AS French and German by sdfwerte


									       AS French
Unit 1 – Listening, Reading and
     Unit 2 – Speaking test
Unit 1: Listening, Reading and
• 70% of AS marks

• 2 hour exam paper

• Done in June

• Individual student
  control of cassette/CD
Unit 2: Speaking Test
• 30% of AS marks
• 15 min test + 20 mins
•   Discussion of stimulus
    card (5 mins)
•   Conversation (10
•   Done in April/May
•   Conducted by class
AS topics
• Media
  Television, advertising, communication technology
• Popular culture
  Cinema, music, fashion/trends
• Healthy living/lifestyle
  Sport/exercise, health and well-being, holidays
• Family/relationships
  Relationships within the family, friendships, marriage/partnerships
A2 French

• Unit 3:
  Listening, Reading
  and Writing

• Unit 4: Speaking Test
Unit 3: Listening, Reading and
• 35% of A-level marks
• 2 hours 30 minutes written exam
• Done in June of Upper Sixth year
• Individual student control of cassette or
Unit 4: A2 Speaking Test

• 15% of A-level marks
• 15 minutes + 20 minutes preparation
• Discussion of stimulus card (5 mins)
• Conversation (10 mins – 5 mins on each
  cultural topic)
• Conducted by class teacher
• Marked by AQA examiner
A2 topics

• Environment
  Pollution, energy, protecting the planet

• The multicultural society
  Immigration, integration, racism

• Contemporary social issues
  Wealth and poverty, law and order, impact of technical and
  scientific progress

• Cultural topic
A2 cultural topic (1)

• The work of an author from a target
 language-speaking country/community

 We shall read together at least one work of
 modern fiction, perhaps with a film. On the A2
 Listening, Reading, Writing paper there will be
 an essay question on this. The topic will also be
 discussed during the Speaking Test.
A2 cultural topic (2)

 Students will do a personal study on a
 region/period of 20th century
 history/director/architect/painter/musician. They
 will do an oral presentation in class and have the
 option of writing on this during the A2 Listening,
 Reading and Writing paper. The topic may also
 be discussed during the Speaking Test.
Classroom and homework activities

Discussion            Reading aloud
Pair/group work       Translating
Listening to CD       Summarising
Watching film         Essay writing
Grammar exercises     Computer work
Vocabulary building   Assistant lesson
Oral presentations    Reading tasks

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