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Outside School Hours Care

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Years Prep - 7 Parent Information 2009

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028
The information contained in this booklet is in addition to that which is in the
Primary School Parents Information 2009 Handbook.

What We Believe
John Paul College is a learning community in which all members have the
opportunity to reach their individual potential for living a contributing and fulfilling
life. Our community grows in an environment where Christian ecumenism is
foundational; where our values are embraced; where mutual respect demands a
hospitality that reaches out and welcomes those of all cultures and faiths; and
where excellence in every endeavour is sought and applauded.

Aims and Objectives
John Paul College Care aims to provide high quality Care for the John Paul College

         children with the opportunity to interact and play in a safe, nurturing, fun-
         filled environment where mutual respect, tolerance and international
         understanding are encouraged;
         a caring, relaxed environment where children are able to make choices in
         order to participate in activities relevant to their interests and needs; and
         an environment which fosters open communication between children, staff
         and parents.

The Program aims to provide:
      stimulating and age-appropriate activities which recognize the individual
      interests and needs of children in Years Prep 7;

         cognitive development, through play; and
         positive reinforcement and effective role modelling by staff, to encourage
         appropriate behaviour.

Government Regulations

Outside School Hours Care is regulated by the Department of Communities, which is
responsible for issuing a license for the service, once it is assured that standards set
under the Child Care Legislation - Child Care Act 2002 and Child Care Regulation
2003 - are being met.
The address of the Department of Communities is:

6 Ewing Road,
Phone: 3884 7804 and 3224 4225 or 1800 637 771
Fax: 3808 2354

Postal PO Box 236, WOODRIDGE Qld 4114

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028

All parents who wish to use Before and After School Care are required to fill in an
enrolment form which is attached to this document and return it to staff at Outside
School Hours Care. These forms are available from Outside School Hours Care
throughout the year. The information on this form is used:

1.       as a guide for staffing purposes. Please note that it is not the responsibility
         of OSHC staff to ensure that children arrive at After School Care. It is
         therefore important to inform teachers of After School Care needs for
         children in the younger year levels; and
2.       to ensure that children are collected from Care by only those people who
         have been authorised by parents on the form.

Bookings for Vacation Care:
The Vacation Care program is available three weeks before the start of the holidays.
Bookings are essential.

         prior to the start of the holidays, the booking form must be returned directly
         to Outside School Hours Care. Please do not hand forms to the Primary
         Office or to the classroom teacher;
         once the holidays have begun, the following processes are available for
         bookings or cancellations:

         (a) phone bookings/cancellations can be made by telephoning 38263361 and
             a confirmation reference number will be given.

         (b) bookings or cancellations may be made by email to

         (c) the Booking Form may be faxed to 3808 1028

         bookings may be made until 5.00pm the day before Care is required;
         if care is required due to unforeseen circumstances and no booking has been
         previously made, please contact the centre on 3826 3361 to make
         cancellations must be made with Vacation Care Staff by 5.00pm the
         day before, or FULL FEES will be charged. If your child becomes sick
         on the morning, care is required, we would appreciate a phone call or
         FULL FEES will STILL be charged.
         voice mail will be available for use on weekends for alterations to your
         booking. Cancellations for Mondays may be made by phoning 3826 3361
         and leaving a message by 5.00pm on the Sunday.

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028
Fees for Before and After School Care are:
$6.50 for Before School Care
$6.50 for After School Care if collected by 4.30pm and $13.00 if collected after
Charges will apply from 3.15pm and 2.45pm for Prep children.
Late fees of $10 per 15 minutes apply after 6.00pm.

Fees for Vacation Care are:
$33.00 per day, per child or $20 per half day (ie. 5 consecutive hours), per child.
Late fees of $10 per 15 minutes apply after 6.00pm.
Accounts are issued on a weekly basis. For the benefit of parents, payments may be
made at the Reception Desk at the Child Care Centre or at Accounts at Main

Childcare Benefit:
Outside School Hours Care is approved as Registered Care for Child Care Benefit
Purposes. As such, you MAY be eligible to receive some Child Care Benefit through
the Family Assistance Office (FAO). In order to claim reimbursement, it is necessary
to be registered at the Family Assistance Office to receive a customer reference
number. Each family member will be given their own individual reference number.

The following Registration Numbers will be necessary:
Before School Care: 555 010 898C
After School Care: 555 010 897J
Vacation Care:      555 010 899A
Child Care:         555 003 415B

The Childcare Benefit is now managed under The Child Care Management System
(CCMS) which became effective at John Paul College from 10/11/08. The CCMS is a
national child care system that brings all approved child care services online.
Parents will need to contact the Family Assistance Office to register for any
entitlements Telephone 136 150.

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028

Jan Marxsen is the Co-ordinator of OSHC and
Services, Certificate III in                            ificate of Early Childhood.
Jan has been employed by John Paul College for sixteen years and prior to becoming
Co-ordinator was a Teacher Aide in Year One.

Christopher Bell
2nd Year Bachelor of Arts, Griffith University followed by Diploma of Education.

Miriam Clarke
Certificate III in Education Support, Capra Ryan AUSTRALIA (Pty Ltd.)

John Currie
2nd Year Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies) QUT, followed by
education component to be qualified Physical Education Teacher. John holds a
Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Sheridan Floyd

Australian Professional Training Institute.

Alexa Galpin

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), QUT: 4th Year.

Nicole Gibson
Certificate III in Children’

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028
Megan Grace
Bachelor of Education (Primary), Griffith University: 3rd Year.

Hannah Irvine
Bachelor of Primary Education / Bachelor of Human Services, Griffith University: 5th

Mikhaela Marxsen
Certificate III in Children’s Services, Southbank TAFE

Shannon Marxsen
Certificate III in Children’s Services, Southbank TAFE

John Scanlon
Bachelor of Business Majoring in Sport Marketing, Griffith University: 1st Year
Cert III and IV in Fitness

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028
Routines and General Information

The Program for each week is available for perusal and comment on the OSHC
noticeboard. A general description of the activities and experiences given by the
service is available in this documentation.
Under Child Care Regulations, Outside School Hours Care operates by a ratio of one
staff member to every fifteen children. Of the staff members required, there is
always one qualified assistant for each 30 children.


Before School Care (7.00am commencement of classes):
Children take part in their choice of indoor/outdoor activities.
8.00am:                      Years 4/7 depart for class
8.15am:                      Years 2/3 depart for class
                                 to their class in Term 1)
8.15am:                      Year 1 are accompanied to their classrooms
8.30am:                      Prep children are accompanied to their classrooms

After School Care:
2.30pm:                               Prep children are collected from classrooms and taken
                                      to Year 1 playground.
3.00     3.40pm:                      Outside free play for all children in Years Prep         7,
                                      except for children in Years 3                    7 doing
3.40     4.00pm:                      Afternoon tea takes place.
4.00     5.00pm:                      Inside (including craft activities)/outside program, except
                                      for Fridays, when, after afternoon tea, children take part
                                      in organised games outside between 4.00 5.00pm.
5.00     6.00pm:                      Inside activities

Vacation Care:
 7.00    9.30am:                      Inside free time
 9.30 10.30am:                        Outside play
10.30 11.00am:                        Morning tea
11.00    1.15pm:                      Inside usually special activity/event for the day
 1.15    1.45pm:                      Lunch
 1.45    3.30pm:                      Inside activities
 3.30    4.00pm:                      Afternoon tea
 4.00    5.30pm:                      Outside play
 5.30      6.00pm:                    Inside Play

This program is varied according to the needs of the children and the weather. In
winter, for example, outside time is changed to later in the morning and/or earlier in
the afternoon.

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028
Safety Measures
To enable the College to maintain the highest standards of safety, we ask parents to
ensure gates and doors are closed behind them and that ou
strictly adhered to.

Fire drills are held regularly and we ask all people in the buildings at these times to
join in the drill with the children and staff members. Evacuation procedures are
outlined in the College Staff Handbook. In case of emergency, the staff will follow
the evacuation procedure and relocate the children to a safe place. Parents will be
notified as soon as possible to collect their children if needed.

Sun Policy
Children without hats are required to play in the shade at Outside School Hours
Parents are encouraged to apply sunscreen to children before their arrival at
Vacation Care each day. Sunscreen is provided for use during the day at Vacation

Food and Nutrition
For After School Care, parents are asked to provide a nutritious snack for children
who will be attending after 3.40pm. We have children in our Primary School who
can experience a severe anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and Nutella ® and have
implemented a number of appropriate measures to minimise the risk of any
reactions. Parents of children attending Outside School Hours Care may choose to
support these children by not sending peanuts and tree nut products to school.

For Vacation Care, parents are asked to provide nutritious food to last the amount
of time Care is required. During the holidays, children do seem to burn up extra
energy, so please provide a little extra.

There is adequate refrigeration space for children to deliver their afternoon teas to
staff at Before School Care to be stored until they arrive in the afternoon. Vacation
Care food (bags - appropriately named and marked for each meal break) will be
placed in refrigerators for health reasons.

For Vacation Care, neat, casual, comfortable clothes are required. Strapless/singlet
tops are not appropriate for summer. Joggers would be appreciated for outside

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028
Volunteers/Students Policy
Occasionally there will be new faces in the program when volunteers and students
visit to gain experience in the field.
Every visitor is interviewed by the Co-ordinator and provided with guidelines to
ensure that there is no disruption to the normal daily routine of the program. These
visitors will be under the supervision of the Co-ordinator and other senior staff
members and will not be left in charge of a group of children.
Information about students taking part in the program for any length of time will be
placed on the OSHC noticeboard.
All volunteers and students must have the Suitability Card for Child Related
Employment in order to work within the program.

Non-Discriminatory Access Policy
Our program aims to represent the diversity of the lives of the children, families,
staff and community of the College. Our Program reflects our commitment to
human rights, dignity of the individual, multiculturalism, social justice and diversity
of religious beliefs.

The Australian Government has Priority Access Guidelines for allocating places.
These guidelines apply to Outside School Hours Care services. They set out the
following three levels of priority, which children care services must follow when
filling vacant places:

Priority 1- a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect
Priority 2 a child of single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the
work/training/study test under section 14 of the A New Tax System (Family
Assistance) Act 1999
Priority 3 any other child.

Health Policy
The Service strives to provide a clean healthy environment where hygienic
procedures and practices are followed at all times to promote and support the
health, wellbeing and safety of children, recognising particular needs of children in
this respect, and of staff and parents and others coming to the Service.

College policies, as outlined in Primary Parent Information 2009, are applicable to

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028
Communication with Parents Policy
John Paul College has an Open Door Policy. Therefore, parents are most welcome
to visit OSHC at any time. Whilst we understand that most parents using our service
have particular needs which are intrinsically linked with the need for Care, parents
are encouraged to spend time with their children on arrival or departure. Parents
and Guardians are welcome to participate in the programme at Outside School
Hours Care and are encouraged to demonstrate their talents and skills eg:
multicultural days, community days and specific theme days.

Behaviour Management Policy
The Behaviour Management Policy of the College is the basis of all procedures
which are followed in this Service.

Complaints Handling Policy
This Service invites comments from children, parents/guardians, staff and the
community, to ensure that the Service is fulfilling the requirements as outlined in its
Policies and Procedures and other applicable requirements.

All comments or concerns need to be directed, in the first instance, to the Co-
ordinator. If deemed necessary, the Co-ordinator will liaise with the Heads of
Schools, or the Primary School Head.

Contact may be made directly with the Heads of School or Primary School Head, if it
is felt that this is necessary.

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028
                    YEARS PREP – 7 BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE 2009
                                    ENROLMENT FORM

FAMILY NAME: ______________________________________________________________

Address:________________________________________ Contact No.___________________

It is a requirement under new regulations that parent identification includes their date of birth.

If you wish to claim the Child Care Benefit (CCB) via reduced fees, please include your CRN number
for the Parent responsible for these fees.

Parent 1: ______________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth:____________________________ Parent 1 CRN: __________________________

Parent 2: ______________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ___________________________ Parent 2 CRN: ___________________________

                               Date                   Male /             Customer Reference Number
                               Of Birth               Female

                                                  M      /   F

                                                  M      /   F

                                                  M      /   F

Please also include details of any other sibling for whom Child Care Benefits apply and does not
attend John Paul College. (e.g. Adam Citizen CRN: 1234)

Name of Sibling/s: ______________________________________________________________
Language used at home:_________________________________________________________
Allergies/Special Needs: _________________________________________________________

Permission for Paracetamol: Yes/No
Doctor’s Name: ____________________________________ Ph: ________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Preferred Hospital: _____________________________________________________________

Persons authorised to collect child/ren from Care (please provide Name, Address & Contact
Other Information we should know, eg. Cultural / Religious Requirements, Court Orders,

John Paul College Ltd ABN 14 010 160 371 CRICOS 00500B
John Paul Drive Daisy Hill Queensland 4127 Tel +61 7 3826 3333 Fax +61 7 3808 1028

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