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					                              PRODUCT INFORMATION

                 Product: FX Mud Paint (Coarse) / Interior & Exterior.
Product Description:
FX Mud Paint (Coarse) is an interior and exterior, flat, Italian style product with varying
special effects. Dries lighter after application. Allows walls to breath.

Features:                                 Benefits:
Water based                               Easy spreading
Attractive finishes                       Easy clean up
Varying effects                           Ease of application

FX Mud Paint Coarse is a premium product. Producing many different special effects
on all sealed surfaces such as plaster, plasterboard, cement blocks, mud bricks, brick,
cement rendered houses etc. Popular for offices, restaurants, casinos, motels, mud brick
houses and rendered walls.

Surface Preparation.
All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and free of all loose dirt, dust, grease, loose or
flaking paint, and loose surface plaster. Efflorescence or mould on masonry or concrete
surfaces must be treated. Flatten gloss surfaces by thoroughly sanding and wipe clean with
a damp cloth. Then apply FX Primer or FX Sealer Undercoat as required.

Stir contents thoroughly before and during use with a broad flat stirrer using an upward
action, or preferably use a power driven mixing paddle. Brush/Roller: Use a long nap
roller. Thinning is usually required for the first coat. Thin with up to 100 ml to 300 ml
of water per litre to ease application. In damp and humid conditions, an addition of an anti
mould solution is recommended for exterior use. Two to three coats required with a long
nap roller for a more effective finish. Apply the last coat with a brush in a criss-cross
motion to achieve a soft lime effect. When using a brush application for the final coat it
is recommended that the product be diluted with 2-4 litres of water to a 15 litre drum.
# Note: Mud Bricks – Apply FX Mud Paint directly onto bricks.
Airspray or conventional spray: This product is suitable for both methods.
Do not apply in direct sunlight.
Approximate Spreading Rate: 4-8 square metres per litre, depending on application and
surface roughness.
Tinting: Maximum 150ml per litre. Refer to tinting specifications.
Approximate Film thickness: n/a Wet: 250 microns                      Dry: 55 microns.
Thinner: Water                           Method: Brush, roller and spray.
Drying Times: (at 25c) Touch: 2 Hours Recoat: 6 Hours                    Clean up: Water

                                 FX Australia Pty Ltd
                               2 Clegg Place PRAIRIEWOOD NSW 2176
                                  PO Box 201 TATHRA NSW 2550
                  Telephone: 9604 2750 Telephone/Fax: 6494 4560 Mobile: 0419 251 837
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                                 A.C.N 089 071 385 A.B.N 75 089 071 385
                        FX AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
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                        2 Clegg Place PRAIRIEWOOD NSW 2176
                           PO Box 201 TATHRA NSW 2550
                Telephone: 9604 2750 Telephone/Fax: 6494 4560 Mobile: 0419 251 837
                              A.C.N 089 071 385 A.B.N 75 089 071 385

Date of Issue: November 2003

Product: FX Mud Paint - Coarse.
Not classified as hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia
UN NOS: None allocated D.G.CLASS: Not applicable CAS NO: Mixture
HAZCHEM: Not applicable SUB.RISK: Not applicable
PACK GROUP: Not applicable
Correct Shipping Name: Non-Dangerous Good
Other Names:          N/a                     Ingredients:
Tradename: FX Mud Paint Coarse.
Chemical Entity:                            CAS NO:                PROPORTION:
Calcium Carbonate (various grades) 1317-65-3                       40-80%
Mica (Damourite)                          12001-26-2               2-15%
Styrene Acrylic Copolymer                    Mixture               2-30%
Styrene                                     100-42-5               0-0.02%
Biocide                     26172-55-4 2682-20-4 10377-60-3 <0.003%
Propylene Glycol                             57-55-6               <0.1%
Water and minor additives (non Hazardous)                          to 100%
NOTE: Proportion of ingredients are quoted as a general guideline
Physical Description/Properties:
Appearance: White liquid paste
Boiling Point: about 100 Deg C
Vapour Pressure: same as water
Volatile Component:                              Specific Gravity:
Flash Point: Not applicable. Dried polymer will burn in general fire.
Flammability Limits: Not applicable
Rel. Vapour Density: Heavier than air
Form: Liquid Paste
Other Properties:
Solubility in water; Completely dispersible

Acute Effects:
Swallowed: No data supplied. Polymer not expected to be harmful.
Eye: May be eye irritant. May cause redness or soreness.
Skin: Prolonged or repeated contact with skin may result in irritation or rash.
Inhaled: Excessive exposure to vapours or spray mist can cause irritation to eyes, nose and
Chronic Effects: Not known
                                      FX Australia Pty Ltd
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                          2 Clegg Place PRAIRIEWOOD NSW 2176
                             PO Box 201 TATHRA NSW 2550
                  Telephone: 9604 2750 Telephone/Fax: 6494 4560 Mobile: 0419 251 837
                                A.C.N 089 071 385 A.B.N 75 089 071 385

Swallowed: Seek immediate medical assistance.
Eye: Irrigate with copious quantity of water for 15 minutes. Seek assistance if symptoms
Skin: Wash with soap and water. Warm water if possible.
Inhaled: Remove victim to fresh air, if vapours or mist have been inhaled. Seek medical
assistance if symptoms persist.
First aid Facilities: Normal industrial first aid facilities including eyewash.
Advice To Doctor: Treat symptomatically.                   Toxic Data: Not known.

Exposure Standards: Exposure standards for atmospheric contaminants in the
occupational environment.
Styrene               TWA 20ppm                85mg/m3
Butly Acrylate        TWA 10ppm                55mg/m3
Biocide               TWA 0.1mg/m3                              Product- Not established
Engineering controls: General ventilation is recommended during normal use.
Personal Protection: Rubber gloves, Chemical goggles
Flammability: Product is non-flammable according to Australian Code for Transport of
Dangerous Goods. Dried polymer will burn in a general fire.   Environment: Not

Storage and transport: Store in cool area to prolong storage life.
Packaging and Labelling:
Size:       4 Litre                15Litre          (1litre only available for sample pots)
Weight: 6.1KG                      23KG
Spills and Disposal: Wear appropriated protection equipment. Do not contaminate
streams, rivers or watercourses. Do not flush into drains or sewers. Inform local
authorities if liquid enters drains, sewers or streams. Dike and contain spill with sand or
earth. Material can then be left to dry or absorb liquid with sand earth or other absorbents.
Dispose of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.
Fire/Explosion Hazard: To extinguish fires use carbon dioxide, dry chemical or water.
Fire fighters and others exposed to vapours or products of combustion should wear self-
contained breathing apparatus.
Reactivity Data: Incompatibility: none known. Hazardous Decomposition: Product:
Under severe thermal degradation, low molecular weight organic compounds will be

      Emergency Contact numbers between 7.30am & 3.30pm Monday to Friday:
     Office: (02) 64944560 Rep:0419 251 837 Manufacturer: (02) 9821 1224

use of this data and information must be determined by the user to be in accordance with applicable
Government laws and regulations. The information contained in this form is confidential and is submitted
solely for your organisation’s internal use. This document is subject to change without notification.

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