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					   Southern Lakes Communities for Children (C4C) Newsletter No.11
  Welcome to the Winter edition of the Communities for Children Newsletter. I have been thinking a lot about the emotional support
  we offer new parents, especially in the first few weeks after birth when they are feeling really vulnerable. What I’m hearing new
  parents say to me is “I’m really trying to do a good job with my baby” I’m not sure if I’m doing“ things right” and “I’d like someone
  to say wow you’re doing a great job!” There is a lot of “advice” out there, some of which does not help new parents find their way
  and trust themselves. Next time you visit friends with a new baby, don’t forget to tell them what a wonderful job they are doing. If
  they ask you for advice try making some suggestions, remind them that there is no one way and what may have worked for you
  and your baby may not work for their baby and their family.      Paula.

                                                                                   Magic Rainbow
 READY, SET, GO!                                                                                                                      Published by The
 Transition to School Playgroup                                                                                                       Benevolent Society
DO YOU HAVE A CHILD STARTING                                          DRESS UP LIBRARY                                                PO Box 5135
   KINDERGARTEN IN 2009?                                      The Bringing up Kids, It’s the Little Things                            Chittaway Bay 2261
  The transition to school playgroups offer a pro             That Matter Project and local parents have                              Ph. (02) 4388-2044
gram that uses the school grounds to practice                 put together this fantastic resource for the
skills to help kids get ready for “big school”                whole community.                                              
next year. Project co-ordinator Vivianne Ver-
                                                              The dress up library has been developed by a
wey says “We work on strengthening the chil-
                                                              group of local mums who wanted to do some
dren’s social and emotional skills, making
                                                              dress up play with their kids but realised how
friends and encouraging independence, as well
                                                              expensive it is for parents to buy dress up
as helping them to practice and refine skills
they will use when they start kindergarten.
                                                              It is a local treasure chest of dress up cos-
 “Families come to our playgroup to have fun,
                                                              tumes, backdrops and props that families and
play & engage in activities that will assist both
parent & child in developing and practising
                                                              playgroups can borrow to encourage the
                                                              imagination of kids under five.
skills for school. Children can make friends
with other children who are going to the same                 Kids love using their imagination in play and
school next year and parents can meet with                    making up stories and it helps little brains
other parents.                                                develop and relationships grow too!
 “We play games and do activities like craft,                    Where is the Magic Rainbow
construction, puzzles, songs and stories. This
helps the children to understand & become                         Chest Dress Up Library?
familiar with what will happen in the classroom
                                                              The Berkeley Centre, Corner Berkeley Road
next year. We may visit the library or have
                                                              and Heather Ave, Glenning Valley
morning tea in the playground. The children
can practice unwrapping their lunch, opening a                Phone: 4388 5801                                                        How to Join:
popper & visiting the toilets. The playgroup is                                                                                       Once you join the
for children who will attend any local school                 When: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm                              Bilby Toy Library you
next year.                                                    and can borrow both toys and dress ups.                                are automatically a
                                                                                                                                    member of the Magic
Phone: Vivianne on 4333 5111.                                        Membership fee applies                                         Rainbow Chest Dress
Where: Chittaway Bay Public School                                                                                                        Up Library
When:   23rd July to 17th December 2008
        (during school term)
Time:  Wednesday 9.30am to 11.30am
                  AND                                                                                                                               Fees:
Where: Killarney Vale Public School                                                                                                      Family 6 months $20
                                                                                                                                            or 1 year $35
When: 24 July to 18 Dec during school
              th             th
                                                                                                                                        Concession 1 year $15
           term                                                                                                                      Community Groups 6 mths $50
Time:      Thursday 9.30am to 11.30am                                                                                                        1 year $85
                COST:    FREE
     Horizons CC Family Services
(a Southern Lakes Communities for Children Project)

                        Communities for Children is an Australian Government Funded Initiative under The Stronger Families & Communities Strategy
Oral health tips for babies and toddlers
                                                                                      DENTAL SERVICES –
Australian Dental Association Inc.                                                    Northern Sydney Central Coast Health
As part of a community campaign to promote good oral                                  Phone: 1300 789 404
health care for babies and toddlers The Australian Dental
Association has developed these guidelines and tips for                               • For Children 0 to 18 years who are still at school
parents and carers of young children.                                                 • Adults with a Health Care Card or Pension Card
Once the babies primary teeth start to appear, it is                                  • Aboriginal Children’s Clinic on Thursday nights at
recommended that parents use a baby toothbrush with a                                       (Gosford Hospital)
small head and soft rounded bristles. Up to the age of 18
months, the teeth should be brushed with plain water and
                                                                                      •      If your child is in pain they will be seen within 1 or 2 weeks
preferably teeth should be brushed twice a day – morning                              •      If your child has an accident contact the clinic within 24 hours
and evening…                                                                                 and they will be seen straight way.
From the age of four or five children should begin to learn                           •      Cost: FREE
how to brush their own teeth. Children do not have the
manual skills to effectively clean their own teeth until                                        Low Cost/Free Dental Check ups
around eight years of age. Until then tooth brushing should
be a combined effort of parents and children.                                                Oral Health Clinic at Ourimbah Campus
Choose a position where you can easily see your child’s                                            (University of Newcastle)
mouth, for example, sit your child on your lap or stand                                   Free to children still at school & adults on Health Care
behind your child with the head tilted back slightly.                                        Card or Pension. Cost $40 for everyone else
Move the toothbrush gently in small circles to clean the                                          For appointments Phone: 4348 4164
front section of your child’s teeth, to reach inner surfaces,                      This is a great service for you and your kids. I recently took my
tilt the toothbrush. Avoid side-to-side scrubbing, which can                       children for a clean, the 3rd year students spent a lot of time and
damage teeth and gums. Brush the biting and grinding                               were extremely patient teaching them how to clean properly, they
surfaces of back teeth with a gentle back and forth motion.                        showed them where they were not cleaning properly and then
Clean every surface of every tooth and brush around the                            cleaned, flossed and polished their teeth. They will x-ray your chil-
gum line of each tooth. In total you should aim to brush for                       dren’s teeth if necessary and if they need other dental work they
about two minutes. With patience your child will soon learn                        will refer you on to a dentist. They also check jaw & bite and dis-
to tolerate it...                                                                  cuss the effect of their diet, soft drinks & orange juice on their
                                                                                   teeth. (editor) . (This service is provided under supervision by university
To help prevent early childhood dental decay in infants and                        students training to be oral hygienists.)
young children:
• Offer your baby plain water in their bottle, especially
     before bed
                                                                                      Do cough, cold & flu remedies work?
• As much as possible, encourage your baby or
     child to eat healthy snacks and as they get                                   …Generally speaking, cough medicines are safe when taken in the
     older, try to limit the amount of snacks                                      doses suggested. Some in the health professions believe that, whether
                                                                                   or not they work, cough medicines still have a psychological role to play
• Encourage you baby to begin drinking from a                                      in healthcare - particularly with children.
     cup from 9 to 12 months of age                                                As one doctor pointed out, “parents feel helpless in the face of the
• Clean your child’s teeth every night before bed                                  child’s suffering and want to be able to do something for them. Cough
                                                                                   medicines give them something to do while they wait for the viral illness
• Once your child’s primary teeth have erupted, they                               to get better on its own.”
  should be having dental check ups – from around 1 However, many medical specialists now say that children shouldn’t be
  year of age.                                      given cough medicines, especially those with cough suppressants. In
Source:                              addition to side effects such as drowsiness and balance problems, they
                                                                                   say suppressing coughs may increase the risk of serious lung infection,
                                                                                   especially if the child has asthma or a long-term lung condition.
                                                                                   Other ingredients such as antihistamines can even cause coughs,
 Fact Sheets                                  while decongestants such as pseudoephedrine might cause irritability,
                                                                                   sleeplessness and problems with muscle tone.
      •    Oral hygiene for babies and toddlers
                                                                                   There are other ways you can help relive children’s symptoms, such as
 •     Tooth development in babies and toddlers                                    giving them plenty of fluids, keeping them comfortable and making sure
                                                                                   they rest. If they have got a fever, judicious use of paracetamol can
       •   Healthy eating equals healthy teeth                                     help, but don't reach for it at the first sign of a temperature - fever can
                                                                                   help fight infection, and giving paracetamol can delay recovery.
                                                                                   In short, cough medicines are generally well tolerated but not entirely
                                                                                   harmless and aren't proven to work. So why waste you money, let
                                                                                   alone take unnecessary risks.
                                                                                   Extract from CHOICE Website:

      Page 2         Communities for Children is an Australian Government Funded Initiative under The Stronger Families & Communities Strategy
More on cold remedies for under 2s
                                                                                         Car Restraints continued
On January 17, 2008 the Food and Drug Administration
                                                                                          You can obtain information about selection and fitting of a child
(FDA) issued a public health advisory that says: FDA Rec-
                                                                                                         restraint by contacting the RTA.
ommends that Over-the-Counter Cough and Cold Products
not be used for Children under Two-Years-of-Age. FDA is                                                                    13 22 13
recommending that these drugs not be used to treat infants                               You can download the booklet “Safer Child Restraints” at
and children under two-years-of-age because serious and                              (
potentially life-threatening side effects can occur.                                          downloads/2007_12_childrestraints.pdf)
                                                                                         RTA Website:
Any medicine containing sedating antihistamines will become                                   childrestraints/index.html
'prescription only' if they continue to include directions for                           Kidsafe Website:
use for children under 2 years of age from 1 September                                        child_restraints.htm
2008.                                                                                    Choice recommendations on child restraints:
        Source: Therapeutic Goods Administration.                               then click on babies & Kids tab then
                                                                                         Test: Child car restraints tab

Car Restraints                                                                                       Parents should always use a child restraint
Most car seat belts are de-                                                                            that is Australian Standards approved
                                                                                                               and appropriately fitted.
signed for adults, so children do
not fit them properly. The sash
(diagonal part of the belt) tends
to fall across their head and
necks so the belt does not pro-
vide the best protection.
To travel safely by car, all chil-                                                                 Saltwater Creek Reserve
dren should be seated in the rear seat in an approved
child restraint suitable for their size and weight. Road                                            Playground Opening Soon
safety experts in Australia recommend the use of child
                                                                                        The accessible playground is a joint project between Wyong
restraints until the child is 26 kg or approximately 7
                                                                                        Shire Council and local parents group, POP4KIDS (Plenty of
years old.                                                                               Parks for Kids) in partnership with The Benevolent Society
How long should your child remain in a child                                               (Southern Lakes Communities for Children Initiative).
                restraint?                                                             You may have noticed a lot of work being done on the playground
You should keep your baby in a rearward facing re-                                     at Saltwater Creek Reserve Long Jetty. While the unique new
straint for as long as possible. When your baby weighs                                 equipment is currently being installed, the playground will not be
                                                                                       officially opened and available to use until July 2008.
8-9 kg or is approximately 6-8 months old and is able
to hold their head up, he or she can use a forward                                     The playground features a Liberty Swing (kindly donated by Min-
facing restraint.                                                                      gara and Wyong Clubs CDSE grants), which allows children in
                                                                                       wheelchairs the chance to feel the excitement of swinging. The
                                                                                       whole playground area will also be a first in the region as it will be
 Changing from forward facing restraint into                                           security fenced and have shade cloth and soft fall.
              a booster seat.                                                          Funding contributions for the playground also came from:
When your child’s eyes are level with the back of the                                  NSW Sport and Recreation, Rotary Club of The Entrance, NSW
child restraint or their shoulders are too wide to fit in                              Housing. Wyong Shire Councillors Community Grants, The Be-
the restraint, usually when they are 18 kg or approxi-                                 nevolent Society, the Breckenridge family, Geneva Solicitors and
                                                                                       fundraising events and individual donations.
mately 5 years of age, you should move them into a
                                                                                       The Liberty Swing and gate is locked in place for safety reasons.
booster seat.
                                                                                       The key (MLAK) will be obtained by Central Coast residents from
    Changing from a booster seat to using                                              The Entrance Locksmith thanks to the generous support of Lock-
                a seat belt.                                                           smith Shane Fogg - .details still to be confirmed – in the mean
Once your child’s eyes are level with the top of the                                   time contact Paula Jarman from The Benevolent Society for more
back seat of the car or the child is approximately 26 kg                               details 4388 2044.
or over, they may use a seat belt. The seat belt, how-
ever must fit your child correctly i.e. the lap belt is low                              Keep an eye out for
over the bony part of the hips (not the stomach) and
                                                                                          our playground
the sash does not touch their face or neck when all
slack is removed.                                                                         opening event as
                                                                                        YOU DON’T WANT TO
              Source: Roads & Traffic Authority:                                          MISS THIS ONE!

     Page 3           Communities for Children is an Australian Government Funded Initiative under The Stronger Families & Communities Strategy
    Multicultural Resources - Mental                                                    FINANCIAL COUNSELLING
    Health Resources in 20 languages                                                    Credit and Debit Hotline 1800 808 488 (toll free)
Multicultural Mental Health Australia has a collection of new                           The hotline is staffed by financial councillors 9.30am to
                                                                                        12.30pm and 1.30pm to 4.30pm Monday to Fridays.
mental health fact sheets in over 20 languages. The issues
covered are: anxiety, bipolar mood disorder, eating disor-                              GOSFORD COMMUNITY FINANCIAL
ders, depression, personality disorders, schizophrenia, chal-
lenging behaviours and suicide. The series is also produced in                          COUNSELLING SERVICE
Braille, large print and electronic text. The resources are                             FREE financial counselling , budgeting,
free and can be ordered from the MMHA office 02 9840                                    how to talk to creditors, bankruptcy.
3333 or download from                                     Where: Narara Community Centre or
fact-sheets.                                                                            Outreach on Thursdays at The Berkeley Centre
                                                                                        Phone: 4329 4477 to make an appointment
                                                                                        There is a waiting period for appointments.
                                                                                        LOUISE HOUSE – budget planners - under-
                                                                                        standing and handling your money. Bills, saving and
                                                                                        spending, debt recovery, dealing with credit providers,
                                                                                        consumer rights and responsibilities, bankruptcy.
AFTER HOURS TEMPORARY                                                                   Phone: 4392 7255 to make a booking
ACCOMMODATION LINE                                                                      Appointments Mondays and Fridays at the back of the
                                                                                        Catholic Church, The Entrance
1800 152 152
Monday to Friday 4.30pm – 10pm Sat
and Sun and Public Holidays 10am – 10pm.
                                                                                        NO INTEREST LOAN SCHEME
The Department of Housing provides Temporary Accommoda-                                   For Essential Household Appliances
tion in low-cost hotels, motels, caravan parks and similar ac-                               Are you in need of an essential
commodation for people who are in housing crisis, or homeless                                          appliance?
while they make longer-term arrangements. Accommodation                                  Do you have the ability to repay the loan
                                                                                               (interest fee) over 12 months?
is provided for one, or a small number of nights. To be eligi-
ble clients must be able to manage themselves independently,                                   Do you live in the Wyong Shire?
as no support is provided. Website:                               Are you a low income earner? Unable to
                                                                                                    qualify for other loans?
                                                                                        Contact: Toukley Neighbourhood Centre
                                                                                        (All applications are subject to lending criteria and approval.)
The Central Coast Maternity Coalition                                                   Phone: 43961555 Email:
The Central Coast Maternity Coalition is a group of moth-                               A TOUKLEY NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE INC PROJECT
ers, midwives and consumers who are passionate about
ensuring the provision of quality maternity care for women
- before, during and after birth. We see our role within the                            Mortgage Stress Legal Information
community to be twofold, centred on advocacy and                                        Legal Aid NSW has recently released two brochures
education.                                                                              targeted at people experiencing mortgage stress. One
The Central Coast group is affiliated with the national um-                             is called “Problems paying your mortgage? Things
brella organisation Maternity Coalition which is a non-                                 you can do” and the other is called “They are trying
profit, non-political, advocacy organisation.                                           to take my home - things you can
Our goals are:                                                                          do”.
•     To inform women of their choices for childbirth,                                  Website:
                                                                                        (then click on the publication tab)
•     To restore women's confidence in their ability to birth
      their baby naturally, and                                                         Phone: 02 9219 5028
•     To advocate for the provision and expansion of quality
      maternity services on the Central Coast that will sup-
      port these goals.
If you are interested in becoming part of this group, contact
us at or 4351 8180

    Page 4            Communities for Children is an Australian Government Funded Initiative under The Stronger Families & Communities Strategy
Resources for families on the web:
                                                                                         WHAT’S ON
Australian Government – Child Support Agency Website:
•     Me and my Kids – Parenting from a Distance. Tips and
      Hints to help you build on your relationship with your chil-
      dren after separation.                                         NAIDOC Community Gathering
                                                                                                    and Health Expo
•     Me and my Money – Practical money ideas. Tips and
                                                                                               WHEN:            TUESDAY 8th JULY 2008
      hints to help s-t-r-e-t-c-h your dollar after separation.                                              WHERE: Gosford Showground.
•     What about Me? – Taking care of yourself. Practical ideas                                       Showground Road,
      on looking after yourself afters separation.                                             TIME:  10am – 2pm     COST: FREE /publications/pdf/1144.pdf
•     Me and my Changing Family – Moving forward. Tips on                                             *Service Stalls *Kids Activities
      building healthy relationships after separation.                                            *Aboriginal Art & Craft *Entertainment,                                                       *BBQ lunch, Health Screenings
•     Me, my kids and my EX – Forming a workable relationship
      for the benefit of your children. Tips and Hints on surviving
                                                                                               Strengthening Neighbourhoods Project and
      or Call 131 272 to order a copy of the free booklets
                                                                                                          2261 Out of the Box
Hassled with Homework?                                                                         would like to invite you and your family to
yourtutor is an internet service provided by Wyong Shire Library                                  join them at a Neighbourhood Feast
that connects you to expert tutors in Maths, Science, English,
Research and Study Skills                                                                  •      Would you like to meet up with your neighbours and
                                                                                                  have a fun night out with your family?. Do you live in
Available: Monday to Friday 4pm to 8pm in school terms
                                                                                                  Chittaway, Berkeley Vale or Glenning Valley?
You can access from home or your local library branch go to:
www.wyong – click on the libraries tab and
                                                                                           •   We will have fun activities for kids too!.
                                                                                           The purpose of the feast is to help you meet
then click on the classroom section.
                                                                                           your neighbours and have a fun and enjoy-
Lunch Box Ideas                                                                            able evening with your kids.                                                                    Where: Berkley Vale, bookings essential
Healthy Lunch Box Ideas, Sydney Markets                                                    When: 20th June Time: 5.30pm to 8pm                                                Phone: Amber 4353 4688 or Lisa
0-2’s - Grow With Us email updates
The Australian Government Raising children website now has a
growing range of free subscription services for parents, profes-
sionals and community organisations attached to the Raising
Children website. Subscribers with children aged 0-2 can now
Receive Grow With Us’ updates. These monthly emails cele-                                                Positive Women’s Group
brate your baby’s development milestones, give tips on play,                             Horizon’s Central Coast Family Services Phone: 4334 3377
learning and behaviour, and handy reminders about check-ups
                                                                                         A 7 week FREE Course. Childcare available
and immunisation.
                                                                                         Topics Covered include: Self Esteem, Communication,
‘Parenting Alerts’ provide updates and reliableinformation about
key issues in child health and wellbeing. They are designed for                          Relationships, Self Care
parents and others caring for children, and professionals work-                          Where: The Entrance Community Centre,
ing with children and families. More information about these and
other free subscriptions and services is available at:                                   When: 25th July for 7 weeks Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm
                                                                                              If you would like to receive this newsletter regu-
                                                              larly, please contact us by mail or phone (details
                                                                                             front page) or via email on to
                                                                                                           be put on our mailing list

    Page 5
                       Communities for Children is an Australian Government Funded Initiative under The Stronger Families & Communities Strategy
WHAT’S ON Cont’d                                                                             What’s on at THE BERKELEY CENTRE
 Central Coast Community Women’s                                                             Heather Parade Berkeley Vale. Phone: 4388-5801
                                                                                             Support Groups & Services include:
           Health Centre                                                                     Glenning Valley Playgroup
 (In partnership with UnitingCare Burnside, Horizons Central Coast                                 10am to 12 noon Tuesdays Phone: Brownyn 4388 4898
 Family Services & Northern Sydney Central Coast Health (a                                   Multiple Births Association Playgroup
 Southern Lakes Communities for Children Project)
                                                                                                  Every 2nd Friday Phone: 4388 5555
 Groups and Workshops                                                                        Lakes Evangelical Church Playgroup
 Dates / Day                    Course                       Length         Venue                  10am to 12 noon Thursdays Phone: Ingrid 4388 2183
                                                                                             CYNTHIA STREET NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE
                                                                                             10 Cynthia Street Bateau Bay 4332 7450
June 11 - July     Making a family: Creating your           4 weeks        Entrance
2 (Weds 10-        own Recipe for Parenting                                N’’Hood
                                                                                             FREE Community BBQ in support of Refugee Week Monday
12 noon)           (signing interpreter available                          Centre            16th June 3.30pm to 5.30pm
                   for hearing impaired)                                                     FREE Community BBQ in support of Drug Action Week Mon-
                                                                                             day 23rd June 3.30pm to 5.30pm
Aug 1 - Sept       Post natal (light) Exercise              6 weeks        Berkeley
5 (Fri 1.30 -                                                              Centre
                                                                                                Little Things Matter & 2261 Out of the Box are
Oct 15 - Nov       Pregnancy Stretch & Relax                6 weeks        Berkeley
19 (Wed 6-7)                                                               Centre             holding a Music Box Event on 6th July @ Lyons Park
Oct 13 - Nov       Stress 2 Strength, Yoga &                6 weeks        Berkeley             Long Jetty (The Rocket Park). If you are inter-
17 (Mon 10-        Relax                                                   Centre             ested in performing please Phone Kylie: 4374 1091.
12 noon)
Oct 15 - Nov       Parenting Course                         6 weeks        Entrance
19 (Wed 10-                                                                N’Hood                  2261 Out of the Box Community Activities
                   Each week will have a different
12 noon)           topic                                                   Centre                               Winter Calendar
                                                                                              We are hosting free local neighbourhood child friendly activities
                                                                                              including games, craft and story time.
 Dates / Day                   Workshop                       Length         Venue
                                                                                                          If it is raining activities will be held at:
Aug - Sept         Understanding my Child’s                  2 hrs         Baptist                Killarney Vale Activities @ Cynthia St. Neighbourhood Cen-
(Date TBA)         Behavior (NSW Health)                                   Hall,                  tre.Chittaway & Long Jetty activities @ Berkeley Vale Scout
                                                                           Bateau                               Hall, Panorama Ave Berkeley Vale
                                                                                                       For further information please call Lisa Matthews on
Aug - Sept         Single Parent Workshop                    2 hrs         TBA
(Date TBA)                                                                                                             43 884667 or 0403305891

         Bookings: Marie 4353-0093 (Mon-Thurs)                                                    Date                Venue                      Time      Activity
                                                                                                  Thursday 5th        Cynthia St Neighbour-      9.30-     Story time and
                     Limited Childcare available                                                  June                hood Centre                11.30am   outdoor play
                                                                                                  Thursday 12th       Blue Bell, Park            9.30-     Story Time and
          Dyspraxia Support Group
                                                                                                  June                Lakedge Ave                11.30am   fun games
                                                                                                                      Chittaway Bay
                                                                                                  Thursday 19th       Long Jetty, Rocket         9.30-     Kids Craft and fun
  When: (last Thursday evening of each month)                                                     June                Park                       11.30am   games
  Time:         6.30 to 8 pm (light snack, tea & coffee provided)                                                     The Entrance Rd
                                                                                                  Friday 27th         The Berkeley Centre        9.30-     Rhyme Time
  Venue: Banksia Family Centre- Sir Joseph Banks Drive,                                           June                Heather Ave Glenning       10.15am
                                                                                                                      Valley                               Singing along to
                Bateau Bay Phone: Rhonda 0402 833 771                                                                                                      nursery rhymes
                                                                                                  Thursday 3rd        Blue Bell Park,            9.30-     Dress Up and
                                                                                                  July                Lakedge Ave                11.30am   kids craft
                                                                                                                      Chittaway Bay
                     IS THAT MY CHILD?                                                            Thursday 10th       Long Jetty, Rocket         9.30-     Dress up and kids
  2 weeks after Alex’s 4th birthday he was diagnosed with having severe                           July                Park                       11.30am   craft
   verbal dyspraxia; “The silent condition”. Local mum Ronda of Bateau
                                                                                                                      The Entrance Rd
     Bay remembers that day very clearly! Filled with mixed emotions I
  needed to know more about this disorder. I have discovered there are                            Thursday 17th       Cynthia St Neighbour-      9.30-     Story Time and
  3 types of dyspraxia: verbal, oral and motor; they can all vary in sever-                       July                hood Centre                11.30am   Kids Craft
  ity according to each individual and some children may be affected by                           Friday 25th         The Berkeley Centre        9.30-     Rhyme Time
  all or one of the types. In June Alex will be 6 years old, he still suffers                     July                Heather Ave                10.15am   Singing along to
     from this disorder, it hurts me to see him upset when people can’t                                               Glenning Valley                      nursery rhymes
    understand him, but for now I am his voice and I want to learn more
  about dyspraxia and to help raise more awareness about communica-
                                                                                                  Thursday 31st       Cynthia St Neighbour-      9.30-     Kids Cooking and
                                                                                                  July                hood Centre                11.30am   outdoor play
    tion disorders for all children living on the Central Coast and that is
                    why I have formed this support group.

    Page 6               Communities for Children is an Australian Government Funded Initiative under The Stronger Families & Communities Strategy

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