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A publication produced by The Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd

  Membership at                                                                         Drought proof
  record numbers                                                                        fodder

  Top results with
  Square Meaters

                                                                                       The arriv al
                                                                                       of twin calv es
   Cover Photo: Supreme Square Meaters Exhibit, Woolaringa Leane V23A, Woolaringa Square Meaters Stud, Goulburn, NSW, at the 2004 Royal Canberra Show.

           Square Meaters Cattle - “No Ifs, Just Butts”
2 Outside the Square   February 2005
Outside the Square

                                                                    drought handicap. These          bulls and expand that of the
Membership is at                                                    responses should encourage
                                                                    both longstanding and
                                                                    more recent newcomers to
                                                                                                     Class A females will
                                                                                                     undoubtedly assist breeders
                                                                                                     to maintain adequate size in
record numbers                                                      the breed, that when
                                                                    conditions improve, the
                                                                    breed can look forward to
                                                                                                     our cattle as a medium
                                                                                                     framed breed and exploiting
                                                                                                     their increased muscling
                                 the Association to a record
                                 level, the largest annual          ongoing expansion and an         and higher feed conversion
                                 increase since the first year      increasing presence in the       rate,     confirmed        by
                                 after the breed’s foundation       beef industry.                   controlled studies over the
                                 in April 1996. Our first              As suggested, the breed’s     past nine years. The
                                 South Australian members           appearance as the Feature        temporary re-opening of the
                                 joined those in New South          breed at the RNCAS at            herd book to Murray Grey
                                 Wales,           Queensland,       Canberra raised the breed’s      females has not only offered
                                 Victoria, Tasmania, Western        profile substantially and was    an opportunity to those
                                 Australia, New Zealand and         also a great success. It was     MG breeders who wish to
                                 the United States of               the largest single breed
                                                                    exhibit, and the largest         breed old-style, compact,
By Tony Cairns , Chairman        America and reports of                                              medium framed, Australian
                                 strong interest in the breed,      exhibit of Square Meaters in
                                                                    its history to date, with over   grey cattle to join this
The publication of this          reflects the interest already                                       exciting breed, but also
second edition of the            emerging in those other            eighty exhibits coming from
                                 more established States,           as far away as Queensland        allows us to expand the
Annual, as with the first,
which coincided with the         regardless        of        the    providing an excellent           genetic base of our breed.
breed’s first appearance as      significantly       inhibitory     display of the breed. The        We are also looking at a
the feature breed at a major     affect of the drought              display was complimented         junior program in order to
agricultural     show       at   conditions           deterring     not only by the Show             embrace           tomorrow’s
Canberra in 2004, marks          interested parties from            organisers but also by many      breeders      and     further
the ninth anniversary of         taking on new initiatives in       other breed exhibitors at the    strengthen our breed’s
the breed’s establishment in     such a bleak and uncertain         Show. Once again Square          future.
April 1996. Prominent            time for agriculture in            Meaters won the Group B              I would also like to
beef cattle breeder and          general and cattle raising in      Interbreed competition, but      acknowledge the ongoing
developer, Rick Pisaturo         particular. Despite this           perhaps most significantly       major sponsorship of the
AM, JP, devised Square           environment,                the    of all emphasised our            Association by the CRT
Meaters as an early              Association       and        its   credentials as a carcase breed   Town        and      Country
maturing, high yielding          members have succeeded in          by taking out the Grand          organisation, and encourage
carcase breed, specifically      increasing significantly both      Champion Beef Carcase            all members to not only
aimed at the domestic beef       their own numbers and              competition with a steer         support your local bloke,
market.                          their registered cattle.           scoring a record ninety five     but involve them in any
  Since its inconspicuous            This      progress     has     points. It was entered by        promotional activities you
inception nine years ago,        undoubtedly resulted from          Ernie      Stephenson       of   may undertake such as on-
the     breed      and     its   promotions associated with         Goulburn, and described by       farm field days or sales
Association of breeders have     the Canberra feature, and          the judge as “bloody             where they may be able to
slowly but surely begun to       the individual promotional         beautiful”. Interestingly, the   assist you.
make its presence felt within    efforts of members who             steer was entered in the
                                 have participated in various                                          In conclusion, I encourage
the beef industry as an                                             heavyweight section, and as
emerging breed more than         events across the country                                           all potential breeders who
                                                                    Grand Champion, prevailed        are considering joining us in
achieving the objectives of      such as major and minor            over all other breed entries
the founder.                     regional shows, field days                                          breeding Square Meaters
                                                                    participating       in     the
   During those nine years,      such          as         Tocal,    competition.                     cattle, to look at the very
and despite the worst            Murrumbateman,                        I would like to take this     many positive attributes of
drought on record affecting      Richmond and others, and           opportunity to express my        this wonderful breed and
eastern Australia in the later   other       feature      breed     personal appreciation to my      what it has to offer you in
few thereof, the breed has       opportunities as presented         fellow board members and         producing the very best
continued to expand and          at      Bungendore         and     our hard working and ever        quality beef and the very
move forward towards its         Dungog, which by all               loyal secretary Cheryl Mott,     enjoyable experiences that
ultimate     objective      to   reports was a great success        for their continued support      await you as a Square
become recognised as             by any measure.             All    and wise counsel in the          Meaters      breeder      and
Australia’s     pre-eminent      participants in these events       conduct of the Association’s     member of the most
domestic beef carcase breed.     have reported high levels of       affairs. The wise decision to    friendly,     helpful     and
2004 saw a substantial           interest and enquiry, and          increase the frame score         cohesive      cattle    breed
increase in membership of        follow-up sales despite the        measurement criteria of our      Association in Australia. s
February 2005                                                                                              Outside the Square 3
                  Outside the Square

 Keep a close eye
  on twin calves
By Graeme Singleton                    drinks of milk. You will
                                       need to repeat this a couple
THE arrival of twin calves             of times a day to ensure the
is always exciting, but                calf doesn’t get weak.
occasionally some cows                    So what do you do if the
will reject one twin in                cow is still rejecting one
favour of the other. If you            calf?
don’t want to go down the                 One thing I’ve found that
path of poddying a calf ( i.e          works is to confuse the cow
feeding it from a bucket)              by spraying both calves with
then you need to act                   a cheap perfume.
quickly to make sure the                   Unable to detect their
cow accepts both calves.               individual scents, the cow
   You need to ensure firstly          should allow both to suckle.    Ensure the calf has plenty of colostrum in the
that both calves get plenty                You can collar the calves   first few days of life.
of colostrum in their first            with leather straps and tie
days of life. If the cow is            them together so that every        Some years ago, I had a          Amazingly her milk came
pushing one calf away, you             time the stronger one heads     bad run where a cow went         again and the calf grew into
will need to restrain her in           to the milk bar the weaker      down        with      lantana    a little ripper thanks to
the race (which hopefully              one goes too.                   poisoning right after she        being well fed by both cows.
has a split side gate) and               I also use the perfume and    had calved, and just days             I’ve had lots of sets of
physically guide the new-              collars trick when I’m trying   later another cow gave birth     twins over the years and
born calf to her udder so it           to get a cow to mother an       to a still-born calf. I opted    I’ve also learnt that
can get those vital first              extra calf.                     to mother the calf from the      sometimes the very fact of
                                                                       sick cow with the cow            having twins can be
                                                                       which didn’t have a calf.        distressing or confusing for
                               q   q      q     q   q   q   q   q
    q   q     q    q   q   q
                                                                           I sprayed the dead calf,     a cow, so I’ve found that
                                                                       and the sick cow’s calf with     keeping the cow handy to
                                                                       the same cheap perfume           the yards and feeding her
  MUMBULU SQUARE MEATER STUD                                           and confined the calf-less       hay for the first week or so
                                                                       cow, her dead calf and           gives her time to settle and
                                                                       mother-less calf into a small    her calves a better start in
                                                                       yard with good shade, water      life.
                                                                       and a hay rack. Before I            While on the matter of
                                                                       removed the dead calf I          multiple births, where the
                                                                       rubbed it over the live calf.    twins are not of the same
                                                                              As expected the cow       sex ( a bull and a heifer), the
                                                                       didn’t initially take the calf   chances of the heifer
                                                                       so I put her in the race and     breeding are significantly
                                                                       guided the calf to her teat.     reduced, so you may want
   Easy calving                               Medium frame             After the calf had finished      to wean the heifer early or
                                                                       drinking I squirted some of      sell her straight to the
   Early maturing                             Quiet and docile         the cows milk over the calf      abattoir or yards, to ensure
                                                                       and returned them both to        the bull/steer calf grows to a
                                                                       the small yard. I repeated       marketable size and weight
            Ideal beef breed for small farms                           the procedure many times         as quickly as possible.
                                                                       and as the calf became              Unless you give a cow lots
                                                                       stronger - and the cows          of supplements, your
   RMB 1194,                       CONTACT:
                                                                       udder swelled with new           chances of rearing two very
   DINGO FLAT ROAD,                PETER & ANNE CAVE
                                                                       milk - they finally bonded.      good twins are relatively
                                                                           What I didn’t count on       low. Sometimes one good
                                   TEL/FAX: (08) 9840 8361
                                                                       was the calf ’s mother           vealer is a lot better than
   WA, 6333.                       EMAIL:          recovering from lantana          two ordinary calves - it all
                                                                       poisoning and after two          depends on the season and
                                                                       weeks of being “down”            whether you care to help
   BREEDERS OF QUALITY SQUARE MEATERS                                  seeking out her baby.            the cow along. s
4 Outside the Square                                                                                                  February 2005
Outside the Square
                                                                   If your question is about
 Breeding for the                                                    Square Meaters
                                                                     in Western Australia.
  medium frame
                                                                    TREPID Park
In the early 1990’s well-         height limit at 12 months
known Sydney cattle               has been lifted slightly by
breeder, Ric Pisaturo,            the Association.
looked at the status of the          This measure has been
beef cattle industry and
determined that a market
                                  taken to avoid a risk that the
                                  frame would become
                                                                        has the answers.
existed for a specific type of    smaller and smaller all the
beef animal.                      time. This is because it is
 The challenge was to breed       possible for a 12 months
a fast growing and early          heifer to measure above the
maturing animal with good         parameters under the old
muscling.                         rules and still conform with
  The reputation of the           the parameters for a mature
original Murray Grey’s            cow. The breed is not about
meant that they were ideally      breeding a small or mini-
suited as the base stock. By      ature frame. It is about
careful selection of breeding     breeding a medium frame.
females and suitable older            The Association truly        At TREPID park we can provide
styled Murray Grey sires          believes in the benefits of a
combined with careful             medium frame over both           you with a solution to any
genetic selection for the         larger and smaller frames.
targeted traits resulted in       The current adjustments to       requirement for Square Meaters
the first Square Meaters          the size criteria will help      cattle - Australia wide. Whether it
calves being born at the          avoid the risk of the breed
Mandalong Stud in 1994.           becoming too small.              just be advice or livestock for
  Characteristically, a typical     Another decision of the        sale or purchase, for stud or
Square Meaters mature             society has been to re open
female will weigh around          the Herdbook to registered       commercial purposes, we can
450Kg and be around               Murray Grey females. This        provide a solution.
125cm tall. She will have a       has been done to enable an
deep body with a good             extension of the genetic
udder and produce calves at       base within the breed. It has    We currently have:
15kg-22kg birth weight,           also been done to be
with no calving difficulty, at    attractive to existing Murray    s Registered Cows    s Foundation Cows
2 years of age. The young         Grey breeders who want to        s Registered Bulls   s Commercial Bulls
calves grow rapidly to            breed the more traditional       s Embryos            s Semen
achieve a live weight of          size type of Murray Grey.
280kg-340kg at 9-11                  Females accepted in this      s Leasing            s Agistment
months of age.                    way will be Class B females
   The mature bulls weigh         and they cannot be shown.
around 800kg plus at              Their progeny to a Square
around 130cm high, again
with a deep body on short
                                  Meaters bull can be
                                  registered as Square Meaters            TREPID Park
legs. Despite the shortness       so long as they fit with the
of leg, Square Meaters bulls      criteria.                        Contact: TC & RE Pankhurst
can easily serve larger               The stud book was re                   Frankland, WA
females in commercial             opened on the 1st May
crossbreeding programs.           2004 and there is no                     Ph: 0418 923 754
  At 12 months of age, bulls      planned date at which it                Fax: (08) 9855 2289
cannot be less than 103cm         will close. s
and not more than 113cm.                                             Email:
At 12 months females              s For more information
height can range from not         contact the Square Meaters
less than 100cm and not
more than 110cm. The
                                  cattle   Association
                                  (02)9834 4322.
                                                         on         Breeding Better Beef
February 2005                                                                                Outside the Square 5
              Outside the Square

Starting out with
Square Meaters
By Maria & Bruce Peterson         resulting in too much feed!!
                                  It has all been a balancing
In May 2003, I found              act. Along the way we have
myself reading a magazine         had nice people like Cheryl,
called Farming Small              Julie, David, Kylie and Matt
Areas. In Julie Thompson’s        to guide us, with good
article “Hip to be square”,       advice and encouragement
she spoke of the benefits of      on issues like back-lining,
breeding and rearing              ear tagging, setting up stock
Square Meaters cattle.            yards,           vaccination,
  I contacted Julie & David       paperwork, cattle behaviour
of “Thurloo Park” Stud at         and cattle management.
Cootamundra and we were           You can read so much from
invited to come and look at       books, however speaking to      The calf, ‘Yo Yo’, enjoying the good life on the
the cattle. After our visit we    people who have first-hand
returned home with two            experience and know-how is      Petersons property at Parkes, NSW.
stud heifers called Whisper       extremely valuable.             better luck or is it               minutes, I was delighted to
and Willow, who made up             In the cattle business one    management!! In 2005, we           see mother and calf stand
the small beginnings of our       thing is certain, that things   have a lot to learn.               up. Little Zara after having
future stud which has since       are always easier said than         In July 2004, we               a drink from her mother,
been registered as Marruce        done. It is easy to say “We     experienced the birth of our       took her first few steps -
Square Meaters Stud and           are going to take cattle to     first calf, a little heifer called what        a      wonderful
was the commencement of           the local Show”, but to train   Zara, named after our              experience.”
a rewarding experience.           calves to walk in a circle is   daughter Lara. Here is my              Since Zara’s birth, our
   The challenge of rearing       another mater entirely!!        husbands’ account of the           second heifer Zita, (named
cattle is filled with humour,     Our two calves Coota and        morning:                           after my mother Rita) was
drama and the daily highs         Yo-Yo were happy to be             “It was a cold morning-         born in August and we have
and lows of life. Since we        groomed for hours, happy        minus one degree- and after        purchased our first stud
have had our stud we have         to stand for hours and          washing the ice off the one -      bull, Tiny, from Thurloo
experienced drought and           happy to be lead in a circle    tonner, I went to check on         Park. Although we were a
grasshoppers in their             once or twice but then they     the cattle. Upon arriving in       little hesitant about taking
thousands!! Often there           would not budge. We did         the paddock, which has an          on a bull, Tiny has
were times with little feed,      not take cattle to the local    old dry creek with lots of         developed a real bond with
followed by good rains            Show this year and hope for     trees and reeds in it, I did a     Bruce and has settled well
                                                                  quick head count and one           into life on Marruce. At
                                                                  expectant cow was missing.         present, we are waiting

                                 Square Meater Stud
                                                                  After walking around for
                                                                  some time, I came across
                                                                  the heifer, Whisper, lying
                                                                                                     patiently for Princess to
                                                                                                     have her first calf, she is in
                                                                                                     good health and certainly
                                                                  down in a bit of a clearing        enjoys her tucker!!
                                                                  and behind her on the                 The Square Meaters are
                                                                  frosty ground was a little         lovely cattle to work with;
                                  “A good home                    silver calf with its head          we enjoy handling these
                                                                  facing me.               Not a     cattle because of their placid
                                    for cattle”                   movement from mother or
                                                                  calf, I started to fear the
                                                                                                     nature, their compact size
                                                                                                     and easy calving. When we
                                                                  worst, as Maria and I were         go to feed them and they
                                                                  very excited about our first       are grazing up the top end
                                        Contact...                born calf. As I approached         of the paddock, we only
                                 Bruce and Maria Peterson         to about 20 metres,                have to call their names and
                                    Wellington Road,              thinking this is not good,         they come galloping full
                                                                  little Zara opened her right       pelt, kicking their hind legs
                                     Parkes, NSW.                 eye and closed it again -          in the air - these antics
                                                                  more or less she winked at         make us laugh, they are
      Telephone: (02) 6862 1930                                   me!! It was a great relief.
                                                                  After observing for a few
                                                                                                     rather spoilt, but they
                                                                                                     deserve the attention. s
6 Outside the Square                                                                                              February 2005
Outside the Square

 A stud bull field
 day in the west
By Tony Vander Loop               whole herd was on show.
                                  Some of the people had not
Landmark organises and            seen Square Meaters before
conducts, in conjunction          and the “oohs” and “aahs”
with the participating stud       were evident, especially
breeders, a full week of          when they saw the excellent
visiting cattle studs in the      muscling of Malolo Victor
South West of West                and Thomas, and could see
Australia for the purpose         the consistency of quality
of showcasing studs and           throughout all of the
bulls for the forthcoming         animals.
bull selling season.                      Thomas, with five
    The FARM WEEKLY               Murray Grey cows and their
magazine highlights the           3—4 month old calves,             Tony Vander Loop, Malolo Stud, Boyanup,
event as- “ five days, fifty      sired by Thomas were in the
studs, twelve breeds, and         first pen. At least four of the   pictured with bull Malolo Victor.
twenty five venues!               cows       were      beautiful    September. She also is on  superlative expressions of
        MALOLO Square             examples of the Murray            her way.                   approval and interest. The
Meaters, Boyanup WA, has          Grey type and indeed                My main message was that Malolo Square Meater
participated       since    its   Square Meaters that we            Square Meaters are not     display was a huge success
inception four years ago.         want—huge volume and              miniatures and can compete for the Breed, but I’m
We haven’t sold many bulls        thickly constituted bodies        with the other breeds.     biased, so why not ask the
but it is a means of pushing      averaging around 600                 My visitors’ answer was Landmark team for their
the Square Meater breed out       kilograms.                        plainly evident in the     opinion. s
into the mix.                        Pen two contained four
    In the past we’ve taken a     Square Meater cows and
truckload of representative
selected animals to the local
                                  calves, three of which were
                                  first calvers and all of the
saleyard used as a collecting     calves were progeny of                 SQUARE MEATERS
venue for a number of studs       Malolo Victor, who was tied
and breeds.                       close by. Malolo Zebedee,                BOYANUP, WEST AUSTRALIA, 6237
   This year we stayed at         the      8     month        old
home and the bus came to          outstanding pick of those
us.        Cattle breeders,       calves, is an extremely well
stockies,      and       other    put together son of Victor,
interested parties could          with muscling, butt profile,
inspect the whole herd—           growth , and temperament
bulls, cows and calves,           were all admired by the
pregnant heifers, and even a      visitors.
few which I will be culling.          Pen three had ten superb
    Malolo Victor, double         examples of Square Meaters
Grand Champion at the             18 month—2 year-old
Perth Royal Show 2001,            pregnant heifers. Most were
and Thurloo Park Thomas           sired by Victor. One visitor,
vied for attention but all of     from about 200 kms away,
the others are excellent          was marking down ear tag
examples of the breed as          numbers         for     future               The home of Malolo Victor
well.                             selection. He bought three.
  Thirty four head of Square          Pen Four had a few culls          q JUNIOR CHAMPION SQUARE MEATERS BULL
Meaters were divided into         and their calves.Examples             q GRAND CHAMPION SQUARE MEATERS BULL
four groups and put into          are Old Fiona. She is a 16            q INTERBREED CHAMPION BULL - SPECIALITY BREEDS
smallish pens side by side        year-old Murray Grey                         ALL AT THE 2001 PERTH ROYAL SHOW
for easy viewing by the           foundation cow who has
visitors. Two other bulls         lost her teeth. Another is an
were also at hand being tied      overly fat type which had to          PH: (08) 9731 5187
to the side of a truck. So the    have a caesarean in
February 2005                                                                                          Outside the Square 7
              Outside the Square

Students get first
hand experience
Keith Morgan has opened           of the Central Coast
up the Maryvale stud,             Community. Keith has left
Yarramalong, to allow the         a five metre buffer zone
students of Wyong School          around the top of the river
to     gain      first  hand      bank. The cattle are
experience in both live           excluded        from      the
stock management and              riverbanks by fencing with
better farm practices.            water troughs set up for
    In an alliance that has       drinking water. An internal
continued for 5 years, the        “hot wire” allows strip
students        have      held    grazing to be used in the
excursions on the property,       oats crop, grown from feed
chosen and exhibited steers       in winter and early spring.
at the Central Coast School          The oats are planted by       Keith Morgan, Maryvale Stud, with a student at
Steer Show, completed             manure spreader and the          the Central Coast Steer Show.
work        placement       at    existing pasture is slashed,
Maryvale        and,    more      thatch providing moisture        allows him to move young       discounted price to any
recently, Primary Industry        containment                for   heifers etc so as not to over  school interested, providing
students       have    gained     germination and protecting       graze the kikuyu/clover        steers       for     Wyong,
competencies during a field       the seed from birds. About       pastures.                      Kincumber, Northlakes and
day.                              three hectares of oats are         When the local Ag teacher,   St Peter’s, Tuggerah for the
   Maryvale is a picturesque      planted annually; being top      Ashley Unger saw the good      2004 show.
holding in the Yarramalong        dressed with after graze after   farm practices used at            Wyong High School
Valley, bordered on one side      each feeding off. Keith          Maryvale,      he     started  moved from Senior Ag. into
by the Wyong Creek and            usually grazes the oats 4        bringing         Agriculture   the more skills-based
hills on the other. As            times.                           students on excursions.        Primary Industries syllabus
students are encouraged to          Irrigation is provided by a    Keith changed his genetics     in 2003. Keith was good
understand environmentally        diesel pump set up on a          to the Square Meaters with     enough to open his farm for
friendly and sustainable          concrete runway to allow         an eye to the Sydney           the students and loan his
farm practices, Maryvale          easy removal and flooding.       Restaurants Trade, looking     four-wheel quad bikes for
proves an ideal class room;       Small travelling irrigators      for well finished steaks of a  the students to be assessed
Keith uses cell grazing           are used via underground         reasonable proportion.         in using on-farm vehicles.
through a ten paddock             mains and hydrants.                 Wyong High School was           A risk assessment was
rotation, followed up by            As Keith uses non-till         involved in the Central        conducted, an OHS task
mulching and dispersion of        farming, the ground is           Coast School Steer show        given and with the help of
manure by harrowing.              never left open to the flood     and Keith donated a steer.     Keith and farm hand Dave
   The Wyong Creek is the         waters that can cover the        It was a learning experience   Smith, the students were
supply link for the Gosford       flats to a depth of 3 metres.    for Keith, the teachers and    shown and developed skills
-Wyong water supply and           Keith also has another           students. Although not as      in quad riding, irrigation,
its health is of concern to all   property at Blanford which       showey as the larger cross-    manure spreading and
                                                                   bred steers, the Square        electric fence construction,
                                                                   Meaters held their own,        not to mention the
                                                                   finishing in the top 4 in the  barbeque.
                                                                   hoof section for the first 3       Keith has also hosted
                                                                   years. The 2003 steer          students        for     work
                                                                   finished 4th on the hoof       placement, a part of the
                                                                   from a class of 21             Primary Industries syllabus.
                                                                   lightweight and 3rd on the        Keith preaches that “We
                                                                   hook.        Everyone was      are what we eat- it all starts
                                                                   delighted to see Keith’s steer in the soil” and true to this,
                                                    MN1            gain 1st place in the          he has allowed the students
                                                                   lightweight 2004, whilst the   to see first hand how a farm
                                                                   second steer placed 5th out    should be managed to
                                                                   of 22 in the middleweight      ensure the sustainability of
                                                                   section.                       the environment, waterways
                                                                      Keith provides steers at a  and livestock. s
8 Outside the Square                                                                                            February 2005
Outside the Square

Schools attracted
to the steer show
This show has been              is very busy, kids are kids so
running for 12 years, being     every thing is not perfect- in
held        at       Gosford    fact I have even heard one
Showground, NSW, in the         of the teachers swear- but
early weeks of September.       your animal would be well
    The show is geared at       cared for by the students
allowing students to prepare    and valuable feedback is
and exhibit steers/heifers      provided from the carcases
that they have kept at the      section held at the Scone
school farm for about 80-       Abattoirs.
100 days.                            Most of the schools
  The students feed, groom,     attending the show only
teach to parade and care for    attend the one show in the
the steer during this time.     year and may need help            Students gain first hand experience at feeding,
  In 2004 the show attracted    introducing the steer to the
29 schools, 52 steers/heifers   lead.                             grooming and parading at the Central Coast
and about 50 students.               Wyong High School            steer show at Gosford, NSW.
    The day is a big one,       would like to help out by
starting about 9 o’clock        having any steers destined        will do their best for the       To find out more about the
with Junior Judging for the     for a school at their ag. plot    steer. A warm welcome is       show you can visit the site
students, then hoof judging     for a couple of weeks to          given to you to visit our
for the cattle while the        teach the animal to lead and      show or indeed to have one     Once into the site go to
parader’s competition (280      get it feeding properly on        of your steers shown at the    links and the steer show is
students entered in this) is    the grain diet.                   show.                          there. s
conducted at the same time.       Wyong High would like to
By 2 o’clock the grand          help the inexperienced
champion steer is judged        schools because the kids put
with the last of the paraders   so much work in that the
finishing at 3.30 the steers    steers should be settled in so                       Bungo Creek Farm, Thomas Road,
are loaded for Scone            that it doesn’t stress, just                          Mount Mee, Queensland, 4521
Abattoir by 4pm and             grow, grow and grow!
everyone returns home               Keith sells his steers at            Home of “Vesco Victory March”
exhausted.                      market price per kilo, giving
   Keith Morgan - Maryvale      a10% discount.                          producing Quality Heifer and Bull
Stud, Yarramalong has             “I would like to see a few               Calves from Quality Cows
supplied steers for a number    more breeders involved
of     schools     including    because the steer needed to
Wyong,           Northlakes,    win a ribbon needs to be a
Kincumber and St Peters.        good one”, he said.
   In fact, in 2004 Keith’s        Once Wyong has taken
steer won the lightweight       Keith’s best steers, the other
steer on the hoof from a        schools are not likely to
field of 14. The steer was      figure in the ribbons.
exhibited by Wyong High            “I like to give all students
School.                         good steers that have a
  A number of schools show      chance so the students are
Square Meaters a sign that      happy with the steers they                    Grand Champion Square Meaters Bull
the breed rates a chance in     are exhibiting,” Keith said.                       2001 Brisbane Royal Show
this type of competition.          If you would like to be                    Grand champion Square Meaters Bull
   If you would like to be      involved, talk to Keith (on                      2001 Toowoomba Royal Show
involved by having one of       tel 02 4356 1081), who is
your steers feed up and         always in contact with               For information contact: Paul Hain on...
exhibited, there are a few      Ashley Unger at Wyong                          PH: (07) 3358 3636
things to think about.          High. No promises or
  The school show is not the    guarantees are given but                       MOB: 0418 741 262
Royal Easter Show. The day      you can be assured the kids
February 2005                                                                                          Outside the Square 9
                           Situated in the Southwest Slopes of NSW near
                           Cootamundra, Thurloo Park Square Meater Stud
                           is now Australia’s leading Square Meater stud,
                           consistently leading the breed whether in the show
                           ring, over the hook or in the paddock.

   Whether exporting live animals and embryos, or
   supplying the domestic market, Thurloo Park
   Square Meaters lead the way.

                             Contact: David & Julie Thompson
                             Ph: (02) 6943 2241 Fax: (02) 6943 2243
                             Mob: 0429 432 243 Email:
                             PO Box 393, Cootamundra, NSW, 2590.

10 Outside the Square                                                    February 2005
Outside the Square

Leading the way
 for the breed
Situated on the Southwest       Jeckel in USA, which was a
Slopes of NSW near              terrific step forward for the
Cootamundra, Thurloo            breed. We hope that this is
Park Square Meaters Stud        just the start of our export
was founded by David &          opportunities.
Julie Thompson. Thurloo            2004 has been a trying
Park is now one of              year once again with the
Australia’s leading Square      drought still knocking on
Meaters studs.                  our doors the Thurloo Park
   The sales history proves     cattle have come through
this. Whether exporting live    these last three years in very
animals, embryos, semen,        good       condition     with
or supplying the domestic       minimal feeding.
market, Thurloo Park              Once again, we have had a      Feeding time at Thurloo Park Square Meaters
leads the way.                  very good year in the show       Stud, Cootamundra, NSW.
    Now, more than ever         ring in both the beef cattle     Hook, Casino Beef Week,     the breed in every facet. We
before, Australia’s clean,      sections and in steer and        Dubbo Hoof and Hook         have achieved our success
disease-free    status     is   carcase competitions; our        and Cootamundra Show        through consistent selective
opening new markets for         genetics have attained wins      Interbreed     Champion     breeding,       tons       of
consistent quality cattle for   at Sydney Royal, Snr.            Senior Female.              enthusiasm and the love of
export to other countries.      Champion Bull, Senior              We are a family business  the breed. We welcome
  In June 2004 we sold 25       Champion Female, Junior          with a commercial attitude, farm visits at any time by
embryos & 500 doses of          Champion             Female,     as our aim has been to      appointment         without
semen to Bob Wilcox & Pat       Tamworth Heifer Hoof and         produce cattle that typify  obligation to purchase. s

                        Breeding Cattle of Distinction
                                                                 The Wade Family
                                             60 Niclins Rd, Mangrove Mountain, NSW, 2250
                                                 Ph:(02) 4374 1300 Mob: 0408 437 977
February 2005                                                                                       Outside the Square 11
                                                       Woolaringa Leane V23
                                                       q Grand Champion Square
                                                         Meaters Female 2004
                                                       q Supreme Champion Square
                                                         Meaters Exhibit 2004
                                                       q Supreme Champion Beef Breed
                                                         Female (Div B) 2004
                                                       All won at Canberra Royal Show 2004
          Supreme Exhibit Royal Canberra Show

            Recent Awards for Steers
            2004 Overall Champion Domestic
                 Carcass, Canberra Royal Show
            2003 Champion Live Steer & Reserve
                 Champion Carcass, Cootamundra
                 Steer Show
            2000 Reserve Champion Sires Progeny 3
                 Carcass Lightweight, Dubbo National
                 Steer Show
            1999 Champion Lightweight Carcass Open
                 Division, Dubbo National Steer Show

                        BULLS AVAILABLE FOR SALE
              Telephone/Fax (02) 4821 5852
         Ernie Stephenson - Woolaringa Square Meaters                                  Cattle MN3
                                                                                     accredited and

            65 Eleanor Street, Goulburn, NSW., 2580                                     all Bulls
                                                                                      semen tested

12 Outside the Square                                                               February 2005
Outside the Square

 Top results with
 Square Meaters
Mr Ernie Stephenson              Meaters Cattle Association.
founded his Murray Grey          Ernie had resisted the
Stud in 1970 at Big Hill,        market tendency to breed
near Goulburn, NSW, with         bigger beef cattle.
the selection of all top cows    “Certainly the pressure was
from the Woolaringa Angus        on for Murray Grey owners
herd.      Erls Court and        to breed bigger cattle, but I
Billagen females were also       refused      basically    for
purchased and only three         practical reasons. I could
purebred Murray Grey             see this leading to calving
cows have been introduced        problems. In over 30 years I
into the stud. Lachlan           have never had to pull a calf
Downs Endeavour was one          from a cow and only on the      Leane S18 mother of Leane V23A and Woolaringa
of the foundation sires.         rare occasion a heifer,”
 During the next eight years     Ernie stated.                   Extra.
he built up the stud and            After a 21 year absence      point in having to feed        Bohm for the sum of
dominated hoof and hook          from showing steers, Ernie      excessive amounts of feed      $6,000 showing what a true
carcass competitions with        now competes with his           into the beast to get it ready champion she is).
his pure bred steers,            Square Meaters and are          for the competition. It          After a slight break in the
including a blue ribbon          again winning against all       would cost you more in feed    worst drought that Ernie
from the RAS in Sydney.          breeds competing in the         than what it would return      has seen in his lifetime, and
  In 1979, while returning       domestic weight classes.        you and obviously would        having fed his cattle survival
from a steer competition at      Woolaringa steers have been     not be viable”.                rations for the winter
Nowra, Ernie saw a cloud of      placed in carcass sections of    He described his win at the   months, he can honestly
smoke over Big Hill and          all eight shows entered.        2004 Canberra Royal Show       vouch for their strong
came home to find                   The latest win for Ernie     as his sweetest ever for it    constitutions.
Longview (a property that        being the prestigious 2004      represented the largest ever       Ernie has not had the
was purchased in 1978) had       Royal Canberra Steer Show       showing of Square Meaters      financial resources of most
been burnt out by a              competition. The steers         in Australia, to date. As well cattle and sheep breeders,
bushfire. Following this,        were judged both in the         as winning Champion            but his innate ability to
1980 through to 1982 saw a       show ring and over the          carcass, he also won           select quality stock shows
major drought in which           Hook. Ernie took out the        Champion Junior Female,        what it takes to make a
Ernie was forced to sell         Champion carcass in a very      Reserve Senior Champion        success in the rural industry
many of his cattle.              hotly               contested   with Woolaringa Leane S18,       For further information on
  After the drought broke in     competition. His Square         and Senior and Grand           a stud that for the last 34
1983, Ernie concentrated         Meaters carcass took out a      Champion female and            years has consistently bred
on building his sheep            win in the heavy weight         Supreme Exhibit with           top quality prize winners
numbers. He had success in       division with a record score    Woolaringa Leane V23A.         and sees a great future in the
the Orange Field Day             of 95 out of a possible 100.    (Leane V23A was recently       Square Meaters, contact
Wether Trials that ran from      The carcass was then placed     purchased by Mrs Margaret      Ernie on (02) 4821 5852. s
1984 until 1988. His team        Champion overall, out of

of wethers running second        62 carcasses. The Land
out of forty teams.              newspaper reported judge
    In 1992 the original         Mr Greg Meaker as

“Woolaringa” was sold and        describing the carcass as
eventually was relocated to      “...bloody beautiful. The
12 km south of Goulburn.         eye muscle was bulbous and
  In 1996 Ernie transferred      the fat distribution was
his entire Murray Grey Stud      totally even over the whole          Michael & Jennifer Freund
over to the Square Meaters       carcass.”
Studbook. After breeding            The home-bred calf was
to a fixed-type of early         raised on grass and only
maturing, medium framed,         supplemented for the last          ‘Jembella’                      Ph: (02) 4988 6368
easy care animal, they           six weeks with hay and             Storks Road,                   Fax: (02) 4988 7000
readily       fitted       the   cattle fattener. As Ernie          Glen Oak, NSW, 2320           Mobile: 0404 896 368
requirements of the Square       points out, “There is no
February 2005                                                                                         Outside the Square 13
             Outside the Square

Square Meaters Regulations
                                            (A brief outline of Square Meaters Regulations)

Square Meaters must be clean polled
and of a single colour. Colour patches
are permitted around the udder/testes,
but not elsewhere on the animal. The
official colouring range is from Silver
to Dark. The following table is an
indication of the colouring:

 Silver Grey          Dun        Dark

There are two classes for Square
Meater females, Class A & Class B.
Females that are between 100 and
110cm at 12 months of age can be
registered as Class A. Outside this
height criteria they may be registered
at Class B. While it is technically
acceptable to register females under
100cm,       the    SMCA     strongly
discourages this practice in order to          limits after 18 months, they will              details recorded against the calf ’s
preserve size standards.                       remain Class A and be eligible for             registered name, ie. (ET) or (AI).
                                               showing. These restrictions do not
Bulls:                                         apply to carcass classes.                      Multiple Birth:
There is only one class for Square                                                            Calves born in multiple births must be
Meater Bulls, Class A. At 12 months of         Semen:                                         indicated in the calves registered name,
age bulls must be between 103 and              In order to sell semen, the donor bull         ie. (T) for twin. Female calves from
113cm. Bulls must be Mannosidosis              must be approved by the board of               male/female twins should be tested to
tested and certified to be clear of this       directors and the prescribed fee paid.         confirm that they are not freemartins.
genetic defect. For both males and             Under law, semen cannot be sold
females, the measurement of the                unless it is registered ie. the bull must      Commercial Appendix:
animal must be taken at 12 months              pass all the relevant health protocols         Murray Grey females may be registered
(plus/minus two weeks). The point of           and be collected in an approved AB             on a commercial appendix, for use
measurement is the highest point on            centre. In the case of shares in a bull        with registered Square Meaters bulls,
the shoulder. A witness to the                 being sold, the shares give the                to breed-up to pure Square Meaters by
measurement is required to sign the            shareholder rights to the semen. In this       breeding through four generations.
declaration form.                              instance, on-farm collections are
                                               permitted. In either case the Bull must        Stud Murray Grey Females:
For Show Purposes only:                        be DNA tested.                                 Registered Murray Grey females may
Only Class A animals may be                                                                   be included in the Herd Book.
exhibited at Agricultural Shows. A             Embryo Transfer:                               Progeny of these females by registered
further height restriction applies to          Donor females for Embryo transfer              Square Meater Bulls are eligible to be
exhibited animals at 18 months of age.         must be blood typed and the                    registered as Square Meaters, providing
Bulls may not be more than 120cm               prescribed fee paid. Calves born as a          all other requirement of the breed are
and females not more than 115cm.               result of embryo transfer and/or               met.s
Should an animal grow beyond these             artificial insemination, must have the
This information has been extracted from the rules and regulations of the Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd, as detailed
in the Articles of Association and Memorandum, as amended. The above information is provided as a guide only, and not the absolute
definition of any aspect of the breed. Persons interested in the finite regulations of the breed may obtain copies of the Memorandum and
Articles of Association from the SMCA office by telephoning (02) 9834 4322 or writing to PO Box 371, St Marys, NSW 1790.

14 Outside the Square                                                                                                   February 2005
Outside the Square

Square Meaters Membership
1.          Membership Entry Fee                                                                                $100.00                 9.                Transfer of donor                                                                                 $ 50.00
2.          Annual Membership Fee                                                                               $100.00                 10.               Transfer of recipients                                                                            $ 50.00
3.          Interim registration (Under 12 months calf registration ) $ 20.00                                                           11.               Sale semen must be registered and the bull must
            for all calves - balance fee made at 12 months registration                                                                                   be approved by the Board of Directors. The bull
                                                                                                                                                          must be DNA tested prior to any semen sold                                                      $500.00
4.          Calf Registration female Class A balance                                                             $ 30.00
                                                                                                                                        12.               Shares in a bull per share                             $ 50.00
5.          Calf Registration female Class B balance                                                             $ 10.00                                  DNA test must be forwarded to office prior to selling shares
6.          Calf Registration Bull Class A only balance                                                          $ 80.00                13.               Commercial Appendix Foundation Female Registration $ 20.00
7.          Transfer (bulls and females)                                                                         $ 80.00                14.               Commercial Appendix Female Calf Registration                                                     $ 20.00
8.         Donor female registration                                $50.00                                                              15.               Commercial Appendix Female Transfers                                                              $ 10.00
           Donor females and bull used on the donor cow by natural service
           or artificial insemination must be DNA test. DNA test forward to
           office prior to ET work

APPLICANT’S NAME......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................
                                           (IF IT IS A COMPANY, REGISTERED BUSINESS NAME OR PARTNERSHIP)

PROPERTY ADDRESS.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

........................................................................................................................................................................STATE............................................POSTCODE .....................

POSTAL ADDRESS .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

........................................................................................................................................................................STATE............................................POSTCODE .....................

TELEPHONE ............................................................ FAX .........................................................................EMAIL........................................................................................

PREFIX: My choices for a registered stud name (prefix), in order of preference, are:-

1 ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

2 ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

3 ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

HERD TATTOO: My choices for no more than 3 characters herd identification (tattoo) are:-

1 ............................................. 2 ............................................. 3 .............................................
(Herd Identification is no more than 3 characters long, containing standard numbers
and/or letters only. Symbols are unacceptable.)

FEES: Entry fees (once only) ...........................$100.00
       Annual subscription .............................$100.00

                                   Total .............................$200.00

I / we wish to become a member of the Association and agree to be bound by the Provisions of
the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Rules made pursuant thereto.

Signed .............................................................................. Dated ...........................................

Please enclose a cheque for $200.00.

PO BOX 371, ST MARYS, NEW SOUTH WALES, 1790. Ph: (02) 9834 4322

February 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                            Outside the Square 15
                   Outside the Square

Square Meaters Cattle Asso
NSW & ACT MEMBERS LIST:                             JEMBELLA PARK                                MR WE & MRS KM RIX
                                                    GLEN OAK NSW 2320                            QUAAMA NSW 2550
FARM LOCATION: LOCHINVAR                            TEL 02 4988 6368 FAX 02 4988 7000            TEL 02 6493 8141 FAX 026493 8141
PREFIX: SILVER BELLE TATTOO: JJB                                                                 Email:
TEL 02 4998 7388 FAX 02 9872 9452                   MR B & MRS M JONES
                                                    & MR W & MRS M PATCH                         ST CLAIR HIGH SCHOOL
MR R BATES                                          PREFIX: MARYMIYN TATTOO: JP                  ST CLAIR NSW 2759
BILPIN NSW 2758                                     TEL 02 6337 5615 FAX: 02 6337 5689           PREFIX: ST CLAIR HIGH TATTOO: SCH
PREFIX: BATES TATTOO: RB                            TEL 02 4567 7673                             TEL: 02 9670 6700
TEL 02 4567 0221 FAX 02 4567 0223
                                                    MS L JORDAN & MR A HAMILTON                  ST JOHNS COLLEGE DUBBO
BEDE POLDING COLLEGE                                FARM LOCATION: TURILL                        DUBBO EAST NSW 2830
SOUTH WINDSOR NSW 2756                              PREFIX: BOYNE CREEK TATTOO: ALB              PREFIX : SHERATON TATTOO: SJC
PREFIX: MERIKI TATTOO: MRK                          TEL: 02 9554 8687 FAX 9554 8687              TEL 02 6884 3766 FAX 02 6884 3774
TEL 02 4577 6455 FAX 02 4577 4538                   email
                                                                                                 MR IJ & MRS BH STACE
MR G BERRY                                          MR RW & MRS S McCLUSKEY                      DUNGOWAN NSW 2340
FARM LOCATION; DUNGOG                               VIA HALL ACT 2618                            PREFIX: KANANGRA PARK TATTOO: STA
PREFIX: SPRING VALLEY TATTOO; SPR                   PREFIX: CLUSKERS        TATTOO: CLK          TEL 02 6769 0227
TEL 02 4959 1988                                    TEL 02 6227 5420 MB 0438 123 137
                                                                                                 MR EA STEPHENSON
BIDWOOD PTY LTD                                     MABELIE SQUARE MEATERS STUD                  GOULBURN NSW 2580
FARM LOCATION: KULNURA                              NARROMINE NSW 2821                           PREFIX: WOOLARINGA TATTOO: WGA
PREFIX: GLENFIDDICH TATTOO: LOW                     PREFIX: MABELIE TATTOO: KMB                  TEL/FAX: 02 4821 5852 FARM: 02 4829 5107
TEL 02 9984 8586 FAX 02 9984 8400                   TEL 02 6889 5784 MB 0407 926843 KYLIE
                                                    MB 042765 8072 MAT                           MR SM & MRS GE STRONG
MRS M BOHM                                                                                       FARM LOCATION: EAST GRESFORD
PREFIX: KELKETTE          TATTOO KPM                VIA YASS NSW 2582                            TEL 02 9659 9500 FAX 02 9659 9600
TEL 02 6020 3211 FAX 02 6020 3213                   PREFIX: CROMAC TATTOO: DCM                   MB 0427 007 689
                                                    TEL/FAX 02 6230 9056
BRINSLEY PASTORAL CO.                                                                            TALLAGANDA DOWNS
FREEEMANS REACH NSW 2756                            MR P & MRS S MACARTHUR                       TEL 02 4441 7278 MB: 0414 761 962
PREFIX: BRINSLEY          TATTOO: SQM               ROCKY RIVER NSW 2458                         Email:
TEL: 02 4579 6266 FAX: 02 9622 3400                 PREFIX: GOLDSWORTH TATTOO: MAC               FARM LOCATION: BRAIDWOOD
                                                    TEL: 02 6778 4019 FAX 02 6772 9428           PREFIX: TALLAGANDA DOWNS TATTOO: TD2
TORRYBURN NSW 2358                                  NICSHAULEY STUD                              THE VIDEO PASTORAL COMPANY
PREFIX: WOLLEMI S/M TATTOO: KAB                     SUTTON NSW 2620                              BONVILLE NSW 2441
TEL: 02 6775 5553 FAX: 02 6775 5518                 PREFIX: NICSHAULEY TATTOO: NSL               PREFIX: MUURABAY TATTOO: SLT
                                                    TEL: 02 6230 3609     FAX (W) 02 6230 2647   TEL 02 6653 4770 FAX 02 6653 4775
FARM LOCATION: MITCHELLS FLAT                       MR R PISATURO                                MR D & MRS J THOMPSON
PREFIX: WEARAWEE TATTOO: WW                         ERSKINE PARK NSW 2759                        COOTAMUNDRA NSW 2590
TEL 02 9456 1390 FAX 02 9456 5778                   PREFIX: MANDALONG TATTOO: SM                 PREFIX: THURLOO PARK TATTOO: DJT
MB 0418 212 881                                     TEL: 029670 4005 FAX: 02 9670 5375           TEL: 02 6943 2241 FAX: 02 6943 2243
MR RD & MRS NE CASTLE                               GK MORGAN & ASSOCIATES
FARM LOCATION: BOORAL                               YARRAMALONG NSW 2259                         MR R & MRS C TRANTER
TEL: 02 9905 1273 FAX 02 439 7040                   TEL 02 4356 1081                             PREFIX: TRANTER’S TATTOO: TRA
                                                                                                 TEL 4933 6357
MR J CONNOLLY                                       MR PK MORRIS
FARM LOCATION: BROKE                                LINDENDALE NSW 2480                          MR K & MRS J VOEKS
TEL 02 9232 1033 FAX 02 9235 3690                   TEL: 02 6629 5512 FAX: 02 6629 5513          PREFIX: ROMANY HILL TATTOO: RH
                                                    EMAIL                      TEL: 02 6644 9029
PREFIX: CLAREMONT TATTOO: RJD                       MR P & MRS H MULLER                          WADE FAMILY AT
TEL 02 6545 1911 FAX 02 6545 1966                   DARK CORNER NSW 2795                         SILVER GULLY ESTATE
                                                    PREFIX: JACINTA TATTOO: J5A                  MANGROVE MOUNTAIN NSW 2250
MRS S DICKESON                                      TEL 02 6337 7211 FAX 02 6337 7211            PREFIX: SILVER GULLY TATTOO: SGE
PREFIX: BOOMBI TATTOO: BC                                                                        TEL 0408 437977
TEL 02 4659 6426 FAX 02 4659 6385                   MURRUMBURRAH HIGH SCHOOL                     Email:
                                                    HARDEN NSW 2587
PREFIX: ELDHIGH TATTOO: EHS                         TEL 6386 2755 FAX 02 6386 3048               MILTON NSW 2538
TEL 02 4658 1110 FAX 02 4658 0219                                                                PREFIX: WALLEROOBIE TATTOO: WAL
                                                    MR JR PARBERY                                TEL: 02 4454 1399 FAX: 02 4454 1267
MUSWELLBROOK NSW 2333                               PREFIX: PARBERYS TATTOO: VBB                 WEEMALAH PARTNERSHIP
PREFIX; GLEANNHOLME TATTOO: GLE                     TEL 02 4739 2326 FAX 02 9628 1506            FARM LOCATION: COWRA
TEL/FAX 02 6543 1413                                                                             PREFIX: CHIVERTON TATTOO: WMH
                                                    MR RB & MRS MA PETERSON                      TEL 02 9712 4665 FAX: 02 4735 6350
MR AR GOW & MS DS HOWE                              PARKES NSW 2870                              MB 0402 316603
LOCHINVAR NSW 2321                                  PREFIX: MARRUCE      TATTOO: BMP
PREFIX: PLATINUM TATTOO: GOW                        TEL: 02 6862 1930                            MR C & MRS L WEST
TEL: 02 4938 3312 FAX: 02 4938 3812                                                              COLLOMBATTI NSW 2440
MB: 040 815 7212 MB 0412 005566                     RAINBOW SQUARE MEATERS STUD                  PREFIX: WESTVIEW TATTOO: LC
                                                    FARM LOCATION: CHARLEYS FOREST               TEL: 02 6566 8394 FAX: 02 6566 8394
MR B & MRS A HANCOCK                                PREFIX: RAINBOW TATTOO: R
YATTE YATTAH NSW 2539                               TEL/FAX: 02 4842 8077                        MR M WIGG & MS S COLEMAN
PREFIX: BOOLGATTA TATTOO: BGA                                                                    MUDGEE NSW 2850
TEL: 02 4456 4645                                   MR L & MRS J READING                         PREFIX: BOTOBOLAR TATTOO: M4S
                                                    TRUNGLEY HALL NSW 2666                       TEL 02 6373 6568     FAX: 02 6373 6568
MR J HODGSON & F NEUMANN                            PREFIX; LE JEWEL TATTOO: LJR
FARM LOCATION: ANEMBO VIA CAPTAINS FLAT   PREFIX:   TEL 02 6973 9495                             MR R & MRS H WILLIAMS
ELENDEE TATTOO: LND                                 MB 0427739495                                FARM LOCATION: GUYRA
TEL 02 6239 4990                                    Email:              PREFIX: DARLEA TATTOO: RHW
                                                                                                 TEL: 02 6653 3344
MR S & MRS M HOLLAND                                RILPALL PTY LTD
TOWRANG NSW 2580                                    MULGOA NSW 2745                              WYONG HIGH SCHOOL
TEL: 02 4829 8132 MB: 019 66 2526                   TEL 02 4773 8232                             TEL: 02 4353 1088 FAX 02 4351 2591

MR T & MRS S ION                                    RIVERSANDS SQUARE MEATERS                    MR L & MRS C ZENZMAIER
WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650                                FARM LOCATION: WAUCHOPE                      FARM LOCATION: GOOLMA
TEL 02 6928 1363 FAX 02 6928 1365                   TEL 0427671276                               TEL (W) 4579 6583 MB 0414 247470

16 Outside the Square                                                                                                                  February 2005
  Outside the Square

ssociation Members Listing
  MR V ZEPPIERI & MS T GODDEN                       MR W & MRS R GILL                       MR J & MRS R CARR
  FARM LOCATION: ORANGEVILLE                        TANAWHA QLD 4556                        DONNYBROOK WA 6239
  TEL 02 9898 7706 FAX 02 9729 3819                 TEL 07 5445 9818 FAX 07 5445 9818       TATTOO: JC1
                                                                                            TEL 08 9731 6306 Email:
  ASSOCIATE MEMBERS                                 MR J & MRS DR FLINT
  VALLEY BOVINE SERVICES                            GLASSHOUSE MOUNTAINS QLD 4518           MR C & MRS T DALE
  MUSWELLBROOK NSW 2333                             PREFIX: TIBRO TATTOO: JDR               FARM LOCATION: TOODYAY
  TEL 02 6541 1040 FAX 02 6541 0374                 TEL: 07 5493 0603 FAX: 07 5493 0603     PREFIX: JULIMAR TATTOO: JLM
                                                                                            TEL 08 9384 3203 FAX 08 9384 0841
  MR P BROWN                                        CABOOLTURE QLD 4510                     MR J & MRS F FORRESTER
  KYNETON VIC 3444                                  FARM LOCATION: DELANEY’S CREEK          MT BARKER WA 6324
  TEL (AH) 03 5422 2329 (MB) 0417 513 054           TEL 07 5496 4350 FAX: 07 5498 3123      TEL 08 9851 4173
  FARM LOCATION: LANCEFIELD                         FARM LOCATION MT MEE                    BYFORD WA 6122
  TEL 03 9338 7977 FAX 03 9338 7937                 TEL 07 3358 4744 FAX 07 3358 4677       TEL: 08 9525 1385 FAX: 08 9525 1343
                                                                                            MB: 041 983 5103
  MR RI DICKINSON                                   MR G & MRS D HARRY
  LANCEFIELD VIC 3435                               CHEVALLUM QLD 4555                      MR A & MRS K GUELFI
  PREFIX: AKURA TATTOO: AFL                         PREFIX: CHEVALLUM TATTOO: VHG           KUKERIN WA 6352
  TEL 03 5429 1337                                  TEL 07 5445 9973 FAX 07 5445 9980       PREFIX: MO-EE-NA TATTOO: GQ1
                                                                                            TEL 08 9864 1057 FAX 08 9864 1057
  V & B D’AGOSTINO                                  MR B & MRS J JOHNS
  WHITTLESEA VIC 3757                               KIN KIN QLD 4571                        MS ML LESLIE
  TEL 03 9715 1335 FAX: 03 9564 1975                TEL 07 5485 4192                        PREFIX: RAIS’N SUMP TATTOO: RR
                                                                                            TEL: 08 9531 2016 FAX; 08 9531 2016
  DANLUCAR PTY LTD                                  MR M & MRS S LENZ
  MODEWARRE VIC 3240                                WESTWOOD QLD 4702                       LONGALINE P/L T/A HOPELAND PARK
  MB 0408 547838 Email:       TEL 07 4934 7566                        PREFIX: HOPELAND PARK TATTOO: HP
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  TEL: 07 5546 8337                                 TEL 08 9525 2404 FAX 08 9525 3042       W 970 402 0731

  February 2005                                                                                                     Outside the Square 17
             Outside the Square

Breed is making
its mark up north
While      many       people    commercial breeders using
associate Square Meaters        Square Meaters bulls is very
cattle with small lifestyle     pleasing. A bull sold by
and hobby blocks in the         Vesco Stud to a grazier at
Southern states, there is no    Nebo, in tropical North
disputing that the breed is     Queensland, is getting great
making its mark in              results and his new owners
Queensland and Northern         are delighted,” Jo Van
NSW.                            Elten, Vesco Square Meaters
  In the past year, society     said.
membership in Queensland          “He says the bull is siring
has increased by 50% and        calves that are 30kg heavier    Vesco Stud’s Pearl U34 at home in the Lockyer
more Square Meaters studs       at weaning / sale time than     Valley, west of Ipswich, in Southern Queensland.
are      exhibiting        at   their straight Brahman
Agricultural Shows. As well,    calves- that is a big plus in   calves that will be saleable at   variety of conditions. Small
Square Meaters are regularly    anyone’s terms.”                an earlier age. Even in           numbers of pure and cross
winning        in      open        Jo said there are other      tropical and cattle tick          bred vealers are now
competition       and     are   Square Meaters bulls in         infested areas, the Square        regularly being sold through
proving that they are not       commercial       herds     in   Meaters has positives to          various saleyards, where
miniature cattle but a          Queensland’s       Brahman      offer,” Jo said                   they are purchased for
compact, early maturing         country which are also            An interesting aspect of        gourmet butchers and Coles
and commercially viable         leaving outstanding calves      the Square Meaters impact         Supermarkets.
breed.                          that will soon be marketed.     up north came to light last          “The market is there for
   Feedback received from         “They appear to be heavier    year when one bull’s first        the quality Square Meaters
                                                                calves were nearing 5             carcass and it is up to us to
                                                                months of age.                    satisfy that market.” Jo said.

    Warrill Creek                                                 “It seems a bull sold to a
                                                                grazier at Yeppoon near
                                                                Rockhampton not only
                                                                                                      “This is the breed that
                                                                                                  returns an above average
                                                                                                  sale price, usually in the top
    Square Meaters Stud                                         raised a few eyebrows by          10-20% for the day. It is
                                                                walking through a left-           emerging as the breed that
                                                                opened gate and strolling         buyers actively seek to
                                                                down the beach, but he has        purchase.”
                                                                now mysteriously begun               Coffs Harbour based
                                                                siring        calves         on   breeder Graeme Singleton
                                                                neighbouring properties,’ Jo      can also testify to the
                                                                said.                             ‘Square Meaters benefit.’
                                                                  “No he hadn’t turned into         “My Square Meaters cross
                                                                a rogue, but rather the           angus vealers are outselling
                                                                neighbours        were       so   straight black calves on a
                                                                impressed they actually let       per kilogram basis because
                                                                him in to their herds for         of their better finish and
                                                                discreet late night visits.”      earlier maturity, and I’m not
                                                                   “I’ve already received         getting      any       calving
                                                                enquiries from one of those       problems at all, even from
                 Show quality                                   neighbours so I’m now             heifers,” Graeme said.
   Square Meaters cows & heifers for sale                       hoping that could translate           “My best 200-230 kg
                                                                into yet another Square           calves, aged 6 to 7 months
            Ideal for small acreage                             Meaters bull heading to the       and from heifers, reached
                                                                tropics.”                         256c/kg last year so I was
     Contact B.M. & D.A. Voight                                    The majority of Square         pretty happy.
                                                                Meaters        Studs       and         “That they were all
     M/S 825, Purga Qld 4306                                    commercial herds are in           snapped up by the one local
         Ph: (07) 5467 3447                                     South-East       Queensland
                                                                where the breed thrive in
                                                                                                  butcher a repeat buyer, was
                                                                                                  just as satisfying,” Graeme
         Mob: 0407 034 634                                      most areas and under a            said. s

18 Outside the Square                                                                                          February 2005
Outside the Square

Seeing the value
  in this breed
The deregulation of the         rates and guess that’s what
dairy industry forced many      attracted us to Square
small farmers to reassess       Meaters.”
their futures. Among those        They now run both stud
who were made to face the       and commercial cattle and
music were Dawn and             are eager to show all comers
Bevan Voight, who had run       how Square Meaters can
a dairy at Purga, near          inject muscle and finish into
Ipswich, in South-East          crossbred cattle. Their
Queensland for almost half      commercial herd is focused
a century.                      on breeding Square Meaters
   Conservative by nature,      cross Illawarra vealers
they took almost two years      destined for the Silverdale
to decide what to do next.      Saleyards in Ipswich.           The Voight’s are proud and busy promoters of the
  “We knew we wanted to             “We kept some of our        Square Meaters breed.
stay on our farm and that       favourite Illawarra milking     weighed in excess of 200kg     2002 by purchasing the
we wanted to continue with      cows, and we have had           at five months of age,         bull ‘Vesco Vice Regal’ from
cattle,” Dawn said.             excellent returns for their     straight off their mother      Jo Van Elten’s Vesco Stud
   “So we started looking       vealers,’ Dawn said.            with no grain. The last        and two heifers from Ron
around at the options.             “They consistently sell in   vealer sold made $426, an      Lowe’s Kre-8 Beef stud.
Bevan and I wanted cattle       the top 10% - 20% of the        excellent return at that age.”    Three years later and
that were quiet, suitable for   market and Coles is usually        Dawn and Bevan formed       ‘Warrill     Creek’       has
our area and that could be      the buyer.”                     their ‘Warrill Creek’ Square   expanded to 20 stud
turned off early at premium       “Some of these calves have    Meaters Stud in January        females. s

       If your question is about Square Meaters
                          in Western Australia.

                                     TREPID Park
                                           has the answers.
       At TREPID park we can provide you with a solution to any requirement for Square Meaters
       cattle - Australia wide. Whether it just be advice or livestock for sale or purchase, for stud or
       commercial purposes, we can provide a solution.

       We currently have:
       s Registered Cows          s Foundation Cows                       TREPID Park
       s Registered Bulls         s Commercial Bulls            Contact: TC & RE Pankhurst
       s Embryos                  s Semen                                 Frankland, WA
       s Leasing                  s Agistment
                                                                        Ph: 0418 923 754
                                                                       Fax: (08) 9855 2289
        Breeding Better Beef                                      Email:

February 2005                                                                                       Outside the Square 19
             Outside the Square

Introducing new
blood at Kelkette
Kelkette Park is situated on   daughter, by Glenelg
the eastern side of the        Lavington, Kelkette Flossy
Table Top Mountain range       L25, born in 1991, is still
in Southern NSW, about         breeding in the stud and
25         km          from    currently has a calf at foot.
Albury/Wodonga on the          Manooka Nellie Bligh’s
NSW/Victorian border, 5        daughter, Kelkette Nellie
km from the Hume               J4, born in 1989 is also by
Highway and “just up the       Glenelg Lavington and also
road”, from the Ettamogah      still in the stud with a 2004
Pub. The area is sheltered,    calf at foot.
undulating to hilly and             Thologolong       Glynis
superb country for raising     unfortunately died young        Kelkette Puddin RI, Square Meaters cow and
cattle and horses.             but left two superb             daughter of MT Alfred Puddin.
   The Stud was virtually      daughters and a son by
started in 1987 with the       Glenelg           Lavington,    He was a B+ muscle score       Square Meaters Female at
arrival of 3 Murray Grey       Kelkette Glynis H3 and          and there are many of his      2004 Canberra Royal Show,
cows, Thologolong Glynis       Kelkette Glynis J5 and          offspring in the stud today.   Woolaringa Leane V23A
797, Thologolong Flossy        registered Square Meaters            Kelkette Flossy L25,      and her heifer calf
725, Manooka Nellie Bligh      sire Kelkette Glynn K7,         Kelkette Nellie J4 and         Woolaringa Leane Z2, have
487 and bull, Glenelg          who is the sire and grandsire   Kelkette Glynis J5 were        been purchased and moved
Lavington 1127.                of many successful show         amongst the first cows         from Ernie Stephenson’s
    Thologolong Flossy’s       and carcase competitors.        registered with the Square     Woolaringa        Stud     at
                                                               Meaters Cattle Association.    Goulburn,       NSW,       to
                                                                  Mt Alfred Puddin 332        “Kelkette Park” and Tony
                                                               joined the stud in 1990 and    Cairns’ Rainbow Estate
                                                               is the dam of Kelkette         Xanadu, Junior Champion
                                                               Principal       L20,      by   at 2004 Canberra Royal
                     Bungo Creek Farm, Thomas Road,            Thologolong Gemstone,          Show, was joined to 40
                      Mount Mee, Queensland, 4521              now 13 years old, still the    special Kelkette Square
                                                               principal sire at Kelkette     Meaters cows and heifers in
        Home of “Vesco Victory March”                          Park and joined to 48 cows     the Spring of 2004. I see
       producing Quality Heifer and Bull                       and heifers in 2004. He is a   the blending of these cattle
                                                               rare A muscle score and the    and their elite bloodlines as
          Calves from Quality Cows                             sire and grandsire of          a positive move for the
                                                               successful show and carcase    breed.
                                                               competitors.                     Visitors are welcome at
                                                                    To complement the         Kelkette Park, with a prior
                                                               Kelkette herd some new         phone        call     always
                                                               blood has recently been        appreciated.      Telephone
                                                               introduced.                    Margaret Bohm (02) 6020
                                                                   The Grand Champion         3211. s

                                                                A Poem for Square Meaters cattle
             Grand Champion Square Meaters Bull                 By R Green                    We’re easy to handle because
                                                                Our ancestors, the Murray     we’re so docile, another claim
                  2001 Brisbane Royal Show                      Grey, made us what we are     to fame.
             Grand champion Square Meaters Bull                 today.                        We mature early so we are
                2001 Toowoomba Royal Show                       We’re      called   “Square   easy to breed.
                                                                Meaters” because of our       We also make good mothers
    For information contact: Paul Hain on...                    features, a few of which we   with lots of milk for feed.
                                                                will name.                    We have many other features,
               Ph: (07) 3358 3636                               We pack on the muscle and     too numerous to name.
                                                                an even fat cover onto a      So farmers for more profit
               (Mob) 0418 741 262                               medium frame.                 you need us in your game.

20 Outside the Square                                                                                      February 2005
                                                 KELKETTE PRINCIPAL L20
                                                      - our Principal sire -
                                                 Sire: Thologolong Gemstone
                                                  Dam: Mt Alfred Puddin 332
                                                The Matriarch of Kelkette Park -
                                          and one of the breed’s most influential cows

                        KELKETTE GLYNIS M37
                        Sire: Thologolong Gemstone
                          Dam: Kelkette Glynis J5
                - Representing another superior cow family -

                             Quality Bulls & Females Available
                     Visitors Welcome --- By Appointment please

                ‘Kelkette Park’ Knox Road, Table Top, via Albury NSW
                 Postal Address: PO Box 993, Lavington, NSW, 2641
      Phone: 0260 203 211         Mobile: 0408 203 211         Fax: 0260 203 213

February 2005                                                                   Outside the Square 21
           Platinum Stud
                             PO BOX 80
                         LOCHINVAR NSW 2321
                         DEBORAH HOWE & RON GOW
            TELEPHONE: 02 49 383312 FAX: 02 49 383812
            MOBILE: 0412005566 (DEB)/ 0408157212 (RON)

                  Breeders of Quality Square Meater Cattle

             Stud & Commercial Animals for Sale

                         DUNGOG A&H SHOW NOVEMBER 2004

22 Outside the Square                                                February 2005
Outside the Square

Breeding quality
is this stud’s aim
Platinum Square Meaters           Platinum Square Meaters
Stud was established in         Stud was established to
November 2000 on 100            breed quality livestock for
acres at Farley, near           sale to stud and commercial
Maitland, in New South          beef cattle producers. All
Wales.                          stud heifers and bulls are
   A breeding program was       trained to lead.
commenced using seed              Platinum Square Meaters
stock acquired from a           Stud      offers    exclusive
number of herds covering        progeny of Thurloo Park
25 bloodlines.                  Tucson (by Wongonbra
   The first progeny of this    Pride), Muurabay Winston
breeding program was born       (by Liath Atholl Galashiels),
in March 2002 although          and Platinum Wollombi (by
calving actually commenced      Glenfiddich Dennis).
in August 2001 from stock         Platinum Square Meaters
acquired already in calf.       Stud offers bulls for sale by
  The herd was moved early      Glenfiddich          Dennis,
in 2003 to Elderslie, near      Woolaringa            Ringo,
Branxton, NSW, having           Mandalong            Rambo,
outgrown the original           Thurloo Park Tucson,
landholding.                    Mandalong Ron, Muurabay
  The current herd includes     Winston and Platinum
12 mature bulls, 90             Wollombi.
breeding cows and 30             At the Dungog Agriculture
replacement heifers and 60      and Horticulture Show in
calves. The commercial herd     November 2004 Platinum
comprises 30 cows and           Square      Meaters     Stud
heifers.                        achieved in a showing of 30
   Platinum Square Meaters      animals Supreme Exhibit
Stud is owned and operated      and Senior Champion Bull
by Deborah Howe and Ron         Platinum Yuletide, Junior
Gow.                            Champion Bull Platinum
  The decision to select        Zeppelin, Reserve Junior
Square Meaters as the           Champion              Female
preferred breed occurred at     Platinum Yani, First and
the 1999 Sydney Royal           Second places in the
Easter Show when 2 heifers      Breeders Group and Second
were purchased from Dr.         place in the Interbreed
Tony Cairns of Rainbow          individual and group
Estate Square Meaters Stud,     classes.
Braidwood NSW.                    Platinum Square Meaters
  Since then seed stock have    Stud holds an annual Open
been sourced from a             Day on the first Sunday in
number of breeders selected     December.
on the basis of acquiring the    For further information on
broadest spread of quality      Square Meaters Cattle or
genetics.                       details on Platinum Stud,
     Square Meaters were        please contact Deborah
selected as the preferred       Howe on 0412005566 Ron
cattle breed because of their   Gow on 0408157212 or
productivity coupled with       telephone 0249383312 or
quiet temperament, ease of      fax on 0249383812 or email
calving and robust health. s
February 2005                                                   Outside the Square 23
                                    Outside the Square
                                    Outside the Square

                         Finding treasure
                         under a rainbow
                        By Tony and Ellen Cairns        partnership, bought another
                                                        property on the other side
                        Rainbow,           (formerly    of Braidwood near the
                        Rainbow Estate), Square         village of Mongarlowe, and
                        Meaters        Stud      was    began to experiment with
                        established in December         cross-breeding and hybrid
                        1996 after the purchase of      vigour using initially
                        ten Kelkette cows with          Hereford/Simmental cross
                        heifer calves at foot at the    cows      with     Limousin
                        inaugural Square Meaters        terminal sires.
                        sale conducted by the            This combination was very
                        breed’s founder Rick            successful in producing
                        Pisaturo at his Mandalong       large, well-muscled calves
                        Park property on the            on large-framed good
                        outskirts of Sydney at          milking cows, with the then
                        Erskine Park. A number of       popular lean meat of the
                        commercial cows and             European-cross breeds, but
                        heifers had been purchased      they were slow to mature
                        earlier, but the appeal of      and were too lean to be able
                        these “new” breed of cattle     to finish well, even in
                        to me was such as to induce     feedlot conditions. After
                        Ellen and myself to return      some advice from Bobby
                        to the cattle seed stock        Watts, cattle buyer, we
                        industry after an absence of    introduced Angus/Limousin
                        over ten years.                 cross sires which had the
                         Our involvement with beef      desired affect of increasing
                        cattle had started some         the       British      breed
                        eighteen years earlier when,    component in the cross,
                        with two partners, we           enhancing the ability to
                        purchased the famous and        satisfactorily finish the
                        long established Red Hill       calves, while at the same
                        Hereford Stud from a            time fully maximising the
                        member of the equally           benefits of hybrid vigour.
                        famous      Field     family.   The        product       was
                        Although I had been born        exceptionally good, and in
                        at Cootamundra and raised       good seasons the calves were
                        for the most part in the        highly sought after by
                        country, I had not actually     consumers. But, in hard
                        had any background on the       times the big mothers
                        land apart from some            struggled      to    support
                        relatives and had gone on to    themselves let alone big-
                        complete my education in        framed, heavily muscled
                        Sydney at high school and       calves swinging off them. I
                        university before embarking     then began to look at
                        on my professional career.      alternatives which would
                        But, as they say, you can       perform well in the good
                        take the boy out of the         times, as well as hanging in
                        country but you can’t take      there better when the times
                        the country out of the boy.     were not so good. The
                        In 1977, I finally achieved     possibility of more medium
                        my long held ambition to        sized cattle had occurred to
                        own a rural property and        me about the time Square
                        raise beef cattle with our      Meaters appeared, and I was
                        involvement in the Red Hill     immediately attracted to the
                        partnership. After eight        emergence of the breed,
                        years we departed the           especially since I had long
24 Outside the Square                                               February 2005
Outside the Square

held a liking for the            that he had very nearly put
Australian grey Murray           the Square Meaters up and
Grey cattle.                     that he was “astounded” by
   After the purchase of the     Rambo’s muscling! Rick
original stud cows at            Pisaturo rates Rambo as the
Mandalong         and       an   best Square Meaters calf he
expensive and unfortunate        has bred, and we are
experience with a bull           extremely grateful to Rick
which       prompted       the   for his generosity in
Association’s policy on          replacing Quality with a far
Mannosidosis, (no other          superior bull.
bull in the breed has since         Soon after, we also
tested positive, and the bull    purchased         Woolaringa
never became active apart        Ringo, also then aged three
from some AI progeny in          years,      from          Ernie
other herds which have also      Stephenson. Ringo was
tested      negative),      we   Senior Champion bull at
embarked on a quest for          Canberra in 2000.                  Rainbow Estate bulls competing for Junior
suitable          foundation     Although not as heavily
breeders and made purchase       muscled as Rambo, he has           Champion Bull at the 2004 Canberra Royal.
of Murrayella, Woolaringa,       great length and with              which is available to any      outset.
Quindalup, Vishala Park          Rambo forms the platform           interested party, at the right      We also extend our
and a handful of other           of our line breeding               price of course!               appreciation      to     Rick
bloodlines along the way.        program which is only now            After eight years breeding   Pisaturo, without whom
We also located Ulster Park      beginning to bear fruit.           these wonderful Square         there would not be a Square
Laddie, sire of the mighty       Both bulls have been               Meaters cattle, I am able to   Meaters breed, and the
Pablo.        Although we        remarkably consistent in           say that we have enjoyed       Pisaturo     family      who
obtained some nice heifers       producing quality lines of         them more than any other       promoted the breed during
by him, we could not             progeny, and the cross             over the twenty eight years    its early evolution. Over
produce anything like            appears as if it will fulfil our   that we have been involved     recent      years       many
Pablo. However, we used          expectations. After several        in the beef cattle industry,   enthusiastic newcomers,
one or two other handy           years on the sidelines as also     both in the stud and           from diverse background,
sires, including Woolaringa      rans     to      Mandalong,        commercial areas, with their   ages and professions have
Quaama who gave us some          Thurloo         Park        and    quiet temperament, easy        joined the Association and
very good progeny while          Woolaringa,           amongst      manageability and good         all have brought with them
waiting for the sire we          others, we have finally            doing capacity.                a desire to see the breed
wanted.                          begun to near our breeding           The more we have to do       succeed into the future, and
  The turning point in the       objectives with gratifying         with them, the more            many have participated in
development of our stud          successes at both Canberra         passionate we become about     the Association’s activities
came with the purchase of        and Sydney in 2004.                the merits of Square           with great gusto and
Mandalong Rambo as a               In August we attended the        Meaters cattle and the         camaraderie.
replacement        for     the   judging in Brisbane and            stronger our desire to see         We welcome all these
disappointing Wongonbra          were particularly impressed        the breed continue to          Square Meaters enthusiasts
Quality. We exhibited him        with the frame and length          prosper in future years.       and look forward to
at Sydney shortly after          of the Grand Champion              Since       the        breed’s participating in the exciting
taking possession in early       bull, Vesco Yes Man, and           foundation, many breeders      and challenging future
1999 and were thrilled to        subsequently        purchased      have shown their belief in     which this breed has to offer
see this mighty bull take        him from Jo Van Elten in           these cattle in their efforts  with all of you. We must
home the Best Square             anticipation that he will          to promote them, none          however, strive to increase
Meaters Exhibit rosette.         play a role later down the         more than Julie and David      our numbers in the market
Rambo and his Thurloo            track as a complete outcross       Thompson of Thurloo            place and further emphasise
Park female partner then         to our line breeding               Park, who have backed up       our commercial numbers in
gave a very good account of      program.                           their show ring successes      the beef industry if we are to
themselves and the breed in          Our sons of Rambo,             with off farm promotion at     succeed in our endeavours
the famous Hordern Trophy        Xocet, Xanadu and Yucatan          various field days, and on     as becoming a serious
interbreed       competition     achieved         outstanding       farm        demonstrations.    participant in the industry.
against all beef breeds at the   success in the show ring in        They, together with Su and           There is no doubt that
show, finishing in the final     2004 and will play a role in       Bob McCluskey, have been       we have a quality product,
five. The American judge,        the line breeding program,         there with us virtually from   but we must all continue to
who runs an operation            although we shall not need         the beginning and all have     strive to convince others in
which sells 4000 bulls a         one of the silver bulls,           been strong supporters of      the industry of that
year, commented afterwards       Xanadu or Yucatan, one of          the breed right from the       reality. s
February 2005                                                                                            Outside the Square 25
              Outside the Square

A square meaters
  treasure trove
If you subscribe to the view      sires in their own right. Her
that behind every good            first calf ‘Vesco Victory
man is a good woman, then         March’ was the 2001
surely you’ve got to agree        Brisbane and Toowoomba
that behind every great bull      Royal Show Champion and
is an even greater cow.           is now doing duty at Hain
  If you don’t, then a visit to   Rural Square Meaters Stud
the Vesco Square Meaters          at Mount Mee, north of
Stud near Gatton in south-        Brisbane.
east Queensland should                Treasure’s second son
make you think again.             Vesco Wise Guy was the
  There Jo Van Elten will         2002 Brisbane Royal Show
proudly show you a cow            Champion and is now
that she believes is one of       resident sire at the Oakvale
the elite females of the          stud on the Darling Downs.         Foundation female, Domvale Treasure is proving
Square Meaters breed.             Son number three Vesco X           to be a mother of champions
    Domvale Treasure, a           Marks the Spot won the
foundation female by              2003 Brisbane Royal Show           Champion.                       Do Da and she is coming
Mooresley Bodyguard, was          Bull Championship and                “She is a Treasure by name    along beautifully,” Jo said.
born in January 1998 and          now resides at the                 and nature in every sense of     “I believe that Treasure and
has been going forward in         Rumahkita Stud at Gin              the word,” a very proud Jo      her offspring have attained
leaps and bounds ever since.      Gin, near Bundaberg.               Van Elten said.                 an unparrelled achievement
    Treasure won two royal           Her fourth bull calf Vesco        ‘She is unbelievably quiet,   in any breed. I now hope
show championships at             Yes Man so impressed               structurally spot on, holds     her heifer will carry on the
Toowoomba in 1999 and at          Association president, Tony        on really well when             family’s       extraordinary
Brisbane Royal in 2000,           Cairns, when he saw him            conditions get tough as they    performance”.
plus many other victories at      win the bull championship          do here, and she just throws      Treasure is proudly owned
local and regional shows,         at the 2004 Brisbane Royal         great calves.” Imagine Jo’s     by Vesco Square Meaters.
but it’s her performance as a     Show Champion, he is now           delight when Treasure
mother to champions that          in the sire battery at             produced a daughter by          For more information
really sets her apart.            Rainbow          Stud         at   Galasheils last year.           contact Jo Van Elten on 07
   Treasure’s first four calves   Braidwood.                          “I called her Vesco Zippety    5426 8137. s
were all bulls and all of           Interestingly Treasure’s first
outstanding quality. They
have all been Royal Show
                                  three bulls were by Vesco’s
                                  foundation sire Liath Atholl
                                                                     Square Meaters provide
Champions and open class
British Breed winners at
                                  Galashiels, while the fourth
                                  Yes Man is by a son of his,         very pleasing results
South-East        Queensland      Vesco Vital Signs, himself a       George Sherriff ,
shows and are all now stud        Brisbane Royal Reserve             Owner/Manager, Baringa Past Co,

                            S QU A R E M E AT E R S
                                                                     I have been using Square Meaters bulls for the last three
                                                                     years with very pleasing results.
                                                                       They have been joined to Angus, Hereford and Black Baldy
                                                                     heifers to produce a low birth weight, yet fast growing and
                           Quality well bred cattle                  high yielding calf.
                                                                        Not only does the low birth weight mean that I have
                                                                     unassisted calving, I am also able to calve the heifers down,
                           Contact Earle R. Powell                   confidently, in a forward condition.
                           Ph: (07) 3349 1154                           Calving the heifer in this condition not only means they
                                                                     will return to oestrus quickly, but also enables them to
                                                                     express their full milking potential.
                               24 Raffles St,                           Once the progeny have been weaned they have been
                           Mt Gravatt, QLD, 4122                     finished in feedlots and have proven very suitable for the
                                                                     domestic supermarket trade. s
26 Outside the Square                                                                                             February 2005
       Breeding quality herd improving cattle
       (506kg and EMA 90cm at 13 months)
       Now owned by: Rainbow Stud, Braidwood, NSW.

                                                            VESCO X MARKS THE SPOT
                                                                   AGE: 14 months WEIGHT: 492kg EMA: 104cm
                                                     CHAMPION SQUARE MEATERS BULL 2003 BRISBANE ROYAL SHOW
                                                     SUPREME BRITISH BREED EXHIBIT 2003 LOWOOD SHOW
                                                     Now owned by: Rumahkita Square Meaters, Gin Gin, QLD.

       Now owned by: Oakvale Square Meaters, Geham, QLD.

                                                                  VESCO VICTORY MARCH
                                                     (Photo taken December 2002 AGE: 30 months WEIGHT: 730kg)
                                               GRAND CHAMPION SQUARE MEATERS BULL 2001 BRISBANE ROYAL SHOW
                                               GRAND CHAMPION SQUARE MEATERS BULL 2001 TOOWOOMBA ROYAL SHOW
                                               Now owned by: Hain Rural Square Meaters, Mt Mee, QLD.

                  ✫✫✫✫ QUALITY STOCK AVAILABLE FOR SALE ✫✫✫✫
       JO VAN ELTON                     VESCO SQUARE MEATERS
       Phone: (07) 5426 8137            183 BUMSTEADS ROAD,
       Fax: (07) 5426 8097              PRENZLAU, QLD, 4311.
       Email:                                  Web:

February 2005                                                                                          Outside the Square 27
               Outside the Square

  A busy lifestyle
  & well worth it
By Deb and Tony Cotter             tank.
                                        She has semen from
Regardless of whether you          Wongonbra Pablo (who was
live in the city or the bush       by Ulster park Laddie);
life is a juggling act. As         Round Hill Handsome, his
cattle breeders, we too have       son Wongonbra Pride and,
to deal with mortgages, the        in turn, his son Mandalong
lack of rain, floods,              Sip ( who matured to round
political decisions made far       900       kilograms      after
away, dollar surges, price         winning the Sydney Royal
fluctuations, ...the list goes     2000 championship); four
on.                                bulls by Mullumbimby
    But not all juggling acts      Monarch - the Sydney 2001
are stressful.                     champion          Mandalong      One of the many great sires to come from
  Square Meaters devotee           Trusty - Mandalong Sun,          Brinsley Stud.
Deb Cotter is finding the          Mandalong         Son     and
mixing and balancing of a          Mandalong Upshot; and            gets done, and we’re really      after those matings hit the
feast of the breed’s original      Mandalong User Friendly,         starting to get results,” Deb    ground”
genetics is an exciting and        by Wongongbra Rivo, who          said.                               In the meantime the
all engrossing experience.         was a son of Trevena               “This year I have retained     Cotters will continue
   In early 2003 Deb and           Masquerade.                      10 bull calves all got by A.I    promoting the breed.
Tony Cotter purchased                 Its enough to make any        and Thurloo Park Vision is         “In 2004 we did the
Mandalong’s entire semen           breeder envious, but that’s      proving to be a great back-      Canberra and Sydney
catalogue - a tank holding         not the Cotter’s only            up bull because he is leaving    Royals and picked up three
straws of         the breeds       juggling act.                    me a great line of heifers.”     reserve championships with
foundation sires.                       As testament to the             Deb said each of her         three different animals, the
     Later in 2003 when            docility, adaptability and       semen sires are proving they     Mudgee Field Days, the
drought        forced     Rick     constitution of Square           have       something       to    Small Farms Expo at
Pisaturo to sell the last of his   Meaters, their 80-plus head      contribute to the breed.         Richmond          and      the
cows, they jumped at the           are run over a series of           “I’m really impressed with     Hawkesbury Show.”
chance to buy all 16 of            owned and leased properties      the Mandalong Son calves.          “Yeah I’m busy but I
Mandalong’s last females.          around the Hawkesbury            They are the best calves I’ve    wouldn’t have it any other
The Cotter’s had bought            district, from alluvial flats    ever had, very well              way,” Deb said.
their first three Square           that flood to dry paddocks,      balanced, very muscular            Alas, Deb can only sell the
Meaters when a feature sale        which became parched             and with great smooth            semen of Wongongbra
was held at the 2000               during the recent drought.       shoulders,” Deb said.            Pride so the future of some
Sydney Royal, became well            “It has been a particularly     “Mandalong User Friendly        of     the breeds original
and truly hooked and saw           stressful period, juggling the   is proving to be a great         bloodlines remains very
the offers from Mandalong          herd during the drought as       heifer bull. In fact, I’ve       much in her hands.”
for exactly what they were -       well as showing all over the     haven’t had to assist any of         “We had one accident
the chances of a lifetime.         place, but the country is        the 40-plus births this year.”   where an AI technician put
   Now is where a very             finally looking better after       Deb has also kept sons of      some of the semen into a
enviable juggling act comes        some much-needed rain,           Upshot, Trusty and Round         faulty tank and we lost 125
in - mixing and matching           and the cattle are in good       Hill     Handsome,        and    straws. Luckily we managed
genetics, and judiciously          condition, so it seems to        intends using a selection of     to keep semen from each of
selecting the offspring from       have all been worth it,” Deb     them across a mixture of         the different bulls, but it
the matings to ensure the          said.                            females.”                        was a really distressing thing
breed continues forward.              Now throw in an artificial      Particularly though, she is    to happen,” Deb said.
  What Deb has to play with        insemination         program     going to concentrate on             “There is an amount of
is the genetics from five          involving the entire herd,       putting a son of Mandalong       responsibility to holding
distinct male bloodlines.          and a busy promotional and       Son over Thurloo Park            such a treasure trove of
   As well as her herd sire        showing campaign, and you        Vision daughters.                bloodlines,       but      I’m
Thurloo Park Vision, ( by          could excuse Deb for feeling        “I think these are some       determined to keep the
Wongongbra Quando) who             a little overwhelmed at          genetics well worth line         breed going forward and
Deb says has left a great line     times. Surprisingly she isn’t.   breeding, so I’ll be getting     giving other breeders plenty
of heifers, she has four other         “It gets a bit hectic at     advice from some other           of access to different
original sire families in the      times, but somehow it all        breeders to see where I go       genetics.” s
28 Outside the Square                                                                                             February 2005
Outside the Square

CRT set standard                                               parasiticides and feed
                                                               supplements        or   seed,
                                                               fertilisers, fungicides or
                                                                                               The Land program. Unique
                                                                                               to the industry, On The
                                                                                               Land is screened across

in rural retailing                                             herbicides, your CRT store
                                                               has all your needs covered.
                                                               CRT stores also carry a wide
                                                                                               regional Australia and not
                                                                                               only looks at the latest
                                                                                               farming initiatives but
Hard        work         and    place in the agricultural      range of merchandise            explores     many     issues
commitment have played a        industry - changes to          suitable not only for the       affecting     the     wider
major part in establishing      farming           practices,   farm but also for general       community, especially those
the solid reputation of         technologies, markets and      domestic use.                   complicated by isolation
Australian farmers for          manufacturing. They are           To successfully meet the     such as health, finance and
being amongst the best          well     resourced      and    needs of any market             education.     CRT      also
primary producers in the        informed and can provide       requires          experience,   sponsors A Little Bit of
world.                          the goods and services         understanding            and    Country,      a     popular
  That same determination       necessary for farmers to       enthusiasm, not only for the    television         program
to achieve great results and    produce great results.         industry but for people you     showcasing        Australia’s
help meet the needs of             CRT’s ‘Local Blokes’ are    support.       CRT     ‘Local   country music industry and
farmers      and        rural   also supported by some of      Blokes’ live in the townships   performers.
communities is behind the       the best agronomists and       in which they run their           The introduction of CRT
success of CRT, Australia’s     animal nutritionists in the    businesses and they work        Real Estate in 2002 and the
largest      group         of   industry and, with access to   hard to give something back     launch this year of CRT
independent rural retail        products from all the          to the communities that         Wool & Livestock extends
merchandisers.                  leading agricultural supply    support them through local      the services and resources
  With 315 stores across the    companies, farmers know        sponsorships and fund           CRT members already offer
country and thirty-five years   they can depend on their       raising activities, farmer      and meets a growing need
experience in the industry,     CRT store for excellent        information evenings and        within the market for these
CRT and its ‘Local Blokes’      support.                       field trials. And the support   services. Call in and see
have made it their business         Whether for veterinary     doesn’t end there. For the      your CRT ‘Local Bloke’
to keep pace with the many      pharmaceutical products        last four years, CRT has        today - there’s always
changes that have taken         such       as      vaccines,   produced the successful On      something happening. s

We’re loaded with great farming
 ideas & advice every month
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February 2005                                                                                      Outside the Square 29
              Outside the Square

 the fodder way
They are quietly popping         crushed       grain     holds
up everywhere - fodder           significant,           proven
growing machines. It seems       advantages.      The      key
almost ridiculous that           advantage is that it greatly
Australians are growing          increases and encourages
grass in sheds! But it’s         the animals’ ability to digest
happening,        and       as   what it’s eating and
excitement continues to          therefore stimulates healthy
grow so does a firm              growth of the animal.
number of believers in a         While European farmers
process that is drought-         have used this formula for
proofing farms all around        fattening animals for years,
Queensland and even              only lately have Australians     Fodder wheel makes grain sprouting simple and
Australia. Perhaps even          become so increasingly           cost efficient.
more exciting than the           excited about this unique
news that farmers can grow       style of feed management.
feed all year round are the        Until now Australians have
reports that farmers are         relied on our abundance of
actually able to fatten and      land for feeding cattle, but
finish animals where it was      with rising land prices,
once uneconomical to even        increased competition and
contemplate.                     inconsistent          weather
 The principle is simple and     patterns farmers are looking
has been around for decades      for an alternative.
but now developers of the           The Fodder Wheel is a
idea are coming up with          unit that was designed to
ways of producing fresh          make the whole grain
fodder easily and cost           sprouting process more
effectively.                     simple and cost effective. Its
   One such company has          unique design resembles
taken the old idea of            that of a Ferris wheel with a
sprouting grain in a             series of growing trays that
controlled environment and       rotate, allowing for the
created a smarter, easier unit   grain to pass by necessary       The rotating trays reduces the amount of labour
that can produce up to 2         light and water.                 for the operator.
tonnes of fodder every day         Having the trays on a
for the whole year.              rotation type system also
    The so called ‘Fodder        means that operators of the
Wheel’ is quickly becoming       units can bring the trays
the market leader of this        around at a height that suits
new style of farming. Its        them to work at rather then
strength is in its simplicity    more labour intensive racks
and ability to provide a         and shelves of conventional
quality product for a            systems.
reasonable price.                   The Fodder Wheels are
  Here are the basics of how     housed        in      climate
these units work. Barley         controlled sheds. These
grain is placed into trays       sheds are made of insulated
and kept moist for 6 days.       panel material similar to
During this time the seed        cold rooms.
sprouts and increases in            The wheels rotation and
weight 5 or 6 times. It is       the watering system are
then fed out as green fodder     controlled by automatic
to animals.                      timers that come on
  Feeding the sprouted grain     periodically, ensuring that      Fodder wheels are housed in insulated climate
as opposed to whole or           the grain is cared for           controlled sheds.
30 Outside the Square                                                                                February 2005
Outside the Square

automatically.                        “We don’t claim to be
  “We’re not a ‘fly-by-night’     inventors,” says Jon Harry,
company”         says   sales     sales manger and partner of
manager Jon Harry, “we’re         JR Enterprises, “inventors
committed to providing a          are intelligent people in
solid, no-fuss system for         society. I just saw an
grain sprouting because we        opportunity to make
know that this will continue      someone’s smart idea
to be the way ahead for           practical and affordable for
animal growers.”                  farmers. Dad did that with
  Other facts that may be of      the crush when he was my
interest:                         age, and they’re still
 Years ago a man recognised       manufactured pretty much
that cattle crushes could be      the same today. I know our
greatly improved. He wrote        persistence and years of
out a list of things that a       development with the
successful crush needed to        Fodder Wheel will cause
have. He went about               farmers to consider what it            The sprouted grain produced by the fodder wheel
designing the first steel         can do for them - and that’s           encourages healthy growth for the animal.
mechanical crush with             all we want.”
compressible headstocks.              Already, Fodder Wheels                 Outside the Square Advertisers Index
He owned the patent for           are going up all over
                                                                            Gallagher.........................................................................................      page 2
these crushes and the             Queensland, as well as                    Mumbulu Square Meater Stud......................................................                        page 4
‘Warrick Cattle Crush’ was        interstate.                               Trepid Park......................................................................................       page 5
born. Once he convinced             Standard sizes start from a             Marruce Square Meater stud.........................................................                     page 6
farmers that old timber type      ‘Hobby Unit’ that produces                Malolo Square Meaters..................................................................                 page 7
                                                                            Windridge Square Meaters............................................................                    Page 8
crushes were a thing of the       around 125kg of fodder per                Hain Rural Square Meaters Stud...................................................                       Page 9
past the ‘Warrick Cattle          day to a ‘Maxi Unit’ that is              Thurloo Park Square Meater Stud.................................................                        page 10
Crush’        (now with a         capable of producing 2                    Silver Gully Estate...........................................................................          page 11
different owner) became           tonne of green fodder per                 Woolaringa Square Meaters Stud..................................................                        page 12
                                                                            Jembella Park.................................................................................          page 13
and still is a farmer’s best      day.                                      Warrill Creek Square Meaters Stud................................................                       page 18
friend. Thirty five years            The units are modular in               Trepid Park......................................................................................       page 19
later his son is doing the        design and can be set up to               Hain Rural Square Meaters Stud...................................................                       page 20
same thing. Recognising           suit any farm size. A half                Kelkette Square Meaters Cattle Stud............................................                         page 21
                                                                            Platinum Stud.................................................................................          page 22
that a good system can be         tonne unit costs about $40                The Land Newspaper......................................................................                page 23
made far better with a few        000 which includes full                   Rainbow Square Meaters Stud......................................................                       page 24
clever changes, the Fodder        installation. Tonne units                 Earles Square Meaters...................................................................                page 26
Wheel has become the              are just under $70 000. s                 Vesco Square Meaters...................................................................
                                                                            Small Farms Magazine...................................................................
                                                                                                                                                                                    page 27
                                                                                                                                                                                    page 29
name       in     this  new                                                 CRT..................................................................................................   page 32
innovation.                       s Contact 0412 422 773.

   2005 Coming Shows and Special Events
  February                                     13-16th Toowoomba Royal Show, Qld                                31-2nd Sep Ag Show, QLD
  14-16th Seymour Field Days, Vic              29-1st May Tocal Field Days, NSW                                 September
  25-27th Canberra Royal Show, ACT             May                                                              2-10th Adelaide Royal Show, SA
  18-20th Maitland Show, NSW                   5-7th Agfest Field Days, Tas                                     15-25th Melbourne Royal Show, Vic
  25th AGM                                     June                                                             27-29 Yorke Penninsula Field Days, SA
  March                                        16-18th Primex Field Days, NSW                                   24-1st Oct Perth Royal Show, WA
  4-5th Braidwood Show, NSW                    21-23rd Farmfest Field Days, QLD                                 October
  18-31st Sydney Royal Easter Show             July                                                             5-6th Elmore Field Days, Vic
  24-27th Gippsland Field Days, Vic            16-17th Mudgee Field Days, NSW                                   6-8th Launceston Royal show, Tas
  27th Judging at Sydney Royal Show            21-23rd Darwin Royal Show, NT                                    15-16th Cootamundra Show, NSW
  April                                        August                                                           16-17th Murrumbateman F/Days, NSW
  8-10th Hawkesbury Show, NSW                  11-20th Brisbane Royal Show, QLD                                 19-22nd Hobart Royal Show, Tas
  8-10th Bathurst Royal Show, NSW              22-24 Agquip Field Days, NSW
                            As dates may be subject to change please confirm with the show/event organisers

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