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Phu Quoc Island 4 days


Phu Quoc Island 4 days

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									 Phu Quoc Island 4 days

DAY 1 — Ho Chi Minh City / Phu Quoc Island
Departing from Ho Chi Minh City, it is a short flight that takes you to
Phu Quoc Island. After checking in to the resort, the rest of the day
is free.

DAY 2 — Phu Quoc Island
On this holiday enjoy free time to relax and unwind. Swimming and
sunbathing and enjoying resort facilties are the order of the day. For
the more active, scuba dive or explore the island by motorbike.           Inclusions
                                                                          Transfer to/from Ho Chi Minh
DAY 3 — Phu Quoc Island                                                   City airport, flight from HCMC to
Continue to relax or explore the island of Phu Quoc. Indulge in
                                                                          Phu Quoc return, transfer from
some of the fresh seafood available and enjoy the break.                  Phu Quoc airport to resort
DAY 4 — Phu Quoc Island / Ho Chi Minh City
Return flight to Ho Chi Minh City.                                        Included Meals
                                                                          3 x breakfast
Phu Quoc Island
For a tiny island Phu Quoc is steeped in history. In the early 17th       Accommodation
century, Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants earned their living            Island resort (3 nights)
from sea cucumbers. Later Phu Quoc became a stronghold of Lord
Nguyen Anh, later Emperor Gia Long, in his confrontation with Tay         Optional
Son forces. During the French occupation, rubber and coconut              More nights on request.
plantations could be found and during the war it was home to
40,000 P.O.W. inmates. Phu Quoc has now been converted into an
ideal tourist destination for nature and sea lovers and is an idyllic
location to relax and enjoy a seaside holiday.

Emergency Contact in Vietnam 24 hours
Mike Keenan - +84 903 486 488
Travis Fennell - +84 905 056 556

Tipping Guide
For your leader we recommend $2 USD a day. For drivers & local
guides, we recommend             $1 USD a day. You are under no
obligation to tip, this is a guide only.

Wide Eyed Tours Rules
Illegal drugs will not be tolerated on our trips. Possessing or using
drugs not only contravenes the laws of the land but also puts the
rest of the group at risk. Smoking marijuana and opium is a part of
local culture in some parts of the world but is not acceptable for
Wide Eyed Tours travellers. Wide Eyed Tours philosophy of travel is
one of respect towards everyone we encounter, and in particular the
local people who make our destinations such special places. The
exploitation of prostitutes is completely contrary to this philosophy.
Our group leader has the right to expel any member of the group if
drugs are found in their possession or if they use prostitutes.

Responsible Travel
We believe strongly in low impact or rather positive impact tourism.
Broadly speaking this means that we try to minimise the negative
aspects of tourism on the local cultures and environments that we
visit and highlight the positive aspects.

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