
Officer, UNE, telephone (02) 6773 3102.
                                                                          funds to support their tertiary education at any university in NSW.
Other scholarships                                                        Application forms and further information may be obtained by con-
                                                                          tacting Sue Mulhearn, Social Worker, SpineCare Foundation,
Other scholarships that the university offers include:                    PO Box 3003, Putney, NSW 2112. Closing date is 30 January 1999.
n    the Faculty/College Scholarships which are $5500 for one year
     subject to continued satisfactory achievement. The closing date is
     27 November and there are up to 28 scholarships on offer.
n    the Arts Faculty has 2 one year scholarships to the value of          Change to scholarship information
     $2500. The closing date is 27 November.
                                                                           University of Newcastle
n    the Science Faculty has one scholarship for $5800 annually for the
     duration of the degree. The closing date is 27 November 1998.         Paragraph three of Newcastle’s scholarship entry on page 173 of
                                                                           the UAC 1999 Guide should read:
Scholarship application forms are available from the Admissions
Unit, UNE, Armidale NSW 2351. Telephone (02) 6773 3566.                    Most scholarships which require application have a closing date
                                                                           of 30 November 1998 except for the UNISS Engineering
                                                                           Scholarship which closes on 30 October 1998. Application forms
                                                                           for scholarships for first year students are available from August
                                                                           and details of these scholarships are published in a brochure sent
                                                                           to school and TAFE careers advisers. Application forms can be
                                                                           printed directly from the web:
 page 4                                                                                          UAC News -               Volume 4 Issue 3

Frequently asked questions and answers!
Do Category B courses affect UAI eligibility?                              Supplementary Form A
No, the number of Category B courses a student studies does not have       Not all year 12 students need to complete a Supplementary Form A.
any bearing on whether or not a student is eligible to receive a UAI.      To clarify some of the queries UAC has received about whether or
                                                                           not students need to lodge a Supplementary Form A in addition to
If a student is eligible for a UAI (see below) and is studying more        applying to university via the UAC InfoLine, here are some frequent-
than two units of Category B courses, the number of units available        ly asked questions and their answers:
for inclusion in the calculation of the UAI may be reduced because
only two units of Category B courses can be included.                      Q1 If a student is applying for educational access schemes (for
                                                                              example Broadway, inpUTS or ACCESS etc) does s/he need
How is a student eligible for a UAI?                                          to complete a Supplementary Form A?
You can check whether an HSC student is eligible for a UAI by ask-             No. Students applying for educational access schemes (EAS) no
ing the following three questions. If the answer is yes to all three           longer need to lodge a Supplementary Form A. Instead they must
questions, the student is eligible for a UAI. If not, the student is not       lodge an EAS application to UAC by 30 September 1998.
eligible to receive a UAI.                                                     (Also read article on page 1 of this newsletter: Educational
                                                                               Access Scheme applications)
Q1 Does the student have 10 or more Board Developed units?
    The 10 or more Board Developed units can be accumulated over           Q2 If a student has undertaken previous year 12 studies, does
    a 5 year rolling period. It doesn’t matter that the student may be        s/he have to complete a Supplementary Form A?
    doing some units which are not Board Developed, as long as s/he            Yes. Students need to supply UAC with details of all previous
    has at least 10 units which are Board Developed.                           year 12 studies using the Supplementary Form A.
Q2 Will the student satisfactorily complete English or has the             Q3 Do 1998 Year 12 students need to complete question 5
   student satisfactorily completed English within the past                   (NSW Limited UAI/TER) on the Supplementary Form A?
   5 years?
                                                                               Only if they have previously received a Limited UAI/TER or are
                                                                               eligible to receive a Limited UAI this year. Read item 7.9 on
Q3 Will the student satisfactorily complete or has the student                 page 13 of the UAC 1999 Guide for details about who is eligible
   satisfactorily completed within the past 5 years one Board
                                                                               to receive a Limited UAI/TER. UAC has been receiving
   Developed course from Key Learning Area Group 1 and one
                                                                               Supplementary Form As from students claiming they are eligible
   course Board Developed from Key Learning Area Group 2?
                                                                               for a Limited UAI even though they do not meet the age require-
As you can see Category B units do not affect whether a student is             ments.
eligible to receive a UAI. For further information about the UAI rules
                                                                           Q4 Does a student lodge a Supplementary Form A if s/he is sit-
and the courses available for inclusion in the calculation of the UAI
                                                                              ting for a Special Tertiary Admissions Test this year?
read item 7.4 on page 11 of the UAC 1999 Guide.
                                                                               Yes. The student must tell us their STAT candidate number on
                                                                               the Supplementary Form A so that we can match their STAT
General Studies and Applied Studies                                            results to their UAC application.
The Board of Studies NSW has received a number of enquiries                Q5 Do students have to lodge their Supplementary Form A by
regarding the study of General Studies 1 Unit and Applied Studies             30 September 1998?
1 Unit for the Higher School Certificate. The following information
                                                                               Yes. To ensure that we can include all of the student’s correct
from Official Notice BOS 76/93 is provided to help clarify item 7.7
                                                                               details on his/her acknowledgement letter which is sent out in
question 6 on page 12 of the UAC 1999 Guide.
                                                                               October, the student must submit the Supplementary Form A by
Under the Pathways arrangements, General Studies 1 Unit and                    30 September.
Applied Studies 1 Unit may be studied either as a Preliminary course       For more information about who must submit a Supplementary Form
(60 hours) or an HSC course (60 hours), or may be studied in both          A, read the section entitled Supplementary Form A on page 18 of the
the Preliminary and HSC years (120 hours). In this latter case, the        UAC 1999 Guide.
120-hour course would count as part of both the Preliminary and
HSC pattern of study.
                                                                           PIN letters
When the HSC examination in General Studies or Applied Studies is          In early August UAC sent letters to the home addresses of all NSW
undertaken in the first year of the HSC program of study, the course       HSC students notifying them of their four-digit Personal
counts as part of the HSC pattern of study to be accumulated with the      Identification Number (PIN). The PIN combined with their HSC stu-
HSC units undertaken in the following year or years. Therefore the         dent number allows them to access and lodge an application via the
course cannot constitute part of the required Preliminary pattern of       UAC InfoLine.
study. At least 11 Preliminary units must also be studied and these
units must meet the Key Learning Area Group requirements of:               What if a student loses his/her PIN?
n   at least 2 units of English;                                           The student must ring UAC for instructions on (02) 9330 7200.
n   at least 1 unit from Key Learning Area Group 1
    (Science/Mathematics/Technological and Applied Studies);                UAC News is produced by:
                                                                            Universities Admissions Centre (NSW & ACT) Pty Ltd
n   at least 1 unit from Key Learning Area Group 2 (Languages Other
                                                                            Locked Bag 500, Lidcombe NSW 1825
    Than English/Human Society and Its Environment/Creative
                                                                            3 Rawson Street, Auburn
    Arts/Personal Development, Health and Physical Education).
                                                                            telephone: (02) 9330 7200  email:
It should be noted that General Studies and Applied Studies are             If there are any topics that you would like covered in the next issue
1 Unit courses and are not available for study as acceleration courses.     of the UAC News, please contact us at the above address.

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