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									Fish Genomics in Canada

       Christian Burks
Fish Genomics in Canada

• Ontario Genomics Institute
• Fish Genomics

                               Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 2
From Central Dogma to Discovery Platforms

                     genes                proteins
holistic, high-throughput & systematic approaches to building resources

                   genomics            proteomics

                                                      Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 3
Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI)

Building a globally-competitive life sciences industry in Ontario
  • Fund top tier science & technology
  • Fund best organized projects
  • Facilitate & precipitate commercialization
  • Focus on societal outcomes
  • 50% co-funding requirement (international collaborations count)

                                                 Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 4
OGI R&D Project Portfolio

• $320M portfolio of 24 projects to date led by Ontario scientists
• $3M - $30M per program ($10M average)
• human health, tech development, agriculture, forestry & environment
• examine associated impact: ethics, environment, economic, legal & social
• 2 “platform” projects: proteomics (PTCF) and genomics (GRC)

                                                         Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 5
International Programs
Structural Genomics Consortium
   • Led by Aled Edwards @ University of Toronto
   • Detailed three-dimensional structure of 350 proteins (starting point for drug discovery)
   • $115M
   • ICI: work being done in and funded by Canada, United Kingdom & Sweden

Segmented DNA Duplications
   •   Ontario work led by Steve Scherer @ Hospital for Sick Children
   •   Duplicated DNA in neurodevelopmental-diseases and evolution
   •   $6M
   •   work being done in and funded by Canada & Spain (Genoma España)

International Regulome Consortium (in planning & development)
   • Led by Michael Rudnicki @ Ottawa Health Research Institute
   • map the mechanisms and networks that control the genes that comprise the genome
   • $$$ to be determined …. ultimately, $50M - $100M; program development funds from MEDT
   • potential ICI: Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, UK & USA

                                                                      Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 6
Fish Genomics in Canada

• Ontario Genomics Institute
• Fish Genomics

                               Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 7
Atlantic Salmon Genomics
Leads:           Willie Davidson (Simon Fraser U.) &
                 Ben Koop (U. Victoria)

Collaboration:   Bjorn Hoyheim (Norwegian School of Veterinary Science)

                 Sharing BAC libraries, ESTs, QTL markers, etc.

Funding:         $6M (Genome Canada & others) & $6M (Norway)

Focus:           Integrate genetic and physical maps

                 Identify genes ( > 16,000)
                  linked to disease, stress, growth, and development
                  use variation for identifying conservation units

                 Characterize gene regions relevant to aquaculture
                  immune system genes
                  stress and disease
                  sex determination

                                                         Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 8
Aquaculture Disease Management
Lead:         Laura Brown (NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences)

Consortium:      NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences, Halifax
                 NRC Institute for Biological Sciences, Ottawa
                 Dalhousie University, Department of Microbiology
                 Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Funding:      $9M (NRC’s Genomics and Health Initiative & others)

Focus:        genomics, proteomics & metabolomics
               to produce vaccines & vaccine delivery systems
                     for Aeromonas salmonicida
               to understand the effects of husbandry stressors
                     on vaccine efficacy

                                               Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 9
Flatfish Genomics
Leads:        Susan Douglas (NRC IMB, Canada) &
              Joan Cerda Luque (IRTA, Spain)

Consortium:   Genome Canada (NRC IMB, Dep’t of Fisheries and
              Oceans, Scotian Halibut Ltd.)

              Genoma España (Nine academic & government
              organizations, Oryzon Genomics)

Funding:      $5M ($2M from Genome Canada)

Focus:        Large-scale genomics and proteomics approaches
              to enhance the commercial culture of Atlantic
              Halibut and Senegal Sole.

               gene sequencing
               expression arrays
               genetic linkage maps

                                             Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 10
Zebrafish Functional Genomics
Lead:      Marc Ekker (CAREG, U. Ottawa)

Funding:   CIHR, NSERC

Focus:     environment --
            impact of environmental stressors on
                   genome expressivity
            identification of novel biomarkers

           human health --
            screens for novel mutations
            model Parkinson’s disease, heart arrhythmia &
                  sexual differentiation
            reporter transgenic zebrafish for functional

                                              Fish Barcode Workshop, 7 June ‘05, page 11
Ontario Genomics Institute

       Christian Burks

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