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					                                                INTRODUCTION                              •   It provides a unique service being one of
                                                                                              the few Spinal Injuries Units in Australia
                                                                                              that provides:
                                      •   There are approximately 100 people in
                                                                                              Acute care
                                          Queensland each year, who will suffer
                                                                                              Primary Rehabilitation
                                          spinal cord injuries (SCI).
                                                                                              Transitional Rehabilitation
               The                                                                            Outpatient Services
                                      •   This may be due to accident or other

                                          trauma or because of medical illness or             Outreach Services
                                          disease.                                            from the one facility.

        Injuries                      •   At present, there is no cure for SCI and
                                          these injuries often result in serious per-
                                          manent disability.
                                                                                                  WHAT SERVICES DO WE
                                                                                                       PROVIDE ?
          Unit                        •   Most people with serious SCI need to
                                          come to the Spinal Injuries Unit (SIU) in
                                                                                          •   Management of the acute spinal cord in-
                                          Brisbane for treatment and rehabilitation.
"Our mission is to provide a state-                                                       •   A comprehensive primary rehabilitation
wide service that enables people      •   It is the only Spinal Injuries Unit in Queen-       which:
with spinal cord injury to achieve        sland.                                              Is client-focused
their maximum potential"                                                                      Has individualised and flexible rehabilita-
                                                 ABOUT THE                                    tion programs
                                              SPINAL INJURIES UNIT
                                                                                          •   Multi-disciplinary expertise in:
                                      • The Spinal Injuries Unit is a 36 bed unit             Physical Rehabilitation
                                        servicing all of Queensland and Northern              Bladder and Bowel Care
                                        NSW.                                                  Sexual and Fertility Issues
          SERVICE (QSCIS)
                                                                                              Pressure Sores Management
                                      •   It is situated at the Princess Alexandra            Psychological Issues
                                          Hospital, in close proximity to all other           Functional Skills Training
                                          acute medical services that are required            Home Assessment
                                          to successfully manage a person with                Care of Ventilator Dependant Clients
                                          SCI.                                                Tendon Transfer Surgery

                                          Princess Alexandra Hospital Health Service           Queensland Spinal Cord Injuries Service
    Seating and Postural Issues                      The Queensland Spinal Cord                      A referral from your doctor and an as-
    Pain Management                                                                                  sessment by one of the SIU doctors is
    Spina Bifida Clinic                                    Injury Service -
                                                                                                    required before you can be admitted to
    Complications of SCI.
                                                 •    The Spinal Injuries Unit is part of an                          SIU.
•   Medical Outpatient Clinics                        unique CONTINUUM OF CARE for peo-
                                                      ple with spinal cord injury in Queensland.
•   Consultancy service to other health care
    providers.                                   •    The Transitional Rehabilitation Pro-
                                                      gram (TRP) provides ongoing rehabilita-
•                                                     tion in the community and allows earlier
    Education and Training for patients,
                                                      discharge from the Spinal Injuries Unit.
                                                                                                           How to Contact Us...
    families, carers and community services.

                                                 •    The Spinal Outreach Team (SPOT) pro-               Spinal Injuries Unit
           WHO MAKES UP                               vides a consultancy and early intervention         Princess Alexandra Hospital
           OUR TEAM ?                                 service for people with SCI, their families        Ipswich Rd
                                                      and other service providers all over               Woolloongabba Q 4102
•   The Patient                                       Queensland                                         Ph: 07 3240 2111
•   Doctors                                                                                              Fax: 07 3240 5644
    Spinal cord injury and Rehabilitation spe-       Who Is Eligible to Access the
    cialists                                                   Service?                                  Transitional Rehabilitation Pro-
•   Nurses                                                                                               gram (TRP)
•   Occupational Therapists                      •    Adults over the age of 12                          Ph: 07 3406 2322
•   Physiotherapists                             •    People who have trauma resulting in spi-
•   Social Workers                                    nal cord damage with loss of movement              Spinal Outreach Team (SPOT)
•   Speech Therapists                                 or feeling                                         Ph: 07 3406 2300
•   Activities Nurse                             •    People with spinal damage from other
•   Dietician                                         causes who are assessed as suitable for
•   Orthotics and Prosthetic Service                  a rehabilitation program
•   Support Staff                                •    People who have had a previous SCI and
•   Other Medical and Surgical Specialists            who develop a complication that requires
                                                                                                                                    Revised January 2002
                                                      treatment in the SIU.

                                                      Princess Alexandra Hospital Health Service        Queensland Spinal Cord Injuries Service

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