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									                                                                     Dr Chris Burns
                                                              MINISTER FOR JUSTICE

                                                June 2, 2008

                              Prisoners Paint Out Graffiti
Prisoners from Darwin Correctional Centre were out cleaning up graffiti in Darwin today.

The Justice Minister Chris Burns said residents would see more crews of low-security prisoners
cleaning off or painting over graffiti.

“Graffiti is a form of vandalism. It is unsightly and detracts from the character of Darwin,” Dr
Burns said.

“Locals and visitors alike do not want ugly markings to mar their views or their enjoyment of our

“I announced in Parliament last month* that under Budget 2008, more money had been set
aside to more than double the prisoner work parties from three each in Darwin and Alice
Springs to seven each.

“The member for Port Darwin Kerry Sacilotto has been a strong advocate for a cleaner CBD
and the increased funding will allow more of a focus on the removal of graffiti on public buildings
in her electorate and around Darwin generally.”

Dr Burns said the low-security prison work parties were involved in a range of community
activities including mowing pensioners’ lawns, cleaning up after major events or pre-cyclone
season clean ups.

“The work parties are an integral part of a prisoner’s rehabilitation process and allows them to
give something back to the community.”

Dr Burns said crews of low-security prisoners from Alice Springs Correctional Centre also clean
up graffiti and are involved in other initiatives that benefit the community.

*See Minister Burns statement to NT Parliament at:

Media contact: Andrea Adlam 0401 119467

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