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• Equity and Capital Raising Specialists
                                                              Private Equity and Venture Capital
• Venture Capital Industry                                                                               Tuesday 26 February 2008
• Financial Services Specialists
• Banking & Finance Lawyers                                  1.30pm     Introductory commentary from                                • Amount and terms of investment.
• M&A lawyers
                                                                                                                                    • Dividend policy
                                                             Chair:     Dr Katherine WOODTHORPE, Chief Executive
• Intellectual Property Specialists
                                                                        Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital                 • Composition of the board of directors.
• Investment Bankers
                                                                        Association Ltd
• In-house counsel at Financial Institutions                                                                                        • Reporting – management reports, accounts,
• Commercial lawyers                                         1.45pm                                                                   budgets
• Barristers & General Practitioners                                                                                                • Matters requiring venture capitalist approval
                                                             Topic 1:   Dual track exit issues for PE and VC
                                                             Speaker:   Michael BARKER, Partner and Lee HORAN,           3.25pm     Afternoon tea
The growth and development of the Venture Capital                       Senior Associate, Mallesons Stephens Jaques
market has been very impressive and many funds direct
a fixed proportion of income to the area which now has                  • What do they involve?
billions dollars under management. The Australian                       • Vendor due diligence and reliance              Topic 3:   Issues in MBOs: a case study
Capital markets, Private Equity and Venture Capital have
                                                                        • Leveraging processes for competitive tension   Speaker:   David JONES, Managing Director
a central role in spreading the risks involved in bringing
on new industries and enterprises.                                                                                                  Champ Private Equity
                                                                        • Key legal and process issues
This seminar is aimed at making the PE and VC industry                                                                              • What happened to Austar Cable TV
accessible to Legal advisors and providing a practical       2.35pm
overview of the role of the lawyer. We will examine the                                                                  4.30pm
                                                             Topic 2:   Early stages of expansion
types of projects that are regularly considered and the
                                                                                                                         Topic 4:   Equity deals with Management
ways in which lawyers can assist in the delivery of the      Speaker:   Fred CHILTON, Partner, Allens Arthur
new product or project to the VC market and then to                     Robinson                                         Speaker:   Damien HAZARD, Partner, Freehills
the IPO or other exit point.
                                                                        • Role of the legal advisor                                 • Locking up the equity
CLE/CPD Points: Four (4)
                                                                        • Subscription documents                                    • Rewards for senior management
                                                                        • Convertible note deeds                                    • Incentives that align interests
The CLE/CPD programme is an important link
between the Law School at UNSW and the                                  • Shareholders' agreements and other                        • Regulatory considerations
professional community. The programme consists of a                       investment documents
series of quality short courses assisting lawyers,                                                                       5.20 – 5.30pm Questions & Close
                                                                        • Investor protections
accountants, financial planners, executives and other
professionals whose work demands up-to-date
knowledge of, and skills in, the relevant areas.                                   For more information visit our website:

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