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									Addressing the Needs
of Aboriginal Learners
    Studying at a
       Dr. W. Dean Care
       Prof. Sonia Udod
        Mr. David Hultin
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Relationship Building
Tips for instructors
• Connect face to face early in the
• Create an atmosphere where
  students are respected and
  encouraged to contribute
• Establish positive relations with
  families, elders, and communities of
  Aboriginal students
Relationship Building
Tips for instructors

• Personalize the learning experience

• Ask students to share their stories

• Take the time to get to know them
  as people with powerful
  experiences to share
Relationship Building
Tips for instructors
• Use humour to your advantage

• Respond to students via phone or
  email as soon as possible

• Be sensitive to the realities of
  northern students and aware of the
  north in general
Working with Technology
Tips for students
• Become familiar with technology
  before the course begins
  –this includes the Internet,
    webpages, email, and writing a
    paper using the computer
• Don’t forget – you still need to take
  your own notes during a PowerPoint
Working with Technology
Tips for instructors
• Become familiar with the
  technology beforehand

• Anticipate problems before they

• Have a back-up plan just in case!
Active Learning
Instructor teaching strategies
• Use real-life scenarios

• Group work promotes participation
  and interaction

• Develop questions that reflect the
  reality of the northern environment
Active Learning
What students want
• Instructors who are passionate
  about the material

• Examples of successful clinical

• Interactive learning through small
  group work and guest speakers
Active Learning
Warning signs

• Attend to students early on before
  the situation becomes dire
• What to look for:
   –Borderline marks
   –Lack of regular communication,
    either with the instructor or other

• Its ok to ask for help - your
  instructor wants you to be

• Contact us if you have questions or
  comments and we will respond to
  you directly

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