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Contract Management and Monitoring Presentation


									ESF Provider Event

 3 December 2008
Workshop Aim

  To enable ESF providers to fulfil the
  requirements of LSC South East
  Region‟s contract management
Workshop Objectives
By the end of this workshop, attendees will know what is required of
them in terms of the following reports and procedures:

     The Contract Management Monitoring Report (CMMR)
     CMMR Annexes
     Evidence and Client Files
     Case Studies
     Equality and Diversity Report
     End of Project Reports
     Marketing & Publicity
     Tracking Spreadsheets
The Contract Management
Monitoring Report (CMMR)
Quarterly visit with the following objectives:

 Review of hard data to determine progress of project against
 General „feel‟ of how the project is progressing. Opportunity to
  discuss issues.
 Participant file check (10% sample from previous quarter) –
  checking eligibility and evidence of outputs/outcomes claimed.
 Agree remedial action, which will be reviewed at next meeting.
 Agree performance rating – red, amber, green – based on data
  and other issues (including progress of delivery partners).
CMMR Annexes

  Different annexes for Youth, Employer Responsiveness, Adult.

  Forms an integral part of the quarterly review.

  Enables Programme Leads to report information to the
   groups and committees they attend.

  Soft outcomes information collection. Format to be discussed.
Evidence & Client Files
   Comprehensive list of acceptable evidence attached to your

   List is used by contract managers and Auditor to check
    evidence of outputs and outcomes.

   Ensure all staff aware of list and evidence relating to their
    part of the delivery process.

   Tip - Checklist of evidence at front of each participant‟s file.

   Does file tell the story of the participant? (Referral, Right to
    Work, Initial assessment, ILP, progress reviews, achievements,
    progressions, aftercare.)
Evidence & Client Files
continued …
 ILR Forms (full and Short Record)

  ILR forms will be checked as part of the quarterly participant
   file check.

  LSC standard ILR forms OR your own forms.

  If using your own forms, they must contain all the required
   data fields, statements, logos and signatures.

  Tip - send copy to LSC for agreement to avoid missing
   something and losing that funding later.
Case Studies
   Good news stories about individuals on the project.

   First topic: “Making a Start – getting started, developing
  (and implementing) a recruitment strategy”.

   Future case studies will focus on individuals.

   Template available.

   Consent form to be signed by the participant.
Equality & Diversity

   Once a quarter for the next 2 quarters.

   Every 6 months thereafter – if effective system in place.
End of Project Report
   Overall assessment of the project from your point of view.

   Informs future project development.

   Narrative gives opportunity to highlight significant issues,
    innovation and unexpected outcomes.

   Contributes to the LSC‟s report to GOSE.

   Soft outcomes information to be discussed.
Marketing & Publicity
  Presentation given in July on Marketing & Publicity. Slides
   available on request.

  Comprehensive procedures on LSC website.

  Check you are using the new logos (LSC and ESF).

  Check you are using the new ESF plaque.

  All marketing & publicity materials to be sent to LSC for

  Your responsibility to ensure that partners are following the
   branding and publicity procedures.
Tracking Spreadsheets

  In response to requests from providers, LSC has provided

  There is no requirement for you to use any of these.

  LSC does not recommend any particular version.
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