Sabot States 2009 NOR 1-2

                                           hosted by
             Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club Inc’ (SSCBC)
                                         on behalf of
              The Victorian Sabot Sailing Association Inc’
                            NOTICE OF RACE
The Victorian Sabot Sailing Association Inc. (VSSA) invites entries from the owners and
competitors of eligible Sabot dinghies to compete for the 2009 Victorian Sabot State Titles, which
will be held over the weekend of February 21 and 22.
The organising authority for this regatta is the Victorian Sabot Sailing Association Inc. (VSSA) in
conjunction with the SSCBC. The regatta will be conducted by SSCBC on behalf of the VSSA.
1.1. The regatta will be governed by the current International Sailing Federation’s (ISAF)
Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Australian National Sabot Class Rules, the
Prescriptions and Special Regulations of Yachting Australia (YA), this Notice of Race
(except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions), and by the Sailing
1.2. YA Special Regulations Part 2 (Off-the-Beach Boats) shall apply.
1.3. All competitors at all times while afloat shall wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) that
comply with a standard equivalent to those listed in Special Regulations Part 2, R1 (Personal
1.4 The Novice Divisions will race according to the Introductory Rules for Racing version 1.01 -
February 2008
2.1. The Regatta is classified as a Category C Event in accordance with RRS 79 and Appendix
1 Regulation 20 of the RRS.
2.2. Boats shall, if required by the Race Committee, display in locations specified, any logos,
pennants or promotional material as may be supplied.
3.1. This event is open to the Sabot class of dinghy competing one-up or two-up.
3.2. All helmspersons and crews in the Senior and Junior Division shall be current financial
members of the VSSA or other state Sabot Sailing Association. All entrants shall be a
member of an affiliated club through their MYA. All competitors shall comply with ISAF
Eligibility Rules (RRS Appendix 2 Regulation 21.1).
3.3. Eligible boats may enter on the Entry Form, which shall be lodged with the Race Secretary
of VSSA by 10 February 2009, at 16 Kirkwood Ave Sandringham VIC 3191
3.4. Late entries will be accepted up to 11.00am, 21 February 2009 accompanied by the appropriate
late fee – refer clause 4.3 below.
3.5. A copy of the entry form is available from the VSSA web site
3.6. Entries will be accepted in the following Divisions subject to receiving sufficient entries:
Division 1 - Senior
Division 2 - Junior – Crewed
Division 3 - Junior – One-up
Division 4 - Novice – Crewed
Division 5 - Novice – One-up
3.7. Crew and Age Limitations
Division 1 – Senior; sailors must sail 1up (i.e. single handed). The age limit is from the
sailing season in which the skipper has his/her 13th birthday until the sailing season in
which the skipper has his/her 16th birthday, both seasons inclusive. For the purposes of this
clause, “sailing season” is defined as 1st July 2008 to 31st June 2009.
Sailors have the option of sailing in Senior or Junior 1up/2up Crewed Divisions during the sailing
season in which they have their 12th birthday, but having sailed as a 1 up Senior can not return to
sailing as a Junior 1up or 2up.
Division 2 – Junior 2up; sailors must sail with both skipper and crew. The age
limit for both skipper and crew is up to and including the sailing season in which he/she
has his/her 12th birthday but having sailed as a 1 up Senior can not return to sailing as a Junior 1up
or 2up. For the purposes of this clause, “sailing season” is defined as 1st July 2008 to 31st June
2009. Forward hands are to sheet the boat at all times in the true spirit of fair sailing, except in the
interests of safety.
Division 3 – Junior 1up; sailors who would not be eligible to sail in the Senior Division because
of age limitations but who wish to sail as a one-up, may do so solely at the discretion of the
VSSA, and will be eligible for the Junior One-Up trophy. Acceptance of an entry in the
Junior One-Up will be determined by the VSSA and may be rejected for individual races
depending on experience of the entrant and the prevailing weather conditions for each heat.
Any junior who wishes to enter as a Junior One-Up must satisfy the ANSC criteria for a Junior as
per Division 2, 2up above, and clearly mark the Entry Form as Junior 1-Up.
Divisions 4 & 5 – The Novice Divisions are intended for crews who have not competed at
a State Championships in any Division before or whose ability still more appropriate for
this division. It is open to skippers in the one-up division 4 and skippers and crews in the
crewed division 5 regardless of age, who are members of an affiliated club’s training fleet,
who are recommended by their club’s VSSA Representative as being unsuitable for entry
to divisions 1, 2 or 3 and whose entry is approved by the VSSA committee at its discretion.
3.8. Change of Crew and Equipment
There shall be no change of crew or equipment without prior written permission from the
Race Committee.
3.9. Safety Inspection
All boats and competitors shall be subject to a safety inspection and will not be allowed to
compete unless the safety inspection is completed to the satisfaction of the Race

4.1. The Entry Fee for the regatta is $55 (including GST) for Senior, Junior Divisions and
Novice Divisions other than first-time Novices. An Entry Fee of $15 will apply to the crew
of a 2-up boat.
4.2. There is no entry fee for first-time Novices in either Novice division.
4.3. Entries received after 14th February 2009 will be subject to a late fee of $15.00 (inc.
4.4. All payments must be by cheque, bank draft or postal order and made payable to Victorian
Sabot Sailing Association Inc’ (in full please).
5.1. Registration and Measurement
Saturday 21st February, 2009 Registration & Measurement 0900-1200 hours
5.2. Competitors’ Meeting
Saturday 21st February, 2009 Information Session: time to be advised at registration.
5.3. Race Schedule & Presentation
Saturday 21st February, 2009 1300 hours Racing Commences
Sunday 22nd February, 2009 1000 hours Racing Commences
Sunday 22nd February 2009 ASAP after racing finishes: Presentation Ceremony
Resails will be scheduled at the discretion of the Race Committee, who will seek to use
favourable weather conditions to accelerate the race schedule where possible.
The racing program for the Novice Division will be determined at the commencement of
each day at the discretion of the Race Committee.
6.1. All competing yachts shall conform to the Australian National Sabot Council rules and by-
6.2. Competing boats shall be available for inspection or measurement by the VSSA Measurer
or his representative at any time during the Regatta.
6.3. Boats competing in the Novice Division will not require measurement but must pass a
safety inspection.
The Sailing Instructions will be available on the SSCBC website after February 14th 2009 and from
SSCBC during Registration.
8.1. The regatta will be held at SSCBC located at Sorrento foreshore, Victoria.
8.2. The racing area will be on the waters of Port Phillip Bay off SSCBC.
The format and courses to be sailed will be detailed in the Sailing Instructions.
The Novice Divisions will sail on a separate course from that used by the Championship Divisions.
10.1. The Low Points Scoring System specified in Appendix A will apply as modified here or in
the Sailing Instructions.
10.2. Two races shall be completed to constitute a series.
10.3. If fewer than four races are completed, each boat’s series score shall be the total of her race
scores without discard. If four or more races are completed, her worst single score may be
11.1. All support boats are to register prior to the first session.
11.2 Team leaders, coaches, and other support personnel shall not be in the racing area from the
time of the preparatory signal for the orange flag being displayed in the Race Committee vessel first
fleet to start until all boats have finished or the Race Committee signals a postponement, general
recall or abandonment, except in the case of an emergency. The penalty for failing to comply with
this requirement may be disqualification of all boats associated with the support personnel who do
11.3 The racing area is defined as within 100 metres from a competitor racing or a mark of the
11.4 Coach boats may be asked by Race Committee to assist with rescue, and then will act as
rescue boats.
A boat shall neither make radio transmissions whilst racing nor receive communications not
available to all boats for the purpose of obtaining outside assistance. This requirement also
applies to mobile telephone communications.
Trophies and prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the VSSA, and may include, but not be
limited to, the following:
Senior Division First, second and third overall, scratch
Junior Division – Crewed First, second and third overall, scratch
Junior Division – One Up First overall, scratch
Club Teams – Senior Best three finishers in Senior Division
Club Teams – Junior Best three finishers in Junior Division
Club Teams – Overall All competitors excluding Novices
All those taking part in the Events do so at their own risk and responsibility and are responsible
for the seaworthiness of a boat whose entry is accepted and for the sufficiency and adequacy of its
equipment. Neither the VSSA, SSCBC, their officers, members, servants, agents and volunteers
shall accept liability or responsibility whatsoever for death or any personal or material damage
sustained by participants before, during or after the event. It is the competitor's decision to enter the
Events or to start and continue in any race. Competitors shall accept that their participation in the
Events is at their exclusive risk in every respect. By way of entry in the Events, competitors shall
indemnify the VSSA and SSCBC, their officers, members, servants, agents and volunteers in
respect to all claims and demands of whatever nature which may be made upon them in connection
with or howsoever arising from their participation or intended participation in the Regatta.
This Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions in no way limit or reduce the complete and
unlimited responsibilities of a competitor for the management and care of a boat she or he may be
sailing in the Regatta.
Each participating boat shall have third party insurance cover of not less than $AUD5,000,000
(recommend $AUD5,000,000 or equivalent thereof in any other currency) for any event, accident
or the equivalent. All owners/competitors who sign an Entry Form are deemed to have made a
declaration that they hold such cover. Owners/competitors not holding this cover shall withdraw
their entry.
Victorian Sabot Sailing Association Inc.
Mario Kalpokas
Phone: 0409 662389

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