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					                                                                                                      12th September, 2008

We are now at the very exciting time of the year, soon we finish the short course programme and then move into the long
course carnivals with the first of these to be the Ryde-Carlile Club Challenge. It is great to see so many people competing
in this carnival. Our friends at Ryde-Carlile always put on a great carnival and as this year‟s one has again been booked
out, you can be assured they will be working hard to ensure this one is another great success.

Talking about great success, this is what we will be after our Registration drive that has been put into full swing. You have
probably seen our new registration banners that have been erected on surrounding roads. We are about to run
advertisements in the local newspapers with an editorial that will include the photo taken earlier in the Term. There are
many other initiatives that are being put in place, we have had members approach their children‟s school to have
advertisements placed in the schools newsletter and to have the clubs new brochures handed out to children.

Can other families please do the same with their schools and let me know what you come up with. I will ensure that we
follow up all these leads and provide to the schools what ever information they require. The more members that are able to
help will make a big difference to the number of members the Club will have.

I would like to thank all the members and families that turned up for the Bowling night at the end of August. With all the
smiling faces that I saw must have meant that it was a great night. A big hand of appreciation for Melissa Wyatt for
organizing this night for everyone, it went off without a hitch.

Our next social event is the annual Wine Tasting evening at the Campbell‟s house. We have an old member of the Club
this year providing the wines for us to taste. I know that when the Creighton‟s put a function on they do it very well. Both
Paul and Wendy were restaurant owners so they will provide a great selection of wines through their very successful cellar
wine store. So put the 1st November 2008 in your dairy and make sure you are at this social fund raising function and enjoy
some great wines in the process.

The level of participation by all our members over the winter period has been quite sensational. That we are currently at
85% participation level has probably something to do with our Aquatic Centre going through a major renovation and
having an air conditioning system that actually heats the air in the Centre and removes the humidity has been a real bonus.
I have spoken to the Centre Manager about the heat level from last week and have been advised they have placed it at this
level so as to ensure that the paint dries quickly, which has allowed them to only close the Centre for the one week that we
had off.

As part of registration, any swimming member that registers before the 25 th October 2008, they will receive a Club back
pack that will be in the clubs colours and will have the club‟s new emblem embroidered and in addition to this they will
receive the new club black swimming cap. This will be in the new seamless model with a slick new design that
incorporates our new logo.

                                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO:
                        Sam Hanna              Michael Pearson               Lauren Van Den Elzen
                        Patrick Walsh          Robert Clark                  Lauren Gallaway
Galston Swim Clubs‟ efforts during the recent State and State Open Championships were pleasing, with the majority of
swimmers gaining personal bests. During both carnivals a number of Top Ten placements were achieved, which is a
fantastic effort by our swimmers.

Also over the next couple of months we have a lot to look forward to in terms of the club competing as a team. Entries to
the Ryde-Carlile Cup have been pleasing, with a total of 20 swimmers entered and also our trip down to Canberra to
compete in the Burley Griffin Carnival is shaping up to be a great event.

It is great to see so many of our club‟s swimmers taking part in these carnivals and I thank the parents for taking the time
to attend these. Such carnivals are a great way to build team spirit and also gauge how the swimmers are going, leading up
into the summer season.

Lastly, I would like to say how happy I was to see so many parents and swimmers a like attend the bowling night. It was
fantastic to see so many people having a great time together. A huge thankyou to Melissa Wyatt and all of those who
helped organise the event.

Last night coming up on the 12th September 2008, for you to place your order for the new hoodies and for any new
members that wish to purchase the Club Shirt as well.

The hoodies will be $30.00 per garment and they are available for adults and children. The above price is below cost and
the garment is from the quality supplier Engine. The Club Shirt is $50.00 and again is from a quality supplier Canterbury
Clothing Company (CCC) and yes these are for both children and ADULTS.

We need to get the hoodie order in so they are available before we go to Canberra, so please come organised ready to place
your order with Eric. We will have size garments to try on in order to have the correct size ordered. The club is not
stocking clothing any more as we have lost money on clothing in the past.

                                                                   Entry        Entry                                 Cost per
     Carnival Date   Carnival                           Pool       closing date Cards     Qualifying times required   Event
          21/09/08   Ryde-Carlile Challenge Cup   ***   SOPAC        18/08/08   multi     Yes on 200m events          $ 4.50
      18-19/10/08    Burley Griffin Carnival      ***   AIS         05/09/08    multi     Yes on 200m & 400m events   $ 4.50
           2/11/08   Lane Cove Sprint Meet        ***   Lane Cove   11/10/08    multi     Yes on 200 Free             $4.00
        8-9/11/08    SMNW LC Summer Championships       SOPAC                   multi
     15-16/11/08     SMNW LC Summer Championships       SOPAC                   multi
                                                ***PROGRAMS ARE ON THE WEBSITE

A short reminder that the Lane Cove carnival is on 2 nd November for anyone wishing to enter please make sure you get
your entries into Cathy Owen before the closing date.

It is now time for all families that wish to participate in this weekend away to complete and hand in a commitment form
with a $100 deposit to Tony Sauer, so that we can finalise all bookings associated with the weekend.

In addition to the above forms you will also need to complete your race entry details from the carnival programme that is
on our web page look under Club Info and then under Upcoming Carnivals.

You do not need to complete race entry cards it can simply be written on a piece of paper with you current PB for the
events that you wish to enter. This is due to entries been done on line.
The next club social event will be held at the Campbell‟s please see Melissa or Karen to arrange your place. Details are on
the website.

In order to fulfill one of our major goals of increased membership, we are now on a major membership drive. So what has
the Committee being planning to ensure this will be successful, the details are as follows:

    1.      We have purchased three new registration banners measuring 3m x 1m that will be positioned in a number of
            prominent spots in the area, these follow the brand theme of the Club.
    2.      Given the web page a major overhaul.
    3.      Dedicated three days for registrations they are the 27 September 2008, 10 October 2008 and 24 October 2008.
    4.      In the week leading up to each of these three dates we will have a flashing roadside sign advertising the Clubs
            registration days, this is to be moved every couple of days.
    5.      We have had a new brochure printed that will be part of a major mail out to schools, kindergartens, day care
            centres etc. This will be available to you on the web very shortly, once we have gone into print.
    6.      We are joining up with the Galston Aquatic Centre and Winrams Swim School to encourage swimmers from
            these two „Learn to Swim‟ centres to join the Club. There will be another free printed brochure for this event
            which will be on the 27 September 2008.
    7.      We are currently going around various locations, shopping centre, McDonald‟s stores and the like and putting
            our Club A4 size brochure up to help market the Club.
    8.      And of course if there is anything that you as members can do like hand our A4 brochure to you children‟s
            school or any other group that you are able to encourage to join our fine club.

There is no limit of what can be done or achieved here, the more that everyone does will always equal greater than the
some of what a few people are able to achieve. I will have more A4 brochures for anyone who needs more to pass around,
see me Friday night.

                             Freestyle                     25m               50m                100m                   200m*
            12/09/08         Backstroke                    25m               50m                100m                   200m
                             Medley                                                             100m                   200m
                             Freestyle                     25m               50m                100m                   200m*
            19/09/08         Butterfly                     25m               50m                100m                   200m
                             Breaststroke                  25m               50m                100m                   200m
                                               *INDICATES FIRST SWIM OF THE NIGHT

A relay is run as the last race of the night. There will be a sheet with the other race registration sheets on which those
interested can put their names. Teams will be formed and will vary from Friday to Friday based on numbers of swimmers
interested and on the overall times of the combined swimmers.

It takes a lot of money to run a successful swim club. We are currently seeking sponsorships in order to continue the
growth of our club, we are offering various levels of sponsorship, these are explained on the website under the Sponsors
button. If you know of anyone or business that may be able to assist in sponsoring the club could you please pass on the

                               “Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but
                                                      because they didn‟t stop to enjoy it.”

                                                                 William Feather
Remember the Friday night BBQ is a great fundraiser but it takes a lot of effort and many hands to make it work. Angela
does a fantastic job running the BBQ but she needs our help therefore we have a roster, be sure to check for your allocated
night. Below are the families rostered on for the next two weeks.

                        12/09/2008                 Albertini                       Andrassy                         Chaffey

                        19/09/2008                 Choo                            Church                           Clark

                        26/09/2008                 Davis                           Depares                         Fornasaro

When we passed the bucket around a couple of weeks back we collected around $160.00 that will be used to purchase the
food for the BBQ, we will do this again this Friday night 12 th September. Below is the roster for this day, we have kept the
time frames down to a minimal time period. I trust that everyone can lend a hand in this task.

        TIME         COOKING                   SERVING                  COLLECTION OF FOOD                                        COMMENTS
                                                                         & CLEANING AT THE
                   Owen                   Szaboslay
       8.00am      Depares                Steer                                 Collection of                    General setup of area as instructed
         to                                                                     Food etc. by                      by the Bunnings Staff and then
                   Choo                   Day L
       9.30am                                                                   Owen & Choo                               fire up the BBQ
                   Lobbes                 Sauer
                   Church                 Albertini
       9.30am      Louw                   Wyatt
                   Tunkanas-Scott         Creighton
                   Campbell               Rossi
                   Berry                  Hancock
      11.00am      Porter                 Chaffey
                   Pensini                Day A
                   Sutherland             Woodward
                   Hodge                  Gallaway
      12.30pm      Wright                 Hanna
                   Davis                  Janiszewski
                   Mundy                  Peterie
                   Pearson                Robinson
       2.00pm      Sutherland             Russo                           Cleaning at the end of                   This period becomes quiet from
         to                                                                    BBQ by all.                         3.15pm so you should be out of
       4.00pm      Morris                 Vaughan                                                                         there by 4.00pm
                   Vandersay              Piercy

                                            This roster is also available on the website

                           “There are costs and risks to a program of action, but they are far less than the costs and risks of

                                                                   John F. Kennedy
                                                                 President of the USA

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