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									                         Stand-Alone Reditus Exotic Options

                         A Versatile Design Tool for Innovative Instruments

                         Reditus is a dynamic design, pricing and trading tool for the finance industry.
                         It was developed by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency.

                         Flexibility                                             Calibration of Volatility Skew
                         Reditus is designed to be versatile and can             Users can rely on Reditus’ unique algorithm
                         be more easily used to add new option types             to transform implied volatility surfaces into
  Mathematical and
                         than any other commercially available software          instantaneous local volatility surfaces. The
Information Sciences
                         packages. Users can freely design and specify their     innovative calibration function for Heston
                         own pay-off functions. Any number of window             stochastic volatility model can be used to provide
                         barriers with rebates can be imposed. Reditus can       the input for users’ own pricing system. Reditus
                         price instruments in equity, Foreign-exchange, IR       is available as a stand-alone package or can be
                         and commodities markets. In fact, any instruments       integrated into your existing software. It is also
                         expressed through PDEs can be modelled and              available as a module in the GFI product
                         priced through Reditus. Instruments relying on          FENICS® FX.
                         nonlinear PDEs can also be modelled and solved.

                         Powerful Engine
                         Reditus relies on an unique finite element engine,
                         and this engine has it’s own script language. Reditus
FENICS® is a trademark
                         is also an excellent research tool for designing,
of GFI Group Inc. All
                         constructing, and/or fast prototyping new option
rights reserved.

                         Fast Monte-Carlo Technique
                         Reditus’ Monte-Carlo module enables users to
                         price a comprehensive list of exotic options that
                         are rarely found in a single software package.
                         For complex exotic options, users can generally
                         get the price and Greeks within a fraction of the
                         normal time needed by conventional Monte-Carlo

                                                                                    For further information or to
                                                                                    set up a FREE trial please email
                                                                                    contact your GFI representative.

                         CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences                       

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