Breastfeeding Promotion in the Workplace

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					Breastfeeding Promotion in
      the Workplace
         Presented by:
  Reena Kullar & Joanne Hebron
          NRSG 4111
    Lewin’s Change Theory
 Lewin’s theory consists of three distinct
 and vital stages, which include
 unfreezing, moving to a new level or
 changing and refreezing
 Lewin’s change theory is used in order
 to promote breastfeeding in the
              Stages of Change
 Unfreezing                               Moving to a new level
       Raise Awareness about                    Provide increased support to
        breastfeeding: provide                    breastfeeding mothers and
        information about benefits                fathers
       Have charts displaying                   Help to involve the government
        breastfeeding versus bottle               in implementing policies that
        feeding: nutrients needed                 would allow for public
        versus nutrients obtained                 breastfeeding, make
       Show statistics on necessity of           government aware of benefits
        breastfeeding                             of breastfeeding
       Examine public awareness of              Strategize with use of media,
        breastfeeding through online              pamphlets, support groups,
        survey                                    radio, internet, campaigns,
       Show evidence on how                      education in schools and etc.
        social support is necessary              Provide group counseling,
        for breastfeeding mothers                 focus groups or meetings to
                                                  voice concerns about public
                                                  display of breastfeeding, and
                                                  address other concerns
Stages of Change
         Refreezing
               Evaluate Government’s
                contribution to policies
               Ensure that mother’s are
                continually receiving
               Evaluate public awareness
                by having participants from
                previous survey fill out a
                new survey
               Assess breastfeeding rates
               Demonstrate positive
                effects of public
                breastfeeding to encourage
                public and breastfeeding
                mothers acceptance
      Restraining and Driving
 Restraining Forces                  Driving Forces
       Lack of public knowledge            Breastfeeding is more
        surrounding breastfeeding            economic, more
       Misconception – seeing               environmentally
        breastfeeding as sexual,             friendly
        society associating high
        class with bottle/formula           Mothers should have
        feeding                              confidence to
       Limited social support               breastfeed in public
       Cultural practices and              More awareness needs
        ideations                            to be addressed about
       Lack of public areas                 the benefits of
        encouragement (no private            breastfeeding
        rooms in bathrooms & etc.)
Driving Forces
  A large contributor to necessity of
     promoting breastfeeding, was a recent
     news story at a department store in
     Vancouver where a mother was openly
     breastfeeding in the store and was told
     to breastfeed in the changing room
  Breastfeeding Mother’s took action and
     visited the department store together
     while breastfeeding their babies.
  Link to event:
    Reason for implementing
Problem: Public Display of breastfeeding
     Some people in society are not aware of the benefits of
     Breastfeeding Mothers and surrounding public are
      uncomfortable with public display of breastfeeding
     No consistency in laws surrounding breastfeeding
     Public has limited exposure and knowledge surrounding
Digital Media Project
 Promotional Video
       Click to start
This video is intended to be linked to a Work
 Safe BC site so that employers can
 recommend the video to staff
We hope that this video can accessed and
 used in all workplaces
 Returning breastfeeding mothers should
 encourage staff and employers to watch the
Eventually, we hope this video will be
 distributed to other provinces
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