Simple ways to save water at home

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      Simple ways to save water at home
                  Here are some simple tips to help conserve water around the house:

                  •	 If	you	feel	like	a	long	soak,	have	a	bath	instead	of	a	shower.

                  •	 Look	for	water	efficient	ratings	when	you	buy	water-using	appliances	
                     and	products.

                  •	 Use	the	plug	and	fill	the	sink	or	basin	instead	of	leaving	water	running.

                  •	 Wait	for	a	full	load	before	doing	the	laundry	or	dishes.

                  •	 Install	a	dual	flush	toilet	–	a	half	flush	will	do	most	of	the	time.

                  •	 Fix	dripping	taps	straight	away.

                  By	using	water	wisely	you	can	save	money	and	reduce	your	impact	on	the	
                  environment.	Try	saving	10	buckets	of	water	a	day,	it's	easy.	Click	here to
                  see	the	simple	things	you	can	do	to	save	buckets.

                  The	following	publications	will	give	you	more	information	on	how	to	save	
                  water at home:

                  •	 Green Guide

                  •	 How	to	create	a	water	wise	garden	in	Central	Australia

                  •	 How	to	create	a	water	wise	garden	in	the	Top	End

                  Visit	to	download	a	copy	of	the	publications	listed	
                  above.	Hard	copies	are	available	by	calling	1800	245	092	or	visit	any	of	our	
                  customer	service	centres.

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