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					Evergreen Interactive

  “Like Indeed Meets Jigsaw and Twitter”

                                 Brendan Delaney
                                 (914) 595-6002
                                 April 5, 2010

Q: What do we do?
A: We use proprietary technology to harvest custom-targeted sales leads
from online job boards. Each lead includes hiring manager contact info that
is guaranteed to be accurate.

Q: Who are our customers?
A: Staffing agencies and recruiters. Many staffing professionals use online
job boards to prospect for new business. This is tedious, menial work that
becomes increasingly inefficient with each new search.

Q: What value do we provide?
A: We shorten the sales cycle by providing sales leads that allow our clients
to focus on closing new business, instead of searching for prospects. So they
close more new business in less time.

                                                         Evergreen Interactive
                               The Team

  Brendan Delaney              Kendall Waldock                  Morgan Wood
 Founder & President           Candidate Search                    Sales

    Versatile and driven         Over 12 years of          Thrives on the “thrill of the
             ---                     recruiting                        hunt”
 Internet industry veteran           experience                        ---
   (iWon, Excite,,              ---                 Makes over 150 calls per
     Valueclick, Interclick)   An expert at sourcing                    day
             ---                  candidates online                    ---
Founded company in 2005                 ---                Closed 50% of the sales to
             ---                 Juris Doctorate                        date
Developed core technology          Labor Relations                     ---
             ---                   University of Florida         A true believer
Has launched over 20 online                                     Commission only
          job boards                                           Works from home

                                                                 Evergreen Interactive
                Colleagues who continue to advise and inspire

    Tim Ogilvie              Matt Friedland                 Matt Fix
   CEO, AdBuyer             SVP, Screenvision          Vodaphone Ventures

                              Brendan’s boss at          Brendan’s client at
A colleague of Brendan’s
                               Interactive Search              Interclick
  from Interactive Search
                                    Holdings                     ---
                                      ---             Advises on raising capital
                             His keen insight and                ---
Former VP of Biz Dev for
                                piercing intellect      Investor in Amobee,
                                    have been             Caringo, Evolution
                                   invaluable              Robotics, Perfecto
   comparison shopping
                                      ---                   Mobile and OBS
                              Entrepreneurial.                  Medical.
                             Creator of the BBQ                  ---
An excellent resource for
                               Sauce of the Month     Exits: Snap-in (acquired
      funding advice and
                               Club, which he sold       by Nuance), dotMobi
    business development
                                     in 2004             (acquired by Afilias).
                                                           Evergreen Interactive
                               The Market
               Staffing Agencies Use Job Boards as Prospecting Tools

Many staffing agencies use online job boards to prospect for new business.
  This offers them three distinct advantages:

1. Allows them to “Fish Where the Fish Are”: They can focus their
   sales effort on companies that, by posting online, are saying, “I have a
   need for a service that you can provide. I have spent money advertising
   that need. This makes me a good prospect”

2. Very Good Targeting: They can perform searches based on geographic
   area, job title, job function, job description, and salary level

3. Focus on “Growth Mode” Companies: Companies posting jobs
   online are likely to be healthy, vibrant, growing companies more likely to
   pull the trigger on a sale.

                                                             Evergreen Interactive
                            The Problem
                              Diminishing Returns

Searching job boards manually is a
   frustrating process. The more
   they’re searched, the less they yield.
   With each new search, an increasing
   amount of unusable leads are

   This includes:                         The more they search, the less
     • Duplicate job postings                       they find
     • Duplicate companies
     • Companies the agency has ruled out
     • Companies the agency already
       works with
     • Staffing agency postings
     • Recruiter postings
                                                       Evergreen Interactive
                                  Our Solution
                We provide valid leads, and eliminate diminishing returns

 (our in-house, proprietary technology)       (purchased online)

                                                  Validated              Sales Leads
                   +      Sophisticated
                                               Hiring Manager
                                                                          That Get

1.   Custom leads focused on that agency’s target market

2. Sophisticated filters that eliminate unusable data

3. Hiring manager contact info which is added to each lead

4. Guaranteed lead accuracy

                                                                   Evergreen Interactive
               Hiring Manager Contact Info
                             Accuracy Guaranteed

We use NetProspex to Gain Access to Over 9 Million Verified Business
For each lead, we provide hiring manager contact info
consisting of:

    •   Full name and job title
    •   Office phone and direct line (when available)
    •   Email address
    •   Company full postal address

NetProspex verifies the contact info and offers a 100%
replacement guarantee, which we pass on to our customers

                                                           Evergreen Interactive
              How We Provide Full Contact Info for Our Sales Leads

          Create 1 file with all Job                             Output 2A
Part 1    Postings
                                                              1st output file
                                                              contains Job
         Remove Unusable Leads                                Postings merged
                                                              with contacts
 Plug company URLs into                                       from NetProspex
 Netprospex to get hiring manager
                                                                 Output 2B
                                                              2nd output file
                                                              contains any new
                                                              jobs posted for
                                                              leads bought
                                                              earlier by that

                                                           Evergreen Interactive
                    The Beauty of Output 2B
                            It keeps them coming back

Even if the client stops purchasing our leads, their 2B feed continues forever

 1. It’s like Twitter – Except our clients follow companies and their jobs
    instead of people and their tweets
 2. Provides ongoing residual value to leads purchased
 3. Incentivises client to purchase more leads
 4. Gives us a reason to message clients regularly
 5. Branding
 6. Fosters goodwill and builds relationships.

                                                          Evergreen Interactive
                      The Staffing Industry
                                In Need of Help

                                                        Source: American Staffing Association

1.   $61.4 billion in sales in 2009
         • $53.5 billion from temporary and contract staffing
         • $7.9 billion in search and permanent placement services.

2. Consists of 6,000 firms that have been in business a year or more.
      • Those companies operate approximately 20,000 offices

3. Overall activity in 2009 and 2010 is well below that of previous years.



                                                          Evergreen Interactive

1. Google Adwords & Banner advertising – optimized by conversions

2. Facebook & LinkedIn – target staffing professionals

3. Email Campaigns – Rent lists from staffing organizations like

4. Attend trade shows

5. Public relations

6. Launch new company website

                                                     Evergreen Interactive

1. Overhaul search and filtering technology
    • Include redundant systems
    • Build new database

2. Create CRM-like platform where users can login to keep track of leads
   and 2B updates (See Demandbase)

3. Hire key personnel:
    • 1 Marketing & Sales person.
    • 2 additional in-house salespeople
    • 2 Account Manager
    • 1 Bookkeeper/Office Manager

4. Bring on 20 work-from-home, commission-only salespeople to sell
   candidate search services

                                                       Evergreen Interactive
                             Business Model
                              How do we make money?

1.   Selling Sales Leads to Staffing Agencies and Recruiters
     •   Cost of goods sold: $2.00 per lead
     •   Retail sale price: $5.00 per lead
     •   Minimum order: 200 leads
         Markup: 150%
     •   Paying Customers to date: 9
         Customers in pipeline: 25
     •   Note: Our lead harvesting business opens doors with agencies, providing us
         with additional revenue opportunities

2. Candidate Search/Sourcing
     •   One of the most frequent questions we get is “Do you do candidates too”?
     •   Paying customers to date: 1
     •   Retail price: varies based on scope of project
     •   Markup: 150%
     •   Note: We will build out a commission-only, work from home sales team
         that will use our leads to sell our candidate search/sourcing services
                                                              Evergreen Interactive
    We haven’t found anyone doing exactly what we do, but here are some that come close

Broadlook Technologies: Our primary competition. Offers a “soup to nuts”
  self-serve lead harvesting software. Primary benefit is low cost. Downsides
  include users having to install and learn a new software platform and mediocre
  lead quality. See

Hoovers: Provides lead contact info. Quality is relatively good. Also shows jobs
  posted by those companies. They don’t provide searches on job postings
  though, only on companies (then they provide job postings for that company).

Wanted Technologies: Good reporting and analysis. Offers research on job
  postings. Charges on a per market basis. Expensive. I don’t know of anyone
  who uses them. I think they focus on selling to newspapers. See

Secondary Competitors: Any company that provides sales leads, including
   InfoUSA, JigSaw, Leads411, DemandBase, and NetProspex

                                                                  Evergreen Interactive
Sales Pipeline

                 Evergreen Interactive
                Our Clients
Actual Living Customers Who Have Paid for Our Leads

                                           Evergreen Interactive
                                         The Backstory
                                     How we got from there to here

The year is 2005. An ambitious 30-something working at Ask Jeeves cashes in his chips to strike out on
his own. He starts his own company and launches That job board would one day grow
to become the single largest online job board in all of Westchester County. He doesn’t let it go to his head.

He sees the need for an effective technology that will create a database of companies that are posting jobs
online. This will allow him to better target his sales and marketing efforts. There is no technology on the
market with this capability. So he creates one.

With numerous revisions, his technology evolves and contributes greatly to his growing business. He goes on
to launch over 20 online job boards, including,,, and

By 2009, the job board space is saturated. Hiring is down, as are the number of job postings that provide
revenue for his company. These challenges show him another sector of the economy that is struggling. He
realizes that his technology can be re-purposed to provide sales leads to staffing agencies and recruiters. This
will allow them to thrive and prosper in a challenging business environment.

He sets out on his new mission. He builds a team. They land some clients. They have revenue, and they see
greater opportunities. His perseverance is paying off.

He takes it to the next level.

                                                                                   Evergreen Interactive
Thank You

Evergreen Interactive LLC
 Office: (914) 595-6002
  Fax: (917) 210-3406

                            Evergreen Interactive

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