Patient Assessment Flowchart Hayman Island by lindahy


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									                                               Patient presents to Hayman Island
                                                            First Aid

                                                          Patient is assessed by RN.
                                                          What is patient’s condition?

                 Low Acuity                                    High Acuity                                  Critical
            e.g. sore throat, sunburn,                   e.g. abdo/chest/back pain,                     e.g. major trauma,
                 gastro, headache                      asthma, STI’s, minor trauma,                  unconscious, severe SOB,
                                                        potential isolated fractures               near drowning, cardiac arrest

                                                    Initiate patient management utilizing
                                                    local resources
                                                    Contact Airlie Beach GP or Mackay for              Initiate treatment
                                                    advice as required
             Manage/treat patient as
             per local protocol
             Contact Airlie Beach GP
                                                            Does patient require
             for advice/consult if
                                                            transfer to hospital?
             needed                                                                                     DIAL 000

                                                       NO                            YES

                                                                                                           patient for
                                                 Continue to                                               transfer
                                                 manage patient as

N.B. The decision to transfer patient a High Acuity patient must be a collaborative decision between the Medical Officer and the
Registered Nurse. If unable to contact a Medical Officer in a timely manner, Dial 000 directly.

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