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2                                                                                                                                                    11
           SANCTIFICATION BY FAITH –                                                  THE STEPS TO SANCTIFICATION
                                                                                          BY FAITH ARE SIMPLE,

        hose who are truly saved have received JUSTIFICATION BY                              THE REALITY IS
        FAITH. In these modern times, many believe that this is basi-
        cally all that is given by the Holy Spirit – and after justification,           BLESSING & ABUNDANT JOY.
they must “work” to be good with God’s help. This is not the truth, for
all of the Christian life is about the GIFT from God of the Lord Jesus         1... Seek God with all your heart; tell Him you want to be sanctified, to
Christ filling us by the Holy Spirit. SANCTIFICATION BY FAITH is                be saved from the POWER of sin in your life. (Not from the punishment
a      neglected teaching today that is so sorely needed. Sanctification        of sin, that is Justification).
by Faith was a foundational doctrine in the Church in other days. In the
late 19thand early 20th century, preachers traveled “from ocean to ocean”      2... Surrender absolutely to the Lord. Repent of ALL sin, i.e. turn from
preaching Sanctification by Faith to failing and despairing Christians.         it completely.
Firstly, the need must be seen, for most Christians do not know that they       Give Him everything that is yourself, or that you own, every moment
have not received the instantaneous blessing of Christ          exchanging     of your life to be used only for His will and purpose. Surrender your
His life for theirs. When He sanctifies us fully He removes the power           house, your car, your family, your inner life, your past and future forever
of sin from our lives, purifies the believer completely,              he/she    and ever etc. Let Him give you a great desire to do ALL of His will.
is set free from the dominion of sin’s control. The believer “puts off         Luke 11:28; John 7:17.
the old man.” Your old life is you, your old nature. Christ Jesus is the       “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that
“new man” Who alone is righteous. You have no goodness in yourself,            loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I
that is why you must accept Sanctification by Faith as a gift from God.         will love him, and will manifest myself to him.” John 14:21.
(See Isaiah 64:6).
                                                                               3... Trust in the Bible that your old life was crucified with Christ on
Examine yourself...                                                            the Cross. Read Romans 6:1-14 with much prayer, seeking a revelation
    Are you mistaken, have you ever really received                            from the Holy Spirit to the meaning of the words. Reckon yourself dead
            Sanctifying Power from Christ?                                     indeed unto sin.
        The following lists were complied by Arthur Zepp from back
in Wesley’s time. They should be examined and prayed over; they are            4... Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to fill you with Himself, and let Him live
descriptions of the “works” of the old man.                                    instead of yourself.
              Are many of these still in your own life?                        He is all you need of wisdom, righteousness, and sanctification – He
     Are you “professing” a fullness that you do not possess?                  has redeemed you and He will sanctify you wholly.
          Have you been saved from the POWER of sin?
We can never lose salvation, but we can lose the joy of Christ’s Pres-         “But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us
ence, the Beauty of His holiness.                                              wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:
          Have you “lost” Jesus in your inward heart,                          That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the
              is He no longer a joyous reality?                                Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:30, 31.
10                                                                                                                                                            3
                                                                                       You have no fullness of the Indwelling Christ...
                                                                                   “... • if there are no fresh touches of the Spirit sought and obtained;
                                                                                   • if the soul is in a rut;
                                                                                   • if the same old stereotyped prayer, prayed for the last decade, is prayed,
                                                                                   without warmth, energy, earnestness, unction, or power to touch God
                                                                                   or man, if no answers to prayer are received -- “not getting answers to
     The only way out of any of                                                    prayer is failing God” --
                                                                                   • if a disrelish for communion with God and intercessory prayer, is

     these characteristics of the                                                  felt;
                                                                                   • if joy is gone in His service;
                                                                                   • if love for God and man is gone, [there is no such thing as love for
         Old Man is through                                                        God without love for man] if sweetness of temper has departed;
                                                                                   • if love for the Bible has departed;

         full surrender to and                                                     • if spiritually blind; if out of touch with God;
                                                                                   • if taken up with that which is not of God;
                                                                                   • if worry about past, present, or future, has come in the heart;
       faith in the Lord Jesus.                                                    • if not in harmony with the Providences of God;
                                                                                   • if snappy; if cross;
                                                                                   • if any unholy temper is indulged in;
                                                                                   • if you are given to murmuring, complaining, faultfinding; if sour or
                                                                                   • if you are a busy body in other men’s affairs and fail to study to be
                                                                                   quiet and mind your own business;
                                                                                   • if destitute of the fruits of the spirit in personal life --
                                                                                   i. e.         *of love,           *goodness,
                                                                                                 *joy,               *faith,
                                                                                                 *peace,             *meekness,
          http://www.rapture                                       *gentleness,        *longsuffering,
           html                                                                                  *kindness,          *temperance
                                                                                                                (in eating, drinking, dress, household, equipage),
          Extract: “Progress After Entire Sanctification” Ch.                       • if you discover after your profession of entire sanctification, things
          16                                                                       in your life inconsistent with Perfect Love and you are not willing to
          Arthur Zepp was part of the Holiness movement of the early 1900s.
                                                                                   acknowledge God’s revelation, humble yourself, confess and seek the
          Because he was a very modest individual, there is very little personal   efficacy of the blood;
                                                                                   • if you can’t easily, and gladly pray for your enemies;
                                                                                   • if you won’t forgive;
                                                                                   • if you hold up old scores;
4                                                                                                                                                      9
• if you can and wont pay your debts;                                         loves prominence        sarcastic,                  unkind,
• if you have ill-will, or hatred or malice, or evil-speaking;                and preeminence.        stirrer up of strife,       unholy,
• if you are stubborn and self-willed and will have your way or die;          He gets the pouts,      stingy,                     unpleasant,
• if you are unwilling to confess error;                                      praises self and        self assertive,             unfair,
• if you are fruitless -- “bear much fruit and so shall ye be my disciples”   parades his own per-    self justifying,            untidy,
-- if you never lead souls to pardon or sanctification or edification or        formances,              self pitying,               unreasonable,
blessing by your life and testimony and inspire, help and build them          has party spirit,       stubborn,                   unyielding (when
up; • if you rob God of tithes and offerings; if so radical you are not       (unduly) passionate,    sectarian,                  shown to be wrong),
tender; • if you never win souls for Jesus;                                   persecuting.            given to secrecy, spares    unforgiving, u n-
• if you have no confidence in the work of God done under other                                        in stead of judging         teachable,
methods than yours;                                                           Q...                    self,                       unhappy,
• if you have a pick at anybody and continually nag at them, if you           Quick tempered.         sensitive (over)            underhanded,
complain at your lot;                                                                                                             vain,
• if you are discontented;                                                    R...                    [ t h e re i s a p ro p e r vacillating,
• if you are content with present attainments and feel you are “it,” a        Reviles,                sensitiveness in sanc- variable.
paragon saint and wisdom will die with you;                                   rails,                  tifi- cation which is
                                                                                                      a sense of wounded-
• if you are proud of                                                         reveling,                                             W...
                                                                                                      ness at          injustice,
                 *attainments, *family,                                       resentful,                                            He worries,
                                                                                                      wrong, unfairness, etc.,
                 *wealth,        *adornment,                                  restless,               but which has no ‘get         is wretched,
                 * intellect,    *possessions,                                raspy,                  back at you’       element    wasteful,
                 *gifts,         *sermons;                                    respecter of persons,   in it. -- Author.]            whining,
• if you are unwilling to say, “I was mistaken” when you were                 rash,                                                 wrathful and
   mistaken;                                                                  reckons up evil,        Self satisfied,                (thinks it righteous),
• if you are surly; if you pout;                                              rebellious,             ‘swift to speak,              without peace,
• if you snub people;                                                         reprobate in mind.      slow to hear,                 without natural
• if you chastise the children in a fit of anger; if you “just can’t stand                             slanderous.
children”;                                                                    S...
• if you have respect of persons (ye commit sin) ;                            Shiftless,              T...
• if your happiness is centered in creatures, loved ones, possessions,        slovenly,               Talebearing,
heirlooms, etc., rather than in God; if you are jealous;                      shoddy,                 thinks too highly of
• if you have retaliatory anger -- [righteous anger does not retaliate] ;     sly,                    himself,
• if you lack self control and are excessive in the use of any faculty;       selfish,                 thrusts.
• if not interested in missions, home and foreign.                            sullen,
   Reader examine yourself by the foregoing                                   suspicious,             U...
                                                                              self-righteous,         Unbelieving (nothing
       sure evidences of a life that has                                      self-sufficient,         can be done)
        broken Fellowship with God!                                           self exalting,
8                                                                                                                                              5
foolish,              injurious,               gets miffed,
faint-hearted,        indifferent to right-    miserable,                 OLD MAN CHARACTERISTICS.
fanatical,            eousness, holiness,      money loving,                           EXAMINE YOURSELF
exalts faults instead others welfare and the   miserly,
of virtues.           truth;                   man-pleasing,                         BY THEM, AND SEE IF YOU
                      indecent,                moody,                                   ARE TRULY FILLED
G...                  impolite,                morose,
Gain-saying,          idolatrous,              man-fearing.
                                                                                        WITH CHRIST’S LIFE.
                                                                                           critical,     discontented,
giddy,                inhospitable,                                      A...                     conscience seared,        doggish,
gossipy,              ignorant of God,         N...                      Adulterous,              clamorous,                depreciative of others,
gluttonous,           inconsistent,            Nurses wrongs and         anxious,                 cringing, cross,          disrespectful,
greedy,               irritable,               troubles;                 avaricious,              comfort loving,           degenerate,
gain-loving,          indolent,                nagging,                  argumentative;           cold,                     dogmatic.
grudging,             irreverent,              niggardly,                he gets angry,           curious,
gloats over others’ impenitent,                news-loving and                                    cowardly,                 E...
failures.             imperious,               telling tales,            B...                     covetous,                 Envious,
                      immodest.                nasty,                    is bad,                  contentious for his own   “eyes full of adultery”,
H...                                           negligent.                boorish,                 way, will and views;      eye servant,
Hateful,              J...                                               blatant,                 crafty,                   extreme,
hater of good,        Jealous,                 O...                      a backbiter,             changeable,               given to exaggeration,
hasty,                jesting,                 Opinionated,              blind to God,            conceited,                extortionate,
harsh,                 judging.                glories in organiza-      blasphemous,             compromising.             enemy of God and His
high-minded,                                   tions (unduly).           bigoted and                                        truth.
high-handed,          L...                                               narrow regarding   D...
heady,                Lying,                   P...                      with condemnation  Deceitful,                      F...
heartless,            lazy,                    Peevish,                  all who are not in his
                                                                                            disobedient to God,             Formal,
hard,                 lecherous,               proud,                    own circle;        parents and rightful            fault-finding,
hypocritical,         loud,                    pedantic,                 he has the only “Simon
                                                                                            authority,                      frivolous,
haughty,              legal,                   provoking,                pure” work and fights
                                                                                            despairing,                     false,
heretical,            lover of preeminence.    provoked,                 all others.        given to discourage-            fighty,
hobby-rider.                                   prying (into others af-   He is boastful,    ment,                           furious,
                      M...                     fairs),                   bitter,            dishonest (does not             fierce,
I...                  Mean,                    partial,                  bargain loving;    pay debts),                     fashion-loving ex-
Impatient,            murmuring,               pleasure-loving,                             disbelieving,                   cess,
implacable,           murderous (hate is       prejudiced,               C...               disagreeable,                   fretful,
impetuous,            murder),                 a breaker of promises,    corrupt in speech, deceitful,                      flattering,
                      malicious,                                         curt,                                              fawning,
6   7

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