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                                                                                                                 M A Y ,      2 0 0 8

                     Scene of the Pride
                                                                                  Reserves Men Yellow
                                                                                  Won 1 from 3. Room for improvement with
                                                                                  some hard work and dedication.
                                                                                  Reserves Men Blue
                                                                                  Top start to the season winning 3 from 3. Due
                                                                                  to the depth of skilled players, everyone has
                                                                                  contributed at various times which has been
                                                                                  particularly pleasing considering a high turnover
                                                                                  of players from last season.
•   SEASON                                                                        Blue Women
                     League Women                                                 Won 3 from 3 so far and are playing well.
    PHOTOS           The team has had a slow start in comparison to               Looking towards a successful season.
                     its standards. Skills and intensity are building and         Yellow Women
                     the team a lot of potential.                                 Won 1 from 3 so far and have shown great
                     League Men                                                   promise for a great season. Looking forward to
                     The league team, which has good mix of experi-               developing further and refining skills!
                     ence and youth, is off to a sluggish start to the            Juniors
                     season with 2 wins and 1 loss. A tough 2 games               Just started playing…so stay tuned for updates.
                     (v South and Lofty) approach, which will really              These young players are the future of the club
                     test the younger players, but a solid finish to last         and will be guided by senior players who have
                     weeks game will give them a lot of confidence.               taken on a coaching role.

                     President’s Piece
                     Welcome to Season 2008, hope          for our wonderful Club, show-        it will all be happening…..a jun-
                     you all had a great long Anzac        case some of Lion’s history and      ior “newsletter” will be sent out
                     day weekend and you’re well
                                                           tradition, and let people know       to all Brighton based juniors as
                     rested and keen for Round 3
                                                           where we want to head in the         soon as possible. Hopefully this
                     this weekend!
                     All of our senior teams have          future. We had some guest            should provide families with lots
                     recorded wins so far which is         speakers, John Lipkiewicz and        of information about USC Lion,
                     great to see, so nice work            George Fedyk, two life mem-          our link with the Brighton SIV
                     teams and coaches!                    bers of USC Lion who spoke of        Program and the junior league
                                                           their fond memories of volley-       season ahead. If you have any
                     Our USC Lion Season Opening           ball with USC Lion Volleyball        questions don’t hesitate to con-
                     Night was held on Thursday            Club. They were amazed to see        tact either myself President
                     April 10, it was awesome to see       so many people there….it all         Trudy Watson, the General
                     so many people there, seniors,        goes well for a rosy future for      Manager Rebecca Footner or
                     juniors and their families… kids      the club! It was also great to see   another USC Lion committee
                     out on the beach courts having        our new uniforms and club wear       member.
                     a great time, players catching up     out on display too, with our
                     with each other and people                                                 Teams, let’s keep up the good
                                                           models Zoe Lambeff and Fraser        work and the proud USC Lion
                     enjoying the yummy sausage            Smith walking the floor!
                     sizzle and salads. The night was                                           tradition…
                     designed to give people a feel        Junior League has kicked off and     - Trudy Watson ,USC Lion President
                              Hydration during volleyball
       PAGE      2

                       The regular ingestion of fluids is essential for sporting perform-           TIPS
                       ance, otherwise we are likely to suffer from hypohydration
                                                                                                    • Drink regularly prior to training/game
                       (dehydration). Hypohydration (total body water below normal)
                       impairs the body's ability to regulate heat resulting in increased           • Immediately before sport consume up
                       body temperature and an elevated heart rate. Perceived exertion              to 600mL of fluid
                       is increased, causing the athlete to feel more fatigued than usual at
                                                                                                    • Drink fluids early in the exercise ses-
“It is a privilege     a given work rate. Mental function is reduced which can have
                                                                                                    sion and continue to drink small
to wear the Lion       negative implications for motor control, decision making and con-
                                                                                                    amounts regularly
shirt and take a       centration. Gastric emptying is slowed, resulting in stomach dis-
position on            comfort. All these effects lead to impairment in exercise per-               • Continue to replace fluids after exer-
court…                 formance. Most types of exercise are adversely affected by hypo-             cise. You need to drink 150% of any
Something to be        hydration, especially when they are undertaken in hot conditions,            fluid deficit in the 4-6hrs after exercise
earnt and              and negative effects have been detected when fluid deficits are as           to replace ongoing sweat & urinary
respected…..not        low as 2 % (i.e. a deficit of 1.2 litres for a 60 kg athlete).               losses
only by you &
teammates..                                        High-intensity exercise in a controlled          It is an interesting exercise to monitor
But by your                                        atmosphere stadium can lead to large             weight changes of players and their
opposition!                                        sweat losses - especially in large players.      drink bottles during practice and games,
                     Summer practice session       Volleyball players need to make the most         and estimate their sweat losses and fluid
                                                   of opportunities to hydrate during               intakes.
                     Sweat losses   Fluid intake   matches - time outs, time spent on the           The following results were found in
                     (ml/hr)        (ml/hr)        bench, breaks between sets. Each player
                       755            730                                                           studies of the AIS men’s and women’s
                                                   should keep their own drink bottle               volleyball teams. We found considerable
                     Men                           nearby so they can drink whenever the            variation between sweat rates and
                     Sweat losses   Fluid intake   opportunity arises - even if they don't
                     (ml/hr)        (ml/hr)                                                         drinking patterns of different players -
                       833            626          feel thirsty! Water is a suitable fluid, but a   many drank well, but others needed
                                                   sports drink may promote better per-             encouragement.
                     (these are average levels)    formance by topping up fuel stores for
                                                   both the muscle and brain.
                                                   Volleyball requires skill, concentration         recovery begins with the
                                                   and decision- making. These factors are          intake of fluid”
                                                   impaired both by dehydration and lower-
                                                   ing of blood glucose levels.

      ‘Train Hard,                  26th July USC Lion Quiz Night
      Play Strong’                  Don’t forget to start bringing prizes in! Please pass them on
                                    Bek Footner or Jess Mitchell —the sooner the better.

                                    Links to gaining a better understanding of volleyball
                                    Australian Volleyball Federation                 Volleyball SA
                                    A one stop shop for volleyball in Oz. Find       Most importantly it contains the match timetable
                                    out the latest news about the Australian         incase you lose yours! Also information on coach-
                                    Volleyball League, the National mens and         ing courses, local volleyball heroes making it big
                                    womens teams and if you navigate to the          and social competitions and other important in-
                                    Sport Development section you can view           formation and contacts.
                                    the official rules of volleyball and coaching (you will need to navigate
                                    information. You can even subscribe to           to volleyball, then to SA.)
                                    their e-news!!
                                                                            Volleyball magazine
                                                             which includes SA league teams on a national
                           Includes the history       ranking!
                                    of volleyball and links to good resources for
                                    drills and skills.
                                  Player Profiles
Demi-Rae Cudbertson (Junior League)                            John Byron (League & Coach)
Nickname: Demo                                                 Nickname: Johnny, JB
Do you scrunch or fold toilet paper? Scrunch, its quicker!     Volleyball position: opposite, passer/hitter
                                                               Pet volleyball dislike: When the intensity drops away from
                                                               the game/training
                                                               Favourite saying/quote: Life is short, treat every day as it
                                                               was your last.
                                                               3 things you would take on a deserted island? A book on
                                                               survival skills for being stranded on a deserted island,
                                                               clean underwear(Ed-his mum taught him well) and a rubix
                                                               Fold or scrunch toilet paper? Fold, it allows for a cleaner
Sophie Orchard (Reserves)                                      finish!
Otherwise known as Phoof
Volleyball position: Setter
Pet volleyball dislike: People who don’t do duties (Ed-we couldn’t agree
3 things you would take on a deserted island: Eliza, food and water (Ed-
not sure if Eliza is lucky or not??)

                                                Guess Who???
  Won a FIVB Swatch Watch, Bolle sunglasses and official volleyball in the early bird ticket
  competition at the Glenelg Beach Volleyball World Tour event…. (Hint - he’s a tall left-
  hander who plays for USC Lion)

                                    USC Lion Volleyball Club

                                   USC LION - Continuing The Tradition

                  President                   Trudy Watson
                  General Manager             Bek Footner
                  Treasurer                   Julie Todd

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