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					                                                                    HOW TO FIND AND PREVENT LEAKS                                       Water-efficient shower heads: Savings: up to 40% or
                                                                                                                                        15,000 litres/yearW. Save up to 50%W of heating cost.
    SAVE WATER SAVE MONEY                                           Checking for leaks
                                                                                                                                        Shower recirculating system: Have long showers without
                                                                                                                                        using more water or energy. Systems are available in
                                                                    Check for leaks by reading your water meter, located at the
                        Indoors                                     front of your property. It’s a low metal structure with a dial in   Australia that can reuse the same 4 litres during your shower.
                                                                                                                                        Savings: 9 litres per minute.
                                                                    the middle and a tap at one end. Before going to bed, read
                                                                    the dial and write the figure down. Make sure no-one uses            Dual flush toilets: Install a dual flush cistern or modify
                                                                    water overnight and read it again first thing in the morning. If     a single flush with a ‘retroflush’ button. Or you can simply
                                                                    the second figure is higher, you probably have a leak.               reduce the volume in your cistern by carefully placing a
Pittwater Council is committed to helping its community be
more sustainable, by reducing per capita water use. This            Check for leaks in taps, pipes and hoses for the washing            full bottle of water inside, away from the float mechanism.
brochure details a range of ways to save water and get free         machine and dishwasher. To prevent taps from leaking, turn          Savings: 51 Litres/person/day or 25,000 SW to 40,000W
kits, rebates and offers. You don’t need to be a Sydney             them off lightly and replace washers when they begin to leak.       litres/ year. The Toilet Replacement Service saves you
Water customer for water or sewerage services, you can still                                                                            up to $200 on a new installed 4-star efficient toilet, with a
get rebates for washing machines and rainwater tanks, through       To check if a toilet cistern is leaking, add a few drops of food    warranty (call Sydney Water 1300 690 399).
the NSW Climate Change Fund (DECC).                                 colouring to the cistern. If the colour shows up in the toilet
                                                                    bowl, without flushing, you have a leak. You may need to             Waterless and water-efficient urinals: when starting
Start with simple changes that save the most water, so start        replace valves or seals or adjust the float.                         or upgrading toilet facilities, install these new urinals for
with leaks, then the shower, toilet and laundry.                                                                                        massive savings, low odour and low maintenance. A range of
                                                                    Savings: Fix a dripping tap to save over 24,000 litres/yearSW,      water-efficient urinals have WELS ratings, eligible for rebates.
                                                                    a small toilet leak to save 4,000 litres/year, or a constant leak   Savings: Waterless units save $3000/year, efficient units save
                                                                    to save 95,000 litres/year (worth $125)A.                           30-50% of water, cyclic flushing units 70% of water. SW
                                                                                                                                        MORE INFORMATION
                                                                                                                                        Pittwater Council website:
                                                    Water use in                                                                        waterconservation for links, water saving tips, DIY home water
                                                  Sydney homes                                                                          audit, rainwater tanks and greywater .
                                                     - a guide to                                                                       Information Kit (Pittwater Council): Get a free ‘Water for Life
                                                  water savings                                                                         Information Kit’ at customer service centres (Avalon and Mona Vale)
                                                                    MAKE SIMPLE CHANGES FOR BIG SAVINGS                                 or the CEC (North Narrabeen).
                                                                                                                                        Sydney Water call 132 092 for tips, rebates, offers, love
                                                                    Washing machines: Wash only full loads or adjust the water          your garden program, grey water and water tanks. Visit www.
                                                                    level. Use water from your rainwater tank or that bucket of
                                                                    cold water collected from your shower! Claim a $150 rebate          DECC: Department of Environment and Climate Change
                                                                    for efficient machines with a WELSW rating of 4.5 stars or           Ph 1300 361 967. Visit
                                                                    more, available until 30 June 2010 from Sydney Water or             WELS: products for water rebates
Free DIY Water Saving Kit : Fit free tap aerators and               DECC.Savings: over 24,000 litres per year for 4.5 star              Water for Life: for more hints
shower flow regulators yourself. For Sydney Water customers          machines, using 65% less water than older models.W
only, call 132 092. Savings: up to $50 a yearsw. Tap aerators
reduce water use by over 60%W.                                      Kitchen & Bathroom: Don’t run the tap while rinsing in the          DATA: A Aust Greenhouse Office SW Sydney Water
                                                                    kitchen sink or cleaning teeth. Rinse fruit, veges or dishes        W
                                                                                                                                          WELS scheme figures (Water Efficient Labelling Scheme).
WaterFix offer: Fix leaks and install water-saving devices          in a half-filled sink. Savings:10 to 20 litres/ minute. Put
for just $22! A plumber will install showerheads, tap filters        food scraps in your compost, don’t use an in-sink garbage
and repair minor leaks. For Sydney Water customers only, call       disposal unit. Savings: 6 litres per use.
1800 995 886. Savings: get up to $180 worth of plumbing
services for $22, save $66 per year on water & energy costs.SW      Dishwashers: Do full loads in a 4 or more star efficient
                                                                    washer. Savings: up to 50% or 22 litres per wash. W
On a low income? Call Sydney Water for a free WaterFix
service, subsidised plumbing repairs and a low interest loans       Shower: Shorter showers save water and energy, use a 4                                                                       ph 9970 1675
scheme for buying water-efficient appliances.                        minute timer. Save cold water in a bucket until the warm                                                      Lake Park Rd North Narrabeen
                                                                    water comes. Savings: 9 litres per minute.                                                                  email:

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