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									  RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol                                                           1 Day (7 hours) $85.00

Approved by Casino Liquor and Gaming Control Authority (CLGCA)
Understand YOUR responsibility - Mandatory for all liquor serving staff to have a CLGCA Approved RSA Certificate
Course Module: SITHFAB009A

Responsible Service of Alcohol is about providing strategies for all levels of the liquor service industry to minimise the harm associated
with the misuse and abuse of alcohol by any person. This training program approved by the Casino Liquor and Gaming Control
Authority has been designed for use by licensed premises staff, it provides guidelines to encourage a professional approach with
responsible practices and procedures in relation to the serving of alcoholic products.

  RCG Responsible Conduct of Gambling CLGCA Approved                                            1 Day (7 hours) $85.00

Approved by Casino Liquor and Gaming Control Authority (CLGCA)
Know the law Course Module: SITHGAM006A
Responsible Conduct of Gambling is a MANDATORY training program designed for hoteliers, secretary managers and staff of
hotels and registered clubs in NSW with gaming machines. The guidelines contained in this program aim to encourage a
responsible, caring and professional approach to gambling. This training program includes: The Law, Strategies to ensure that
gambling is conducted responsibly, and identifies the risks associated with gambling.

  Bar Skills                                                                                     1 Day (6 hours) $125.00

You must have an RSA and be 18+
All essential skills to work in a bar or other licensed premises.

Delivered in conjunction with the Bowlers Club of NSW. Learn how to control cash, credit card transactions, use POS, pour
beers, make mixed drinks and cocktails, deal with difficult customers and implement RSA strategies, plus much more… Get the
skills you need to get that bar job 1 day!

  Coffee Culture                                                                                  1 Day (6 hours) $195.00

Barista Training
Barista Training & Coffee Art– Best Value – No experience necessary – For coffee lovers

Based on today’s demanding coffee society this course will empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to deliver a high quality
coffee. Get that barista job!
Have fun making coffee! – Certificates issued on the day!

  Licensee Modules - Liquor Act Module                                                         1 Day (6 hours) $300.00

Restaurateurs, night club, caterers, motel operators, functions and vessels
Course Module: Liquor Act 2007

The Liquor Act 2008 requires applicants for the above licenses to complete a Casino Liquor and Gaming Control Authority approved
Licensee course. These courses provide potential liquor license holders with an understanding of their relevant trading entitlements, the
scope of the State’s liquor laws and the disciplinary provisions for non-compliance.
NOTE: to register for this course you must contact our licensee consultant on 8002 0276.

  Greencard Workcover Approved                                                                 1 Day (6 hours) $110.00

STAY SAFE Course Module: OHS
Course Module: OHS
                   Greencard Workcover Approved                              1 Day (6 hours) $110.00
To work on a building site in New South Wales it is a requirement that everyone holds a current Occupational Health Safety
Certificate or ‘Green Card’, as it is known in the industry. Topics include: Emergencies and injury management, OH&S
responsibilities in the workplace, identification, assessment and control of hazards, overview of industry legislation.
                   Greencard Workcover Approved                              1 Day (6 hours) $110.00
  Hygiene for food handlers                                                                        1 Day (6 hours) $95.00

Nationally recognised under AQTF & VETAB (NSW)
Course Module: SITHXOHS002A
Follow Workplace Greencard Workcover Approved
                 Hygiene Procedures                                          1 Day (6 hours) $110.00

Topic Include: Hygiene Laws and Regulations, Cleaning & Sanitations, Personal & Environment Hygiene, Pest Control, Problem
Identification, Hygiene Practices & Relevant Legislation plus more…
                   Greencard Workcover Approved                          1 Day (6 hours) $110.00

  Traffic control RTA Approved                                                                    1 Day (7 hours) $165.00

You must have completed an Occupational Health and Safety Course (Green Card) before attending this course
Course Module: RTA

To work as a Traffic Controller in NSW it is a requirement that everyone holds a current Traffic Controllers Photo ID.
This one day course is a simple and effective method in training staff that are required to use a STOP / SLOW sign.
This course meets the work activity requirements of the NSW Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and RTA requirements.

  First Aid                                                                                       1 Day (7 hours) 125.00

Course Module: HLTFA301B

Topics Include: The principals of First Aid, D.R.A.B.C Action Plan, Casualty Assessment, Cardio-Pulmonary-Resuscitation, Fractures and
Dislocations, Fainting and unconsciousness, Head, Chest and Spinal Injuries, Burns and Scalds, Electrocution, Bandaging Techniques,
Bites and Stings, Fits and seizures, Poisoning, Bleeding, and Soft Tissue Injuries. Please note: A workbook must be completed before
attending this course which is available on enrolment. This One day course conforms to the Policy Statements of the Australian Resuscitation

  Wait Staff Skills                                                                               1 Day (7 hours) $125.00

Serve Food & Beverage to Customers
Course Module: SITHFAB003A

Providing quality food and beverage service to customers is key to ensuring a successful business. You are an important part in
making sure the customer experience is memorable and brings the customer back again and again.

This one day course focuses on table service of food and beverage which is provided in a number of hospitality industry enterprises
including: restaurants, dining rooms, functions and catering outlets, and some cafes. It reflects the role of a waiter or food and beverage
attendant and may apply to different styles of service.

  Green Skills For Business Sustainability (Environmental)                                        5 Days( 7 hours each ) $985.00

Management Workshop Series – 5 day Workshop
Course Module: BSBSUS501A

This series of workshops run one day for 5 weeks. These workshops for Directors, Managers & Supervisors apply the knowledge, processes
and techniques necessary for implementing Environmental policy into your business. The workshop will explain ROI for Green Skill initiatives.
Participants will help their company save on waste and cost and minimize environmental impact through Recycling, waste management and
development of environmentally focused techniques.
This is an excellent stepping stone for those undertaking ISO14001 accreditation.

This workshop is mapped to the Diploma of Business unit of competency Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures fr sustainability

Delivered in conjunction with Learning Sphere.
    Green Skills for Sustainability In the Workplace                                                                      1 Day ( 7 hours) $185.00
                                                                                                         1 Day (7 hours) $125.00
 1 Day Workshop
 Course Module: BSBSUS201A

 This will assist employees to understand the concept of sustainability. It will help them identify existing programs for use in their
 workplace whilst developing strategies for the monitoring and review.

 Mapped to Certificate II in Business UOC (BSBSUS201A).

 Course delivered in conjunction with Learning Sphere.

    Training Sensations                                                                          1 Day ( 6 hours) $275.00
                                                                               1 Day (7 hours) $125.00 gap between understanding the theory
 Training Sensations takes up from where the TAA (Cert IV Training & Assessment) left off and fills the
 and influences on training packages to fully utilising this knowledge in the classroom or workplace by engaging the learners and maintaining
 their interest.

 Training sensations covers critical areas such as ;

               -      The learning environment                           -     Team Learning and co-operation
               -      Improvement and results                                       - Suggestion/De-Suggestion
               -      Engaging your learners                                        - Positive Emotional Experiences
               -      Using the senses in training                                 - Telling a good story
               -      Four “C’s”                                                   - The role of music and the arts
               -      Learning Styles                                              - Training Games Including the good, the bad and the ugly
               -      Multiple Intelligences

  Home Assessor Course                                                                        5 Days ( 7 hours) $1500.00
                                                                1 Day (7 hours) $125.00
To ensure Green Loans Home Sustainability Assessments are of a consistent high standard and are positive experiences for households, the
Australian Government has set up a new training and registration scheme for Home Sustainability Assessors who wish to undertake assessments
for the Program.

This independent assessment can be conducted by a qualified expert assessor who will provide advice from the smallest behaviour change to
major investments such as a solar hot water system or photovoltaic panels.

To become an Assessor you must be accredited with an Assessor Accrediting Organisation such as Hostec. This will enable Assessors to
conduct standardised Home Sustainability Assessments for the Australian Government

Accredited Assessors will be contracted by the Australian Government to provide the service and will be remunerated for each assessment
completed as per guidelines. Assessors will receive between $150 & $200 per completed assessment.

Federal criminal record checks will be required.
Failure to attend one or more sessions will not entitle you to join another session; conditions apply.

 Package Deals
 Book and Pay for 2 or 3 courses at the same time and take advantage of significant savings.
 2 courses save $20
 3 courses save $35
 That means book and pay for RSA and RCG and pay only $150!
 Hostec also offers employment opportunities through a network of industry supporters.

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