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									      CISV for over 50 years
“ . . . the ultimate source for peace, long range, lay with the children. ”
                        Dr. Doris T. Allen, founder of CISV
 Information Night Agenda
> Introduction to CISV
> Review of Programs Offered by CISV
   – Villages
   – Interchange
   – Summer Camp
   – Others
   – Junior Branch
   – Local Work.

> Why Participate?

> Deadlines, contacts, next step
    CISV – A Unique Organization
                                                  “Even brief
                                                  exposure to
> Educational                                     a different
                                                  culture may
> Run almost entirely by volunteers               stimulate a
> Youth organization offering intercultural       interest in
    programmes for different age groups,          events in
    starting from 11                              that country
                                                  and its
>   Promoting peace education and cross-          region”
    cultural friendship
                                                  1998 American
>   Based on years of research and firm           Council:
                                                  “Educating for
    educational principles                        Global Competence”

>   Independent and non-political
>   Not for profit
>   Participatory status with Council of Europe
Our Goals
                                                   “Habits of
                                                   and action
CISV is committed to:                              take root
                                                   in early
1.   providing an opportunity for individuals to   years.”
     learn by experience to live amicably with     Dr. Doris T.
                                                   Allen, UNESCO
     others irrespective of cultural background;   proposal

2.   contributing through research to a science
     of international relations and non-violent
     conflict resolution;
3.   cooperating with other organizations having
     similar purposes.
    CISV History
                                                        “We must
                                                        start with
>   CISV was conceived in 1946 by founder Dr.           children”
    Doris Allen, a psychologist at the University of    Dr. Doris T. Allen

    Cincinnati (USA)

>   She believed that lasting peace would be
    possible if individuals and groups from different
    nations could learn to live together as friends

>   The key was to start working with children and

>   The very first Children‟s International Summer
    Village took place in Cincinnati, USA in 1951
  Unique Intercultural Programmes
                                             use education
                                             experience to
> A range of CISV International programmes   build ties”

  suitable for different age groups          Alliance for
   1. Village (11 years)                     And Cultural
   2. Interchange (12-15)
   3. International Summer Camp (13-15)
   4. Seminar Camp (17-18)
   5. International Youth Meeting (11-19+)
   6. International People‟s Project (19+)

> Local programmes in Waterloo Region to
  involve people of all ages
   1. Local Work (all ages)
   2. Junior Branch (11-25)
  Learning by Doing
                                                learn more
> Experiential education approach – the         effectively
                                                by doing
  opportunity to learn from direct experience   things
> Programmes are interactive, action -          should be
  oriented, sensitive to cultural variation,    direct, not
  multi - lingual and – fun!                    hand.”
                                                Dr. Doris T. Allen,
                                                UNESCO proposal
> Participant and facilitator share
  responsibility for learning

> Cooperation rather than competition
    Since 1951…
                                                        “By bringing
                                                        young people
                                                        together in
>   From one to six different types of international    a spirit of
                                                        tolerance and
    activity                                            understanding,
                                                        we help
>   From one village to around 180 international        lay the
                                                        foundation for
    programmes a year                                   a peaceful
>   Almost 4700 international activities                UN Secretary
                                                        General Kofi
>   Over 177,000 participants                           Annan’s
                                                        greeting to
>   Thousands more have participated in local           CISV’s Seoul
    programmes                                          2000

>   East-West exchanges, even during the Cold
>   International Educational Symposia and training
    workshops around the world
>   A network of dedicated and diverse volunteers,
    linked by their common goals and values
                                                       1951 - 2001
    CISV Today
> Affiliates in over 60 countries and
    200 communities globally
>   Each year approximately 7,000 people
    participate in international activities
>   CISV global membership is over 40,000
>   A multinational network of youth, adults
    and families
>   A model of international dialogue,
    decision-making and cooperation
 CISV World-Wide
                             . . .full members in 49 countries

Argentina     Costa Rica        Germany          Israel     Netherlands   Thailand

Australia   Czech Republic     Great Britain      Italy     New Zealand   Turkey

 Austria      Denmark            Greece          Japan        Norway      Uruguay

Belgium        Ecuador         Guatemala         Jordan     Philippines     USA

 Brazil         Egypt           Honduras         Korea       Portugal

Bulgaria     El Salvador         Hungary         Latvia      Slovakia

Canada       Faroe Isles         Iceland        Lebanon        Spain

  Chile        Finland            India        Luxembourg     Sweden

Colombia       France           Indonesia        Mexico     Switzerland
CISV World-Wide
                             . . .and still growing

CISV‟s 18 Promotional Associations are in:

   Algeria       Lithuania          Peru         Slovenia

    China        Malaysia          Poland        Ukraine

   Estonia         Mali            Romania       Vietnam

  Greenland      Mongolia          Russia

   Kenya          Palau           Singapore
  Impact of CISV…
            …based on our longitudinal research
                                                       “. . .CISV
                                                       gave me a
> over 95% of the respondents felt that their          in meeting
  CISV participation had been influential in           people. . .
                                                       and a faith
   – developing their awareness of other people and    that we
                                                       could find
     different cultures; or                            common
                                                       ground. It’s
   – creating favourable attitudes towards people      also given
                                                       me empathy
     who may have initially seemed to be „different‟   for people
                                                       dealing with
                                                       my culture
> 75% felt participation in CISV had                   here at
  developed leadership and cooperative                 A research
  abilities                                            respondent

> 95% agreed that CISV had provided
  “something that I would never have learned at
  Impact of CISV…
            …based on our longitudinal research
                                                  “CISV gave
                                                  me the
                                                  possibility to
> 35% of respondents had taken additional         open myself
                                                  to other
                                                  people, to
  language courses                                understand
                                                  other points
> A great majority of respondents felt that       of view, to
                                                  to believe in
  CISV participation had influenced               myself and
   – their friendships; and                       people.”

   – the development of cross cultural            A research
     communication skills
> CISV participants typically continue in
  education for several years after the
  compulsory age
> Age group: 11                                                  start
                                                                 with the
> Participants:                                                  children”
     – Delegations from 12 countries                             Dr. Doris T. Allen
          2 girls, 2 boys and an adult leader (21+)
     – 6 Junior Counsellors (age 16-17)
     – 5 adult staff
>   Programme:
     –   unique international camp
     –   the original CISV programme and still its flagship
     –   a multi - language experience
     –   mix of educational, cultural and sporting activities,
     –   emphasises cooperative global and intercultural
>   Duration: 28 days
A Typical Village Day
Time       Activity                          running
8:00 am    Wake up                           games,
8:20 am    Flag time
8:30 am    Breakfast then Cleaning
10:00 am   Activity period I                 games,
10:45 am   Activity period II                kitchen
11:45 am   Free time
12:30 pm   Lunch (Shop open, rest period)    Typical camp
14:15 pm   Activity period III
15:15 pm   Activity period IV
16:30 pm   Free time (Leaders’ meeting and
           programme planning)
17:45 pm   Dinner
18:30 pm   Delegation time
19:30 pm   Evening programme (Flag time)
21:00 pm   Snack time
21:30 pm   Bedtime
22:00 pm   Good night, lights out
    Village Programme Goals
>   To help participants to learn to understand and
    appreciate different cultures
>   Educational, cultural and sporting activities
    emphasising cooperative intercultural living
> 11-year old children still open and receptive to
  new experiences
> Provide an experience in active co-existence
     – by creating a model society
     – where participants can learn to consider and
       cooperate with others in activities and practical
> Provide the opportunity to participate
    creatively in decision making
> Age range: 12-15                                        broaden
> Participants:                                           respect and
     – Delegations from two countries                     understandin
     – 6 to12 young delegates + an adult leader (21+)     and advance
>   Programme:                                            cooperation”
     – Encourages a deeper understanding of another       Alliance for
       culture                                            International
     – By enabling young people to live as family         And Cultural
       members                                            Exchange
     – Group activities also included
     – Single sex Interchanges possible when culturally
>   Duration: 2 to 4 weeks over 1 or 2 years
A Typical Interchange Calendar
                                                             has no
Day   Activity                                               typical day –
                                                             the theme
Sat   Arrival                                                and agenda
Sun   Family time and welcome party                          are
Mon   Family time                                            by the
Tue   Mini Camp                                              leaders,
Wed   Mini Camp                                              and parents
Thu   Mini Camp                                              of the
Fri   Family weekend                                         chapter. All
Sat   Family weekend                                         activities
Sun   Family weekend                                         learning by
Mon   Group activity                                         doing.
Tue   Group activity
Wed   Group activity, National Evening and delegation time
Thu   Family time
Fri   Family (time to say good bye to the family)
      Farewell Party

Sat   Departure
  International Youth Meeting
> Age range: 12-13 and 16-18
> Participants:
   – Delegations from 5 countries
   – 6 young delegates + an adult leader (21+)

> Programme:
   – Encourages leadership opportunities
   – Establishes and deepens global friendships and
   – Group activities are designed and led by
     delegates with the help of leaders
> Duration: 8 or 15 days
    International Summer Camp
                                                            “. . .CISV had
                                                            taught me
>   Age range: 13-15                                        understanding,
>   Participants:                                           skills,
    – Delegations from 6 or 9 countries                     we all
    – 4 to 6 delegates + an adult leader (21+)              being aware
                                                            of it. It made
                                                            me a better
>   Programme:                                              person.”
    – Delegates assume responsibility for planning and      A former CISV
      conducting activities                                 participant

    – Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme
    – Promote understanding of people from other cultures
    – Single gender camps possible when culturally
>   Duration: 3 weeks
  Summer Camp Goals
> Help participants learn the value of
  consideration for and cooperation with their
  fellow campers
> Encourage youth to take initiative towards
  leadership and programme responsibility
> Overcome prejudices
> Build self-confidence
> Stimulate critical thinking
  Seminar Camp
> Age range: 17-18                                         the
> Participants:                                            emotional
   – 30 youth + 5 international staff members (21+)        which
                                                           makes the
> Programme:                                               CISV
   – Actively conducted by participants                    experience
   – Participants encouraged to form opinions about        permanent
     individual, international and intercultural matters   ”
                                                           A CISV Volunteer
   – Develops positive conflict resolution skills
   – Fosters an interest in the world as a whole

> Duration: 3 weeks
    International People’s Project (IPP)

> Age range: 19+
> Participants: 25 including staff (21+)
> Programme:
     – a way to learn while actively contributing to the
   – run in partnership with local organizations
   – hands-on work around a specific theme or project
   – delegates research the subject in their own countries
   – they lead and participate in educational activities on
     the topic
> Duration: 3 weeks
    Goals of IPP
> Give participants the opportunity
   – to become aware of challenges to society in a real
     life setting
   – to experience different ways of dealing with them
> Conduct an international, politically non-biased
    project, in cooperation with partner organisations
>   Learn how participating nations deal with the
    chosen theme
>   Make a contribution to the life of a local
>   Promote intercultural interaction and cooperation
>   Empower participants to use and develop their
    practical and inter-personal skills
  Junior Branch
                 …youth involvement on all levels

> Age range: 11-25
> For youth members of CISV, run by youth members
  of CISV
> Between one and two activities per month
> Opportunity at the local level to learn about CISV
  goals and philosophies such as the importance of
  cross cultural understanding and cooperation and
  make friendships with other local participants
> Activities may be in the form of discussions, movies,
  games, excursions or guest speakers
> Balance of educational activities, community
  involvement, social activities and family activities
> Encourage everyone to come out!
Village Programs for Waterloo
Region for 2009
 Summer Villages – 11 year olds (2 girls, 2 boys)
 (born between June 1, 1998 and August 31, 1999)

    - We will learn of the invitations our chapter will
    have in early November. These will be posted on
    our website. We emphasize, though, that the
    destination is not the experience – the Village is
    the experience
More Programs for Waterloo
Region for 2009
 Interchange – 12/13 year olds (3-4 boys, 3-4
 (born between June 1, 1996 and August 31, 1997)
     –Waterloo-Austria (~2 weeks each, mid-July –
     –mid-Aug 2010)

 Summer Camp – 14 year olds (2 boys, 2 girls)
 (born between June 1, 1995 and August 31, 1996)
    –We will learn of our Summer Camp invitation in early
Other Programs for Waterloo
Region for 2009
 Junior Counselors
 (born between June 1, 1992 and August 31, 1993)

 International Youth Meeting
  Details to follow – age ranges vary

 International People’s Project (1 position)
 (born before June 1, 1990)

 Travel to/from destination (approx. $2,000)
 Program Registration Costs (approx) Village - $800,
 Interchange - $500, Summer Camp - $1,100, JCs -
 $300, Seminar Camp $150)
 ¼ Leader’s travel costs (where applicable – approx.
 Fee to join CISV ($50)

 Total: approx. $3,000, depending on the program

 Lots of opportunity to offset cost!!!!!

 >Bingos (every 4 weeks = $30/event)
 >Chicken sales (2-3 times per year)
 >Gift certificate program (monthly)
 >Zehrs cards (ongoing)
     – $2 for every $100 sold

 >Do 12 bingos, buy $250/week groceries per week
 = $620 fundraising account in one year = $1240 in
 two years (approx. ½ of the total costs)
Next Steps
 Applications available on-line at (under Resources Section,
 Travel Documents)
    –Village, Interchange, Summer Camp
    –JCs, Seminar Camp, Leaders, IPP
    –Local chapter membership ($50/annum)

 Read the “Introduction to CISV Waterloo”
 Completed Applications due: December 31, 2009
 Selection Days for Village, Interchange and
 Summer Camp – January 23, 2009 (9:30-3:30),
 January 30 (9:30-12:00).
 Parents attend January 23 – 9:30-11:30 too!

 Leader applications and interviews ongoing
 Selection Decisions made on January 30
  More Information!

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