poster for DECC - cool commuters by lindahy


poster for DECC - cool commuters

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									                                                                 Cool Commuters
                                                          A Sustainable Transport Initiative

 COUNCIL:                                                 Motorised transport is one of the greatest
 •     Fleet changeover to more 4 cylinder                sources of greenhouse gas emissions in our
       and LPG vehicles                                   shire. The Cool Commuters program focused
 •     Development of a Green Travel Plan                 on increasing community awareness of
       for Ballina Shire Council                          transport as a major emitter of greenhouse
 •     Staff carpooling matching service                  gases in the Ballina Shire and provided
       and priority parking for car-poolers               resources and incentives for encouraging
 •     Bicycles for Council’s vehicle fleet               more sustainable travel options such as
       and bicycle proficiency training for               walking, cycling, catching public transport
                                                          and carpooling.
 •     Staff emissions offset planting event
 COMMUNITY:                                               Consultation with the community and target
 •     Community Sustainable Travel Survey                groups helped define the scope of the
                                                          project by highlighting some of the barriers
 •     Sustainable Transport Business
                                                          and opportunities to taking up more
                                                          sustainable transport in Ballina Shire. The
 •     Cool Commuter Transport Access
                                                          program promoted the environmental, health
       Guides for Ballina, Lennox, Wardell
                                                          and economic benefits of “cool commuting”
       Alstonville and Wollongbar.
                                                          to work and study through a number of
 •     Cool Commuter promotion materials                  initiatives targeted at workplaces, schools
 •     Cool Commuter Commitment Pledge                    and the general community.
 •     The Cool Commuters schools                         Skye McNamara,
                                                          Climate Action Project Officer
        workshop and travel audit tools
                                                          Ballina Shire Council
 •     Cool Commuter poster competition                   p.(02) 6686 1284 |
       and bus advertising
 •     Student offset planting event
 •     Cool Commuters school education

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Climate Action Grants Program

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