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Pain Management Unit Registrar 2010


Pain Management Unit Registrar 2010

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									                           ROYAL HOBART HOSPITAL
                    Pain Management Unit Registrar
Position Title: Registrar – Senior
Reports to: Director, Pain Management Unit (PMU)

General: The Royal Hobart Hospital is a tertiary institution for Tasmania with around
350 beds and provides an ideal clinical and academic environment for trainees.
The Pain Management Unit (PMU) in this hospital is a tertiary service provider and
offers a multimodality approach to diagnose and treat persistent pain patients in
PMU is an accredited facility for postgraduate training and is staffed in accordance with
the Faculty of Pain Medicine requirements as sated in the document PM2-2001.
It has on its staff a talented group of allied health workers (psychologist, physiotherapist,
occupational therapist, social worker) and specialist doctors (psychiatrist, anaesthetist,
neurosurgeon and rheumatologist) to provide a multidisciplinary input into the pain
management process. There is an exclusive area for its operation, which allows minor
procedures, outpatient clinic and multidisciplinary departmental meetings to be held.
The major pain procedures are carried out in Day Surgical Theatres, which are adjacent
to the unit.
Patients are accepted from within the hospital (specialist referral and in-patients) or from
within the state of Tasmania through the general practitioners.
The activities of the PMU include services of the medical (pain specialists, psychiatrist
and a rheumatologist) and para-medical service (nurses, psychologist, physiotherapist,
occupational therapist and a social worker). A highly successful Pain Rehabilitation
Program (PROPP) is also available for selected pain patients.
The pain medicine team is involved in interesting research projects, which have been
published regularly in various international journals.

Key areas of responsibility for the Pain Management Registrar: The position of the
registrar is to provide ongoing care to both in-patients and outpatients, with persistent
pain, under the direct supervision of the Director and other staff specialists working in

   1. Involvement in the consultative process for routine or complicated assessment of
       chronic/acute pain patients. This will be done either independently or under the
       supervision of a consultant in PMU.
   2. Care and management of ward patients with chronic pain disorder, referred to
       PMU by other specialties.
   3. Care of post-operative/trauma acute pain patients. This will include ward rounds
       (with an anaesthetic consultant and an acute pain nurse) and attending to
       complicated cases referred to PMU from various wards.
   4. Conducting and outpatient Pain Clinic for two sessions a week for an initial
       evaluation/assessment or review of the chronic pain patients.
   5. Carrying out pain procedures independently or under the supervision of a
   6. Participation in Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Medicine sessions will also be
   7. Participation in on-call roster to provide cover for chronic pain patients who
       need urgent assessment in view of post-procedure complication or general
       deterioration in their condition.
   8. Time will be made available to allow planning and executing a research project or
       a literature review.
   9. Participation in the academic activities of the PMU which includes undergraduate
       teaching and in the weekly departmental multidisciplinary meetings.
   10. One regular session per week as well as occasional participation in the weekend
       emergency roster in Anaesthesia or other parent specialty may be available to
       help retain their Anaesthesia/parent specialty skills during their posting to the
       Pain Management Unit.

Rostering and Workload

Day duty 08:00 – 17:00
Normal rostered hours are 76 hours per fortnight, Monday to Friday, plus on-call duties
as specified above.

For more information, please contact:

Dr G Oberoi
Pain Management Unit
Ph: 03 6222 8308 and page

For further information on the application process, please contact:

Alison Hallam
Team Leader
Medical Staffing Unit
Ph: (03) 6222 8114

Please apply online.

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