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					                                Macarthur/Bowral Library Service

                 Resource List: Anatomy and Physiology

This list contains print and electronic resources available from either the Macarthur Clinical Library –
Campbelltown or the Michael Khoo Library – Bowral.

Reference books and Journals may not be borrowed; however photocopying services are available at both sites. Other
resources maybe borrowed for a two or three week loan period.

Staff may borrow from either library site in person with their Library Card or by completing the relevant interactive form
located on the Library Intranet site.

If you are not registered with the Library please ring 4634 – 3944 to have a registration form emailed or faxed to you.

For enquires or to borrow any of these resources please contact either library:

     Macarthur Clinical Library                                               Michael Khoo Library
     8.30am – 5.00pm (Mon-Thurs)                                              9.30am – 3.30pm (Thursdays)
     8.00am – 4.30pm (Fri)
     Ph: 4634 – 3944                                                          Ph: 4861 – 0214
                                          Fax: 4634 – 3940

C – Held at Campbelltown                                                                    B – Held at Bowral

BOOKS                                                                                              REF – Not for Loan
Anderson: Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy; 8th ed.
USA” 1983                                                                                             QS 17/ 10        B
Anthony: Textbook of anatomy & physiology. 9th ed.
USA: 1975.                                                                                            WS 4/9           C
Basmajian: Grant’s Method of Anatomy; 10th ed                                                                          B
USA: 1980                                                                                             QS 4/ 40 c.2
Blunt: Multiple choice questions in anatomy & neurobiology for undergraduates.
UK: 1979.                                                                                             QS 4/10          C
Chewning: Anatomy illustrated.
USA: 1979.                                                                                            QS 11.1/1        C
Cohen: Memmler’s The Human body in health & disease. 9th ed.
USA: 2000.                                                                                            QT 200/1a        C
Crouch: Functional human anatomy. 3rd ed.
USA: 1978.                                                                                            QS 4/18          C
Field: Field’s Lower limb anatomy, palpation & surface markings.
UK: 2008.                                                                                             WE 890/7         C
Ganong: Review of Medical Physiology; 18th ed.
USA: 1997.                                                                                            QT 104/ 8        B
Grant’s Method of anatomy: by regions, descriptive & deductive.
USA: 1980.                                                                                            QS 4/40          C
Gray: Gray’s Anatomy. 35th ed.
UK: 1973.                                                                                             QS 4/2           C
Gray: Gray’s Anatomy. 37th ed.
UK: 1989.                                                                                             QS 4/37          C
Junquiera: Basic histology: text and atlas. 10th ed. (BK.+CD-ROM)                                                      B
USA: 2003.                                                                                            QS 504/5         C
Guyton: Textbook of Medical Physiology: 8th ed.
USA: 1991                                                                                             QT 104/10        B
Lazaroff: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Anatomy & Physiology.
USA: 2004.                                                                                            QS 4/43          B

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McMinn: A Colour atlas of human anatomy.
London: 1977.                                                                                 QS 17/8      C
Marieb: Essentials of human anatomy & physiology. 7th ed.                                                  B
USA: 2002.                                                                                    QS 4/41      C
Marieb: Human Anatomy & Physiology. 5th ed.
USA: 2001. (BK + CD-ROM)                                                                      QS 4./1      B
Martini: Fundamentals of anatomy & physiology. 2nd ed.
USA: 1989.                                                                                    QS 4/38      C
Memmler: The Human body in health & disease. 7th ed.
USA: 1992.                                                                                    QT 200/1     C
Moore: Clinically Oriented Anatomy; 2nd ed.
USA: 1985                                                                                     QS 4/ 12     B
Moore: Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 6th ed.
USA: 2009.                                                                                    QS 4/5b      C
Moore: The Developing Human; 3rd ed.                                                          QS 604/2a
USA: 1982                                                                                     c.2          B
Moore: The Developing Human; 2nd ed                                                           QS 604/2
USA: 1977                                                                                     c.2          B
Olds: A Colour atlas of Microbiology
Holland: 1975                                                                                 QW17/ 1      B
Riddle: Anatomy & physiology applied to nursing. 6th ed.
Scotland: 1977.                                                                               QS 4/3       C
Rohen: Color atlas of anatomy: a photographic study of the human body. 2nd ed.                             B
USA:1988.                                                                                     QS 17/9      C
Rohen: Color atlas of anatomy: a photographic study of the human body. 4th ed.                             B
USA: 1998.                                                                                    QS 17/24     C
Seeley: Anatomy and physiology.
USA: 1989.                                                                                    QT 104/8     C
Shahid: Crash Course: Physiology.
USA: 2008.                                                                                    QT 18/4      B
Sherwood: Human Physiology: from cells to systems. 3rd ed.
USA: 1997                                                                                     QT 104/11    B
Sherwood: Learning Resource to accompany Human Physiology: from cells to systems. 3rd ed.
USA: 1997                                                                                     QT 104/12    B
Snell: Clinical anatomy for medical students.
USA: 2003.                                                                                    QS 4/42      C
Spence: Human anatomy and physiology. 2nd ed.
USA: 1983.                                                                                    QS 4/4       C
Tortora: Atlas of the human skeleton.
USA: 1996.                                                                                    WE 101/1     C
Tortora: Atlas of the human skeleton. 2nd ed.                                                              B
USA: 2000.                                                                                    WE 101/1a    C
Tortora: Microbiology; 3rd ed.
USA: 1989                                                                                     QW 28b c.2   B
Tortora: Principles of anatomy & physiology. 2nd ed.
USA: 1981.                                                                                    QS 4/39      C
Tortora: Principles of anatomy & physiology. 4th ed.
USA: 1984.                                                                                    QS 4/6       C
Tortora: Principles of anatomy & physiology. 8th ed.
USA: 1996.                                                                                    QS 4/8       C
Tortora: Principles of anatomy & physiology. 9th ed.
USA: 2000.                                                                                    QS 4/11      B
Tortora: Principles of anatomy & physiology. 11th ed.                                         WE 101/1c
USA: 2006.                                                                                    C. 2         C
Wheater: Wheater’s Functional histology. 2nd ed.
UK: 1987.                                                                                     QS 504/4     C
Wheater: Wheater’s Functional histology. 4th ed. (BK.+CD-ROM)
UK: 2000.                                                                                     QS 517/1a    C
REFERENCE                                                                                   REF – Not for Loan
Anatomica: the complete home medical reference.                                             REF
NSW: 2000.                                                                                  QS 4/44        C
Gray’s Anatomy: the anatomical basis of medicine & surgery. 38th ed.                        REF            B
                                                  April 2009                                                   2
                                       “Information is the Best Medicine”
Scotland: 1995.                                                                                  QS 7/37a           C
Drake: Gray’s Anatomy for students.                                                              REF
USA: 2005.                                                                                       QS 4/42            C
Junquiera: Basic histology. 11th ed.                                                             REF
USA: 2005.                                                                                       QS 517/2           C
Last’s anatomy: regional and applied. 10th ed.                                                   REF                B
Edinburgh: 1999.                                                                                 QS 4/12            C
McMinn: A colour atlas of human anatomy.                                                         REF
London: 1988.                                                                                    QS 17/2            C
Marieb: Human anatomy and physiology. 5th ed.                                                    REF
USA: 2001.                                                                                       QS 4/1a            C
Moore: Clinically orientated anatomy. 5th ed.                                                    REF
USA: 2005. (BK.+CD-ROM)                                                                          QS 4/5a            C
Netter: Atlas of human anatomy. 3rd ed.                                                          REF
USA: 2003.                                                                                       QS 17/6            C
Rhoades: Human physiology. 4th ed.                                                               REF
USA: 2004.                                                                                       QT 104/25          C
Rohen: Color atlas of anatomy. 6th ed.                                                           REF
USA: 2006.                                                                                       QS 7/24a           C
Seeley: Anatomy & Physiology. 7th ed.                                                            REF
USA: 2006                                                                                        QT 104/8a          C
Sinnatamby: Last’s Anatomy. 11th ed.                                                             REF
UK: 2006.                                                                                        QS 4/12a           C
Tortora: Principles of anatomy & physiology. 10th ed.                                            REF
USA: 2003.                                                                                       WE 101/1b          B
Tortora: Principles of anatomy & physiology. 11th ed.                                            REF
USA: 2006.                                                                                       WE 101/1c          C
Young: Wheater’s Functional histology. 5th ed.                                                   Ref
USA: 2006.                                                                                       QS 517/1b          C

Electronic Databases - Clinical Information Access Program (CIAP)
CIAP is available through the intranet at any PC throughout SSWAHS. Ring 4634 – 3944 for the login and password.
Training sessions on how to use the CIAP resources are available in the library or at your workplace as a team training
session – ring the library for enquiries or bookings
TITLE                                                                                          HOLDINGS
Acta Physiologica Scandinavica                                                                 1996 –
Advances in Anatomic Pathology                                                                 2001 –
Anatomical Science International                                                               2002 –
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology                                          1996 –
Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging                                                     2001 –
Journal of Anatomy                                                                             2002 -
Journal of Clinical Investigation                                                              1993 - 2002
Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology                                                            1996 –

CIAP also has the Medical Journal of Australia, BMJ, JAMA & the New England Journal of Medicine available online.

Textbooks: Stat!Ref & Books@Ovid
Handbook of Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-base Imbalances, Kee, 2nd ed, 2004
Review of Medical Physiology, Ganong, 22nd ed, 2005

Basic Histology Text & Atlas, Junqueira, 11th ed, 2005
Gastrointestinal Physiology, Barrett, 2006
Cardiovascular Physiology, Mohrman, 6th ed, 2006
Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, 27th ed, 2006
Histology Image Review, Wilson, 1997

Pocket Guide to Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance, Heitz, 2005
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MD CONSULT: Practice Guidelines
Association of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology

Electronic Databases - ProQuest (Health & Medical Database)
This database is available through any library PC or if you have internet access at your workstation ring 4634 – 3944 to
register for a login and password
TITLE                                                                                          HOLDINGS
Anatomical Science International                                                               2005 - Abstracts
Anatomy and Embryology                                                                         2002 -
Annual Review of Physiology                                                                    1998 –
Canadian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology                                                  1998 –
Histochemistry and Cell Biology                                                                2003 -
Human Biology                                                                                  1994 -
Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine                                                     2005 -
The Journal of General Physiology                                                              1992–2002 Abstracts
Nature Reviews. Molecular Cell Biology                                                         2005 -
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology                                                          2005 -
Neurophysiology                                                                                2000 -
Neuroscience and Behavorial Physiology                                                         2000 –
Physiological Research                                                                         2005 -

Internet Sites on Anatomy and Physiology

The library staff have found these sites useful on this topic. If you do not have internet access at work the Clinical
Library at Campbelltown has nine PCs available Mon-Thur 8.30am – 5.00pm & Fri 8.00am – 4.30pm.

Human Anatomy Online                                          Virtual Hospital: Anatomy                                   

The Visible Human Project                                     The Virtual Body 

Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body                              MedlinePlus: Anatomy                                

Whole Brain Atlas                                             WebAnatomy                

HON Media/Health on the Net                                   MedPix: Medical Image Database                         

Internet Resources for Anatomy (Uni. S.A.)                    Radiology Education – Anatomy Textbooks

Medical Images and Illustrations (Karolinska)                 Textbook in Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology                                  www.mfi.ku/dk/ppaulev/content.htm

Images MD: Online Encyclopedia of Medical Images              All Refer Health: Pictures and Images                       

Medslides: Medical Slides                                     Findlaw: Medical Demonstrative Evidence                                   

Anatomy Atlases                                               Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation                              

Get Body Smart – Online Human Anatomy
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