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					          Process Steam Injection Liquid Heating Systems

                                    Pick Direct Steam Injection Systems heat any water-miscible liquid or
                                    aqueous slurry instantly on a continuous straight-through basis. Plus, they
                                    hold the outflow temperature to extremely close tolerances, regardless of
                                    fluctuations in steam, water pressures and outflow demand.
The Pick system injects into the liquid through hundreds of small orifices for instant and uniform blending.
A unique spring-loaded piston maintains steam pressure in excess of water pressure to eliminate steam/water
Pick heaters cut fuel costs as much as 28 percent compared to indirect shell-and-tube or plate heat exchangers
because 100 percent of the heat energy in the steam is absorbed by the liquid. There is no condensate to be
vented, wasted or reheated. And with no condensate return, there is no need for high maintenance steam traps.

Pick Sanitar y Heater- 3A Cer tified
The Pick Sanitary Heater not only heats water, it also   transfer of heat energy to
heats and/or cooks water-miscible slurry-type prod-      attain any predetermined
ucts by direct steam injection on a continuous           product temperature.
straight-through basis. This eliminates batch process-   Made of 316 stainless steel
ing in jacketed vessels or retorts.                      throughout, the heater is
Steam is injected directly into the aqueous slurry       equipped with sanitary fit-
product as it is pumped through the heating chamber.     tings and removable internal parts for fast, easy dis-
Helical flights within the chamber thoroughly mix        assembly and cleaning.
the product with injected steam for almost instant

Pick Variable Flow Liquid Heater
The Pick V  ariable Flow Liquid Heater is ideal where    clean-up, can topping,
an instant supply of hot water at a precise tempera-     can washing, and wher-
ture is needed under variable-flow or frequent start-    ever else demand flow
stop situations. It features a minimum turndown of       rate fluctuate.
14:1, with turndowns as high as 100:1 obtainable         The V  ariable Flow
with dual steam control valves.                          Liquid Heater is available in 10 standard sizes for liq-
This heater heats water at precisely-controlled tem-     uid flow rates up to 5,500 GPM, and steam flow rates
peratures. It is used to heat water for multiple wash    up to 50,000 lbs/hr. Greater steam flows are obtain-
stations, employee shower rooms, laundries, plant        able by placing heaters in series.

Pick Constant Flow Liquid Heater
The Pick Constant Flow Liquid Heater is designed to      Continuous spraying, In-
deliver a constant flow of heated liquid at precisely    Line cooking and any-
controlled temperatures. Where a continuous flow of      where a constant flow is
hot liquid is required, this close temperature control   required at a precisely
can cut energy costs substantially. For example, over-   controlled temperature.
heating 100 GPM by only 10ºF consumes an extra           Capacities of the Pick
500,000 BTU’s per hour. Consider the Constant Flow       Constant Flow Heater are identical with the Variable
Heater for: Sterilization, Tank car heating,             Flow Heater described above.

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                 Sizing the Constant & Variable Flow Heaters
Pick V ariable Flow and Constant Flow Heaters are                          Steam Demand (Lbs/hour) = .43 x Flow (GPM) x T (°F)
available in 11 different sizes, with steam capacities                     or
from 70 kg/hr to 23,000 kg/hr. To select a heater, use                     Steam Demand (Kg/hr) = .092 x Flow (LPM) x T (°C)
this simple formula to calculate Steam Demand.
Choose the heater model closest to (without exceed-                        For fluids other than water, multiply result by specific
ing) the rated Steam Capacity.                                             gravity and specific heat.

     Model No.             6X2-3        6X7-3      6X10-3       6X25-3   6X50-3     6X75-3 6X100-3 6X150-3 6X200-3 6X350-3 6X500-3
  Steam         Lb/hr      150           700       1,250        2,500    5,000       7,500     10,000   15,000   20,000      35,000    50,000
 Capacity       Kg/hr       70           320        565         1,130    2,260       3,390      4,520   6,780     9,040      15,820    22,600
Liquid Pipe Threaded       ½-1½        ½-1½         1-2     1¼-2½        2½-3         2-4      2½-4       3         --            --     --
Size Range Flanged         ¾-2          ¾-2         1-3         1½-4      2-4         2-6      2½-6      3-8      4 - 10     4 - 10    6 - 12

                                            Sizing the Sanitar y Heater
The Pick Sanitary Heater is available in five different                    Steam Demand (Lbs/hour) = .43 x S.G. x S.H. x
sizes, with steam capacities from 70 kg/hr to 2300                         Flow (GPM) x T (°F) or
kg/hr. To select a heater, calculate steam demand                          Steam Demand (Kg/hr) = .092 x S.G. x S.H. x Flow
using the following formula. Note correction for                           (LPM) x T (°C)
product specific gravity or specific heat.

      Model No.               SC2                SC7             SC10        SC25              SC50      Product piping has tri-clamp
   Steam         Lb/hr           150             700             1,250       2,500             5,000     fittings as standard. I-Line or
  Capacity       Kg/hr           70              320              570        1,150             2,300     ACME threaded available
   Liquid Pipe Diameter
          (inches)            ½-1                1-2            1-2½        1½-3               2-4       upon request.

                                                  Pick Heater Applications
                             Constant and Variable Flow Heater                                                    Sanitary Heater

               Food                    Chemical & Pharmaceutical                Pulp & Paper                               Food
                                                                                                                   In-line Product
          Plant Cleanup                Jacketed Reactor Heating              Starch Cooking
                                                                                                                 Cooking and Heating
             Sterilizing                       Filter Washing                     Mill Water                        Pasteurization

       Bottle/Can Washing                  Tank Car Washing               Filtered White Water                             CIP

        Jacketed Heating                Gas-to-Liquid Dispersion          Green Liquor Heating                    Nitrogen Injection


                               R & B WHITEMAN (Sales) Pty Ltd ■ 4 Tennyson Court, Templestowe ■ VIC 3106 AUSTRALIA
R&B Whiteman                P: 61 3 9842 3438 ■ F: 61 3 9841 9502 ■ ■

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