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									                                           NEWCASTLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL

                                                                       Ref: 0728 -       30 August 2007

                                              Phone: 4929 5811/Fax:4926 2976/ Website:

Table of Contents:
From the Headmaster ........................................................................................................................ 2
From the School Chaplain................................................................................................................. 2
From the Registrar ............................................................................................................................. 2
From the Senior School..................................................................................................................... 5
From the Middle School .................................................................................................................... 8
From the Junior School..................................................................................................................... 9
From the Director of Music ............................................................................................................. 10
From the SATU ................................................................................................................................. 11
From the Speech & Drama Coordinator......................................................................................... 11
From the Head of Sport ................................................................................................................... 12
From the Visual Arts Department ................................................................................................... 16

                                                         COMING EVENTS
                  Middle / Senior Schools                                                        Junior School
    AUGUST                                                                AUGUST
    Friday 31                                                             Friday 31      10:00am Poetry Reading Performances: “Pick a Peck of
                   Year 8 Snowy Mountain Experience concludes                            Pickled Poems” - Kinder to Year 2
                                                                                         11:15am - “Pick a Peck of Pickled Poems” - Years 3 & 4

  SEPTEMBER                                                             SEPTEMBER
   Tuesday 4       AICES Athletics Championships - Homebush              Thursday 6      10:00am Rehearsal - Recovery Concert

   Thursday 6      Year 11 Preliminary Examinations conclude               Friday 7      Recovery Concert

   Tuesday 11      Year 9 (2008) Parent/Student Information Evening      Tuesday 11      CIS Primary Athletics Carnival
                   - SWPC, 7:00pm to 8:30pm
                   CIS Primary Athletics Championships - Homebush

 Wednesday 12      Years 5 - 8 Parent/Teacher Interviews 4:00pm -

   Tuesday 18      CIS Secondary Schools Athletics Championships -
                   Years 5 and 6 Excursion to Canberra commences

                                     NOTICE TO PARENTS:
                   Reminder that it is a requirement that the Programme Book
                                   must be signed each week.
   The Federal Government has launched a new NetAlert website, which offers free content filters and
   comprehensive net safety advice. Families can download free internet filters, which will help protect
     children from both inappropriate web-based images and from email and chat room predators.

Congratulations to the following students who represented the School at the HICES Middle School Music Festival which was a
three day music camp culminating in a concert at the Sydney Town Hall last evening - Samuel Hall, Jessica Carson, Angela and
Elizabeth Collins, Alena Harvey, Kathryn Bowler, Zachary Hamilton-Russell, Phoebe Macintosh-Evans. The performance was
exceptional, concluding with a combined choir of over 300 young voices who delighted the capacity audience.

Also last evening was the meeting of the Spring Fair Committee and planning is well advanced. The Spring Fair is to be held on
Saturday, 22 September at the Park Campus. All families should receive raffle tickets within the next week and I would
encourage everyone to participate in this major fundraiser. I would like to thank all those members of the School Family who
have donated prizes.

This Saturday continues the finals series for the winter competition. Commencing the day with an early start at 7:30am is the B
Grade Girls Hockey final, with the D Grade Boys’ final taking place later that day at 10:00am

Also on Saturday, I would like to wish the NGS12 Netball team all the best for their Grand Final, which will be played at the
National Park Netball Courts at 1:15pm. Coached by Mr Peter Hopson, the team consists of Grace Gore, Sophie Bonkowski,
Rebecca McCabe, Tasneem Badat, Loren Walsh, Nikala Brown, Kristie Windeyer, Kaela Affleck and Amy Probert.

A reminder to all School Families that the Swansea Bus run has been extended and is now picking up and dropping off at the
Caves Beach shops.
                                                                                                           Mr A G Green

Each year the School prepares students to receive Holy Communion. This is an important aspect of the total life of the School
and once admitted this allows students to receive communion at the School Eucharists and at other Anglican Churches in the
Diocese of Newcastle and beyond. Students who are in Year 4 or above are eligible to be prepared for admission to Holy
Communion. Preparation involves some sessions with the School Chaplain after School (usually on a Monday afternoon) in the
Cathedral. The responsibility and meaning of receiving Holy Communion is explained to the students and they have the chance
to practice this before admission. Admission usually takes place in the Cathedral on a Sunday during the 9:30am Eucharist.

Students in Years 10, 11 or 12 who would like to be confirmed are also encouraged to contact the School Chaplain and classes
can be organised to explain the significance of Confirmation. In the Anglican Church, people are usually baptised as babies and
then at a later time they confirm the promises made for them in their Baptism by their godparents. Confirmation is a significant
step of faith for young people who thereby take upon themselves the responsibilities of adult membership of the Church.

Parents or students who would like to enrol for either admission to Holy Communion or Confirmation are asked to contact the
School Chaplain (Fr Brian Douglas) and register their names. Please either ring (4908 4062) or send an email
( and register a student for classes. Fr Brian will then contact you at a later stage when classes are
being planned. Parents may also wish to ring and discuss this matter with Fr Brian.
                                                                                            The Rev’d Canon Dr Brian Douglas

                                        SPRING FAIR
                       Saturday, 22 September 2007

The Spring Fair Committee needs helpers as follows:
1.    To help set up the stalls on Friday, 21 September 2007 between 4:00pm and 6:00pm.
2.    To help run the Chocolate Wheel stall for one hour on the day between 1:00pm and 2:00pm.
3.    To help run the Bookstall on the day. Depending on the number of helpers, likely to be a
      commitment of 1 hour on the day.
4.     To help sell Raffle tickets on the day. Depending on the number of helpers likely to be a
       commitment of 1 hour on the day.
5.     To help on the Cake stall. Likely to be a commitment of one hour on the day.
6.     To help run the Garage stall. Depending on the number of helpers likely to be a commitment of
       1 hour on the day.
The Spring Fair Committee is grateful to receive donations as follows:
1.    From Year Kindergarten parents and Year 7 parents – cakes, slices etc. in the box to be
      provided. Donations from other parents most welcome. Please supply a label advising regarding
      ingredients and leave preferably at Park Campus on Friday or bring to the Fair. Any questions
      ring Christine Englund on 49295897 or Sharon McCabe on 49812360.
2.    From Year 10 parents - sweets and lollies. Please drop off the sweets and lollies at Hill Campus.
      Donations from other parents most welcome.
3.    From Year 1 parents and Year 7 parents plants of any size and description except for aloe vera.
      Please drop off if possible at Park Campus on the Friday or bring to the Fair. If you are able to
      assist with assembling bunches of natives, please ring Mrs Angela Armstrong (see below).
4.    Bottles for the bottle stall to either Campus.
5.    Any items for the Garage Sale can be dropped off at Park Campus to be stored there from a date
      to be notified in the next Newsletter or by flyer.
6.    If you wish to order Krispy Kreme donuts please remember that you can pre-order them on the
      form below and return the order to either Senior/Middle School and Park Campus Reception
7.    Prizes for the Tombola stall. Small items such as toys, hair care products, small gifts worth in
      value about $5 - $10.
- If anyone has a roll of carpet suitable to be used for the Golf putting game that could be used on the
day please let us know.
- If anyone has a portable fish-tank, they do not need please let us know.
Sadly, these items were damaged in the storm.
If you have plastic-bags at home please bring them on the day (lots of them!) to be used by the stalls
particularly the Garage Sale.
                                             Thank you
                                       Spring Fair Committee
  Any questions email to or telephone 4927 0047 or email to
                                Rob Baxter

                               Spring Fair Native Flower Stall
                 Mrs Angela Armstrong is organising bunches of natives for sale for the
                 Spring Fair. If anyone can help her assemble them on Friday night 21
                   September could you please call her on: 4944 7417 or 0403346261

                                        YEAR 8 & YEAR 10
                                 Dear Parents of Year 8 & 10,
                 We are running the Sweets and Lollies Stall at Spring Fair on:
                                  Saturday, 22 September 2007
               So that our stall is a success, we are in need of homemade sweets.
                                         Some ideas are:
                                    - Toffees (a great seller!)
                                           - Rocky road
                              - Fudge, butterscotch, peanut brittle
                                         - Marshmallows
                                   - Rum balls, chocolate balls
                                        - Turkish delight
                     - Caramel Slice/ Cherry Ripe Slice / in fact any slice!!
     Please package and label your sweets with ingredients and drop off to SWPC at Park
    Campus on Friday, 21 September at 2:30pm or bring to the stall on the morning of the
         Fair. Some ideas for packaging are cellophane bags or plastic snaplock bags.
      Also if you are able to help at the stall on the day or have any questions please call
               Dimity Megalos on 0411 279 711 or
                                     Many thanks in advance.

There will be a small quantity of doughnuts available to purchase on the day of the Spring Fair, however our stall at the Fair will
principally operate as a collection point for the doughnuts that you PRE-ORDER.

Please return the pre-order form to the Junior, Middle or Senior school offices by Wednesday, 12 September. Alternatively,
email: the due date, ensuring that you provide the same details as included in the form below.
We will be unable to accept any orders after this date, so please return your form by the due date to ensure that you do not miss

Should you have any queries regarding Krispy Kreme at the Spring Fair please contact Mrs Tracey Luker on the email address
as detailed above.

                                          KRISPY KREME AT THE SPRING FAIR
Please order _______ dozen Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts @ $14.00 per dozen for collection at the Spring Fair on Saturday
22 September 2007.

I understand that I must collect the doughnuts by 2.00pm * and that $_______ will be charged to my Term account.

 Parent / Guardian signature                                 Child’s Name

 Child’s Class                                               Contact Number

                    Any doughnuts not collected by close of the Fair will be donated to a local charity.

                                           SWANSEA BUS SERVICE CHANGE:
As of Monday, 27 August, our Swansea Bus Service will now commence and terminate at Caves Beach. The
pickup will be at the shops on Caves Beach Road at 7:25am and drop-off at approximately 4:35pm and 6:15pm.

                    The Founders’ Day 2007 is now online for viewing: (includes CCC, SATU
                        Passing Out Parade, Park Campus, and Founders’ Day Dinner)

                 Photographs from the Tam-tams, Tom-toms, Tim Tams and Timpani night are
                      now online for viewing /ordering:
                                                                                                                 Miss J Wotton


A reminder that the Year 8 Parent/Student Information Evening will be held in the Sandi Warren Performance Centre, Park
Campus, on Tuesday, 11 September (7:00pm - 8:30pm). This Information Evening has been set aside to discuss Year 9 (2008)
electives and the School Certificate (2009). Faculty Coordinators will be in attendance to discuss courses that are available to
students next year and to answer any questions that you may have about various subjects. A reminder to Newcastle Grammar
School students that this is an official School function and that School uniform is to be worn. There is an expectation that
parents and students will attend the evening.
                                                                                                                     Mr M Filby
                                                Tournament of Minds
Tournament of Minds is a problem-solving programme for teams of students from both Primary and Secondary years. The
teams of seven students are required to solve demanding, open-ended problems over a five-week period, as well as respond to
a ‘Spontaneous Problem’ on the Tournament Day.

This year our School entered a Primary and a Secondary team into the Regional Tournament Day, which was held on Saturday
25 August.

The Primary team entered the Social Science category with a solution to ‘It all adds up!’ The team members were: Phoebe
Macintosh-Evans, Alena Harvey, Afeeya Hossain, Elizabeth Collins, Kellie Middleton, Rosina Stellar, and Chantal Van
Leeuwarden. The facilitator for the Primary team was Mr Watt.

The Secondary team worked on ‘Generating Genre’ which was the Language Literature Problem. The team members were:
Angela Collins, Imogen Blackie, Tess Porges, Samantha Wardhaugh and Jonathon Hiley. The team facilitator was Ms

Whilst no scores were given out to the teams at the end of the Tournament Day, and neither of our teams won their division nor
achieved Tournament Honours, they were magnificent in their teamwork and gave entertaining presentations to the judges.

Thank you to our students and their facilitators for making this huge commitment over the past five weeks and to their parents
for assisting them to attend after-school practice sessions and attend the Tournament Day at the University of Newcastle. Thank
you also to Mrs Muddle who served on the Tournament of Minds Committee for the Hunter Region. It is wonderful to have so
many involved in providing opportunities to extend and challenge our students.

You can find more information about Tournament of Minds on the TOM website at:
                                                                        Mr Peter Sanders, Coordinator of Gifted Education

                                       The Year 12 Formal
                    Interested in helping decorate the City Hall?
            For anyone with decorating ideas and/or anyone who would like to help on the day
                           (Monday, 24 September), a meeting is to be held on:
                                     Wednesday, 5 September 2007
                       At: the Harts’ house - 1 Lemnos Parade, The Hill at 7:30pm
   If you are unable to come to the meeting but would like to help in any way, please call Judy Hart on
                             4926 2472 or email:

                     Exhilarated English Extension 2 Students in a Whirl

Clockwise from top left: Anna Braye, Liam Brown, Nicholas Ferguson, Ella Rubeli, Grace Murray, Caitlin Boulter, Sophie Boyle.

HSC English Extension Two students submitted their major works on Wednesday August 22 for assessment by the Board of

Each project is the culmination of a year’s work researching the student’s chosen form and concept in order to craft a major
work. Projects this year included short stories (6-8,000 words) as well as a play script and a short feature film. These projects
explored a range of diverse subjects such as Jane Austen’s take on modern day relationships and the conflict between the
institution of the church and sin as an inescapable part of the human condition.

Students have recorded the process of research and crafting of their major works in their journals, which are submitted together
with reflection statements, which analyse and evaluate each student’s unique creative journey.

While Year 12 students find Extension 2 projects very time consuming, they also find the completion of their creative visions
extremely rewarding.
                                                                                           Mrs B Proudfoot - English Faculty

                          Need HSC help? HSC PREP days will get you sorted!
The University of Newcastle is offering HSC students a helping hand with their studies, and the opportunity to gain new
perspectives on their subjects, through a series of workshops next month.
The HSC PREP Days give students subject-specific advice, useful study strategies, tips for subject assessments and stress
management advice.
At this time of the year, students will find the sessions provide them with an extra insight into how the HSC exams are
structured. The presenters are all experienced senior teachers and HSC markers who will focus on the exams, techniques for
maximising marks and what markers actually look for.
Sessions will be held at the Newcastle and Central Coast campuses of the University of Newcastle, and students can book
online at .
Subjects to be covered in the workshops include English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Personal Development,
Health and Physical Education, and Music. Additional sessions will be held on stress management and time management.
Sessions will be held at the following times and locations:
- Friday 7 September 2007 - Music workshops at the Conservatorium of Music, Cnr Auckland and Laman Streets, Newcastle.
Cost $33.
-   Friday 14 September 2007 - The University of Newcastle, University Drive, Callaghan. Cost $50 inlcuding lunch.

- Friday 21 September 2007 - The University of Newcastle, Central Coast campus, Chittaway Road, Ourimbah. Cost $50
including lunch
                      For further information please go to or by phoning:
                                     Sandra Gilshenan Ph: 02 4921 6330 (Callaghan)
                                       Catharina Boer Ph: 02 4348 4184 (Ourimbah)

                   Proposed SATU Ancient and Modern
                   History Tour of France and Italy 2008
 Attend Australia’s first official Dawn Service held in France –
                                 Anzac Day 2008
        Last day for payment of deposit Friday, 7 September 2007
   Please see Mrs Grace for further information and/or a Deposit Form
          DATE                                      PROPOSED TOUR ITINERARY

        14th:Mon    3:40 PM: Fly from Sydney to Rome with Singapore Airlines

                    7:10 AM: Arrive Rome Morning guided sightseeing - Colosseum. Afternoon Naples Museum
                    touring. Overnight Naples

        16th:Wed    Full day touring Pompeii. Overnight Naples

        17th:Thu    Full day touring Herculaneum. Overnight Naples

                    AM: Fly to Brussels. Coach to Leper transfer to hotel adjacent to town square. Afternoon to
                    explore this beautiful town. Evening attend Menin Gate ceremony.

                    Battlefield touring: Leper Salient including Passchendaele, Messiness, Tyne Cot, Cobber
                    Memorial, Fromelles, VC Corner, Hitler’s bunker. Overnight Arras

                    AM: Battlefield touring: Windmill, Pozieres, Thieval, Lochnagar Crater. Afternoon transfer to
                    Paris. Evening Seine River cruise. Paris by night sightseeing.

                    Full day Paris sightseeing: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs Elysee, Arc de Triumphe, Sacre
                    Coeur, Montmatre, Latin Quarter, Left Bank

        22nd:Tue    Louvre / Paris Euro Disney / Palace of Versailles

                    AM: Visit the Louvre. PM: to Peronne, visit Aust Museum, evening dinner reception with local
                    Battlefield touring: Moquet Farm, Mont St Quentin, Le Hamel. Late afternoon rehearsal for
                    battle re-enactment & march.
                    Anzac Day AM: battle re-enactment, march commemoration service, march, luncheon. Villers
                    Bretonneux town ship welcome. Afternoon at leisure in town.

                    Battlefield touring: Incl Bullecourt, Sailly Le Sec, Diggers Memorial, Villers school. Finale night
                    tour dinner.

        27th:Sun    AM: Transfer to Paris. 12:25 PM Dept Paris with Singapore Airlines
        28 :Mon     8:25 PM: Arrive Sydney
                                                                                                                   Mrs C Grace

                                           Sweeney Todd
                                     Matinee: Wednesday, 17 October 2007
                       Performances: Thursday 18, Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October 2007
                                              7:00pm for 7:30pm


Middle School Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Wednesday, 12 September in the Stewart Building. Last week a note
was sent home outlining the details and procedure. Students are requested to negotiate available time slots with their teachers.
These will then be confirmed by being written in the booking sheet in the student’s Programme Book (p38-39). Please
understand that it is essential to book times as it will not be possible to simply turn up on the night expecting to be given an

Year 5:       Thomas Barter, Nicholas Patsan, Samara Thambar, Indya Toner, Stefan Barrie, Afeeya Hossain, Anne Robertson,
Year 6:       Zachary Luker, Felicity Mullens
Year 7:       Xanthe Tusek, Sian Brown, Ashley Kerkhoff, Charlotte Chapman

Year 5:       Caitlan Baxter, Sophie Baxter, Matthew Bennett, Arthur Blunden, Katherine Bowler, Steven Cha (2), Angus Fisher
              (2), Samuel Hall, Alena Harvey, Miya Jensen, Freya Porges, Thomas Barter (2), Nicholas Patsan (3), Samara
              Thambar (3), Mitchell Palmer (2), Imogen Bilinsky, Emma Geary (2), Afeeya Hossain (2), Hamish Maher (2), Indya
              Toner, Joshua Merritt, Stefan Barrie (2), Christopher Givney, Zachary Hamilton-Russell, Jessey Nikoletatos,
              Elizabeth Collins (2), Haylee Moncrieff, Anna-Marie Proietto, Rachel McGowan, Anne Robertson, Jessica Carson,
              Tim Moore, Henry Logan, Ege Eroglu, Mitchell Cole
Year 6:       Zachary Luker, Brittaney Banks, Lara Van Buuren, Nicholas Stace, Felicity Mullens, Nathan Li, Phillipa Hart, Darcy
              Corbett, Ragnhild Austreid
Year 7:       Xanthe Tusek, Caitlin Brennan, Gwen Thomas, Gabriella Tiernan, Christopher Whare, Kathryn Hickey, Darcy
              Kilvert, Katherine Barter, Emily Forbes-Morton, Eoghan Matthew, Kate Roddick, William Cesta, Matthew Martin,
              Matthew Cole, Alasdair Barrie, Sian Brown (4), Ashley Kerkhoff (2), Charlotte Chapman (2)
Year 8:       Tristan Barrie

Year 7:       Brittany Markey (2), Clancy Byles, Kate Roddick, Matthew Cole, Angus Geraghty, Zanthe Tusek, Gabriella
              Tiernan, Reshma Roy
Year 8:       Eliza Phillips, Eloise Casinader, Anne Seah, Jonathan Waugh, Amos Noon, Huw Calford

Year 5:       Phoebe MacIntosh-Evans, Alena Harvey, Afeeya Hossain, Elizabeth Collins
Year 6:       Kellie Middleton, Rosina Steller, Chantal Van Leeuwarden, Pano Sklavos
Year 7:       Angela Collins, Imogen Blackie, Tess Porges, Samantha Wardhaugh
                                                                                                                  Mr S Stretton

                                         Spring Fair Canteen for Year 5

Spring Fair - Saturday, 22 September 2007. Once again our Year is running the Morning Tea / Lunch
Café from the Canteen.
We shall continue with the cakes, rolls, wraps and quiches, adding cold rolls, cheese plates to the list
this year. Again we ask for donations of baked goods (as listed below) and time spent preparing food
and serving all the customers.
We have kept the list short for baked items as these are the easiest to deal with and are usually popular,
especially cupcakes for the young and not so young. Please contact (with any queries) either:
                   Judy O’Callaghan 4929 6721 or Victoria Hamilton-Russell 4963 7987.

Donation of Baked Foods (please tick one or more):
Chocolate Cake or Slice          Chocolate crackles
Cup cakes (not muffins)          Fruit cake
Slice                            Gluten free Cake
Lemon or Lime Tart               Quiche

Time helping on the day (please tick):
 8:00 - 9:00am (preparation)               12:00 - 1:00pm (busy)
 9:00 - 10:00am (preparation)              1:00 - 2:00pm
10:00 - 11:00am                            2:00 - 3:00pm (clearing up)
11:00 - 12noon
                   Return this slip by Friday, 14 September to Class Patrons or
               Mrs Davis, Middle School Reception or email


Congratulations to the 10 Years Soccer Team who made it to the Finals at Cessnock on Saturday. They played in a determined
fashion against Woodbury showing some good team skills and courage when 2 goals down to come back and make the score
even. The final score was 3 - 2, a win to Woodbury. However, our players acquitted themselves well and can be proud of their
effort. Well done all!

Well done to all the following students who were presented with Bronze Awards this week:
Kinder Kate Dundas, James Lillyman, Blaine Stubbs
Year 1 Harry Bennett, Lillian Bennett, Elly Nikoletatos, Lachlan McLardy, Zane Walker, Olivia Zullo
Year 2 Hannah Everett, Victoria Gill, Cameron Utiger, Jaycob Younan
Year 3 Connor McDonald, Ryan Peters, Jack Rose, Isabella Tonks

Rehearsals continue this week for items to be presented by the students. A note has been sent home with Year 2 parents for
assistance with supper. We look forward to the Year 2 parents supporting us in this regard and are asked to contact either
Tracey Luker (4942 2754) or Kim Rae (4942 6670).

We will be doing our Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, 6 September commencing at 10:00 am. Parents or friends who may not be
able to make the evening concert are welcome to attend. The Sandi Warren Performance Centre itself will be very crowded on
the evening and we ask your forbearance in this regard. Seats are not being booked - entry is by donation.

Our School is involved with other Hunter Region Schools in a Travelling Art Exhibition. Works from around eight other schools
are on display in the corridor outside Year 2P Room. There is a wonderful selection of children's work, including some of our
own students. Parents and friends are most welcome to call in and see the work which will be on display for the next two
Courtesy to our neighbours is appreciated when parking around Park Campus. You are asked to obey normal Parking rules -
use the 5 minutes drop off zone only for the quick stop, don't park across driveways or on footpaths and do not use the Rodgers
Court area. Parents help is appreciated.

                           NEWCASTLE GRAMMAR JUNIOR SCHOOL
                                              invites you to the

               Friday, 7 September 2007 at 7:00pm
                       Sandi Warren Performance Centre
                                 Park Campus
                            Pre-school to Year 4 performances and more!!
                                    Admission: By donation
                      All proceeds to the Newcastle Disaster Relief Fund.
                                                                                                                  Miss A Baker

Congratulations to Bronte Capone who has been selected to trial for the Newcastle Girls’ Football Development Squad for the
2008 season. Bronte will be trialing for the 10 years team in September. This opportunity caps off a great season by Bronte and
the NGS Under 10 Eagle team who missed out last week in a place in the Grand Final narrowly going down to Woodberry in a 3
-2-nail bitter. Bronte gives her success to a great coach in Mr Peter Juchniewiez and a fabulous team around her.

We wish Bronte the best of luck in these trials and look forward to seeing her playing for the Matildas in the future.
                                                                                Miss C Byrnes - Junior School Sports Coordinator

Following the resounding success of the Year 2 Sleepover in 2006, plans are now well underway for this exciting
event, which will take place on Thursday, 20 September. On this day, Year 2 students will attend School as
usual, go home, shower and change and then return to School at 5:30pm for dinner and an evening of fund and
games. Plans for Friday’s activities are also being finalised and Year 2 parents will receive more detailed
information in a few weeks.
                                                                                          Miss G Richards - Director of Stage 1

                                                   Stop Press!
       HSC Music Student Recitals - Sunday, 2 September - Arts Space
    and Sunday, 9 September at 3:00pm at Sandi Warren Performance Centre
 This Sunday afternoon September 2 - HSC Music students will be presenting their performance recitals
                               to an audience of friends and family.
 Come along to the Arts Space this Sunday at 3:00pm and hear these fine young musicians perform.
           On Sunday, 9 September, the recitals will start at 3:00pm and be held at the
                               Sandi Warren Performance Centre.

                 Join ArtsLink for an hilarious evening with the Goons at
                     YING TONG – Friday, 14 September 2007
A walk with the Goons by Roy Smiles
A Goon Show is underway but Spike Milligan (Geoff Kelso) is losing his lines. He falls down. He wakes up. Spike’s been
institutionalised. Undeterred, he writes anyway, under his hospital bed sheets, typing incessantly. But no civilised member of
society can write like this: Catholic and Jewish leprechauns keep interrupting. And why do they look awfully like his fellow
Goons Peter Sellers (Jonathon Biggins) and Harry Secombe (David James)?

The problem is Spike can’t write any more. It’s 1959 but its war, you see – Spike’s marbles have been stolen by Moriarty and
Grytpype-Thynne. Eccles, Bluebottle and Neddie launch an offensive inside Spike’s head to recover them. Will Eccles get
deaded again? Who’s fallen in the wah-tah? Can Spike find his own marbles?

                                    Pre-show talk by   Jonathon Biggins
                                                "De-mystifying the Goons!"

Roy Smiles’ play took the UK by storm last year. Inspired by the much-loved style and
sounds of The Goon Show, Smiles has crafted a work of joy, sadness and ingenuity.
“The show has an invigorating spirit of insanity.                                         I recommend it with
relish.” - Sunday Times, UK
$65.00 per head includes preconcert talk “demystifying the Goons” champagne and hor-
douvres at the John Miller Gallery in Darby St before the show from 6:30pm to 7:30pm,
and then a short stroll to Civic Theatre for the show at 8:00pm.
     (If you already have purchased your tickets but would like to join the pre-theatre talk and
                      champagne at the gallery, tickets are available for $10.00)

This is a fundraiser for ArtsLink, an organisation dedicated to supporting the Arts at NGS.
For bookings, please call Newcastle Grammar School on 49295811. Don’t dally……….. the
                                    show is selling fast!
                                                                                                             Miss R Saunders


Those cadets who are seeking Cpl, Sgt or CUO promotions positions within the unit will be attending the AAC promotions
courses held from Saturday, 29 September until Sunday, 06 October.

They will also be attending a Pre-Course training weekend from 17-19 August at the Adamstown Army Depot to help prepare for
the promotions courses. Information sheets have been issued for this weekend's activity.
                                                                                           Capt. (AAC) R Barter/OC Cadets

Congratulations to Nathan Van Leeuwarden (Year 9), who represented NGS at the recent Abermain Schools Eisteddfod in the
Public Speaking sections. Nathan gained two 2nd places and a Highly Commended.

Entries have closed for the Abermain Eisteddfod solo and duo sections to be held at the end of this term so if you still have
not submitted your entry do so as soon as possible and your entry should still be accepted. Likewise, it is urgent for my
students that you send in your entries for the LAKE MACQUARIE EISTEDDFOD to be held early next term as these too have
closed but will accept entries up until the end of this week. Do not return the entries to me; mail them to the address shown on
the entry form.

All students have by now most of their Exam pieces selected and their programmes in place so they should begin on the
memorising now...don't leave it until the last minute.
                                                                                                     Mrs S McBurney



                                         WET WEATHER ON TRAINING AFTERNOONS
If the weather is inclement on a Mondays or Thursdays, a decision on training will be made by 1.00pm on those days. A notice
is posted on the Sports Notice Boards by this time and a message will also be left on the NGS Sports Information Line,
49084001, by this time. If the rain comes after 1.00pm, a decision on training will be made as soon as possible, students notified
before the end of school and a message left on the Sports Information Line as soon as possible.
For Netball - please call 1900 920 279.
For Hockey - only extreme weather will cause the postponement of games. Unfortunately there is no official ‘wet weather
number’ for Hockey. The International Hockey Centre’s number is 4952 8899.
For Tennis - Please call either Head Coach, Nathan Cooke on 0404062174 or the District Park Tennis courts on 49622531.

The cricket season is fast approaching. Training will begin in Week 8 and will take place on Monday and Thursday afternoons at
Howzat and/or Empire Park. Any student from the Middle and/or Senior Schools who is keen to play and who has not yet seen
Mr Smith must do so as soon as possible so that numbers in each age division can be assessed and teams formed. Students
from the Junior School must contact Miss Byrnes. Teams must be finalised before the 25/9/07.

Key Dates:
Training begins: Monday, 10 September 2007
Competition Start Date: Saturday, 13 October 2007 (The last Saturday of the October holidays)
                                                                                                  Mr D Smith - MIC Cricket
The 2007-08 Touch season is fast approaching and registration and team selection needs to begin very shortly. To this end,
please note the following important dates:-
Training will be held at National Park, Union Street each Monday and Thursday afternoon for the season. Students will be
bussed there and back, returning to NGS by 5:00pm. Training will begin on Thursday, 20 September.

We will once again be playing in the Wallsend Touch Association’s Junior Competition, which is held on Tuesday nights at their
Wallsend grounds. Age groups this year will be Under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 for both boys and girls. There will be no mixed
teams. The competition begins on Tuesday, 30 October, playing 8 rounds up to and including 18 December at which time the
competition will break for holidays. The competition recommences on Tuesday, 29 January and will finish in early March.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming Touch season, please do not hesitate to contact me at School.
                                                                                                    Mr L Carroll MIC - Touch
Hunter Valley Grammar School is running a Years 5 & 6 RUGBY GALA DAY on Wednesday, 27 September 2007. Newcastle
Grammar School will be entering a side in this competition. Any interested players are to place their names on a list in Martin
Cottage at the earliest possible time or see Miss Byrnes at the Hill Campus. Please note that is favourable that any interested
student is currently playing Rugby Union or Rugby League and has a clear knowledge of the game.

The Athletics team to represent HRIS at the 2007 AICES Athletics Championships has now been selected and the NGS
members of that team appear below. The AICES Championships is on Tuesday, 4 September at Homebush. If you feel there
are any discrepancies in the list below please contact me as soon as possible.

 1. Atallah, Zachary - Male - Age: 14 - Comp#: 500 -           11. Marshall, Jack - Male - Age: 16 - Comp#: 447
 #111 Boys 13-14 Triple Jump 9.77m                             #62 Boys 16 800 Metre Run 2:16.96
 2. Brown, Brandon - Male - Age: 14 - Comp#: 475               #116 Boys 16 1500 Metre Run 4:43.91
 #34 Boys 14 200 Metre Dash 25.33 6                            12. Mullens, Alison - Female - Age: 15 - Comp#: 571
 #138 Boys 14 400 Metre Dash 1:01.97                            #122 Girls 15 Shot Put 7.21m
 3. Burgess, Georgina - Female - Age: 17 - Comp#: 490          13. Pohlner, Tess - Female - Age: 15 - Comp#: 433
 #107 Girls 17 1500 Metre Run 6:45.17                           #47 Girls 15 800 Metre Run 3:05.29
 #129 Girls 17 400 Metre Dash 1:09.69                          14. Reddy, Rithvik - Male - Age: 17 - Comp#: 639
 4. Clifton, Georgia - Female - Age: 15 - Comp#: 422           #152 Boys 15-19 4x100 Metre Relay (4) 48.08
 #127 Girls 15 400 Metre Dash 1:10.68                          15. Sanderson, Kristen - Female - Age: 14 - Comp#: 620
 5. Connell, Alex - Male - Age: 16 - Comp#: 482                #121 Girls 14 Javelin Throw 19.88m
 #36 Boys 16 200 Metre Dash 25.07                              16. Schalit, David - Male - Age: 18 - Comp#: 567
 #55 Boys 16 Shot Put 11.58m                                   #43 Boys 18-19 Discus Throw 29.95m
 6. Dunn, Jonathon - Male - Age: 18 - Comp#: 487               17. Speers, Liam - Male - Age: 15 - Comp#: 502
 #38 Boys 18-19 200 Metre Dash 23.64                           #13 Boys 15 Long Jump 5.73m
 #57 Boys 18-19 Long Jump 5.66m                                #19 Boys 15-16 Triple Jump 11.68m
 #95 Boys 18-19 100 Metre Dash 11.64                           #54 Boys 15 Javelin Throw 44.84m
 #142 Boys 18-19 400 Metre Dash 54.44                          #78 Boys 15 Shot Put 16.64m
 #152 Boys 15-19 4x100 Metre Relay (1) 48.08                   #92 Boys 15 100 Metre Dash 12.22
 7. Harvey, Rhys - Male - Age: 17 - Comp#: 484                 #109 Boys 15 Discus Throw 54.24m
 #71 Boys 17 Long Jump 5.68m                                   18. Taylor, James - Male - Age: 16 - Comp#: 481
 #141 Boys 17 400 Metre Dash 56.40                             #36 Boys 16 200 Metre Dash 24.86
 #152 Boys 15-19 4x100 Metre Relay (3) 48.08                   #93 Boys 16 100 Metre Dash 12.00
 8. Lander, Travis - Male - Age: 18 - Comp#: 640               19. Waugh, Jonathon - Male - Age: 14 - Comp#: 539
 #152 Boys 15-19 4x100 Metre Relay (2) 48.08                   #77 Boys 14 Shot Put 10.85m
 9. LeBas, Sophie - Female - Age: 12 - Comp#: 413              20. Weeks, Michael - Male - Age: 16 - Comp#: 600
 #44 Girls 12 800 Metre Run 3:02.23                            #134 Boys 16 Javelin Throw 35.18m
 10. Lowe, Georgia - Female - Age: 16 - Comp#: 426 0           RELAYS
 #48 Girls 16 800 Metre Run 2:36.65                            1. Newcastle Grammar - 'A'
 #106 Girls 16 1500 Metre Run 5:32.29                          #152 Boys 15-19 4x100 Meter Relay
 #128 Girls 16 400m Metre Run 1:08.95                          48.08 6/09/2006
                                                               #487 Dunn, Jonathon 18; #640 Lander, Travis 18; #484
                                                               Harvey, Rhys 17; #639 Reddy, Rithvik 17
                                                                                                  Mr L Carroll - Sportsmaster
We have girls representing our School at two HRIS Netball Gala days. There is a Primary one today and the Secondary
competition will be held at National Park Netball Courts. Good luck to the following team:

Secondary HRIS teams – Thursday, 6 September
Lucy Clifton                  Madison Allen                          Georgia Lowe
Kate Roddick                  Emily Jay                              Farrah Othman
Nina Graham                   Emma Bissaker                          Sally Dunn
Xanthe Tusek                  Alison Mullen                          Avril Kay
Courtney Wholohan             Paige Campbell                         Emily Killin
Rebecca Roy                   Georgia Clifton                        Ella Weiss
Kate Hickey                   Alexandra Kemp                         Sophie White
Katherine Barter              Lulu O’Sullivan                        Clara MacAdam-Kellie
Caitlan Brennen               Ellie Hewitt                           Amy Ferguson
Brooke Campbell
Coach: Mrs K Brennan          Coach: Mrs C Rowntree                  Coach: Mrs L Peterson
                                                                    Acting Middle School Sports Coordinator - Miss J Webber
U/10 - Lost 3-2

U/10 - Jacob Burnham for his outstanding effort.

The mighty Eagles faced off in the Preliminary Final against the Woodberry Seniors. The winner would go to the Grand Final,
the runner-up left to ponder what could have been. The game started at a hectic pace with some incredible speed shown by our
opposition. Their silky skills and tremendous shooting gave them an early 2-0 lead. The chips were down but the Eagles were
not going to give up so easy.
A classy strike by our young Matthew Griffiths pinched one back late in the first half and that sparked the U/10's into life. Not a
minute later a Matty Laycock left-foot bomb smashed the net and the Eagles were back in business. With a spot of hydration
and a motivational speech from Coaching Co-coordinator Mark Pepperall our young Eaglets took the field for the second half
and the crowd was on the edge of their seats. A chess-game developed and the battle was intense. Finally, the nail was sunk
and the Woodberry team celebrated a winning goal five minutes from time. The game was lost, but pride, honour, dignity, and
sportsmanship were maintained. Well done Eagles, well done.
                                                                                                  Mr P Juchniewicz - MIC Soccer
Congratulations to Bronte Capone who has been selected to trial for the Newcastle Girls Football Development Squad for the
2008 season. Bronte will be trialing for the 10 years team in September. This opportunity caps off a great season by Bronte and
the NGS Under 10 Eagle team who missed out last week in a place in the Grand Final narrowly going down to Woodberry in a 3
-2-nail bitter. Bronte gives her success to a great coach in Mr Juchniewiez and a fabulous team around her. We wish Bronte
the best of luck in these trials and look forward to seeing her playing for the Matildas in the future.
                                                                                  Miss C Byrnes - Junior School Sports Coordinator
Congratulations to our 11 Years Division 5 team who won their Major Semi-Final on Saturday, winning 12-7 against South
Wallsend Swans. This team will play in their Grand Final on Saturday, 8 September. Well done to their coach Miss Naomi
Simpson and manager Miss Alana Partridge on a team that displayed great skills on the day.

Congratulations also to coach, Mr Hopson and his 15 Years Division 3 side which won their Preliminary Final against Kotara
South Sandpipers 35-22 on Saturday. This team has come a long way throughout the season and displayed some good
teamwork and skills on the day. The standard of their shooters on the day was excellent. This team will play their Grand Final
next Saturday, 1 September at 1:15pm on Court 5.

Our Senior team tried extremely hard to be the third NGS team to make it through to the Grand Final, however, they were
narrowly defeated by a more physical team on the day. The C2 team consisting of all Year 12's took on the Fire Station Hotel
and were defeated 22-27 in a hard fought game. These girls have had a wonderful season and I am sure they have enjoyed all
their netball games along the way. Congratulations to the team and their coach Miss Parazenovic on a very successful 2007

All the very best of luck to the two teams in their endeavours to win their respective Grand Finals. Please, if you have some
time and can come along and support these teams down at National Park next Saturday and the following Saturday, the girls
would really appreciate it.
                                                                                                Mrs C Rowntree - MIC Netball

- Thursday, 6 September
Lucy Clifton                        Madison Allen                   Georgia Lowe
Kate Roddick                        Emily Jay                       Farrah Othman
Nina Graham                         Emma Bissaker                   Sally Dunn
Xanthe Tusek                        Alison Mullen                   Avril Kay
Courtney Wholohan                   Paige Campbell                  Emily Killin
Rebecca Roy                         Georgia Clifton                 Ella Weiss
Kate Hickey                         Alexandra Kemp                  Sophie White
Katherine Barter                    Lulu O’Sullivan                 Clara MacAdam-Kellie
Caitlan Brennen                     Ellie Hewitt                    Amy Ferguson
Brooke Campbell
Coach: Mrs K Brennan                Coach: Mrs C Rowntree           Coach: Mrs L Peterson
                                                                   Acting Middle School Sports Coordinator Miss J Webber
A reminder that if you are unable to meet your commitment on any Sunday, you must contact Nathan Cook before that day so
that he can organise a replacement for you.
                                                                                                 Mrs V Dart - MIC Tennis

Last weekend three of our students participated in events in and around the Lake Macquarie Half-Marathon. Congratulations to
Georgia Lowe (Year 10) who completed the 22km event in 1 hour and 36 minutes, to Ben Chapman (Year 10) who finished the
10.5km event in 49 minutes and to Clara MacAdam-Kellie (Year 10) in finishing the 10.5 event in 1 hour and 6 minutes. A great
effort by all in anyone’s view.

New eight arrives at the shed - yes, NGS now has a racing eight with blades - making our rowers even more formidable.
We purchased this Head of the River Winning Boat from Newington College. The boat and blades are in beautiful
condition and will undoubtedly give us an edge in the local competition in September.
(Wanted: a sponsor for this - our flagship of the fleet).

Rowing Open Day – all welcome!

The shed is holding an Open Day for all interested students and parents on Saturday morning September 1, starting at 8:30am.
There will be talks, demonstrations and some rowing for those new rowers wishing to give it a go! A complimentary breakfast
will follow at 9:30am for all those attending - please be our guests.

New Rowers are needed! If you want to be part of this exciting sport and join a team of young men and women who have
already made Newcastle Grammar a force to be reckoned with - then come along to the Open Day and see what you might be
missing! We urgently need some Year 9 & 10 boys and girls to swell the ranks as well as new juniors from Year 7& 8 - get
involved - you’ll love the travel - you’ll love the challenge!

On-Water Training is underway for all current rowers. As of Tuesday September 3 - training will be each Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday morning at 6:00am and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 4:00pm and again on Saturday and Sunday at
7:00am. Please see your coach this week for the days you are training from next week. The timetable for training from
October until December will be decided in the next few weeks and posted in the newsletter. A bus will run from the shed to
School in the mornings - see Mr Cameron for travel on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

                        Riley Lewis and James Shafren – Winners of the Year 10 Double Sculls
                     Championship on the beautiful Hinze Dam (below) on the Gold Coast last month

Gym Training starts next Monday afternoon (3:30 - 4:30pm) for boys and Wednesday afternoons (3:30 - 4:30pm) for girls.
A qualified instructor will take both groups through a strength conditioning circuit. It is at the Howzat Gym and is free of charge
to rowers - thank you to the School for picking up the bill on this expensive session.

A reminder to all rowers that they must have a 10mm spanner for this season.

Regattas - September 8 and 9 see the shed travel to Morpeth for the first two regattas of the season and training has
stepped up as a result. All those attending are to collect a permission slip and information sheet from Mr. Cameron this
week and return the permission slip to Mrs Sanders in D Block by Tuesday of next week. No slip - no row! This
weekend promises much excitement and some fantastic eight races - come along and support at Berry Park, Morpeth.

Boat Sponsors are still needed for some of our new boats for this season’s competition. Your name or business name and logo
will be proudly borne all over Australia on our boats and you will be our very special guest at our blessing of the fleet and
naming of boats in October. Please contact me at if you would like to assist us with our quest to be the
greatest rowing school in the country.

The Rowing Challenge finishes next Tuesday - so don’t miss your chance to give it a go and be in the running for some
great Canteen Lunch Vouchers (each age in boys and girls). The Year 7’s results are amazing! This competition
shows what hidden talent we have at the School in rowing.

What’s coming up?
Rowing Open Day - September 1 at the shed - First Street, Booragul - be there!
Newcastle University Regatta - September 8 - starting at 11:00am at Berry Park, Morpeth.
Endeavour Rowing Club “Henley on Hunter” Regatta - September 9 - starting at 8:30am at Berry Park, Morpeth.
See you at the shed!                                                                                    Mr G Cameron

                                                                                                   Mr L Carroll-Sportsmaster


                                                  NEXUS 9 Art Exhibition
                                       Arts Space, Newcastle Grammar School
                                   Cnr Church and Newcomen Streets, Newcastle
                                                  Phone: 4929 5811
                                 Opening Night - Friday 21 September 7:00pm 9:00pm
                       Exhibition Dates: September 22, 23 29, 30 September 10:00am to 4:00pm
 Exhibiting Artists: Brett Alexander, Angela Armstrong, Gillian Benke, Karen Brown, Rachell Burgess, Sandra Burgess, Kerrie
  Coles, Brian Cox, Jan Downes, Caroline Hale, Kate Hansen, Varelle Hardy, Anne-Maree Hunter, Sue Jones, Alice Lees, Joy
Longworth, Barry Maitland, Nikki Marsh, Tonia Martin, Margaret McBride, David Middlebrook, Julie Owers, Jane Parkes , Giselle
   Penn, Rae Richards, Pippa Robinson, Bruce Rowland, Phillip Samuels, Ruth Samuels, Gillean Shaw, Natalie Sherrin, Toni
Shuker, Pam Sinnot, Sue Stewart, Paul Thomas, Darrell Tickner, Pauline Tickner, Sharon Tompkins, Julie-Ann Ure, Delilah Van
                                            Wyk, Dorothy Wishney, Michelle Yates.
                                                                                                             Mrs M McBride

             Christ Church Cathedral Flower Festival
                                     The Very Rev’d Graeme Lawrence
                                            Dean of Newcastle
                                Invites you, your family and friends to the
                            Cathedral Flower Festival Twilight Wine and Flowers
                       Saturday, 1 September 2007, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
                   Appreciate the beauty and splendor of the Festival of Flowers
                           Enjoy Hunter Wine – Splendid Classical Music
                              Tickets - $18 per person (at the door)
                  The Flower Festival opens on Friday, 31 August and continues to
                                   Monday, 3 September 2007
                                                        Please join us!
                                                                                      Information – 4929 2052

                          HILL CAMPUS CANTEEN – Week Commencing: Monday, 3 September 2007
               Monday                  Tuesday                Wednesday                  Thursday                Friday
             3 September             4 September              5 September              6 September            7 September
              Sue Whare             Cushla Hodgett            Philippa Killin         Carrol Langford         Sue O’Sullivan
             NEED HELP               NEED HELP               Edwina Forrest            Sue Murtagh           Cheryl Anderson
                                                            PARK CAMPUS
                   -               Vanessa Litchfield                -                Gina Nikoletatos         Cathy Banks
                                    12:00 - 2:00pm
                                                      CANTEEN PRICE LISTS
                Parents are reminded a copy of Canteen price list is available on the School Website:
                          Click on PARENTS then scroll down to Resources then click on The School Canteen.

  The truth about learning and behaviour

      Help your children perform better through
            movement - vision - learning

             FREE information evening:
Tuesday, 25 September 2007 at 7:00pm in Charlestown
Presented by:
        Susan Walton, Behavioural Optometrist
              Dorte Bladt, Chiropractor

     Call   4926 4799 to reserve your seat now!


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